Hitler's Car at Canadian War Museum 希特勒的座驾--加拿大战争博物馆 

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Hitler was known for his love of cars and was often seen driving various models throughout his life. One of his most famous cars was a Mercedes-Benz 770 Grosser, which was often used for official parades and ceremonies, now exhibits in the Canadian War Museum.
During World War II, Hitler's cars played a crucial role in his mobility and safety. He had a fleet of cars that were specially modified to withstand attacks, including armor plating, bulletproof glass, and reinforced frames. These cars were often used to transport Hitler to and from meetings and events.
Hitler's cars became a symbol of his power and authority, and they were often featured in propaganda films and photographs. After the war, many of these cars were seized by Allied forces and used for their own purposes.
The Canadian War Museum is a national museum on the country’s military history in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, situated south of the Ottawa River in LeBreton Flats. It was formally established in 1942 and traces its origins back to 1880. It serves as both an educational facility on Canadian military history and a place of remembrance for those who served and sacrificed for Canada
希特勒以对汽车的热爱而闻名,人们经常看到他一生都在驾驶各种车型。 他最著名的汽车之一是梅赛德斯-奔驰 770 Grosser,经常用于官方游行和仪式,现在这辆车在加拿大战争博物馆展出。
二战期间,希特勒的汽车对他的机动性和安全性起到了至关重要的作用。 他拥有一支经过特殊改装以抵御攻击的车队,包括装甲镀层,防弹玻璃和加固车架。 这些汽车经常被用来运送希特勒往返会议和活动。
希特勒的汽车成为他权力和权威的象征,它们经常出现在宣传片和照片中。 战后,这些汽车中有许多被盟军没收并用于他们自己的目的。
加拿大战争博物馆是位于加拿大安大略省渥太华的国家军事历史博物馆,位于勒布雷顿平原的渥太华河以南。 它于1942年正式成立,其起源可追溯到1880年。它既是加拿大军事历史的教育机构,也是为加拿大服役和牺牲的人们的纪念场所.


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Damian Ousley
Damian Ousley Hace 5 meses
The damage is a part of its history.
Rob Maul
Rob Maul Hace 5 meses
Agreed, it's very important to remain there to tell the story. Although I wish we could say the same for all the "denazifying". There are many historical pieces that have flags and symbols removed. In my opinion, that detracts from the history. They should remain in whatever condition they were found in, flags, symbols, and all.
走遍安大略🍁 Hiking Ontario
Your amazing footage was greatly appreciated, and I hope you have an incredible weekend!❤❤😃😃✅✅
Thank you too
Retro Moto
Retro Moto Hace 20 días
As impressive as the automobile is... I could never sit in it, much less drive it. This car was the Devil's chariot!👹
Soe Lwin
Soe Lwin Hace 7 días
It is a rare witness that the 80 year's old Adolf Hitler's personnal armoured Mercedes Benz 770 Grosser polished and still shining today.
Ray Yuan
Ray Yuan Hace 6 meses
Good video, thanks for sharing
Phillip Garrow
Phillip Garrow Hace 4 meses
It's kind neat in It's own way but kinda creepy too
I did it on purpose, this is about war, so I chose this dark and depressing background music.
Ph Desaduits
Ph Desaduits Hace 26 días
Il y a un autre exemplaire au musée de l automobile Henri Malartre au nord de Lyon en France.
Wen Ye
Wen Ye Hace 6 meses
well done
Doodlegoes Hace 6 meses
Michael West
Michael West Hace 12 días
How did the Canadiens end up with this ?
lookup49 Hace un mes
Is this a temporary exhibit?
No, the car is for permanent exhibition
Calvin McFarland Sr.
Car should be completely repaired for future history.
andrew kingdon
andrew kingdon Hace 2 meses
No, it's history includes the fact that an American soldier shot at it shortly after Germany lost the war. It's always a bad idea to delete or modify history. Read George Orwell. He'll tell you about the ministry of truth. History always needs to be taught exactly as it happened, never modified. Never.
Casull Hace 3 meses
Many liberated to Moscow
Thanks for watching!
德夫 羅
德夫 羅 Hace un mes
On auction two million Canadian dollars.
Not for sale😅
Thank you very much for watchind❤
zhenjun shu
zhenjun shu Hace 6 meses
Add text under video not separate will be better.
Thank you very much for your valuable comment!
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