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Note: The Collection Box set is limited edition and there will not be a restock of boxes. The individual polishes are sticking around, and will restock if sold out so long as supplies are available. Make sure to grab your faves! #HoloTaco​
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17 abr 2021






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Simply Nailogical
Simply Nailogical Hace 17 días
Holo everyone! Update: the Pastel Rainbow collection box is now ❗️sold out❗️😅 Thank you for your incredible support this launch😭🙏 This was Holo Taco’s most successful launch to date! While the box was limited edition and won’t be restocked, all 7 new shades are available to purchase individually and will be restocked if sold out💖 holota.co/simply-pastelrainbow Looking forward to seeing all your pastel holo manis💅🌈💖 Thank you so much again for your support of my nail polish vision!! I hope you love them💿💅
Tayba Rahu
Tayba Rahu Hace un día
I need to grow my nails long and strong in 5 days what should I do plz reply
Adelina Buhaescu
Adelina Buhaescu Hace 5 días
Christine be carefull Plankton is coming for the formula
Regena Yoder
Regena Yoder Hace 6 días
I’m so sad!!! I have every single limited edition box since the very first box and I missed this one😭😭 my life is ruined lol
Christina Woodard
Christina Woodard Hace 8 días
Just got mine. Sparkling Water as we say in China, Qi Pao Shuai, is so pretty can’t wait to try all the other colors in this collection. Worth the money! Got my box before it sold out. Boy am I glad. Such a great way to keep organized.
Elizabeth Joe
Elizabeth Joe Hace 8 días
HOLO Cristine! Once again GOOD JOB to you and the Holo Taco team, another lovely beautiful collection!
Maggie Jean
Maggie Jean Hace 56 minutos
i don’t know why, but i counted every time cristine said “holo” or “holographic in this video.... 66, if anyone was wondering
Tyler Vedder
Tyler Vedder Hace un hora
I have a good vid idea make Ben wear a dress and make him do your nails.
Conawaye Hace 2 horas
Michelle Hansen
Michelle Hansen Hace 3 horas
I would buy them but you are not shipping to Denmark sadly 😅
Pretty Plus
Pretty Plus Hace 6 horas
Hi guys, sorry for bothering. I am a single mom, I have a youtube channel that shares how to make simple nails for everyone but not many people know. Can you visit my channel then watch and give suggestions for me? Thanks everyone!
Kelsey CoCa
Kelsey CoCa Hace 7 horas
I've been waiting for this!!!
Bree Marie
Bree Marie Hace 12 horas
I just got my collector's box! Love it. Only allowed to use Sparkling Water though :(
Rainy Days
Rainy Days Hace 17 horas
Can we just appreciate how Cristine is the only person who actually recognizes real holo? I mean everyone else calls glitter holo and then calls ACTUAL holo iridescent or something.
Jenna Miller
Jenna Miller Hace 20 horas
I wish I had prettier nails haha. I'd totally buy this if I did
cutepoiisonn Hace 22 horas
Can I Just buy the case?!?
Play time
Play time Hace un día
I do some funny videos now I'm bored
Nery Pila
Nery Pila Hace un día
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-zHxeTKz7JjI.html This video is a must see, he mixed all your polishes. Looks so awesome
Morgan Victoria
Morgan Victoria Hace un día
You should make a video painting your car with peel off holo!! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i3PMN1BiyAk.html
Queen Berries4
Queen Berries4 Hace un día
Imagine if you did neutral holo polish 👁👄👁
Desk Fan
Desk Fan Hace un día
Tbh I just want the green since it may fit my hood color
Michelle longo
Michelle longo Hace un día
Do you allow them to use your content on Pinterestpin.it/1cWDWF3
Chloe Weeks
Chloe Weeks Hace un día
Ah! That is my all time favorite "lavender syrup!" 😜💜
Tayba Rahu
Tayba Rahu Hace un día
I need to grow my nails long and strong what should I do plz reply 🙁😰🥺
HoneyBlueMoon1 Hace un día
i use to watch you all the time!!
flover Hace 2 días
Gita Karpjuka
Gita Karpjuka Hace 2 días
You should try Aurora nails🌈💅 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yNuNBkBGJcA.html
Maliana Gutierrez
Maliana Gutierrez Hace 2 días
how bout we go back 4 years and try to get Cristine to do a matte #polishmountain if u want her to do this copy and paste in her next vid hehehe
Laila Hewlett
Laila Hewlett Hace 2 días
It'S nOt A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE
Kayla LePage
Kayla LePage Hace 2 días
You should try polygel on Ben
Jasmin Torres
Jasmin Torres Hace 2 días
I just came across your channel 😍 I love you already
Conawaye Hace 2 días
he he
he he Hace 2 días
How come the cocktail looked rainbow too thats fascinatinggg
Maddie Animates
Maddie Animates Hace 2 días
Pastel gay
Laurien Dakota Allmon
I'm a carpenter and a welder. I don't really wear nail polish because it always chips like immediately since I work with my hands or it takes to many coats to get a solid color. I bought Menchie's polish for a friend as a gift as she loves her polishes. I couldn't justify buying one because shipping hurts my soul so I got Mint Mojito and a unicorn skin for myself to try. I had low expectations for her nail polish since its just nail polish but I fucking love the shit out of her polish now. I wore them to work no chipping and I didn't even put on a taco. The holo is amaze ballz Its like a freaking sparkly unicorn jizzed on my nails!!!! My selfish ass didn't even give her the polish as a gift I immediately turned into golem XD If you are doubting getting her polish don't cause it is very worth it!! The quality is 10/10 excellent!!!!
gayathri raja
gayathri raja Hace 2 días
This is just an idea switch lives with Ben for a whole day and let Ben be you for a whole day this will be so funny 😊
Ravneet Kaur
Ravneet Kaur Hace 3 días
My nails are thin as a paper what do I do ?
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace 3 días
Lol love the colors but now we need the goth edition of holo taco
Ashwini Hace 3 días
Hey simply, I know you won't be seeing this but for some reason if you do......I just wanted to tell you that I'm from India and I'm really interested in buying this.......but I can't. cause first, I don't have enough money to buy this...... second, my parents won't let me. I really liked your whole collection and wanted to buy it all I love your pastels, unicorn, and frosted collection.if your reading this please reply it would mean a lot to me. (holo taco doesn't ship to where I live).
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace 3 días
Hubby calls: "Did you just spend over a hundred bucks on nail polish?" *I didn't even pause the video*"Yarp. I love you. Kiss, kiss." Beep. Dramatic He doesn't even know me..
Go Away
Go Away Hace 3 días
CRISTINE can you try the aurora nails. PPLLEAASSE
Eli Saurus
Eli Saurus Hace 3 días
Okay product idea. You need to sell booze in a Giant fake nail polish bottle. "Don't Drink the Nail Polish."
turtle Hace 3 días
Purplegirl's Randomness Channel
Imagine if you did the polish mountain thing again but what you did is put one coat of every nail polish you have.
maddison young
maddison young Hace 3 días
Simply nailogical please please do a review on vinger's polygel nail kit! Its looks so cool!
doliio volay
doliio volay Hace 3 días
Lol love the colors but now we need the goth edition of holo taco
Miss Macarena Arevalo
I loooove all your holo's!!!! Sadly I live in Chile 😔
doliio volay
doliio volay Hace 3 días
bottle. Would love to support you guys. Love from another tea lovin Christine♥️☕️
Allstar Snave
Allstar Snave Hace 4 días
Tried to buy some today and just found out you don't ship to New Zealand 😭😭😭
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Hace 4 días
Is that sweatshirt a sample for potential Holo Taco clothing merch???🤞🤞🤞💞🦄🌈🌌
doire aintu
doire aintu Hace 5 días
Is that sweatshirt a sample for potential Holo Taco clothing merch???🤞🤞🤞💞🦄🌈🌌
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Hace 4 días
week. I literally have the best man you guys 😍😂
Hiya Boo
Hiya Boo Hace 5 días
Its my first time using nail polish
doire aintu
doire aintu Hace 5 días
pov: you saw the bts😏
Bianca Almeida
Bianca Almeida Hace 5 días
can someone please tell me what taco means? I can't be the food
turtle Hace 3 días
its an inside joke !! cristine pronounces top coat like taco and it just became a meme
Brooke Allison
Brooke Allison Hace 5 días
Cristine never changes and I love it
Laurie Lee
Laurie Lee Hace 5 días
Not buying this now after watching your billboard video.
Aleksandra Hace 5 días
Simply: "The polishes go out of stock quickly" Also Simply: *spilling the nail polish everywhere to get a perfect shot*
Indica Ward
Indica Ward Hace 5 días
Can you do a house tour? And holo
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Hace 6 días
Hubby calls: "Did you just spend over a hundred bucks on nail polish?" *I didn't even pause the video*"Yarp. I love you. Kiss, kiss." Beep. Dramatic He doesn't even know me..
Little Miss Cheesy
Little Miss Cheesy Hace 6 días
The fact its already sold out
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Hace 6 días
Al público y con contenido sano y limpio cuanto vale yo me apunto quel mundo lo pide a gritosssss
Chad Webb
Chad Webb Hace 6 días
Sailor moon collection next 😉😉😉😜
Meg McConnell
Meg McConnell Hace 6 días
forever waiting for a black holo.... 🖤
Amanda Wong
Amanda Wong Hace 6 días
This nail polish with THIS CAR: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i3PMN1BiyAk.html
StabletoCity Hace 6 días
Could HOLO TACO ever make it into a Canadian drugstore to help make it more affordable for Canadians to purchase? Over the website w exchange+shipping it’s $30 for one bottle. Would love to support you guys. Love from another tea lovin Christine♥️☕️
Cat J
Cat J Hace 6 días
Girl if you don't collab with Moriah Elizabeth and do her nails 😭 this is her aesthetic 100%
Sue Webster
Sue Webster Hace 6 días
Beautiful colours but to much packaging
Larray and james Stan
MissWho Hace 6 días
Me to husbando: OMG BABE I KNOW WE’RE BROKE BUT LOOOOOOK husabando: how much is this one Me: ...........100 husbando: ...you better book 4 people to do nails this week. I literally have the best man you guys 😍😂
b michelle
b michelle Hace 7 días
pov: you saw the bts😏
Adhya Kejriwal
Adhya Kejriwal Hace 7 días
Could you please do those acrylic nails?
Anto Tim
Anto Tim Hace 7 días
Hey so I have a very big problem my nail at my foot grew in meat idk how to say this but it grew in the right side on my left foot and it hurts sooo bad I need ur help pls make a vid on how to fix it plssss BTW I JUST CHECKED THE HOLO TACO NAIL POLISH PASTEL AND ITS SOLD OUT :(((( PLS ADD NEW ONES PLSSSSSS
turtle Hace 3 días
sounds like an ingrown toenail, perhaps ? if you google "ingrown toenail treatment at home" there should be some solutions, but if it looks infected you should see a doctor. hoped this helped !
KurlieDino Hace 7 días
This is cool and all but I’m still waiting for the release of “all the fcken holo” js
Nori Hassell
Nori Hassell Hace 7 días
And cherries. That's for an unreleased red creme. No secrets 😂😂
Amanda Rogers
Amanda Rogers Hace 7 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yNuNBkBGJcA.html you should toe-tally try this one. It’s not holo. But it’s still really pretty... 😁
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Hace 7 días
Mauricio Fonseca
Mauricio Fonseca Hace 7 días
Al público y con contenido sano y limpio cuanto vale yo me apunto quel mundo lo pide a gritosssss
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Hace 7 días
*me coming to this channel for the first time* Her:*sips from straw and laughs in self satisfaction* Me:I LIKE IT!!!
Mauricio Fonseca
Mauricio Fonseca Hace 7 días
Y tendremos 2. Impactos presio por impulsar los canales de you tube y presio por presentar tv
Mauricio Fonseca
Mauricio Fonseca Hace 7 días
Le damos en señansas a bebés des del vientre de mamá y escojamos lo que nuestros suscritores quieran y el mundo bera solo lo que escojamos en inglés en español en portugués es chino y mientras los demás idiomas ven sus contenido preferido en su hi filma tú te das un descanso mientras volvemos al español,, usss el canal de las estrellas
Tatiana Carmona
Tatiana Carmona Hace 7 días
Where is the hoodie from??💖
LindaNena Hace 7 días
When will there be a restock for the clear top coats?
Lilly Black
Lilly Black Hace 7 días
I don't have enough money to buy them all but the choice is hard afff I never hesitated so much on anything beforrrrrre ahhhhhhhh
Mythical Wolf
Mythical Wolf Hace 7 días
Make the ice cream collection or the tea collection
Teana ThatsAll
Teana ThatsAll Hace 7 días
You should release an entire collection based on different types of tea
Shaarlyn Hace 7 días
anyone know where that sweater is from because its lovely
Meeka xoxo
Meeka xoxo Hace 7 días
This is a petition for Cristine to attempt watermarble nails with her holo taco line all in favor give a like!
Ishika agrwal the queen
Please do recreating nailarts from my peely bag again!!
Bianca Baciuc
Bianca Baciuc Hace 8 días
hey! i have a video idea! can you do a video where you try nail designs that are trend right now?
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Hace 8 días
successful final work practise” We LOVE a supportive king 👑❤️
Maria Kerkman
Maria Kerkman Hace 8 días
Cool pack but you should do a video where you react to what they call halo top popsicles they are not halo but just because it is called halo top like holo toco this is such a stupid idea I dont even know why I am posting this comment but still
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Hace 8 días
Just a reminder that bens billboards are still up
Island Girls
Island Girls Hace 8 días
Please insert the shipping to ITALY!!!!🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Emilija Hace 8 días
Dear Nailogical, Please make your merch easy to get in the uk so that my broke ass can buy it easier second hand. Best regards, Emilija Slavkovska
Becky Mattison
Becky Mattison Hace 8 días
**me coming to this channel for the first time** Her:**sips from straw and laughs in self satisfaction** Me:I LIKE IT!!!
slimey slime
slimey slime Hace 8 días
not me watching this and cant use nail polish
Christina Woodard
Christina Woodard Hace 8 días
Kiddos to you. I just put Sparkling Water on my fingers. AMAZING! I was so impressed I commented on your website. I never do that.
H P Hace 8 días
Vajih Family
Vajih Family Hace 8 días
Moriah Elizabeth needs to know this!!!!!!!!!
Sucuk MC
Sucuk MC Hace 8 días
Empfohlen by Pia
Sucuk MC
Sucuk MC Hace 7 días
@cacti for life 🤝🤝🤝🥰😂
cacti for life
cacti for life Hace 7 días
Omg hätte nicht gedacht, dass du wirklich kommentierst!!! 😂😂😂👏🏻
Kelly M
Kelly M Hace 9 días
I want them so bad but I don't use the ones I have b'cuz I am the WORST nail polisher EVER and IF it dries before I ruin them, they chip off immediately WHICH I blame on my crap a$$ nails not the fab products ... but oh I wish
Sayuri Miura
Sayuri Miura Hace 9 días
i'm watching her mixing drinks and waiting for her to say: i have the perfect thing for you, bubba edit: too much tiktok for me
Jana Est
Jana Est Hace 9 días
How many of the Holo Taco collector box do I have? Well only 1 because you don´t ship to Spain anymore. So this is another collection set I won´t get :(
Nicole Arianel Cuivillas
I'm here for Cristine's happy face that happens whenever she talks about her new nail polish lines. Seeing it somehow makes me happy too.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Hace 9 días
I know it’s a little early but a fall/Halloween themed collection would be so awesome. Like a deep blood red creme, a black holo, a really dark purple, and stuff like that. Omgg
Elizabeth Joe
Elizabeth Joe Hace 8 días
Dark Rainbow Linear Holo HOLOWEEN theme for autumn, here are some moody name color ideas I'd like to share: - Crimson Maroon Wine - Cinnamony Pumpkin Spice - Olive Oil Sap - Dark Forest Pine - Midnight Blue Sky - Blackberry Pie - Mulberry Plum (basically rainbow colors mixed with black = deep dark moody colors)
Nail Magic
Nail Magic Hace 9 días
Wow they are so pretty and I need to collect both sets.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Hace 9 días
I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️
Tamires Monteiro
Tamires Monteiro Hace 9 días
She reminds me of Lana Del Rey 🤔
Mango Hace 9 días
Just a reminder that bens billboards are still up
Shannara Fan
Shannara Fan Hace 9 días
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It arrived today! I finally ordered Holo Taco, and got the limited addition box! I was one of the lucky few. Can’t wait to try it. Sooooooo pretty, soooooooo much HOLO!!!!!!! Cristine, you are AWESOME!
Minna Nyström
Minna Nyström Hace 9 días
i don't have any of the boxes D: just send me the boxes, i'll buy the nailpolish one by one xD
Indefinite Artblock
Indefinite Artblock Hace 9 días
Mm that lavender one.
unlimitedfunlol Hace 9 días
This is so what I like to see :) I’m new here. Only heard of you and Holo Taco and at the beginning, I thought you were Zemo in FATWS
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