[HOT] TVXQ! - Intro(Drop)+ MIROTIC+ The Chance of Love, 동방신기 - Intro(Drop)+ 주문+ 운명

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TVXQ! - Intro(Drop)+ MIROTIC+ The Chance of Love, 동방신기 -
Intro(Drop)+ 주문+ 운명

2018 MBC Music Festival


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2 ene 2019






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Mim Yaa
Mim Yaa Hace 3 horas
Can't beat them
Palsdrae W
Palsdrae W Hace 4 horas
I'm an ELF... but i have sooo much respect for TVXQ... legends... .. someone the new idols should be looking up to.. perfect example of discipline, talent and attitude! 😍
Phương Thảo
Phương Thảo Hace 20 horas
The legend❤️
O.L. Chung
O.L. Chung Hace 21 un hora
Makes 3rd gen idols look weak. This is like a mini concert already
rara raaaraa
rara raaaraa Hace un día
Wondering if they are still the same with 5 members in 2019. Amazing isnt?
Baisie Isabelle
Baisie Isabelle Hace un día
Je me sens tellement nostalgique❤❤
Maria W
Maria W Hace un día
Even after so many years, they are still too good!! Voice and moves all on point. ❤️❤️❤️
dbsksarangx3 Hace 2 días
Excellence from our kings 🙌🙌🙌
Ellen Wanodya
Ellen Wanodya Hace 2 días
2019 cassies? 😁 even u're not cassies, you will sing alone and followed at wonhae and michyeo part in mirotic... this is what u called LEGEND..
Gabrielalex Macedo
Gabrielalex Macedo Hace 3 días
4:01, 4:04 Damn Men 👌
tvxq is the first ever kpop group i listened to and loved I used to listened to them like 7-8 years ago when kpop wasn’t really popular now I have found them again...Best kpop duo ever.
cinthya artica solis
Wazakauye Zulu
Wazakauye Zulu Hace 7 días
They are such a vibe eyyy
Firewalls 03
Firewalls 03 Hace 7 días
Umm sorry no matter what ypu said about exo or bts is a legend yes they are but can they beat this 2 perfect guy...im a multifandom i love exo and bts but if i had to said who is the legend sorry but not sorry i have to said its TVXQ! GOODBYE
rilokyle Hace 7 días
Ngoen Ngoen
Ngoen Ngoen Hace 8 días
your neighbor ELF is here to support these two true kings ❤ they nailed it
Anna D.o
Anna D.o Hace 8 días
Xiumin like "my favouritee hyung!!!"!😱😱😱😱😘😘😘😘😆😆😆he really love tvxq!! Tvxq is really legend!!❤❤❤ no matter what in this 2019 still hot n power!! Im happy EXO with this legend!💕
yuri soto
yuri soto Hace 8 días
The world knew kpop with mirotic ;(
Nasim Karami
Nasim Karami Hace 9 días
they are the real kings
Thanh Vân Nguyễn
Thanh Vân Nguyễn Hace 11 días
Can someone tell Mẹ the name of the song after “ The chance of love” which Changmin did the beautiful hight note?
Tobias Fielitz
Tobias Fielitz Hace 11 días
So underrated Kings...but my idols forever
Huyen Mai
Huyen Mai Hace 13 días
The live version is greater than the recording ones. OMG! YH's smile YH's steps CM's high notes . I can't help falling in love with them.
Alia nisha0109
Alia nisha0109 Hace 13 días
they totally complete each other...the greatest performers
Rozabella Cortezano
Rozabella Cortezano Hace 14 días
Yunho's face before starting mirotic, because he knows to his damn self that that song defined an ENTIRE generation and made the standard in kpop today
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee Hace 15 días
The MOST BEST MOST AMAZING MOST EXCELLENT MOST OUT OF THIS WORLD DUO in Kpop.. They are best, amazing, excellent, out of this world - LEGENDS FOREVER. Love Yunho beyond words ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Inara Santos
Inara Santos Hace 15 días
K I N G S. 👑
Just Mine
Just Mine Hace 15 días
I really thought chance of love could be SJ song, but tvxq always deliver with such charisma ❤❤
STELLA 스텔라 Hace 15 días
주문에 이끌린듯 들어왔는데 변함없이 안정적이게 고음을 질러주시는 갓심창민...
Not Today Baby
Not Today Baby Hace 16 días
Not Today Baby
Not Today Baby Hace 16 días
Tiffany Siu
Tiffany Siu Hace 16 días
Diamond Light
Diamond Light Hace 16 días
lol the other SM idols were all exaggerating their shocking reactions... Well they were doing it out of respect for TVXQ..
LaDonna Flynn
LaDonna Flynn Hace 17 días
Xiumin fan
pyongg Im
pyongg Im Hace 19 días
I want this in full fancam please😭😭😭😭
ong xin chuan
ong xin chuan Hace 19 días
coming back to the legends because I do have leader who looks alike to the main leader himself :) isaac if you’re watching this this is for you
ong xin chuan
ong xin chuan Hace 19 días
Kings are back!
Kati Gareca
Kati Gareca Hace 19 días
Leyendas ☺☺
Emily Vera
Emily Vera Hace 20 días
It seems like Yunho won't ever let my heart rest, damn he's a fine fine man.
Lifeis Bittersweet
Lifeis Bittersweet Hace 20 días
WOW! 😍
min Hace 21 un día
can’t stop replaying this video !!!!!
드웨인Dwayne Ramos
드웨인Dwayne Ramos Hace 21 un día
Second Generation KPOP Groups like 2NE1, BIGBANG, SUJU, SNSD, TVXQ & SHINEE ARE NOT GOOD because THEY ARE THE "BEST" not good but "BEST" AND LEGENDARY THAN New Generation Idols
Fran Perdomo
Fran Perdomo Hace 21 un día
Im re whatched this like 6 times
Jessica Chang
Jessica Chang Hace 21 un día
Seriously heart stopped at 3:52.... How does one age so beautifully? Is it so wrong to really suddenly want a collab with Mamamoo? Just the vocals would be like heavenly.
Yashal Najib
Yashal Najib Hace 22 días
I love them so much 😭 😭 😭 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kim Jessy
Kim Jessy Hace 23 días
Paulina B
Paulina B Hace 23 días
4:09 La cara de Xiumin al ver a su ídolo xD
Kinanti Lingga
Kinanti Lingga Hace 24 días
Xiumin fanboying moment😂
Panther Lover
Panther Lover Hace 24 días
Remember how they have ro say under my sky in KBS
Caress Carranza
Caress Carranza Hace 24 días
I bet they'll be still smoking hot even in their 40s
Monri Nelly Ruspina
Monri Nelly Ruspina Hace 24 días
Gissell Hace 24 días
I can't leave to see this performance. I love them so much for 9 years.
shu ameyuuki
shu ameyuuki Hace 24 días
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Hace 25 días
i can see the sunbaenim in them, like bro wow their performance is just amazing..
Bakhtawer khan
Bakhtawer khan Hace 25 días
yoo what a performance Kpop Kings
Juliana Rojas
Juliana Rojas Hace 26 días
mas kawi
mas kawi Hace 26 días
lmao Junsu's cousin in the audience dancing along to Mirotic. cute
Anaga Narayanan
Anaga Narayanan Hace 27 días
Suho and xumins reaction are just like mineee
Meme Lee
Meme Lee Hace 27 días
역시.. 너무 쉽게 부르잖아.. 주문은 언제 들어도 참 멋있다..
Ngà995 Ngọc
Ngà995 Ngọc Hace 27 días
Xuan Lu
Xuan Lu Hace 27 días
That's TVXQ, my ultimate idol and role model. It's so cute seeing the reaction from Xiumin and Minho. Minho looks so proud: yes, that's my man lol.
tinni das
tinni das Hace 27 días
Forget kpop...Taylor swift is bullshit next to them...I
Rosediana Eka
Rosediana Eka Hace 28 días
what i love about tvxq is they always having fun in stage....
Amanda Ameline
Amanda Ameline Hace 28 días
Legend is still legend.
mashi queen
mashi queen Hace 28 días
Linh Vu Viet
Linh Vu Viet Hace 29 días
best of the best
little munchkin
little munchkin Hace 29 días
what put this two legend different from other idols.they did not forget their root..not be blinded by fame even already in industry for too long.because when they started before, the path was rough.another thing is its true how knowledge can lead us.they are the true beauty with brain and awesome attitude.
Deppo Noona
Deppo Noona Hace 29 días
Than rookie idol,i like "old generation" more.They are legend,my eyes blessed😭😭 Srry for bad english
edoemidorie Hace un mes
Love love love love 😍😍😍😍
Kiki Koko
Kiki Koko Hace un mes
Now tell me just one k-pop idol who can release a full album every year consistenly,not including EP(mini album) The one and only TVXQ 2004:Triangle 2005:Rising Sun 2006:O jung ban hap 2006:Heart Mind And Soul(japan) 2007:Five in The Black(Japan) 2008:T (Japan) 2009:Mirotic 2009:The Secret Code(Japan) 2010:Hiatus Because JyJ 2011:Keep Your Head Down 2011:Tone(japan) 2012:Catch Me 2013:Time (Japan) 2014:Tense 2014:Tree (japan 2015:With(japan) 2016:Hiatus Military Service 2017:Hiatus Military Service 2018:The Chance of Love 2018:Tomorrow(japan)
bimblaq Hace un mes
JJYYDBSKT trang Hace un mes
Asrukah Kadar
Asrukah Kadar Hace un mes
jaduu jae
jaduu jae Hace un mes
tima ssar
tima ssar Hace un mes
since i saw tho video everytime i miss my idols i go back and watch this video
lay 0.0
lay 0.0 Hace un mes
Los reyes de kpop 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️❤️
lay 0.0
lay 0.0 Hace un mes
Los reyes de kpop 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mai Moua
Mai Moua Hace un mes
Yunho's teeths are brighter than my future.
Wulan Topsell
Wulan Topsell Hace un mes
Aaaa oh my god 😍 i like tvxq 😊
Yuri Song Lee
Yuri Song Lee Hace un mes
I prefer them wear a basic suit. It will be so much better than their performance costumes now.
Chinta Singh
Chinta Singh Hace un mes
SM artists the whole entertainment packages it's your choice What you want 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Olga Keevan
Olga Keevan Hace un mes
Still amaze with their performance .. Yunho dance and rapping its no joke and changmin high note is awesome..
RinaVictor Hace un mes
I'm here for my daily view because this performance is on anothet level and I am in awe.
Raina Dellani Johanna
Same Xiumin.... same.....
Débora Thamirys da Silva Oliveira
"Yun Ho Changmin!" hahaha I love them. Still the best!
shaa0993 Hace un mes
This is how the legend did it 👏👏
Mary TCarr
Mary TCarr Hace un mes
I think Yunho is the name of the first man who started the performance? Anyways, How does he likes his eggs in the morning? 🔥😍
Cheery Kim
Cheery Kim Hace un mes
Me on 2019 watching this everyday thrice
iambackwithabang Hace un mes
yunho oppa hasnt aged one bit since i started following them and Changminnies high notes still beats every kpop artists high notes till date
syafikah 961
syafikah 961 Hace un mes
Not even a fan of tvxq but seriously I watch this performance more than 5x. 💕💕💕💕 Rarely watch live performance many times except for infinite
alice Iliar
alice Iliar Hace un mes
this yunho guy's smile is giving me butterflies idk why ??? but love it
KIK no di HACK
KIK no di HACK Hace un mes
plus cạc
plus cạc Hace un mes
Xiumin cute
Wanda Fairywinkle
Wanda Fairywinkle Hace un mes
changmin is sooo fine
uwu uwu
uwu uwu Hace un mes
4:08 /real fanboy detected/
uwu uwu
uwu uwu Hace un mes
4:02 moment Seulgi be like : "omg can i hit that highnote too?" Xiumin : /fanboy detected/ Minho be like : "Lmao he's always bragging his high note lmao"
Sae soya
Sae soya Hace un mes
The high note of Changmin is forever iconic 😍
Kolam Renang
Kolam Renang Hace un mes
Finally TVXQ Dance with Mirotic again.. Xd
Tony Kim
Tony Kim Hace un mes
Still the best kpop duo, you can't argue that at all. They still have high energy in their 30s my god :) Yunho's dancing and Changmin's powerhouse vocals never cease to impress :)
baek's mullet was a trendsetter
changmin's high notes is higher than my grades :')
RA R Hace un mes
Why TVXQ presence on stage are soooooooo different than others? Like they know how to show audience "this stage is mine, focus on me". Dang!!! They're so goooddddd
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