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HI SISTERS! Welcome back to my channel, it's been a while. Today's video is a chit chat get ready with me. I talk about what I've been doing for the past month during my social media break and also show you how to create a dripping rainbow pride makeup look. I really hope you enjoy, I'm so excited to be back. ❤️
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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18 jun 2019

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X-LION Hace 16 minutos
Noooo ur back
Jɑmeṣ ĊhɑrIes Giveaway
ur mom
ur mom Hace 16 minutos
I'm glad he's doing better now 🌈💕
REVY HADID Hace 16 minutos
Hmm hmm hmm 😇😍
MoreAmmo Hace 16 minutos
Yuki SnowDay
Yuki SnowDay Hace 16 minutos
missed you ❤
Ellie gamer
Ellie gamer Hace 16 minutos
Finally James posted a video!!!!!🙆🙆🙆🙆 Love uh James💓 Keep posting videos 😍 We love you💓😍
Ralph Julius Laud Pagdilao
Hi sister welcome back... we miss you😘
TheXtrovert Hace 16 minutos
Happy 🏳️‍🌈
Alicia Baltazar
Alicia Baltazar Hace 16 minutos
Just 😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🥇🥇🥇
crayoff Hace 16 minutos
OTR Nomad
OTR Nomad Hace 16 minutos
The same people who heavily criticized this guy are the ones all lovey dovey today. Hypocrites!
Trish Ha
Trish Ha Hace 17 minutos
It has a 1M views in 10 minutes
Maksi Liame
Maksi Liame Hace 17 minutos
What's up with the waiter looking petrified in his latest video? Legal? Also, why do the Dolan twins subscribe to Jeffree Star and not you?
faby ortiz
faby ortiz Hace 17 minutos
Yay sister James is back💛💙💛💛
Yee Boi
Yee Boi Hace 17 minutos
*-Hi brothers-*
Account Gucci
Account Gucci Hace 17 minutos
9:25 *other people singing* so beautiful 6:14 *me when I try to sing sounding like a engine* yea ok let’s just stick to 9:25
Jimena Vazquez
Jimena Vazquez Hace 17 minutos
Ralph Julius Laud Pagdilao
Hi sister welcome back... we miss you😘
Broccoli Bae
Broccoli Bae Hace 17 minutos
He protecc He attacc But most importantly.... These types of comments are getting old, I hope they don't come bacc *Oh wait*
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez Hace 17 minutos
Yes baby! Leave them wanting more 👏🏼
Yamileth Trujillo
Yamileth Trujillo Hace 17 minutos
No le entiendo ni madres pero me gusta ver sus videos 😂😂🙊🙊💝😍🤩
Johannah Mendez
Johannah Mendez Hace 17 minutos
Ugh sis I love your intro so much💖
SimplyFreshdew Hace 17 minutos
23:08 I replayed that part way way wayyyy too many times 😭😍 I’m shoookkkk!
Christina Vargas
Christina Vargas Hace 17 minutos
Hi honey glad ur back...
Will Wisdom
Will Wisdom Hace 17 minutos
YASSSSSSSSS James you are back i will never be bored again!!!
Matthew Weessies
Matthew Weessies Hace 17 minutos
Hi Brothers
Flaming Icecream
Flaming Icecream Hace 17 minutos
Congratulations James Charles, you have Ascended
Sam Hace 17 minutos
Jeymies Tschahles. Send tweet
TaesKookieMon Hace 17 minutos
I love this type of video where we can just really sit down and get to know about what you're up to with clips on your daily life and I just love seeing you like this 💜
maddie ziegler
maddie ziegler Hace 17 minutos
I was never rlly a ‘fan’ of you but honestly I missed you so much 💓
mfflr flffr
mfflr flffr Hace 17 minutos
Wtf its already been a month vdwjvjbsjkz
Sofia Nepomuceno
Sofia Nepomuceno Hace 17 minutos
Yayyyyyyy james is back
Perseus Moon
Perseus Moon Hace 17 minutos
Sunset Blaze
Sunset Blaze Hace 17 minutos
omg you look so good happy pride mouth i'm so glad you're back
Jɑmeṣ ĊhɑrIes Giveaway
Mariana Contreras
Mariana Contreras Hace 17 minutos
Was this an ad for Anastasia?
Genaro Acosta
Genaro Acosta Hace 17 minutos
Bye sisters
Emily ASLEHY Velasquez Loor
No hables tanto yo apreté este video porque me llamo la atencio el maquillaje no tu ni que hables
irene xo
irene xo Hace 17 minutos
I miseedddd himmmn
lizard 🦎
lizard 🦎 Hace 18 minutos
Does anyone know where he gets his safety pin ear ring?!??! Love the eyes!
Shynese Faith
Shynese Faith Hace 18 minutos
Hey sister im sorry im so late i was at practice i love uuuuuuuu ahhhhhh❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nina Julianne
Nina Julianne Hace 18 minutos
1.3 million views 205k likes and 18k dislikes...... don’t know what to think about that.
*-No-* *-one-*
*-No-* *-one-* Hace 18 minutos
We miss you sister
Jas Saint
Jas Saint Hace 18 minutos
I love it... You're the best !!!
Olivia O
Olivia O Hace 18 minutos
Glad you’re back!!
olivia batko
olivia batko Hace 18 minutos
Yea James is back YEAAAAAAA
Wass Poppin Jimbo
Wass Poppin Jimbo Hace 18 minutos
Can u do a "I just gained back all my subscribers" look? LMAOO
Madyson Mitchell
Madyson Mitchell Hace 18 minutos
You backkkkk😆‼️
BreakDown4O1 Hace 18 minutos
What if the rainbow leaked in drips on the lower lash line
karen fernan
karen fernan Hace 18 minutos
It's good to see him smiling 😊
Kaityln Moore
Kaityln Moore Hace 18 minutos
*What's the background song?*
Destiny Curiel
Destiny Curiel Hace 18 minutos
I just did this makeup look on my insta ! Check it out @makeupwiddesi 🥵
Madi Rose
Madi Rose Hace 18 minutos
i missed you
shaila dairo
shaila dairo Hace 18 minutos
iloveyou!! ❤❤
Frank Li
Frank Li Hace 18 minutos
Miss u sister~
Carina Rodrigues
Carina Rodrigues Hace 18 minutos
Please please please put captions on your videos.
Henry Piercey
Henry Piercey Hace 18 minutos
J P Hace 18 minutos
David Owen
David Owen Hace 19 minutos
I wanna see a haircut video JAMES, film whoever cuts your hair. It's a needed video. K thanks!
im not gay edgelord
im not gay edgelord Hace 19 minutos
Perfect Mess
Perfect Mess Hace 19 minutos
OMG when he said he was getting a beard and put that color correction on that looked like a beard, I was shook
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez Hace 19 minutos
A.R .E
A.R .E Hace 19 minutos
Omg i wish i was with you on the island
Squidwardtennisball Hace 19 minutos
James u ravioli fagioli
Wild Wonders
Wild Wonders Hace 19 minutos
so glad you’re back :)
Cupcake Paper
Cupcake Paper Hace 19 minutos
Idea: Please do a video in Luray caverns in Va and sing! Do waterproof make up and sing the blues!
Eeva Stenhouse
Eeva Stenhouse Hace 19 minutos
Jocelyn Perez
Jocelyn Perez Hace 19 minutos
No offense but in the beginning he sounded soooooo sad 😞 it made me sad
nick james
nick james Hace 19 minutos
the way you talk make me want to take a deep breath
xFemme Hace 19 minutos
Happy to see you well! xoxo 🥰
Bri Johnson
Bri Johnson Hace 19 minutos
Omg you talk so fast 😭
bohemian blu
bohemian blu Hace 19 minutos
James its good to see you we love ya😘
Sorrow Bird
Sorrow Bird Hace 19 minutos
I feel like hes just slowly being blinded by the light infront of him lol
Farid Khoriyanto
Farid Khoriyanto Hace 20 minutos
Love you james
Madison Sparkman
Madison Sparkman Hace 20 minutos
I honestly thought I lost respect for you.... but the more I think about it you are young and idk how I would react in your situation so I understand... continue to grow and focus on what is important 💕
Ronniechops Hace 20 minutos
must be those sugarbear hair supplements messing with your skin lol!
Alexia Ramos
Alexia Ramos Hace 20 minutos
Omg I love it. I love you,and am so proud of you from being strong from people who judged you.Also, happy birthday. Love you,again ❤❤
jazmin Galvan
jazmin Galvan Hace 20 minutos
Alv no entiendo
Kathleen Fleming
Kathleen Fleming Hace 20 minutos
Hi James, its finally good to have you back "Fresh" and ready to rock again. Honestly I missed your videos soooooooo........ on that note stay fun and fresh and keep more of your videos coming LOVE YOU xxxxx
Summer VanCuren
Summer VanCuren Hace 20 minutos
The quenn made a comeback yassssss!!!
Mary Barajas
Mary Barajas Hace 20 minutos
Be honest who is here like “where’s he been?” 😂😭🤔
David Owen
David Owen Hace 20 minutos
No. 2 on trending! Get it girl
jillian moore
jillian moore Hace 20 minutos
Happy birthday.!!!!
alanna is a rat
alanna is a rat Hace 20 minutos
Cynthia Hollender
Cynthia Hollender Hace 20 minutos
Yasss ❤️😍 happy you feel better sister
Alexandra Acuña
Alexandra Acuña Hace 20 minutos
James, you have many fans who speak Spanish, could you activate the subtitles, please. It's good to see you again beautiful 💋
Doodle Boogie
Doodle Boogie Hace 20 minutos
Has Chucky been following your tutorials?
Jade Fornshell
Jade Fornshell Hace 20 minutos
The eyes ARE FUCKING STUNNING!!!! Will be trying this look for Saturday for Minnesota’s pride day 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I can’t wait
The Cool Bi Kid
The Cool Bi Kid Hace 20 minutos
I’m so glad ur happy now💕 Can’t wait to see more vids!! Happy 20th ;)
Jamaican Beauty
Jamaican Beauty Hace 20 minutos
Wow so talented 🤗
Rachel Rolison
Rachel Rolison Hace 20 minutos
It feels like James has been gone for so long... *so good to have him back* 💕
Emily Skira
Emily Skira Hace 20 minutos
James Charles is back and better than ever! I was so happy when I saw your notification because I really missed you. Just the other day I was talking to my friend about how I was just waiting for you to post again. I’m super proud of you, ilysm you keep doing you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ibtihal Doha
Ibtihal Doha Hace 20 minutos
Miss you sisterrrrr
Presley Lannom
Presley Lannom Hace 20 minutos
You should do a vid on your pride outfit if your going!!
Bianca Sings
Bianca Sings Hace 21 un minuto
Wait who's song is that at 23:07? I LOVE IT.
karla Lopez
karla Lopez Hace 21 un minuto
Why you background White and wearing a black sweater 🙄😵
Once upon an Indie
Once upon an Indie Hace 21 un minuto
Love this look! Absolutely gorgeous. You should let up and coming new MUAs do your makeup. You could do it like a contest or something.
Diamond Jones
Diamond Jones Hace 21 un minuto
Yesssss queen
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