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Honest Trailers | Friends
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Dan Murrell
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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26 may 2020






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Comentarios 80
Dave Hace 3 horas
Friends? What about “WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS”? Or maybe that’s more of a CinemaSins thing?
Juliette River Buskirk
I think the only reason Ross and Rachel got together in the end is because of Emma and the fact that they would be single for life otherwise. 😂😂😂
Juliette River Buskirk
Please say: "Dance monkey dance. Yass queen."
Christopher Charles
Christopher Charles Hace 9 horas
If “Overrated” was a TV Show
Aychaz YT
Aychaz YT Hace 18 horas
*We were on a break!!*
Louie Liu
Louie Liu Hace 21 un hora
this is better than the show
People of Lisbon
People of Lisbon Hace 22 horas
These videos used to poke fun at the films/ shows. Pointing out the funny things that happen in a funny show.... well it's not the point :-) Still enjoyable. But not in a classic way.
demo demo
demo demo Hace 23 horas
Can I get the Bend dance remix to my inbox 😂
Mike C
Mike C Hace un día
Mark Quincy
Mark Quincy Hace un día
I know!
IRFAN KAZMI Hace un día
Quite a Revision....Damn....what a hard work.
icelineman Hace un día
I hated this show but loved the coffee shop and apartment they had in NYC.
Jules Mpc
Jules Mpc Hace un día
what an editing job!!
Jesús Godoy
Jesús Godoy Hace un día
Can you do “Three Kingdoms (2010)” please??!
guybrush1701 Hace un día
OH MY GOD, I can't even imagine how long the editing took on this video!
Nick Jones
Nick Jones Hace un día
It's all true, and I'd watch it all again. Fight me.
Ana Só
Ana Só Hace un día
“ I know” started to sound “Ay no!” to me
Orly S
Orly S Hace un día
Lowkey embarrassed I watched all of this show... a couple times through
Loki1620 Hace un día
There was so much stuff dated and wrong, but the dvds got me through 5 deployments in Iraq.
Jess B
Jess B Hace un día
I thought they would mention how creepy and inappropriate Monica and Ross are with each other. I mean I like my brother too but... we don't... "wrestle".
midwings00 Hace un día
Yep, ross and rachel are one of the worst things from this show.
midwings00 Hace un día
Strangely they can do a spin off with all non white cast now. If ncis can make a dozen shows why not this?
midwings00 Hace un día
What nothing on Chandler's messed up life? Just Phoebe?
MirkOoO97 Hace un día
Guest stars: Hugh Laurie . . . . .
Sohini Banerjee
Sohini Banerjee Hace un día
You just ruined Friends
Jake Flemming
Jake Flemming Hace 2 días
Do It’s always sunny
Erin Mahoney
Erin Mahoney Hace 2 días
Hahaha hilarious. But no matter what, I love this show
S1L3NT G4M3R Hace 2 días
my favorite was the "One Where Rachel Cried..."
Jixie Dye
Jixie Dye Hace 2 días
Poor J K Rowling.
zack ellison
zack ellison Hace 2 días
Confirming my suspicions that this show was in fact a waste of time.
Spacestep #1 Fan
Spacestep #1 Fan Hace 2 días
Oh my gawd! I would never binge watch friends. Garbage filler for the brain 😂
Yusuf Abdulle
Yusuf Abdulle Hace 2 días
DougGlendower Hace 2 días
Christ this show was horrible.
Dikki Tamang
Dikki Tamang Hace 2 días
I wasn't even born when this show started..I was only 9 when this show got over poor me. But I start watching repeat telecast when I was 15 n guess what I was too influenced by this show ..I start behaving like Monica Geller...still i keep on watching this show
Team Red
Team Red Hace 2 días
Nice work
Diana Sasahara
Diana Sasahara Hace 2 días
man, I feel bad for the guy who had to rewatch all the episodes again to get all the clips
Canned Bread
Canned Bread Hace 2 días
er honest trailer
Perry G
Perry G Hace 2 días
Best Friends ESvid video ever.. super true, super hilarious, super cool, just superb 👍👍
This is Ajang
This is Ajang Hace 2 días
Oh My God, Friends honest trailer!!
idk on yt
idk on yt Hace 2 días
This is is the gta version of comedy
isuru 5150
isuru 5150 Hace 3 días
Why ?
Why ? Hace 3 días
Rachel - A sentient haircut hahahahah😂😂😂😂
vnrx crtz
vnrx crtz Hace 3 días
Brooklyn Noine Noine pending...
Sueno Jimenez
Sueno Jimenez Hace 3 días
He forgot to mention canned laughter
Hailey Hurst
Hailey Hurst Hace 3 días
Friends is my FAVORITE SHOW
Harshil Tyagi
Harshil Tyagi Hace 3 días
I got bored halfway
Brice Knemeyer
Brice Knemeyer Hace 3 días
Can you guys do How I met your mother plz
Cloudrunner5k Hace 3 días
On the topic of diversity Chandler's boss in the first like 4 seasons was black
Zachary Deziel
Zachary Deziel Hace 3 días
How I met your mother next please
Nayla K
Nayla K Hace 3 días
Honest trailers? Or an episode?? How is this 10 mins
PreachMooreComedy Hace 3 días
If you want to watch a good show watch Living Single.... far far far greater.
don't shoot i'm a human
8:40 I hate how I always ask myself this same question all the time too
don't shoot i'm a human
5:59 the realization everyone is Janice, Janice is everyone
John Doe
John Doe Hace 3 días
good job making it about race to appease blm ahah
Christian Clarkson
Christian Clarkson Hace 3 días
The realisation that the only thing actually wrong with Janice was having an annoying voice ...
eddi-rue fan
eddi-rue fan Hace 3 días
Do The Golden Girls pleaseee
Carlos Vogt
Carlos Vogt Hace 3 días
Can you guys do “How I met your mother” it’s long over due
Albie Emery
Albie Emery Hace 3 días
Honest TV Trailer: Glee
the sun is a deadly lazer
So that's the show with the man who ruined TopGear.
Zeus Himself
Zeus Himself Hace 4 días
Man friends is so popular but looks so funny, perhaps you just had to have been there when it aired
Pave Stiletto
Pave Stiletto Hace 4 días
And the biggest lie on Wikipedia: that this show is filmed in front of a live studio audience!
FinaleNinja Hace 4 días
You forgot they stole the idea from Living Single but you pointed out the lack of any meaningful characters of color so I'll let it slide lol
Pave Stiletto
Pave Stiletto Hace 4 días
Joey becomes dumber over the series to the point that he couldn't function at all in daily life. And what they hell happened to Monica? She doesn't look at all the same starting in about series three. Phoebe's appearance changed for the worse. But everyone getting fake tans and whitened teeth just sucked.
Pave Stiletto
Pave Stiletto Hace 4 días
Why does Rachel have a hot-pink umbrella? No one else does.
Aaron A
Aaron A Hace 4 días
Oh my god
Ulises 2019
Ulises 2019 Hace 4 días
Wait what when did phoebe meet her mom What season and how did I miss it
Endorsi Jahad
Endorsi Jahad Hace 4 días
The Office ! The Office ! The Office ! The Office ! The Office ! The Office ! The Office ! The Office ! The Office ! The Office !
Mike A
Mike A Hace 4 días
Fantastic editing, but i have a reverse history crush on Rachel, you really should have included more of her in it. Otherwise 9 out of 10 and 12 out of 10 for watching the 3837435 episodes to make this 10 minute video.
Brodie Lee
Brodie Lee Hace 4 días
Alfie871 Hace 4 días
Its when you start binging these trailers you start to notice how much they actually complain about diversity and racism.
Janet Snakehole
Janet Snakehole Hace 4 días
Can you do an honest trailer for how I met your mother?
Crystal Kadletc
Crystal Kadletc Hace 4 días
Also I really liked Ross and Mona
Kal El
Kal El Hace 4 días
Ross and Rachel wouldn't work in real life. It was just a cliché characters they put in the show, just like any other romantic ones, so that people get that 'made for each other' validation. They are toxic for each other, they are not lobsters. Chandler and Monica are far better 'lobsters' than Ross and Rachel. Ross and Rachel just lookes good, but character wise, meh. Phoebe and Mike shared a far better relationship.
BluetifulI Hace 2 días
I agree, Phoebe and Mike were the best couple on friends. Everyone else proved that love sucks. 😂
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma Hace 4 días
Marianna Catellani
Marianna Catellani Hace 4 días
Do honest trailer for how i met your mother
Luis Alonso Zelaya III
foosheezoo Hace 4 días
Now do the office 😭
AAD Fan Hace 4 días
"That's our Phoebe" love her!!❤
Danielle Krammel
Danielle Krammel Hace 4 días
I have never seen Friends and this video confirmed why. This was absolutely hilarious! 😂 What a phenomenal job to the folks who compiled this!!! My favorite part was the shoes on the couch.
Sagar Behera
Sagar Behera Hace 5 días
The one from the Screen Junkies 😆😆😆
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