Honest Trailers - Aquaman

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Remember that nerd who could talk to fish? Well he's a hunky hero now - it's Aquaman!
Watch The Honest Trailers Commentary!
Honest Trailers - Aquaman
Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, Lon Harris & Danielle Radford
Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr & Max Dionne
Edited by Kevin Williamsen
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

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Screen Junkies Hace 3 meses
Where do you think the Aquaman sequel should go next? POOL RULES One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: Don’t go looking for fights. Four: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse
Mac J
Mac J Hace 5 días
just not directed by Wan, never again, any movie.
Iquinox Hace 7 días
in the trash together with the first one :)
North Pool
North Pool Hace 10 días
Don't know, just make it as awesome as this one. Maybe one bad guy manage to set Aquaman's peoples and Wonder Woman's peoples at war with one another ? Dunno, liked that idea, but it would have been better for the character introduction, now it wouldn't really make much sens, since he's already king. Also it would imply he get it on with Diana, and I kinda like what he has going on with Mera.
Shinken7 Hace 10 días
Obviously the blood feud between black manta and aqua man! They kill each other’s family members, so you know it’s real.
Kel Green
Kel Green Hace 16 días
Aquaman should come to Flint Michigan to fight the corruption behind the bad water!
Schrodinger Hace 6 horas
Maybe this movie is action packed, but does Schillinger throw a chair at the octopus?
Julio Venegas
Julio Venegas Hace 6 horas
Jango Wett was perfect
Amanda Paule
Amanda Paule Hace 9 horas
Marine Goblin is gold 😂😂
Diego Leonay
Diego Leonay Hace 11 horas
What Song ar 1:16
The Hurricane
The Hurricane Hace 13 horas
You cannot pat me enough to watch this crap.
Aryaman Mehrotra
Aryaman Mehrotra Hace 15 horas
Patrick Wilson yelling 😂😂😂😂
zam rose
zam rose Hace 22 horas
You forgot the best ost, Ocean to Ocean
Chronic Hace un día
0:46 I didnt realise how cheap this was
elijah mikle
elijah mikle Hace un día
Little mermaid for boys
Layton Pratt
Layton Pratt Hace un día
Jango Wet😭😭
Eric b
Eric b Hace un día
Surprised no Water World reference.
Leo's Muses
Leo's Muses Hace un día
Aquanda Forever
D Lamb
D Lamb Hace 2 días
But infinity war had title cards too, all there movies do since like winter soldier
vinayak D joshi
vinayak D joshi Hace 2 días
Lol his wheeze killed me
vinayak D joshi
vinayak D joshi Hace 2 días
The dislikes are from robot chicken team
Hareana Devi Filchel
Ok, you’re hilarious man! And everything is true!
Kween Ayen
Kween Ayen Hace 3 días
I honestly don't know anything about DC, I still am confused which characters belong to DC and Marvel but I WATCHED IT BECAUSE *JASON. MOMOA. IS. SO. DAMN. HOT.*
BLUEBOSTON Hace 3 días
Ohhhh myyy~ "Sailor"😚😚😚
Jan Diether Valero
Jan Diether Valero Hace 3 días
I was expecting that *CRAAAAAB PEOPLE* hahahaha even in the cinema
Madison Kate
Madison Kate Hace 4 días
Do Shazam
Misza Mojcysz Schmidt
After seeing this trailer I might watch aquaman before my overdue black panther. Or just neither. Who knows.
Sebachtian WATS
Sebachtian WATS Hace 4 días
He is not invulnerable. Atlantian steel can hurt him (black manta use atlantian steel)
Tattier Verbose456
Tattier Verbose456 Hace 4 días
If you thought infinity war had a lot going, you haven't seen endgame yet.
Snow18112000 Hace 4 días
Hell of a king, baby :)
Madbeens RC
Madbeens RC Hace 4 días
Enduuuuugamuuuuuu parisu
Wes Prang
Wes Prang Hace 5 días
Movies are nothing but CGI and music at ear-shattering volume. And I wish people would respect Aquaman. Most of the world is covered with water, but we only care about the tiny populated part. 😖
Fine Banana
Fine Banana Hace 5 días
Craaaaab people disliked this video
Jake Hace 5 días
“2 powerful women struggling to overcome terrible wigs” I SCREAMED
AIMEN C Hace 5 días
Where is Mr. Krabs
Enceladus Eve
Enceladus Eve Hace 5 días
Why are you so accurate
Enceladus Eve
Enceladus Eve Hace 5 días
This movie is inspired/copied from so many Goddamn movies.. Even compare it Star Wars
Erick FM
Erick FM Hace 6 días
I'm a the only one that though the car escapin for the tsunami scene was a Ponyo reference?
Rohan Nambiar
Rohan Nambiar Hace 6 días
When are you'll going to do an Honest Trailer for Crysis? I mean guys, I die inside a little everytime you don't make one. Or G I Joe (animated or live action). Or Scooby Doo. Or any of the Hannah Barbara cartoons (Jetsons, Flintstones et al). I mean c'mon guys!
Kesha Horoshiy
Kesha Horoshiy Hace 7 días
what is the music 3:49?
mujerforalibre Hace 7 días
"not quite my tempo"
Pablo Peraza
Pablo Peraza Hace 7 días
Sea Men
Roshan Jr
Roshan Jr Hace 7 días
The smoulder 😍😍😍
Wolfi Wohlfeeling
Wolfi Wohlfeeling Hace 7 días
This aquaman guy should be in a bud spencer reboot! - please hollywood!/Quentin? Ha?
Wolfi Wohlfeeling
Wolfi Wohlfeeling Hace 7 días
Why did´nt you called the red haired Ariel (-Copy)?
WiLd 420
WiLd 420 Hace 7 días
Haha. The scream was too funny. He went to dino world,summoned kaiju,went to earth core,fought kaiju ,took trident, brought peace in the world , he screamed and he woke up as if this was all a dream. Haha. He blacked out XD
UNIVERSE 71754 Hace 8 días
please say chubby bunny
Kurohei Hace 8 días
If I went back in time 10 years and told everyone an Aquaman movie will be better than a Batman vs Superman movie, I'd be ridiculed.
Dee McGee
Dee McGee Hace 8 días
Everyone knows this Aquaman's real power is the smolder. 🤩
Hyugadani Hace 8 días
craab ppl craab ppl
Emma Rosé T.
Emma Rosé T. Hace 8 días
I think aquaman is more similar to thor than black panther
Elvis Alexandru
Elvis Alexandru Hace 8 días
Everybody complains about his vulnerability in every video on ESvid, but that was a special blade if you remember the movie.
wolfguy23 Hace 8 días
3:47 - 5:08 LOL on SO many levels! XD
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant Hace 8 días
0:34 who cares it’s awesome and I love it! All hail aquaman the king of Atlantis.
Vivek Soares
Vivek Soares Hace 8 días
That Octopus -Whiplash edit had me in splits 😂
John Doe
John Doe Hace 9 días
Please ask Jon Bailey to say "YOU'RE BREATHTAKING !!!" #KeanuReeves
Komortas Hace 9 días
And this movie doesn't suck like black panther
ReblazeGaming Hace 9 días
1:01 Black Manta specifically stated that he was using Atlantean steel instead of normal steel, which is why he was able to cut Aquaman that time.
AirPods.mp4 Hace 9 días
We all searched Amber rose nudes after watching the movie don’t lie
Varun Malaviya
Varun Malaviya Hace 10 días
i am happy that i did not waste my money watching this shit!
Varun Malaviya
Varun Malaviya Hace 10 días
shit CGI on display here
Ivan Hewitt
Ivan Hewitt Hace 10 días
Aquaman was more of a romantic comedy than superhero flick, they geared the whole movie for ladies
Downtown brother
Downtown brother Hace 10 días
the blade in the beginning could not stab him because it's just a normal blade. The blade that stabs him later is Atlantis weapons so thats why. No one prolly was wondering that but i feel obligated to let everyone so yeah
mayo 13
mayo 13 Hace 11 días
You missed something. Its not just under water. Its full of *white people*
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence Hace 11 días
girl from the bmx bandits falls for boba fett.
Shikhar Rai
Shikhar Rai Hace 11 días
Gotham's honest trailer
Shikhar Rai
Shikhar Rai Hace 11 días
Shazam's honest trailer
IGRETRO Hace 12 días
BvS was awesome. Aquaman is a big let down
Wow i heard that graphics were ban on this movie... But GOD HAHAHA they are fucking terrible and the best thing about DC is that no one is complaining About it and why would a company whould keep using the same fucking cheap graphics while knowing that it sucks
Superlokkus5 Hace 12 días
Say: "I have one simple request and that is to have sharks with frick'in laser beams attached to their heads!"
Abhishek Lakra
Abhishek Lakra Hace 13 días
Say smelly cat smelly cat what are they feeding you
Tragoudistros.MPH Hace 13 días
Was there always so much aquaman lore? I watched that movie and was shocked that there were worlds upon worlds...
AngeK47 Hace 13 días
Jason Momoa? Incorrect sir you mean Steven Adams
Ser Tristan
Ser Tristan Hace 13 días
I came here cuz I miss epic voice guy
Dom Shaheen
Dom Shaheen Hace 13 días
Jock Cousteau = perfect description
nooctip Hace 14 días
Yes please. I will happily jump sharks if I get to shoot at them with water powered plasma cannons.
Sarbjit Kaur
Sarbjit Kaur Hace 14 días
Do Shazam
Ethan Staubach
Ethan Staubach Hace 14 días
This is so much better than black panther though
Bruno Quaresma da Silva
Do the avengers endgame before the bluray bursts out... I challenge you..
Harish Khan
Harish Khan Hace 14 días
DC learned many things from Marvel!!
Madelyn Atlas
Madelyn Atlas Hace 14 días
Do Gargoyles 90's cartoon Honest Trailers!
Meghan Ambrose
Meghan Ambrose Hace 14 días
4:14 Damn it 😂😂😂😂 ...
Sorwar Dipu
Sorwar Dipu Hace 15 días
the explosion interruption was so annoying in the movie.
Rachel Rosmann
Rachel Rosmann Hace 15 días
I saw someone from bugs Life bugs!!!!
Rachel Rosmann
Rachel Rosmann Hace 15 días
John Cunningham
John Cunningham Hace 15 días
You should have let the Whiplash intercuts just play out the entire scene haha.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Hace 15 días
If He drowns , He drowns
Uouttooo Hace 15 días
Aquaman cannot be hurt by human swords, knives etc but those from Atlantis are way stronger and can hurt him. I thought that was obvious. They even mentioned it in the movie.
Scarlet Ragneel
Scarlet Ragneel Hace 15 días
By giving him His comic book Accurate Costume 😂😂😂😂😂
Blanca Belinchón
Blanca Belinchón Hace 15 días
Sophia Ferrell99
Sophia Ferrell99 Hace 16 días
Do end game honest trailer
BATMAN The Dark Knight
Let that come to DVD first
Kel Green
Kel Green Hace 16 días
Pr0 GengOo
Pr0 GengOo Hace 16 días
I like the South Park refference LOL
ThroatSore Hace 16 días
Say ThroatSore ☺
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry Hace 16 días
"You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads! Now evidently my cycloptic colleague informs me that that cannot be done. Ah, would you remind me what I pay you people for, honestly? Throw me a bone here! What do we have? "
Abigail Shows
Abigail Shows Hace 17 días
“Permission to come aboard?” “Permission granted, sailor!”
Genpri Hace 12 días
Abigail Shows read that EXACTLY when he said it lol
The Green Prankster
The Green Prankster Hace 17 días
Plaese do pretty woman
SK Turbo
SK Turbo Hace 17 días
Aquaman is probably the most underrated superhero in the world (followed closely by Hawkeye) but Jason Momoa is probably the best thing to happen to him.
Maciek Mysliwczyk
Maciek Mysliwczyk Hace 13 días
Everytime I see Jason Momoa I instantly think of Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop because they are so identical from the muscles to the beard and face minus the robotic arm but still. If hollywood really want to make a Cowboy Bebop movie thay need to get Momoa on board
Daz Hace 15 días
You're so right about that he was born to be aquaman I really do love this film
Adalenica Gaming
Adalenica Gaming Hace 17 días
I can't believe he didn't say, I want sharks with frikin laser beams on their heads
Apokolips MEOW
Apokolips MEOW Hace 17 días
Why is this so mildy critical of this movie? This movie was utter shit. It's by far the worst DC movie yet. I can't believe BvS would get picked apart and this gets an easy pass. Nothing about the abrupt tonal shifts? The lack of identity? How they somehow made Black Manta lame? The easiest character to make cool is Black Manta and they failed. Come on.
Aaron Lleve
Aaron Lleve Hace 17 días
This makes me want to spoil avenger endgames "on your left" scene
Renovartio Hace 18 días
> acting like justice league cartoon didn't exist
HAndri nemesis 898
HAndri nemesis 898 Hace 18 días
Of yah black panther versus aquaman, two king or something like that
Romans Prabu
Romans Prabu Hace 18 días
Where is Shazam honest trailers
Lupus Dei
Lupus Dei Hace 19 días
''the water boy'' killed me XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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