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Stringent security measures are in place in Indian administered Kashmir as the mainly Muslim population prepares to celebrate the festival of Eid al Adha.
The region's main city, Srinagar, remains under lockdown with no functioning telecommunications or internet after more than a week. A BBC correspondent says large mosques are expected to remain closed though people will be allowed to use local mosques to pray.
Several thousand Indian soldiers are on alert in the province and are patrolling the streets. The security clampdown follows protests over Delhi's decision to revoke the region's special status. Hundreds of people have been detained by the authorities, including many local political leaders.

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Smr J
Smr J Hace 3 días
We have stopped watching your fake news channel BBC and removed from DTH, stop your business from India. We don't want you to run your fabricated business in India. We have reported your content as spam and misleading on ESvid. QUIT INDIA, LEAVE INDIA. We will not allow you to broadcast any India content.
AmaiPerry Hace 5 días
Oh My God !! The internet for shut down for many day ? How them to communicate to their family..maybe have injured or else..feel sad 😔 be peaceful please
Safraz Abba
Safraz Abba Hace 6 días
Shame on this Indian government. This is illegal.
lonewolf soul
lonewolf soul Hace 8 días
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Hace 8 días
Everywhere Indian!!! Lmao
Duaa Rashid
Duaa Rashid Hace 8 días
Duaa Rashid
Duaa Rashid Hace 8 días
“Imagine a world where you cannot call home. This is the reality of thousands of Kashmiris around the world. Eight million Kashmiris living in the region today have been locked in their homes for over a month,” says the global rights watchdog. “Outside the region their friends and families are unable to get in touch amidst stories of curfews, protests, medical emergencies and use of excessive force by the administration. Families have been torn apart as they live under siege - a collective punishment for the people of Kashmir - this is the human cost of the blackout and it cannot be ignored … Let’s show the Indian Government that the world is watching and urge them to be on the right side of history.”
sheikh Rehan
sheikh Rehan Hace 10 días
پوری دنیا کی فوجیں پاکستان کے ساتھ جنگی مشقوں میں حصہ لینا چاہتی ہیں۔کیونکہ اسی پاکستان نے دنیا کے سب سے طاقتور اتحاد نیٹو کو شکست دی ۔اس اتحاد میں شامل 52 ملکوں نے پاکستان کو توڑنے کے لئے اپنے خفیہ ایجنسیوں سمیت افغانستان میں فوجیں اتار دی اور پھر آئی ایس آئی نے اس اتحاد سپیشلی امریکا کا وہ حشر کیا جس کو پوری دنیا نے دیکھا۔ پاکستان کی فوج پچھلے 20 سال سے حالت جنگ میں ہونے کی وجہ سے دنیا کی نایاب ترین فوج بن چکی ہے۔اس کے بھپرے شیر اپنے سپہ سالار کے ایک حکم کے منتظر رہتے ہیں۔ اور یہ وہ دنیا کی واحد فوج ہے کہ جو گوریلا جنگ کی فاتح بنی اس گوریلہ وار کے نتیجے میں امریکہ چین کے اربوں ڈالر کا مقروض ہو گیا اور اس کی کھربوں ڈالروں کی ٹیکنالوجی افغانستان میں کوڑیوں کے بھاؤ بک رہی ہے۔ اب بھارت کا وہ حشر ہو گا تاریخ یاد رکھے گی۔ان شاءاللہ مناسب وقت بہترین فیصلے کرتا یے۔عقلمندوں کے لئے نشانیاں ہیں۔
vijayan pillay
vijayan pillay Hace 12 días
Ask BBC leave khasmir they are trouble makers
Abdullah Rathore
Abdullah Rathore Hace 12 días
Brother u can't see what Indian army doing with Kashmiris They were killing and molested women and children, if u can't support justice so u have no right to called true indian or human
gk r
gk r Hace 13 días
Ban bbc
Nicky Gupta
Nicky Gupta Hace 14 días
Roots of each and every terrorist activities across world is in Pakistan... Pakistani Muslims ruined world peace☮
On The Way
On The Way Hace 14 días
জানোয়ার ইন্দিয়া
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar Hace 15 días
They included Ladakh and Jammu in Kashmir's map..
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar Hace 15 días
Fuck ...they don't even know the map of Kashmir.
Nawab Pundit
Nawab Pundit Hace 16 días
I urge Indian government to kick out the ass of British Bullshit Corp from India... don't spare them.. #BritishoccupiedIreland
aman kumar
aman kumar Hace 16 días
The growing hindu nationalism a threat for the evil
Ali Zulfikur
Ali Zulfikur Hace 17 días
Indian media is jhoota media in the world.
mohsin wajid
mohsin wajid Hace 19 días
oy cow ka mouth peny walo butri zaban chl rhi hai tumhari .. maa ko chodu tumhari
Meraaj Sikandar
Meraaj Sikandar Hace 20 días
Muhammad Shahid
Muhammad Shahid Hace 20 días
Shame on you Muslims. Shame on Arabs. Shame UAE.
Muhammad Shahid
Muhammad Shahid Hace 20 días
Shame on you Muslims. Shame on Arabs. Shame UAE.
gudju Hace 20 días
*Stop funding Pakistan to end the terror in the region unless you are one of them. Give these beggars bread and butter not the cash. The cash go to China to buy more weapons. These fools want to rule Afghanistan and want to take revenge of lost wars with India.*
Haris Saeed
Haris Saeed Hace 21 un día
Even Indian anchors condemned it , should be enough for fascist indians to shut their mouth.
Lubna Altaf
Lubna Altaf Hace 23 días
Appreciate BBC
NJ Rocks Assam
NJ Rocks Assam Hace 23 días
Free Scotland plz... Fuck Uk.... Fuck BBC...
RAHUL YADAV Hace 23 días
Bycoot BBC
Arun Sekhar
Arun Sekhar Hace 25 días
Is BBC support Islamism or secularism . Before 2019 = no woman right No right for education No marital right No investments No development No freedom of speech No secularism No democracy
Hasnat_ Mehmood
Hasnat_ Mehmood Hace 27 días
1:47 the Indian gay said no firing
ashani Hace 27 días
BBC = Bakwas Broadcasting Corporation. Only peddles fake news.
Umair Ashfaq
Umair Ashfaq Hace 28 días
Where is UN now, they didn't see the atrocities here.the so called human rights org. Kashimir banay ga pakistan From kashmire
Tayyab Altaf
Tayyab Altaf Hace 28 días
The britian wrong decision in 1947
Tayyab Altaf
Tayyab Altaf Hace 28 días
Allah ask you In Sha Allah
Naeem Abbas
Naeem Abbas Hace 28 días
KASHMIR is econamcly disaster for India. They spend and lose 9 Arab a day wait and see. How it impact India.
Bilal Bashir
Bilal Bashir Hace 28 días
Good BBC great coverage love from ajk
RAJEEV.P.G Poyilil
RAJEEV.P.G Poyilil Hace 29 días
BBC did not know about the reality....
Nesta.nihispace Volcanysture
The indian so paria...
Khan Tanoli
Khan Tanoli Hace un mes
Brutal indians, brutal indian army, frustrated MODI, they are full of shit, they killed lot of innocent people... Why sikh want khalistan, due to frustrated hindus
prak syxre
prak syxre Hace un mes
Why BBC is not covering Pakistans use of CLUSTER Bombs💥 on their civilians???????????????????
Smit J
Smit J Hace un mes
What is Indian admistered Kashmir??? It's India...
mohammad umair
mohammad umair Hace un mes
Freedom Kashmir freedom Kashmir freedom Kashmir freedom Kashmir freedom azadi azadi azadi azadi azadi
mohammad umair
mohammad umair Hace un mes
Freedom Kashmir freedom Kashmir freedom Kashmir freedom Kashmir freedom azadi azadi azadi azadi azadi
Anji. lucky
Anji. lucky Hace un mes
This is fake channel (this channel support pk)
INDIAN Ghosh Hace un mes
Nikal laure british pehele Ireland se nikal...kohi jarurat nehi he tera news ki kasmir ke upar .... Nikal bhosdike.
Akb b
Akb b Hace un mes
Mosques in London closed during Eid for fear of terrorists.
Almighty Hace un mes
POL. Pakistan Occupied London twitter.com/ShefVaidya/status/1162983124755632128?s=08
Shahzad Anjum
Shahzad Anjum Hace un mes
Kashmir is burning and Indian army is going to ruin this beautiful heaven on the face of the Earth
HD records
HD records Hace 29 días
Kashmiri terrorists had ruined that heaven since last 30 years. Its time to celebrate. Kashmir is now in safe hands. Jay Hind
Shahzad Anjum
Shahzad Anjum Hace un mes
Where are human rights organizations???
Shahzad Anjum
Shahzad Anjum Hace un mes
Indian army is killing bruitely innocent people in Kashmir
Huma Laila
Huma Laila Hace un mes
I request to all wold powers plz do somthing for kashmir... Think if you are at that place... How u You feel.. Plz feel the pain of others
Ananya Tripathy
Ananya Tripathy Hace un mes
BBC first freedom to Northern Ireland!!
Wing Tech
Wing Tech Hace un mes
Indian terorist Free kaahmeer
Rahmat Shah
Rahmat Shah Hace un mes
India is a terrorist country
Bhargav Dudhat
Bhargav Dudhat Hace un mes
If pakistan,with this dedication,would have tried for their owns progress., the country would have been on the top. But no, they decided not to solve their own issues ,but they always put their nose in India's matter & always are provoking indian muslims for fights.
C Patel
C Patel Hace un mes
Pakistani peolpe are so danger for any country
Majid Khan
Majid Khan Hace un mes
Thank u BBC For telling Peoples what happen with Kashmiri Peoples Indian Army Killing us very badly they are also Killing our Childrens We want Freedom I am Proud to say BBC News Teams are human beings who is helping us by telling what happen in Kashmir Some time I think that really we are human being because Indian Army Killing us Very badly and all around World no body is helping us
Mishal Dar
Mishal Dar Hace un mes
Thankyou so much bbc im a kashmiri thankyou so much for highlighting our issue i pray for freedom from india thankyou pakistan and china kashmir will be always grateful to u India choosed humility over humanity thankyou bbc for ur help By a kashmiri teen girl 💚
Epedia Hace un mes
Free kasmeir
M Rasool
M Rasool Hace un mes
A great effort expose India. May Allah help poor Kashmiris
shubham gupta
shubham gupta Hace un mes
The video is of Pakistan administered kashmir... Pakistan isn't able to solve their economic problems... What will they provide them with... Only jihad and Guns..
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