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Watch highlights of West Indies v Sri Lanka in the 1st CG Insurance ODI 2021
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10 mar 2021






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Gamer Yousha
Gamer Yousha Hace 3 días
Looser came to lose with Former Looser Love from Bangladesh
Gamer Yousha
Gamer Yousha Hace 3 días
0:00 Carl Jhonson Lite found xD
Ashok Das
Ashok Das Hace 21 un día
Hope 110 runs
Rakhi Dhiman
Rakhi Dhiman Hace 27 días
Good Win
Anita sethia
Anita sethia Hace 29 días
Hope ne top ka gola pheka sri lanka peq
Mohammad Showkat
Mohammad Showkat Hace un mes
Umpires now a days dictating Pollard shame Quinton shame
Andre Jordan
Andre Jordan Hace un mes
Shai hope can bat
Fardin khan Official
I think after getting Whitewashed from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩 west indies couldn't take it anymore so Pollard decided to win anyway😂😂😂
Manon Sur Mugdho
Manon Sur Mugdho Hace 8 días
বাংলাদেশ যদি ওদের এই টিম আসতো তাহলে বাংলাদেশকে হাগায়ে ছেড়ে দিত ওডিআইতে 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sri vardhan Ravella
Once upon a time these both are legendary teams
சுடல என்கிற ஸ்டாலின்
03:45 Gunathilaka wicket is totally unfair... Pollard should learn how to play fair cricket from Dhoni
rakee ES
rakee ES Hace un mes
@ 4:14....what Gunathilaka is supposed to do here ?.. When Pollard is collecting the ball, gunathilaka has to stand like a statue. So, Pollard will collect the ball and comfortably runout gunathilaka ....Here, Gunathilaka tried to save himself from runout by moving back towards crease which is wrong ..this has irked ICC....So they gave him out ...He is not supposed to save himself from getting runout ..He should have stood like a statue and should have given a chance to Pollard to collect the ball and hit the stumps ...
DV C Hace un mes
You'll need Dilshan back - Lol
qurban ali
qurban ali Hace un mes
Babar or. kohli ka.bap shai hope
Seeson Heart
Seeson Heart Hace un mes
Murgan Kavander
Murgan Kavander Hace un mes
Sarbajit De
Sarbajit De Hace un mes
4:55 obstructing the field
Mr.Pegasus Hace un mes
Hope is Windies Hope
Robin Daniels
Robin Daniels Hace un mes
The industrious step-sister epidemiologically glue because fact microscopically head versus a homely cart. garrulous, finicky kitten
VIKASH YADAV Hace un mes
Mritunjay Hace un mes
So Gunathilaka tried to obstruct the field by kicking ball towards the wicket when he was a step away from crease saving run out by a baller who was 5 feet away !!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow . And WI appealed that .
সুখ দুঃখ
Today match wi v sl 100% win Windies
SB Hace un mes
Bindumal..aney manda kohomada team ekata select wuney
Julius Kumar
Julius Kumar Hace un mes
Shai hope best timing
Krish Suneja
Krish Suneja Hace un mes
5:37 😂
mohamed mohamed
mohamed mohamed Hace un mes
4.13 😡
Monisha Das
Monisha Das Hace un mes
i luv windies cricket. my wishes with u. windies cricket rises high high higher soooon
Mohammed Umais Ahmed Yasmeen
Nice match
U Sudhamma
U Sudhamma Hace un mes
Cricket with bad and less gentlemenship of garbage polard
B Ws
B Ws Hace un mes
As Sri Lankans, we loved the WI cricket team very much. That was a long time ago. darren sammy is a gentlemanly beloved sportsman. When Sri Lanka lost the T20 World Cup to the WI in 2012, we did not feel sad because we lost to your cricket team. That's how much we loved you. But due to the actions of players like Kiran Pollard, the immense trust and love you had for him was greatly destroyed. In short, Pollard is a money lunatic who destroys your game because of the wealthy lunatics who harm the vitality of the game.
Abdul Shakoor
Abdul Shakoor Hace un mes
It was not a run out. Bad decision by the Empire..
mix pahadi vlog
mix pahadi vlog Hace un mes
Wi won this match
surya prakash
surya prakash Hace un mes
@ 3.44 The ball touches the bat twice. I think there is a LAW stating that is out, though am not sure about it. (LAW 34 according to Wikipedia)
Faisal Patel
Faisal Patel Hace un mes
D. Bravo resembles The Star B.Lara
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran Hace un mes
I understand why west Indian cricket quality is getting lower and lower because all the cheaters are there in west indies, even umpires..bloody Chester's..
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Imran Hace un mes
When did they start calling sir to Ambrose?
Beautiful World
Beautiful World Hace un mes
Windies Cricket Shame on you cheaters. most disgraceful cricketing nation ever.
Most dangerous team in T20 world cups one and only west indies remember the name 🔥😊💖🤘 love you from India
jai singh
jai singh Hace un mes
Worse decision ever
Amrinder sekhon
Amrinder sekhon Hace un mes
Mujeh samjh ni ata hope ko ipl mein kion nahi lete technical batsman ache hoteh hai Smith khareed sakte hai to ye better hi hoga T20 mein usse
dr prasanna
dr prasanna Hace un mes
Pollard sportsmanship is one billionth of his skills. Total cheap guy
Sg Suranga
Sg Suranga Hace un mes
Dhanushka run out... Pollad appil. Black day...
karthik gopinath
karthik gopinath Hace un mes
Love westindies
Pubg mobile gaming Lite Normal game play
Srilanka should improve their body language first.... then fielding.....
karthik gopinath
karthik gopinath Hace un mes
Malai Arasan
Malai Arasan Hace un mes
Indian cricket
Nature beauties
Nature beauties Hace un mes
West Indies umpires are always biased in their decisions.
Noël N
Noël N Hace un mes
I certainly hope Sri Lanka Cricket gets completely tarnished by the end of 2021. They have been nothing but a huge debt/liability to our economy in the last 4 years. Until a proper team is built up from scratch. Amazing talent WI ! Keep going :)
Parvez Khanikor
Parvez Khanikor Hace un mes
Poor bowling 4rm Sri Lankan side, even they can't defend 274 runs. Brilliant batting 4rm Nicholas Pooran n West Indies team, Bad luck 4r Sri Lanka 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰
arpit pradhan
arpit pradhan Hace un mes
Ghatiya team ho gyi hai Sri Lanka ki,3-4saal lagengay acha banne mein
safrizal Bin Abdurrahman
Tharu N Chethi
Tharu N Chethi Hace un mes
Dhanushka His not kicked ball mistakely it happened.
nalika karunarathna
Super danu
JM Tubers
JM Tubers Hace un mes
A very professional performance from Windies in many ways❤️ Always supporting Windies (2nd) after my country Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Ajay K
Ajay K Hace un mes
Such a pathetic and stupid decision by umpires. These umpires must be banned forever.
cd n
cd n Hace un mes
Strong domestic performance help West Indies to compete.
Duwayne Wright
Duwayne Wright Hace un mes
Finally the rebirth of West Indies cricket.. this team will compete with the very best!
Rafi Khoso
Rafi Khoso Hace un mes
Boring cricket
Mohammed Imran Khan
Hope @ indeed he's the hope for West Indies Cricket..
Basheer Abdulla
Basheer Abdulla Hace un mes
Mr:pollard you’re really killing the game!
Basheer Abdulla
Basheer Abdulla Hace un mes
Polland it’s unfair! We cricket lovers disappointed 😞! See you are not Kangaroos!
Swapno Drawing Academy
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay Hace un mes
I think this match is fixed by srilanka team without the two opener and bandhara
Indika Thilakarathna
Akash Shrivastava
Akash Shrivastava Hace un mes
It is not acceptable that first six of Windies innings came in 24th over....
Sanjeewa Weerakumara
Pollard thats thats you Begger
vijay kumar Kailash
Nice ground, looks big and also bounce in the pitch..Old westindian spice
Rijas Mohamed
Rijas Mohamed Hace un mes
Wtf playing sL
isuru tharaka
isuru tharaka Hace un mes
Pollard is cheater.... he broken bond of windies cricket and sri lankan cricket peoples... he is only cheater.. now west indians cricket is cheat..
sharmin mousumi
sharmin mousumi Hace un mes
I can not understanding to gunathilakas wicket
James Allen
James Allen Hace un mes
Second one day west sri lanka
Grand Bay Central
Grand Bay Central Hace un mes
Sri Lanka pick Fernando and Thisara🙌
Minhaz Ahmed
Minhaz Ahmed Hace un mes
What a brilliant catch
Sg Suranga
Sg Suranga Hace un mes
Dhanushka out... Whery upset... Dog cricket.... Kiron pollard.
Jeffrey ツ
Jeffrey ツ Hace un mes
I think the umpire genuinely was genuinely frightened of Keiron Pollard initiating an argument if that was given a not out, that could be a reason as to why the soft signal was given not out but clearly the soft decision was wrong, atleast to the majority of the people.
king 19g
king 19g Hace un mes
Pollard cheater
Supun Chamara
Supun Chamara Hace un mes
The Quality of world cricket is going down when this kind of shameful incident happens. Really we loved west Indians cricket but it going to be damaged now due to bad umpiring, bad Mr. Cricket. Even a grade one student can understand that Guntahilake went back due to protect his wicket from run out t even his eyes didn't see the ball. Just thought if Virath, Sanga, Mahela, Dravid, Arjuna, Ponting like those legends on the field this shame will never ever happen.
every thing
every thing Hace un mes
Beautiful player to watch s hope
S. S.
S. S. Hace un mes
Third umpire are you serious?😒😒 🇱🇰 ❤️
Yogesh Kumar
Yogesh Kumar Hace un mes
Yeh wi team he chutiya hai
Zakki Khan
Zakki Khan Hace un mes
Balanced Team Of West Indies 👌👌👌
Uttaran Das
Uttaran Das Hace un mes
Really bad third umpiring. But WI deserves to win given the batting, communication and bowling standards of SL.
Knowledge World
Knowledge World Hace un mes
ayush jadham
ayush jadham Hace un mes
no fitness sirlankha team😂
Aman AK
Aman AK Hace un mes
Waiting for 2M subs
CRS channel
CRS channel Hace un mes
ABDUR RAHIM Hace un mes
Sri Lanka, well 🐸
ABDUR RAHIM Hace un mes
Nice win, Windies Love From 🇧🇩
ABDUR RAHIM Hace un mes
Hope are well😛, From 🇧🇩
Don cosmic
Don cosmic Hace un mes
Yes your country is beautifull without such appeal for Gunathilaks out and dumb decision makers.
raman89bhatia Hace un mes
Fuddu Pollard
leel kuruppu
leel kuruppu Hace un mes
Danushka not out Polad as a captain did stupid thing
ALPHA FF Hace un mes
"Sending this selfie to NASA, because you're a star."
Farmanullah Khan
Farmanullah Khan Hace un mes
The first run out decision was completely fucking unfair ICC must to take action on this nonsense fucking decision😡😡😡😡
Sumith Udaynga
Sumith Udaynga Hace un mes
Kusal mendis kiyana pamkya aye dalad team ekt.
Neet is need
Neet is need Hace un mes
Jason Mohammed is an emerging player for Windies cricket
kapil tik tok
kapil tik tok Hace un mes
Help windies ckt to reach 2 million
Manju Kc
Manju Kc Hace un mes
As an Indian I just love the names of the sri lankan players.
David Hace un mes
That was not obstruction by the batter...clearly not intentional, a horrible decision by the third umpire!
Shadow Beast
Shadow Beast Hace un mes
4:13 we lost our respect on windies cricket.from now we are haters
Udantha Rocky
Udantha Rocky Hace un mes
today match live stream this Chenal ?