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Before you liked Split, before you figured out why Bruce Willis is in Glass, M Night Shymalan was - Unbreakable!
Watch The Honest Trailers Commentary!
Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, Lon Harris
Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr & Max Dionne
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
Honest Trailers -Unbreakable

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8 ene 2019






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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies Hace 2 meses
Are you excited for Glass? POOL RULES: One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse
Zein Mady
Zein Mady Hace un mes
Please do glass honest trailer
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Hace un mes
I watched Glass, and I thought it was a lot better than Unbreakable. Unbreakable was kinda boring, but Glass was interesting.
vishwaraj mahida
vishwaraj mahida Hace un mes
Please do the trailer of The A team...
myrnym Hace 2 meses
Say, "Turn down for WHAT"
Christian Steger
Christian Steger Hace 2 meses
Please say in your dramatic voice: Let me get a McPick 2
Jeebus Christos
Jeebus Christos Hace 17 minutos
I think the weirdest part of Glass was that M. Night decided to make his cameo in it into the SAME guy from Unbreakable AND Split... and then, of course, explain to us through unnecessary clunky dialogue that he was the same guy...
Just Sayin'
Just Sayin' Hace 2 días
I love that movie. I love this HT also. Hilarious !
aguyfromnothere Hace 3 días
Still best superhero movie ever made.
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams Hace 4 días
Glass wasn't that good
Rei Haxhiraj
Rei Haxhiraj Hace 8 días
commetn at 4 22 is priceless
Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey Hace 11 días
Say "treat the cause, not the depression"
Maxamillian Steele
Maxamillian Steele Hace 13 días
Lauren Havelka
Lauren Havelka Hace 14 días
So, when we getting a third Game of Thrones honest trailer?
Alopex Broadnax
Alopex Broadnax Hace 15 días
That fresh prince of bel air reference was funny🤣
Ot kilz
Ot kilz Hace 17 días
Good day sir
Carlos Ferrari
Carlos Ferrari Hace 20 días
3:39 - that was AWESOME!! hahaha
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher Hace 20 días
I have an great idea for an Honest Trailer. Since you've already covered all the major Marvel movies, why don't you do ones on all of the obscured Marvel movies and TV shows. Like the 1970's Doctor Strange and Captain America TV movies, or the unreleased Fantastic Four movie from '94, or the 70's Incredible Hulk tv show, or Agents of Shield, or all of the Marvel Netflix show.
Shinta Permata Putri
Shinta Permata Putri Hace 23 días
Soo, will honest trailer for Glass ever happen?
mrbigberd Hace 23 días
You should do a trailer for Push.
Annamarie Sieberns
Annamarie Sieberns Hace 24 días
That song was great!
Aida Noshali
Aida Noshali Hace 24 días
Do supernatural please💕💓💗❤
Ujjwal Mishra
Ujjwal Mishra Hace 27 días
Pulp Fiction!! Pretty please!!
J D Hace 28 días
Thanks for ruining one of my favourite "Super-Hero" movies, lol. Just f-ing. On point as always :)
Nazatul Azila
Nazatul Azila Hace un mes
I forgot how funny power of stares was 🤣🤣🤣. Been a long time. Haha
skywatch Hace un mes
Must-do Honest Trailers: Sons of Anarchy, Fear the Walking Dead, Taxi Driver, Heat. Then please say "When I'm watchin' my TV and a man comes on and tells me How white my shirts can be But, he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke The same cigarettes as me I can't get no, oh, no, no, no, hey, hey, hey"
shadowrain1000 Hace un mes
I was waiting for one of those Bruce Willis's on the bottom during the "long pauses" bit to be the "Alan!" raptor
Westificationful Hace un mes
Spider-Nigga Hace un mes
I just watched this movie for the first time, very refreshing compared to today's superhero movies.
Rayhw1 Ander
Rayhw1 Ander Hace un mes
lol this is reminding me how boring that movie is like seriously how did i get through the entire thing?
karna pratap singh
karna pratap singh Hace un mes
karna pratap singh
karna pratap singh Hace un mes
i love this movie but i hate what night did to these characters in GLASS that movie is a total piece of crap after waiting for this long we get to see a shymalasans piece of crap in the end
Brian Eden
Brian Eden Hace un mes
Do aquaman
Giran 0
Giran 0 Hace un mes
Its weird how good this movie still is, can't wait to see glass
maxcet tigers
maxcet tigers Hace un mes
Ainun Nazieb
Ainun Nazieb Hace un mes
OMG THE STARE & FLARE SONG IS BACK! *okay sorry I'm late*
Your Royal Highness
Joe Richards
Joe Richards Hace un mes
Aquaman please
Joe Richards
Joe Richards Hace un mes
Honest trailer please do Aquaman
Charlie Ramone
Charlie Ramone Hace un mes
Bruce willis is so overrated
babynae00 Hace un mes
That rap tho!
Oliver McErlean
Oliver McErlean Hace un mes
Please say: 'They mostly come at night, mostly'.
L O S T honest trailer someday, I hope
Lydia Robertson
Lydia Robertson Hace un mes
seriously love this movie though lol
mr nippy nelson
mr nippy nelson Hace un mes
Natural born killers. Trailer
Briar Peterson
Briar Peterson Hace un mes
Samuel L. Jackson was in the back of a comic book store... Next to a bunch of marvels comics... Coincident I think not!!!
mickaell07 Hace un mes
Gosh I missed the Epic Stares song...
Tortanus The MegaCarrier
Japanese comics are called mange, not hentai. *manga
Dhaos620 Hace un mes
The fresh prince of glass
AugustAnna 83
AugustAnna 83 Hace un mes
Nonsense Channel
Nonsense Channel Hace un mes
that “stares” music eversince honest trailer starts is good to hear...
albino shamrock
albino shamrock Hace un mes
Can you please say, "I am the Senate! Your argument is invalid."
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas Hace un mes
Can you say Anakin you’re breaking my neck
FriendofYahweh29 Hace un mes
When yaw had Bruce Willis flashing across the screen, I was STRUGGLING to not laugh and wake up my neighbors!!!! I lost breath and almost lost consciousness from holding my hand over my mouth. Edit: Where can I find the stare song so I can add to my workouts for longer than needed pauses between reps???? EDIT 2: That Fresh Prince Bit was Hilarious and quick nod to Willy Wonka "Good Day Sir!"
Chronically Unique
Chronically Unique Hace un mes
I have the same disease as Mr. Glass, osteogenesis imperfecta, and this movie is FILLED with inaccurate information.
Antony Joseph
Antony Joseph Hace un mes
+Chronically Unique Is there any cure for your disease?
Chronically Unique
Chronically Unique Hace un mes
+Antony Joseph just a few of the big inaccuracies. 1. Yes type 1 of OI is the most mild, but it is portrayed to be WAY more severe than it actually is in the movie. 2. There are a total of 8 types of OI, not 4. 5 main types and 3 sub-types. 3. Type 4 of OI has NEVER been the most severe or lethal. It has always been type 2. Type 2 is typically lethal at birth.
Chronically Unique
Chronically Unique Hace un mes
+Antony Joseph same type.
Antony Joseph
Antony Joseph Hace un mes
he has type 1. and yours is of which type?
Radiatun Zidnee
Radiatun Zidnee Hace un mes
Honest trailer for Atonement
Alex Bambam
Alex Bambam Hace un mes
Do glass!!!!!
Annie Kaysa
Annie Kaysa Hace un mes
dial it wayyyy back. BWOOOOOOOOW. that made me laugh
Thabale Ngulube
Thabale Ngulube Hace un mes
Say in your Epic voice: "I want my Chimichangas!"
J L Hace un mes
This is great but I can’t help but feel saddened for the people who has never seen Unbreakable, it is and always has been one of my favourite films. It’s definitely M Night’s best albeit most underrated film.
Cody Parkey
Cody Parkey Hace un mes
Anyone else notice the 666 dislikes on the video??
Dayna Timmons
Dayna Timmons Hace un mes
I wish you guys had done Atomic Blonde!
Chobed music
Chobed music Hace un mes
I laugh sooo hard with music of STAAAAAAAARESSSSSS n.n hahahahahahahahaha
Matt Cyr
Matt Cyr Hace un mes
The sliding Bruce Willis's are frickin terrifying!
Michael Song
Michael Song Hace un mes
Screen Junkies really love that "stares" music, eh? It's good though. Gets the point across VERY clearly.
Massimo Bernardini
Massimo Bernardini Hace un mes
Do Glass boyz
Insanity On A Bun
Insanity On A Bun Hace un mes
Haha yessss Return of the Stare Song!!
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Moreno Hace un mes
Can you please DO SPARTACUS!
Nathan Forti
Nathan Forti Hace un mes
Do Star Trek: Deep Space Nine! (I know this has nothing to do with Unbreakable, but who cares?)
Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Anderson Hace un mes
Say " I fought the law and the pizza won"
Peter R
Peter R Hace un mes
Snowden Wyatt
Snowden Wyatt Hace un mes
I really enjoyed Unbreakable...until the final scene. This is the only film in which the final scene has changed my entire opinion on the film. Not commenting on the gigantic wall-o-text which is used to wrap up the story line feels a little disingenuous.
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez Hace un mes
I Hate you!, now I can't stop laughing each time I watch unbreakable! T_T
Ren L Sora
Ren L Sora Hace un mes
I miss that song XD
N-Rage Hace un mes
This movie is awesome.
lorenco jera
lorenco jera Hace un mes
netflix daredevil plz now
Charlotte K
Charlotte K Hace un mes
Say "bubbles are absolutely...delicate"
Joaquim Gonsalves
Joaquim Gonsalves Hace un mes
Oh man you got me again with the _stare theme_
Noelle Rutherford
Noelle Rutherford Hace un mes
They should do clue next
Valentijn Benard
Valentijn Benard Hace un mes
Speaking of art, when’s the Honest Trailer for Road House coming out?
Little Cossack
Little Cossack Hace un mes
First watching the twist was insanely obvious. Still a great movie though. But can someone explain why his weakness is water? Like I get he fell in as a kid but how does that make his weakness
Gabriel Petroni
Gabriel Petroni Hace un mes
This is the best Honest Trailer in ages, and I don't mean any shame on the latest ones. It's just that...this one is too brilliant! HAHAHA...the "stares" thing from the Breaking Dawn Honest Trailers, the comments on M. Night's career, the "Stare-ing" section. Damn, the one for Elijah was priceless. This video is a jewel for the channel.
Godwin Aldrich Enriquez
The Fresh Prince part was the BEST!😂😂
Steffen Dietrich
Steffen Dietrich Hace un mes
Please say in your awesome voice: " For I Am Gods Mighty Angel....For I Am Eternal ! " (No religious background, that's just my MMO-Char)
Robert Baur
Robert Baur Hace un mes
am I the only one who thinks Willis should be called poncho man
Callahaine Hace un mes
Yeah stares are back baby!
blarg bob
blarg bob Hace un mes
gonna be honest, probally better than cpt marvel
Roshan Oommen
Roshan Oommen Hace un mes
Beware the drive by Shush !!
Courcupine Hace un mes
Please Con Air. I just watched an actual trailer for it and thought it deserved an honest trailer.
solid artzzz
solid artzzz Hace un mes
Shyamlan is a lizard
Malcolm Hollis
Malcolm Hollis Hace un mes
deadoralive cowboy
deadoralive cowboy Hace un mes
Here after watching glass ;)
Bobbie Sterling
Bobbie Sterling Hace un mes
Bobbie Sterling
Bobbie Sterling Hace un mes
Bobbie Sterling
Bobbie Sterling Hace un mes
stjepan pačić
stjepan pačić Hace un mes
Where is ninja guy in comment section?
Onyeche Onobu
Onyeche Onobu Hace un mes
please do a honest trailer for into the spider verse
Arvid P.
Arvid P. Hace un mes
STAAAAAREEEES! I almost died. :D
Von Hace un mes
Lol. The sliding shushing willis made me laugh.
Fast Track
Fast Track Hace un mes
Please do an Honest Trailer for My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)!
Kunda Bwale
Kunda Bwale Hace 2 meses
Do "upgrade" !
Rom Santillan
Rom Santillan Hace 2 meses
Click bait!
Calico ThaBeast
Calico ThaBeast Hace 2 meses
Yooooo... can you do Honest Trailer Bad Boys 1 & 2
MrSlytherin Hace 2 meses
Congratulations! Your honest movie trailers in which you use much too much footage from other movies still continue to be the worst ones!
wamu lume
wamu lume Hace 2 meses
the STARE song... i actually screamed YES in excitement... i loved the song from the earlier Honest Trailers and i really wasnt expecting it.... I still cant believe how excited this made me... lol
Jotaku Jo
Jotaku Jo Hace 2 meses
"It is called hentai and it is art, good day sir!" that line cracked me up Haha ha ha
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