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HOP (I Want Candy Song)

haruto oliver
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just commnt guyzz..

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10 abr 2012






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Uzoamaka Okafor
Uzoamaka Okafor Hace 19 horas
I love the song
THEANIMEKID Hace 18 horas
Caleb Spellman
Caleb Spellman Hace 3 días
This movie is ass.
Orian Stryper2611
Orian Stryper2611 Hace 4 días
Yeeters Babeetera
Yeeters Babeetera Hace 4 días
I can't be the only one that thinks they are better at this song- than the original-
Fabiha Rashid
Fabiha Rashid Hace 4 días
I mean which movie is better?😑😑😑
Benjamin -Gaming and More
Is this copyright???
Casey Jeremy Lee
Casey Jeremy Lee Hace 5 días
I love this song I want Candy cool film WOOOOW!!!
Daniella Napp
Daniella Napp Hace 5 días
Belton Belton
Belton Belton Hace 5 días
Fabiha Rashid
Fabiha Rashid Hace 6 días
Which song is better? The meg:comment Hop:like
master dimand
master dimand Hace 6 días
Eb means Easter bunny
Gabriel Giraldo
Gabriel Giraldo Hace 13 días
0:26 0:40 The Pink Berets is Not Here
Ella The tomboy amazing
I love the video
The Fujoshi
The Fujoshi Hace 16 días
When I was little I actually thought this song was about candy
Admiral Producer
Admiral Producer Hace 20 días
Fred’s been starting in ventriloquism! 😂
JB Young
JB Young Hace 21 un día
I love song
BoiFrosty Hace un mes
Thank you so much for bringing me this amazing memory. Thank you.
Fred The Fish
Fred The Fish Hace un mes
does he have his hand up the rabbits ass
Cece Cooper
Cece Cooper Hace un mes
My fav movie
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson Hace 2 meses
she really does need singing lessons
LMMSkits Hace 2 meses
The drummer boy's actor is who?
Michael J.
Michael J. Hace 2 meses
Sonic the Hedgehog is looking great
The Kraemer
The Kraemer Hace 2 meses
The kiddie band has pro chops fur shure
Millie Storck
Millie Storck Hace 2 meses
Love this song
choquetell 34
choquetell 34 Hace 3 meses
0:09 I recently noticed that she Penny form Big Bang Theory
Isobel Telfer
Isobel Telfer Hace 3 meses
stunning x😍
Lual Duot
Lual Duot Hace 3 meses
Logan Becker
Logan Becker Hace 3 meses
Logan Becker
Logan Becker Hace 3 meses
Wow so embarrassing aka embarrassment and embarrassing
Keyan Kohistani
Keyan Kohistani Hace 3 meses
I think E.B means he wants candy. But in the actual song it’s about a girl that Aaron Carter wants
Tre Gamer Rollie Trolly
My favorite movie up under Alvin and the Chipmunks
Tre Gamer Rollie Trolly
How did the kids with the instruments know the right beats to that song
Avigail Estrada
Avigail Estrada Hace 3 meses
Played the song. It’s too much fun❤️❤️🥰
Amanda Bushnell
Amanda Bushnell Hace 3 meses
If you speed it up to 2 it sound super weird and not very nice! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
MegaSteven011 Hace 4 meses
Weird weird movie
SecurityEmpire - ROBLOX and more
1:21 is the song
ItzCoopi - Roblox Player
the cringe
kid killer
kid killer Hace 4 meses
that kid in the bunny suit is ugly
Madison Sticker Gleek for life
Love this Movie Fav Easter Movie Ever
Majungasaurus master!
If you want to skip the Talaingod scene’s part press this 👇 1:21 also 👇
Reinette Warren
Reinette Warren Hace 4 meses
Qak Qak.
Nate Junkroski
Nate Junkroski Hace 4 meses
Merry Christmas Lizzie Maguire
Lee Phan
Lee Phan Hace 4 meses
Is this a movie??
Carina Gridley
Carina Gridley Hace 5 meses
I'm singing this on t
Aidan Jn
Aidan Jn Hace 5 meses
Aidan Jn
Aidan Jn Hace 5 meses
Aidan Jn
Aidan Jn Hace 5 meses
Aidan Jn
Aidan Jn Hace 5 meses
Noah Hutcheson
Noah Hutcheson Hace 5 meses
that little girl is horrible at singing i can tell you that right now
Aidan Jn
Aidan Jn Hace 5 meses
0:31 Pink Berets
Aidan Jn
Aidan Jn Hace 5 meses
0:32 Pink Berets
Harley Te Maro
Harley Te Maro Hace 5 meses
2018 anyone?
Kristofer Kalinauskas
I Love this Movie
Zara Aden
Zara Aden Hace 5 meses
I LOVE candy
Zoe T.
Zoe T. Hace 5 meses
Happy halloween
a Hace 5 meses
used to have the biggest crush on that fucking bunny
Lol Imhere
Lol Imhere Hace 5 meses
my nanny is so nice 👍 is it so good for me and the girls to play play it and play with me let
Lol Imhere
Lol Imhere Hace 5 meses
i love you EB
Lol Imhere
Lol Imhere Hace 5 meses
l love you EB
Zaquay Herrington
Zaquay Herrington Hace 6 meses
Wtf is this shit
Sharleen Swanbrough
Sharleen Swanbrough Hace 6 meses
Jacen button how do you text what is your mum phone number
Sharleen Swanbrough
Sharleen Swanbrough Hace 6 meses
Can I sleep over your houses
Morgan McCarthy
Morgan McCarthy Hace 6 meses
Emanie Parker
Emanie Parker Hace 6 meses
Jaime Moreno
Jaime Moreno Hace 6 meses
Sweet song 🌸🏵🌷🌼🍕🍦
Tadiwanashe Tadiwa
Tadiwanashe Tadiwa Hace 6 meses
born again anarchist
Foxy idiot
Foxy idiot Hace 6 meses
It sounds like she said gay
ღTabatiux vs hatersღ
Español :v
Agustina Amtaran
Agustina Amtaran Hace 7 meses
I want ice cream
Alvin Seville
Alvin Seville Hace 7 meses
I love this song
jonasito0685 Hace 7 meses
I have to say this but I w. A. N. T. Candy. !!!!!!!!!!😋 I want candy do do do do all I want is your candy 🍭
Loneliness Eric
Loneliness Eric Hace 7 meses
Wow this inspired me... To buy more candies
Mekhi G
Mekhi G Hace 7 meses
I want drugs
JangoFett220 Hace 9 meses
0:20, when you hear Pierce Brosnan try to sing in Mamma Mia
thestyffenbalife1801 Hace 10 meses
0:05 the toys r us 2003 easter sail commercial sounds better then her
Guinea pig lover S
Guinea pig lover S Hace 10 meses
I watch wantch this And Fred tried get him
Bhavin Lalka
Bhavin Lalka Hace 10 meses
Hit song
cRa zY
cRa zY Hace 10 meses
Easter and bright and gay??? That it’s a dreadful sound
Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz Hace 10 meses
So this is teddy's narrative before westworld
1:29 hahahaha
AR GO Hace 10 meses
Fred stop it you’re making a fool of yourself 1:17-1:19
AR GO Hace 10 meses
You’re being ridiculous stop it sit down 1:05-1:07
Olsonkowa - ola
Olsonkowa - ola Hace 10 meses
Beverly Tinley
Beverly Tinley Hace 11 meses
Any one else 2018
Trinity Says
Trinity Says Hace 11 meses
Epic_Cousins AJ
Epic_Cousins AJ Hace 11 meses
I want candy
TrickShot KillShot
TrickShot KillShot Hace 11 meses
Copy roght
RICHARD HOOVER Hace 11 meses
Stay calm poo poo sap and straight up to the party
Rushi Hace 11 meses
0:15 Penny is that you!?!
XxwolfvaleriexX Hace 11 meses
I don't want to be rood to that girl
Emily Petsche
Emily Petsche Hace un año
1:42 She looks exactly like Penny from The Big Bang Theory. Is it the same actress?
Neka Leona
Neka Leona Hace 2 meses
Ya it is
moviefan 99
moviefan 99 Hace 3 meses
She also voiced Brandy Harrington from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.
Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz Hace 10 meses
Emily Petsche yes
Kenneth Carleton
Kenneth Carleton Hace un año
Rose Barr
Rose Barr Hace un año
Rose Barr
Rose Barr Hace un año
Ayaan Saadi
Ayaan Saadi Hace un año
NightFury Lover
NightFury Lover Hace un año
I love how Fred jumped in singing
Tim Pell
Tim Pell Hace un año
Awful singing to the sister. Great E.B and Fred.
JayDaHaa Hace un año
" kung fu panda (inner place) " * this video's tags lol - preaching rn
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