Honest Trailers - Aquaman

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Remember that nerd who could talk to fish? Well he's a hunky hero now - it's Aquaman!
Watch The Honest Trailers Commentary!
Honest Trailers - Aquaman
Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, Lon Harris & Danielle Radford
Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr & Max Dionne
Edited by Kevin Williamsen
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

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19 mar 2019






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Screen Junkies Hace un mes
Where do you think the Aquaman sequel should go next? POOL RULES One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: Don’t go looking for fights. Four: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse
ermito Hace un día
M2103 Condo
M2103 Condo Hace 8 días
Please say:"Angry German Kid v Jovi Final Part 3 : The Final Wolfenstein (2017)
Morris Rashalle
Morris Rashalle Hace 10 días
+Pooja Gambhir .
Tina Iverson
Tina Iverson Hace 11 días
My back yard pool! I wouldn't mind. Really!
Christopher Fleetwood
Christopher Fleetwood Hace 11 días
I think Aquaman should go to Bioshock's Rapture!
Robert Leitch
Robert Leitch Hace un hora
You should do one on the netflix original masha and the bear its so bad lol no parents little girl in the forest with a huge grizzly bear friend smh its bad lol
Nhjl 05
Nhjl 05 Hace 7 horas
Dude that yelling part had me laughing loooolss
Eric K
Eric K Hace 8 horas
War Machine? I thought it was black Alpha 5 from Power Rangers
E3ECO Hace 12 horas
I can't believe you didn't call this "Waterworld." And how could you miss the incredible smolder of Aquaman looking through his new golden trident?
Memes will Never die
Memes will Never die Hace 16 horas
His powers are very consistent, watch the movie and understand the context.
Jakob Peter Raahauge
Jakob Peter Raahauge Hace 19 horas
🤭 You always deliver - thanks!
Mester Kevin
Mester Kevin Hace un día
Wheres the Battleship honest trailer ?
I Might lick
I Might lick Hace un día
Now shazam
Dark salamander
Dark salamander Hace un día
While I was watching this movie in theaters with my friends we kept making fun of the movie
Daniel Casey
Daniel Casey Hace un día
Say: First I whip it out, then I thrust it! With! Great! Force! Every angle, it penetrates, until, with great strength, I RAM IT IN! And in the end, we’re all satisfied, and you are set free!
Tanz Hace 2 días
So that's what James Wants has been up to this whole time
tharaka mihiranga
tharaka mihiranga Hace 2 días
Its water man
prion42 Hace 2 días
Nobody holds Aquamans beer
Alexander Sardi
Alexander Sardi Hace 2 días
4.14 i lost it XD
Linsey Summers
Linsey Summers Hace 2 días
How is it that both the honest trailer guy and the everything wrong with guy both pronounced Mera’s name wrong? They say it right in the movie so how did this happen? 🤯
Jenna Thompson
Jenna Thompson Hace 2 días
Guys, this movie had sharks with FRICKEN LAZER BEAMS ON ON THEIR HEADS!!!!
Johana Ruiz
Johana Ruiz Hace 2 días
Omg yes I thought there to many sudden explosions. Lol
Chandiliersatch 11
Chandiliersatch 11 Hace 2 días
The guy who played as the aqua man has a cross eye in real life (=
Youstina Nagi
Youstina Nagi Hace 2 días
By the second explosive interruption in the movie i went like "ohhh the honest trailer has to mention this"
Ryder Draconis
Ryder Draconis Hace 2 días
Can somebody tell me why Aquaman and Mera are superpowered over other atlantians?
That was the worst one of yours ive ever seen, think the movie was beyond your skills...
Billy Sargent
Billy Sargent Hace 3 días
How is it that Bumblebee came out at the same time but in 118 days you haven’t managed to do an honest trailer of that film?! Rather disappointing.
Kalea Traveller
Kalea Traveller Hace 3 días
His powers stay the same. That sword the second time was Antlantian steel. That's why it hurt him. 🙄
Argena S
Argena S Hace 3 días
The powers arent inconsistent... the knife used by Manta later on is given by his father, it's a special blade i think.
tonka787jv Hace 3 días
Disney's octopus
Growing Wild
Growing Wild Hace 3 días
Why is no one talking about some of the terrible animation in this thing? Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the animation is really great, but some of it was downright terrible.
bookwyrm18 Hace 3 días
I just appreciate that William Dafoe got to not be the villian for once.
Vitor Souza
Vitor Souza Hace 4 días
Sharkboy and Lavagirl
BubbleChubs _
BubbleChubs _ Hace 4 días
memyselfandY21 Hace 4 días
Not a mention of hentai for the octopus in featuring?
Shehara Dineth
Shehara Dineth Hace 4 días
do doom patrol next!
Bosse bläckfisk
Bosse bläckfisk Hace 4 días
I'm the 72 000th person to like the video!
wen rodriguez
wen rodriguez Hace 4 días
🤣🤣🤣🤣craaab people craaab people
vanthursday Hace 4 días
Your name is Sharkbait
David Bergfors
David Bergfors Hace 4 días
This one got me good. my reaction, the same as the spectators at the ring of fire. Good job!
Yandere Hime Misaki Asahina
Lol I said Waterman but your title is cool too
See Lo
See Lo Hace 4 días
You should do another Aquaman, but with a Finding Nemo angel. 😂
Thomas the DANK Engine
So I need one thing in life and that is for you to say “And his name is John Stamos!
ahmed Hassan
ahmed Hassan Hace 4 días
I never have seen a movie trailer like this before You are very funny guy
Tylor Wendt
Tylor Wendt Hace 4 días
Activate superpower sexy stare.
κακιας d
κακιας d Hace 4 días
Please do honest trailer for escape from LA
Anisa Mincy
Anisa Mincy Hace 4 días
I thought that this was going to be bad be it was great and now everybody keeps saying that shazam was good. War Merchine HA XD
Jared Maddox
Jared Maddox Hace un día
And just to top it all off, between this & Justice League I've realized that they actually got Aqua Man to be just as dorky as in Superfriends, at the same time as they got him to be cool. It's an amazing achievement.
mokshali raman
mokshali raman Hace 5 días
Vasan Drake
Vasan Drake Hace 4 días
0:19 should of said to wet you
louis liu
louis liu Hace 5 días
Please say “It’s just Bran”
Pen Of Wildfire
Pen Of Wildfire Hace 5 días
Angelique Vaughn
Angelique Vaughn Hace 5 días
Only Atlantan steel can hurt him... not inconsistent
a_banana Hace 5 días
I watched this twice. While watching this I fell asleep twice . I know you'll hate me but I did and this is the only I fell asleep to. might be because of the time or something. Both times were in the middle if the movie.
Vasan Drake
Vasan Drake Hace 4 días
Maybe you watched this movie after a long day when you were tired or something
murunuu jargalsaihan
do Honest trailers Shazam! now
Ion Axis
Ion Axis Hace 6 días
'Jango Wett' was the best part oh my god
Twinbee 1988
Twinbee 1988 Hace 6 días
Willem Defoe are both Green Goblin and the teacher to Aquaman Wow what a career
Nwabueze Ozuzu
Nwabueze Ozuzu Hace 6 días
I've not seen Aquaman, but you guys make the movie something to look forward too. Eric fishmonger 😂
Khiengsrun Lim
Khiengsrun Lim Hace un día
I would have named him Erik Grillmonger
Yandere Hime Misaki Asahina
You should watch it its really great
Thundafoot Rykcek
Thundafoot Rykcek Hace 6 días
I love the "Whiplash" clip in there. Such a meme, but such a great movie.
Sam Souyave-Murphy
Sam Souyave-Murphy Hace 6 días
Please do Horton Hears a Who - it’s a pretty decent movie that a lot of people have forgotten about. It is about a mayor who has never heard of a condom (he has 97 kids - more than 12 times worse than Octo-Mum) who has an existential crisis when he discovers that his whole world is an insignificant speck. There’s also a delusional elephant who needs to prove to his peers that he hasn’t lost his sanity. Fun for the whole family!
fitz1986 Hace 6 días
Absolutely lost it at "Patrick Wilson yelling"
Julia Waetzig
Julia Waetzig Hace 6 días
Captain marvel! Captain marvel!
Jalon Kamolmasrat
Jalon Kamolmasrat Hace 6 días
Do a trailer of the LOST series!!!!
Flash Berner
Flash Berner Hace 6 días
crimsonbride Hace 7 días
His real superpower is the smoulder ! Hahaha
Goba Inc.
Goba Inc. Hace 7 días
Please please say : Saliva :)
SuperThischannel Hace 7 días
They severely miscast OceanMaster
Rollogic Hace 7 días
You forgot to mention how Manta looked like a Power Ranger bad guy.
Luke InIdaho
Luke InIdaho Hace 7 días
This is amazing!!
William Newing
William Newing Hace 7 días
Could you please say "the answer... To life... The universe... And everything... Is 42"
Sean Breen
Sean Breen Hace 7 días
Also aquaman is better than black panther
Alex Heller
Alex Heller Hace 7 días
That whiplash reference had me dying 😂
partylikeits1066 Hace 8 días
This video convinced me to see this movie
JhongVlogs Hace 8 días
The blades that hurt aquaman is made of atlantan steel
Dianto Xentar
Dianto Xentar Hace 8 días
Wow dc make a good movie
Ali M.
Ali M. Hace 8 días
Fish Wars
john smith
john smith Hace 8 días
He smells like fish....tastes like chicken!
Abominatrix650 Hace 8 días
Even the Honest Trailer for this movie is so goddamn satisfying! Man, I love this movie! Hang on a minute. Even they're underwater and can speak and yell really loudly and it sounds the same as humans on land...shouldn't the Atlanteans have the ability to be super loud on land?
Jesús Medina
Jesús Medina Hace 8 días
Please say "Tiburoncín uh ha ha!"
Chi Slay
Chi Slay Hace 8 días
am i the only one that finds him scary looking
SealAngel Hace 8 días
What movie is "downbeat on 18' from? lol
hilmi adli
hilmi adli Hace 8 días
Do shazam dammit
Ykhraam Hace 9 días
that's the most orange hair Ive ever seen
Oriol Valls Rios
Oriol Valls Rios Hace 9 días
Amazing!!! :D :D :D
J. Cobb
J. Cobb Hace 9 días
I hated this movie so much. It was the first movie I ever walked out of halfway through. It was just so boring, dialogue was awful, and the overall narrative was way overdone.
Kowsi K
Kowsi K Hace 9 días
crab people, lol #south park
Best DC movie ever
Agentmg17 Hace 9 días
This was such a bad movie I was furious. Smh. If I wasn't with my best friend who's ego wouldn't let her admit she did wrong in picking the movie... I would have walked out. I actually kinda did. I took a long ass bathroom break and went for soda. Came back disappointed it was still going on. Ugh.
I think I know why aqua man has been sliced because black manta's knife could problem be from atlantian also
Time Bolt
Time Bolt Hace 10 días
Nicole Kidman (Queen Atlanna) had done such great acting, proved herself a fierce warrior, a great Dc mom whose name isn’t Martha and permanently portrayed herself as the one who played the Aquaman Queen mom: She completely made everyone forget that she was the crappy girlfriend of the batsuit-nipple batman in batman forever Way to go Kidman👏, Way to go 👏
Dead Man
Dead Man Hace 10 días
This is the best mov..*Bombs
Alimian DeathRose
Alimian DeathRose Hace 10 días
aww i was expecting some funny game of thrones drogo joke.
tommy TNT
tommy TNT Hace 10 días
What happened to game trailers
dopeniggac Hace 10 días
Aqua-dude, lots of terrible cgi!!
Ragna R
Ragna R Hace 10 días
I mean..... he does do a lot of screaming O-O
Ather Ali
Ather Ali Hace 10 días
Whiplash Easter egg though 🤣🤣🤣
Schmeckle Hace 11 días
The names at the end are spot on 😂
Corey Morrell
Corey Morrell Hace 11 días
When he said permission to come aboard at the beginning, I knew this was gonna be a long 2 hours.
Tina Iverson
Tina Iverson Hace 11 días
Best one yet! Thank you!
raphaël beuchot
raphaël beuchot Hace 11 días
One of the ugliest movie ever shot.
Jyotsna Kumari
Jyotsna Kumari Hace 11 días
amimeow Hace 11 días
So happy I ain't only one who thought she looked like a bad ass Ariel lol.
Haruko Haruhara
Haruko Haruhara Hace 11 días
$200 million budget and they couldn't get Amber Heard a halfway decent wig?
Mary Louise
Mary Louise Hace 11 días
Omg lol that is do true it's just like black panther but underwater but I still think it's cool because of all the different sea creatures
Self Wellness Company
Self Wellness Company Hace 11 días
Literally said to myself “I hope they point out Patrick Wilson screaming” because that sh!t was dumb.
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