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YES I posted this to twitter AND instagram but here it is again and I will not apologize !!!
(p.s. scarecrow guy?? exact re-enactment of the best hiking interaction of my life)


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11 mar 2019

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NuyoricanJoseph Hace 5 horas
Awful lot of lesbians on this trail
I AM NOT A ROLE MODEL Hace 12 días
Why not go to asia and start a travel vlog ?
Riley Courtier
Riley Courtier Hace 13 días
I tried to find this video again thinking it was jogging and not hiking. Now I feel like the second to last hiker.
King Jax The 2nd
King Jax The 2nd Hace 16 días
This ur debut song
MisterSeaTurtle Hace 22 días
the fact that i got an ad for hemorrhoids on this video made it much more satisfying
eeyore hour
eeyore hour Hace 27 días
Lmfao I get a hemorrhoids ad
Hitamn Hace un mes
But why did I get an actual ad for hemorrhoids?
Peter Guilherme
Peter Guilherme Hace un mes
I got a hemorrhoid video before this.
Katie Ramirez
Katie Ramirez Hace un mes
i,,, i got a hemorrhoids ad before this
TULSI 2020
TULSI 2020 Hace un mes
Yesterday I tried to call a liberal a cuck but I got cuckblocked lmao
Makie Morrison
Makie Morrison Hace un mes
Wow your ugly cant believe you got someone like Anthony Lamo he got bad tastes Lamo
cybersquire Hace un mes
She's not Jeffery!!
Tripp Dixon
Tripp Dixon Hace un mes
I just got a hemorrhoids add before this
Cat Talks Radio
Cat Talks Radio Hace un mes
you forgot the one where you CAME BACK DAMN IT!!!!!
Maggie Pete
Maggie Pete Hace un mes
I no joke got an ad on hemorrhoids.
Liopleurodon 2000
Liopleurodon 2000 Hace 2 meses
I've seen at least half of these when I go to the adarondaks
snapfinger Hace 2 meses
What happened to Kevin Nealon?
Boezied Hace 2 meses
This is so accurate it's scary. When's the documentary coming out?
Holly Shackzalez
Holly Shackzalez Hace 2 meses
I got some medical ad that was just two minutes of explaining hemorrhoids
erockzz2010 Hace 2 meses
I just got an ad for 🎵HEMORRHOIDS 🎵
ysvin K
ysvin K Hace 3 meses
The hello at 30seconds made me feel some type of way... i said hello back
André Crema
André Crema Hace 3 meses
Jesus Fuck that was amazing
Can Kaygisiz
Can Kaygisiz Hace 3 meses
¿Dónde está el 'hola'?
Mac But Not The Makeup Brand
The ad Was longer than the vid
Sisi así es
Sisi así es Hace 3 meses
I'm going to copy strike your ass
Sisi así es
Sisi así es Hace 3 meses
dude wtf I uploaded the exctact same video over an year ago
Sam Bergus
Sam Bergus Hace 3 meses
I now want to tell jokes to everyone I pass while hiking. Thank you for this life changing moment.
Lil Wayne Jr
Lil Wayne Jr Hace 3 meses
I liked this
Corey Escobar
Corey Escobar Hace 3 meses
Ayanna Arnold
Ayanna Arnold Hace 3 meses
I got excited cause I thought it was more Jeffery videos 😂
Byler Tlevins
Byler Tlevins Hace 3 meses
no one: 40 year old moms: ;)
CoolChannel Name
CoolChannel Name Hace 3 meses
quirky weird odd wife material
Ck T
Ck T Hace 3 meses
how about the people you say high to and they don't respond. creepy!
Claire Lefalala
Claire Lefalala Hace 3 meses
as someone who just spent spring break in the smokie mountains I can say this is true. my favorite interaction from the trip is when this nice old man passed my brother and said "boi howdy"
Bloodthirsty Vegan
Bloodthirsty Vegan Hace 3 meses
There's 40 seconds I'll never get back.
Hopeful Believer
Hopeful Believer Hace 3 meses
Lol, so true. You don't know whether to sy more than "hi" or "hello" because they might not like it, but then they might think the same as you thinking you think that and... Paradox!!! Lol
Denis Hace 3 meses
Pardon me but do you happen to have any Grey Poupon?
Estevo Thomasio
Estevo Thomasio Hace 3 meses
Wear headphones and ignore.
zombie 112
zombie 112 Hace 3 meses
I clicked on this and the ad was about hameroids
Collin Cook
Collin Cook Hace 3 meses
Always gettin the cold shoulder from Yuppies in their fancy hiking clothes.
Detgtyha 73
Detgtyha 73 Hace 3 meses
Lmao for real. 😂🤣
NerdStorm A
NerdStorm A Hace 3 meses
"Just ask them out already, damn"
Irene Hace 3 meses
Dear Recommend. Why is this on my Recommendations?
Lou Xavier
Lou Xavier Hace 3 meses
0:31 just .... yeah
i need meds k
i need meds k Hace 3 meses
This is amazing
JoyFull Cookie
JoyFull Cookie Hace 3 meses
The same clothing EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!
may day
may day Hace 3 meses
JugSoda Hace 3 meses
Pls upload more, you're seriously underrated
Philip Andersson
Philip Andersson Hace 3 meses
That about covers it yea
Sean 2002
Sean 2002 Hace 3 meses
Miel, you are a strange bird! However I enjoy your sense of humor! No I'm not hopelessly pining for your next one....
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