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After 17 movies the MCU brings us a superhero movie we've never seen before, one where the hero does not constantly quip - It's Black Panther
The Honest Trailers Commentary for Black Panther is on SJ News
Click the link to check it out!
Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
Title design by Robert Holtby
Producers - Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell and Danielle Radford
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
Supervising Producer: Warren Tessler
Production Coordinator: Tina Choi
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
Post-Production Supervisor: Gracie Hartmann
Post-Production Coordinator: Carolyn Croce
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
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15 may 2018

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Which tribe from Wakanda is your favorite? The Jabari, Border Tribe, Golden Tribe, River Tribe, Mining Tribe, or Merchant Tribe? One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse
simon bog
simon bog Hace 5 horas
Do 13 reasons why
Futuristic Skies
Futuristic Skies Hace 22 horas
Everybody loves the Jabari, cause M'Baku
Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma Hace un día
Jabari with Mbaku
Dev Dattan
Dev Dattan Hace un día
Friends man do friends (TV show)
MusicaDebbieFox •
MusicaDebbieFox • Hace 4 días
Can’t go wrong with merchants
Il Principe
Il Principe Hace 5 horas
Deadpool 2 pls??!?!?!?!
Mark LT
Mark LT Hace 5 horas
say: "Spam musubi and spicy ahi poke"
Karmagheden Hace 5 horas
Would you pretty please do The Expanse?
Andalon Mosqueda
Andalon Mosqueda Hace 5 horas
Do The Godfatheeeer!!! It is the best film eveeer.
Nithin C
Nithin C Hace 6 horas
I have been missing a superhero movie with some awesome acting, music, and story ever since first iron man movie Until black panther
Ryan Hace 6 horas
Please Say "umpa lumpa stole my soul"
jenish kachhadia
jenish kachhadia Hace 6 horas
Do one for the expanse
jojofynn mensah
jojofynn mensah Hace 6 horas
Say’Jojo is awesome’
Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward Hace 6 horas
BP is a decent action movie, and a pretty good Marvel movie... THAT'S ALL!
Jonathan Cleary
Jonathan Cleary Hace 6 horas
Say "If you throw another moon at me I'm gonna lose it!!"!!!
Benjamin Abramowitz
Benjamin Abramowitz Hace 6 horas
Say “Teen Titans GO to the Movies will be the greatest film ever made and make more money than Infinity War and Black Panther combined!”
GOgrendURself Hace 6 horas
Please do an honest Trailer for The Expanse
Izac Nelson
Izac Nelson Hace 6 horas
Say wakanda forever
diesel92kj1 Hace 7 horas
ilyass salmouti
ilyass salmouti Hace 7 horas
Please do THE EXPANSE !!
ilyass salmouti
ilyass salmouti Hace 7 horas
This is really weird , but , Can u review WWE ?
The Wolverine
The Wolverine Hace 7 horas
Do an honest trailer for “the Wolverine”
Your Moment of Jen
Your Moment of Jen Hace 8 horas
How disappointing. I can remember when HTs would point out the plot holes, continuity issues, bad editing, etc., but wow, you just gave Black Panther a huge pass. Black Panther has all of those issues, it clocks in at 3 hours 21 minutes (that alone tells you all you need to know about how horrible the script will be), add to that the studio completely wasting the opportunity to make a great move with an amazing AA cast. Maybe it's time for an honest trailer about how Honest Trailers completely sold out?
Timothy Chiam
Timothy Chiam Hace 8 horas
Do an honest trailer for Batman: The Animated Series
jeffrey maina
jeffrey maina Hace 8 horas
Please say: have a ya ba da ba doo day!
Screaming Firehawk
Screaming Firehawk Hace 9 horas
Do The Expanse!!!
A B Hace 9 horas
Say "banana is the best vegetable"
Styles P'yall
Styles P'yall Hace 9 horas
Tbh what I go out of this movie is that Lupita is a SNACK 🍫🍬🍭🍪 DAMN
Aman Pahariya
Aman Pahariya Hace 9 horas
who let the dogs out! who who who
Jack Spooner
Jack Spooner Hace 10 horas
swingsetup Hace 10 horas
"Angela Bassett....as herself" Ha!
Kyle Merkel
Kyle Merkel Hace 10 horas
This movie can be described as iron man meets lion king
Mikey Robinson
Mikey Robinson Hace 10 horas
19* movies to get 7 quality villains Loki Krall Vilture Hela Killmonger Winter Soldier Thanos
Kitimatchick1 Hace 10 horas
Please say "Only best buddies execute pedophiles together."
Kitimatchick1 Hace 10 horas
Please say "Tell me they got that in slow-motion..."
VigilAntiks Hace 10 horas
Wakanda is less believable than Asgard, and Shuri rivals Rey in the Mary Sue department.
TanTheMan Hace 8 horas
VigilAntiks well in infinity war shuri is unable to save vision or protect herself.
Luke Cavaney
Luke Cavaney Hace 11 horas
Please do a honest trailer for the Expanse
takura200620072008 Hace 11 horas
The Hitman Bodyguard honest trailer please
Xervis Lane
Xervis Lane Hace 11 horas
When is infinty war coming up?
leonsam12 Hace 11 horas
This movie sucked
Steve Hace 11 horas
THE EXPANSE!!!!! Say "Can't stop the work"
Status Unknown
Status Unknown Hace 11 horas
Please say "You think you too good now?"
Tallen Smith
Tallen Smith Hace 11 horas
Wasn't that good though... But Infinity War. Mmmm. Thats a movie.
Ben Hunter
Ben Hunter Hace 12 horas
Spot on with the honesty in this one! But still, damn near perfect score on RT and anyone who says otherwise is a racist (same for Wonder Woman but sexist). 🤦‍♂️
Andrew Holka
Andrew Holka Hace 12 horas
Please say "They've never given me a name. I've been here since show 1 and I still don't have a name!"
PianoTalk Hace 12 horas
Take a shot every time you see the word expanse
Silas Barta
Silas Barta Hace 12 horas
ROFL at “they’re finally ready for Bay Area real estate investing” 😂 Seriously, I joked that the most unbelievable part of BP was the part where a foreigner can get a major downtown development last the Oakland city council in less than a year.
Peter Thurwachter
Peter Thurwachter Hace 12 horas
Please do one of the expanse!
Dman444 Hace 12 horas
Say “I farted, but if you don’t smell and don’t hear it, did I really farted?”
Sally just Sally
Sally just Sally Hace 12 horas
Do MEAN GIRLS!!!!!!!
thomas jefferson qiu
thomas jefferson qiu Hace 13 horas
Please Say "Omae wa mou shindeiru."
Kuro Hitsuji
Kuro Hitsuji Hace 13 horas
Please say "NANI?!?!?!111" 8D
Jessica Walsh
Jessica Walsh Hace 13 horas
mrouie Hace 13 horas
Please say, “Go to sleep...”
Cup Of FantasyTea
Cup Of FantasyTea Hace 14 horas
Do pocahontas please!!!!!!!!
Mllr hr
Mllr hr Hace 14 horas
So thankful that michael b jordan got killed off, he was so annoying, the character just feeled so forced.
thunder cleez
thunder cleez Hace 14 horas
say "everyone only watches smosh-games because of honest trailers"
Ajay tippannavar
Ajay tippannavar Hace 14 horas
Please say beebs
elalesound Hace 14 horas
Nakia is the Heimdall of BP. There, i said it
Won the moral argument? Um... nah. Your politics are warped, dude.
Wayne Hill
Wayne Hill Hace 15 horas
Lupita is sooo fine
Karintha Cary
Karintha Cary Hace 15 horas
You should do the expanse because well people seem to really really care about what ever it is....?
Hudson Hace 15 horas
Say “When life gives you lemons make orange juice”
iiAshlyn Hace 16 horas
Honest Trailer Infinity Wars!!!
Ship Rose And Finn!
Ship Rose And Finn! Hace 16 horas
Do A Quiet Place honest trailer
Jeffrey Lin
Jeffrey Lin Hace 16 horas
Do The Expanse plz!!!!
Artuc Tell
Artuc Tell Hace 16 horas
I guess it's mandatory for you to read the comments below. Which is a good thing for us. This is my honest opinion: I very recently watch the first and second seasons of Honest Trailers. Back then this was a fresh and very different concept. Now people are used to this kind of humor. But also you've changed. Maybe because now this is a big deal but back then you were much more vicious. Honest Trailers seems more tamed now. You don't attack to the weakest points of a production like you used to. MCU especially seems to be immune to your brains. I'm not saying attack like vikings. But you're becoming much softer. Sometimes a 4 minute video of yours contains less zing than a Statler and Waldorf comment. Also an Honest Trailer for The Muppet Show would've been perfect.
Christofer Ancheta
Christofer Ancheta Hace 16 horas
Do Deadpool 2!!!!!
Lídia Rios
Lídia Rios Hace 16 horas
Can't wait for deadpool 2!!!
Hayden Eborn
Hayden Eborn Hace 17 horas
Please make an Honest Trailer for The Sandlot because it's the anniversary
Killswitch348 Hace 17 horas
Do one for Infinity War!
Scotty Hace 17 horas
ASMarred Hace 17 horas
please do an Honest Trailer of 'Ernest Goes To Camp'!
Austin Woods
Austin Woods Hace 17 horas
Please say "NO! You are Baby Smooch and I and I am King Smooch!"
vinifari Hace 17 horas
Amazing!!! Thank you
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