[HOT] EXO - Love Shot + Tempo, 엑소 - Love Shot + Tempo

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Tell Em
Tell Em Hace 19 horas
fancam of idols reaction? anyone?
Xiufiqa 0799
Xiufiqa 0799 Hace 23 horas
Xiumin being the center Me: i'm proud of you baby,,,?? And exo member too.😂
肉 肉
肉 肉 Hace un día
Anggita Amelia
Anggita Amelia Hace un día
Love their hair style :v
Aviey kim
Aviey kim Hace un día
Where are EXOLs ? I could'nt hear thier scream 😔😭😭
elizabeth sta lucia
elizabeth sta lucia Hace un día
don't become an exo-l because of jennie. Guys. EXO is EXO not because of Jennie... They are the best in their own way
Dian Cintawati
Dian Cintawati Hace 2 días
Exo love ia the best I love you
Thôi Phan
Thôi Phan Hace 2 días
LOVE EXO các anh hùng trong trái tim em
Baozi Bun
Baozi Bun Hace 4 días
This is legendary y'all
라이트백 Hace 4 días
I really miss EXO rn.. i wanna see them on the stage again. Everyone is trying so hard to bring them down even their own company. But their true beauty which still make them loved: talents, music, personality, and their love to the fans. ❤ EXO Saranghaja!
라이트백 Hace 4 días
guys, can you please comment about their performance instead of kai-jennie stuff? This is EXO's performance not Kai-Jen performance.. Thank you 🙏
Caro Card
Caro Card Hace 4 días
My coconut Jongdae 🥥. Amazing performers as always. I genuinely love them all the same, my top stan
Ooh Olivia
Ooh Olivia Hace 5 días
*Xiumin is definitely a dancing king I can’t get over this HE IS IN THE CENTER AND HE BURNED MY HEART*
derulo love
derulo love Hace 5 días
derulo love
derulo love Hace 5 días
Jannea Jalata
Jannea Jalata Hace 5 días
Jannea Jalata
Jannea Jalata Hace 5 días
EXO -L Hace 5 días
0:33 : Love Shot 1:45 : Tempo Greetigs from EXO.
Ngô Mai Anh
Ngô Mai Anh Hace 5 días
Nghe tempo cứ nghiện nghiện sao đấy
Artificial Hace 5 días
Ok, this is exo performance stop with in law jennie dating. We came here to support exo not celebrate. nak celebrate pergi la twitter ke ig ke. don't filled up the comment with jennie and kai blink and exol in laws whatsoever. It's annoying.
TheLizzylew Hace 6 días
why are they all wearing finger condoms?
Phuong Le
Phuong Le Hace 6 días
love u guys
Bharti Gupta
Bharti Gupta Hace 6 días
Chanyeol's style 🔥 Sehun's gaze 🔥 Baekhyun's aura 🔥🔥
VannyFarsin Laim
VannyFarsin Laim Hace 6 días
ByunBaekhyun ForLyfe
2:26 shawty imma party till the sun down- Ups sOMEThing is wronG
Kayla Bell
Kayla Bell Hace 7 días
These camera moves are really messing with me. Like the person please stay in one location
Suho D.O. Chanyeol
Suho D.O. Chanyeol Hace 7 días
Urghhhhhh...😠😠 why I'm thinking this tonight (before Im going to sleep),that what I'm going to do,if they no longer can perform because of being old or something urghh... I don't want that to happen someday or even think about that PLSS IDONT WANT TO THINK OF IT,PLSSS GET RID OF it IN MY MIND WHYYY😭😭😭
Vanessa Chang
Vanessa Chang Hace 7 días
how did i go from nct dream to exo
Vanessa Chang
Vanessa Chang Hace 7 días
0:18 sehun sweaty,,,,
ARMY BTS Hace 7 días
Lovely Garnieritya
Lovely Garnieritya Hace 7 días
exo fansssasssssssss 10000000000000000
Mayara Raissa
Mayara Raissa Hace 7 días
EXO are legends!
Jennifer Rm
Jennifer Rm Hace 8 días
EXO 😉😉👑
istiqoma sari
istiqoma sari Hace 8 días
Wandering Owl
Wandering Owl Hace 8 días
XIUMIN IN THE CENTER YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS GET IT KING THAT'S THE PLACE YOU DESEEEEEEEEEEERVE also Chen nails his high note every time and i'm still shook,what a vocalist he is.
Katrin Baekhyun Fangirl
Wie Kinder soo funny 😅😅😅🤗🤗🤗 Seehun Na Na Na Kai is soo adorable 💗💗💗🤗 Kai has no Daddy my poor Genie 💙💙💙💚💚😭 I bought the whole album stupid stupid Katrin 💛💛💛😪😪😪🌸🌸🌸🌸🎒Kaaaaiiii 💝💖💝💖💝💖💚❤️😃 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Xm 90
Xm 90 Hace 9 días
My Kings😍❤️❤️
Annette Huamani Villafane
Mi bebé D.O 😘😘😘
pacífica Jenner
pacífica Jenner Hace 10 días
Thank u exoo
Exo kai
Exo kai Hace 10 días
بداية ٢٠١٩ مع اكسو في احلى من كدا ؟ة
Gash Awx
Gash Awx Hace 10 días
Those fans need more enthusiasm! Please they are being "gods" and i don't perceive a charismatic fandom in the stage. Just opinion
Glory Shylina
Glory Shylina Hace 10 días
That pout on 2:55 I'm dying.
food is life and so are WayV, NCT & EXO
Walang kupas and never na kukupas. My kings~~~😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
Kaisoo love
Kaisoo love Hace 10 días
yi ting cheow
yi ting cheow Hace 10 días
Mel Rose
Mel Rose Hace 10 días
Park chanyeol is so cute 💝
الجنة تحت اقدام الامهات
Aisana Sapargalieva
Aisana Sapargalieva Hace 11 días
Pyat' Hace 11 días
Jiyan Leong
Jiyan Leong Hace 11 días
ok so... am i the only one gonna complain about why the hell is their performance so freaking short whereas other artist can at least perform 2 full songs?!
mph exo for life
mph exo for life Hace 5 días
Honestly I feel like after their legendary performance in SBS the other shows tried to drag exo down maybe.
pabo genius
pabo genius Hace 11 días
Sehun is so hot!!!
Hayathivi Reddy
Hayathivi Reddy Hace 11 días
Chanyeol is not doing well .. What happened to exo .. Missing that era
Alphabet Aeion
Alphabet Aeion Hace 11 días
and we got xiumin here looking young and fresh as a new born baby
Alphabet Aeion
Alphabet Aeion Hace 11 días
suho lookin fab as always
Alphabet Aeion
Alphabet Aeion Hace 11 días
its already 2019 and Chen still have tat coconut hair
Chong Yiling
Chong Yiling Hace 11 días
fame exo
fame exo Hace 11 días
Leslys Hace 11 días
Anthuane Zuricata
Anthuane Zuricata Hace 11 días
Te amoo exooo
Anthuane Zuricata
Anthuane Zuricata Hace 11 días
Eri Hace 11 días
Jadyra Mataeva
Jadyra Mataeva Hace 11 días
Melee 88
Melee 88 Hace 11 días
Don’t mess up my tempo 😭😭😭😭
Jessica Edwards
Jessica Edwards Hace 11 días
They all broke their thumbs.
Dreams D.O
Dreams D.O Hace 12 días
Waaaooo me encantó la presentación 😍😍😍
Zoey C
Zoey C Hace 12 días
okay but who's missing? like there's eight of them here but isn't there nine members?
yuuki senpai
yuuki senpai Hace 12 días
Came here to see my bf,lol😅
its the love shot EXO
its the love shot EXO Hace 12 días
its the love shot EXO
its the love shot EXO Hace 12 días
lucila gonzalez
lucila gonzalez Hace 12 días
Vote for exo in Seoul Músic Awards!!!!
Alsungyt Elahwa
Alsungyt Elahwa Hace 12 días
EXO saranghaja forever Chanyeol saranghae
Alsungyt Elahwa
Alsungyt Elahwa Hace 12 días
EXO Chanyeol saranghae
ardilla hertiana
ardilla hertiana Hace 12 días
Kai you kill me 😍
Hilda Zulfa Khairunnisa
Tempo remix? Awwww❤❤❤😭😭😭
Hilda Zulfa Khairunnisa
Alyssa Pancho
Alyssa Pancho Hace 12 días
AaaAahh Sehun aaaAaahH Chanyeol!!! AaaAhhH EXO!!! Mah heart
Kristine VA. Vlogs
Kristine VA. Vlogs Hace 12 días
Guys look at that face so funny I didn’t know that kai is pouting 2:55 check it now guys
octapril Hace 12 días
suyoonnadi30 Hace 12 días
Amazing for Xiumin's center
aveRage 08
aveRage 08 Hace 12 días
Don't mess up me tempo. Don't mess up my tempo. Don't mess up me tempo. Don't mess up my tempo. Don't mess up me tempo. Don't mess up my tempo. Don't mess up me tempo. Don't mess up my tempo. Don't mess up me tempo. Don't mess up my tempo.
Baby Byun
Baby Byun Hace 12 días
Bigbang is my life
Bigbang is my life Hace 12 días
Kaya pala may todo hagod pag love shot kasi naka in a relationship pala "Jennie baby ganto magperform"
aveRage 08
aveRage 08 Hace 12 días
I already expected that they will perform well but im still so shocked and surprised in this. They are so amaziiiiiing,. Special mention to My affogato. You the man!!!! :>
Fiorella Palomino
Fiorella Palomino Hace 13 días
Los amo 😍
Ren Hace 13 días
Now I know what Tempo's hidden meaning is for
derulo love
derulo love Hace 13 días
Abi Talks Bad Korean
Abi Talks Bad Korean Hace 13 días
Those are some lovely... accessories, gentlemen. In fact the whole look is a perfect metaphor for stanning EXO, it’s like being in bondage to high quality men. Best era for Chen’s hair, hands down.
Φαιη Γιαννουδακη
Everytime I hear EXO's Tempo I am like '' Yo Michael Jackson is quaking ''
Marlene Serrano
Marlene Serrano Hace 13 días
Kai and jennie ❤
Aulia Putri Sakinah
Aulia Putri Sakinah Hace 13 días
Zeynep Çağlan
Zeynep Çağlan Hace 13 días
Chen voice is perfect and amazing 👍
meow with me
meow with me Hace 13 días
Thank you MBC for making EXO perform as the last performer on this show. Thank you! I Love you! :') 💕
meow with me
meow with me Hace 13 días
EXO really look so good with their outfit here. it really looks good on them, it fits with the vibe of the 2 songs too. Cool! LOVE it! 💕
meow with me
meow with me Hace 13 días
my current Favorite right now: this TEMPO remix and LOVESHOT hehe Yey! ^-^ 💕
meow with me
meow with me Hace 13 días
I love Xiumin doing the center too. He's so Amazing! UWU 💕 Thank you EXO, SM ent and MBC.. :") 💖💖💖
meow with me
meow with me Hace 13 días
I really LOVE this TEMPO remix. it's so Cool! :D 💖💖💖
exhaustedbeatdrained Hace 13 días
sure kai and jennie are dating, but how about some love for baekhyun, xiumin, and sehun who are freakin killing it here
mary angel
mary angel Hace 13 días
baekhyun at 4:57 with those vocals and footwork making it impossible to have a bias fml
Deezy YS
Deezy YS Hace 13 días
Best way to end the year! To many more happy years with my boys!!
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