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Check out the official Hotel Mumbai trailer starring Dev Patel! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: March 22, 2019
Starring: Armie Hammer, Nazanin Boniadi, Jason Isaacs
Directed By: Anthony Maras
Synopsis: The true story of the Taj Hotel terrorist attack in Mumbai. Hotel staff risk their lives to keep everyone safe as people make unthinkable sacrifices to protect themselves and their families.
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9 ene 2019

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rachid jamali
rachid jamali Hace un día
A very realistic and tragic film .. It is completely free of fake Bollywood nonsense ..because the director, writer and producer are all foreigners...God have mercy on the innocent..
アシYunii_potato Hace 2 días
My favorite character is Indian guy and my dads favorite character is to he was nice and he helped more people than the other I wanna meet him some day
Puneet Kaushik
Puneet Kaushik Hace 4 días
If any of you Indians or Pakistanis have watched the movie Dhamaal, one of the actors from that movie lost his sister and brother in law in 26/11! I am talking about Ashish Chodhary
Karma Hadid
Karma Hadid Hace 5 días
Already watched... i give 10 to 10
liem thanh Nghuyen
liem thanh Nghuyen Hace 7 días
Finally some good India movie
Jam Francisco
Jam Francisco Hace 7 días
Superb movie!!!
ESN-Channel Hace 7 días
There is a false in this film muslim girl never can get married with non muslim then she is not muslim that is all .
James Stanford
James Stanford Hace 8 días
wow, it would really have helped if they had a constitution with a second amendment... good people with guns tend to stop bad people with guns alot faster then without... bad people will always get guns, so why stop good people from the ability to defend themselves. Sad this had to happen.
David Benny
David Benny Hace 8 días
I want to watch this but, I want to know if the movie has songs inbetween like other Indian movies because I cant stand those..
531 porkies disliked it
Robert Osso
Robert Osso Hace 9 días
i really wish there would of been a real life john mclean who would of happen to be there with his gun
بنت الفقير
بنت الفقير Hace 9 días
عاشت اديكم فيلم رؤؤعه
Angeliki Chapsis
Angeliki Chapsis Hace 9 días
Hotel? Mumbai
ابو نزار
ابو نزار Hace 9 días
دين إرهاب من نبيه إلى من وقف معه إرهاب وقتل وحتى الكتاب كله عذاب ونار وموت وووو دين إرهاب ...
john smith
john smith Hace 10 días
john smith
john smith Hace 10 días
oneye Bat
oneye Bat Hace 10 días
When you have no guns to protect yourself in a gun free zone and when only the bad guys have the guns.
Maltese Falcon
Maltese Falcon Hace 11 días
Religion of peace I'm guessing. The quran does condone this behaviour, lot of respect to those that filter out the evil and really do live in peace and let others live in peace too regardless of gender race or creed.
Norman Tong
Norman Tong Hace 18 días
The truth and coward culprits that orchestrated this attacked watching XXX movie on line while those young foolish attacker believed that they will be in paradise With Allah once their Mission is accomplished
Norman Tong
Norman Tong Hace 18 días
Went and watch this movie yesterday . This show how inefficient and corrupted the Indian government is ?
ڈالر پٹھان
ڈالر پٹھان Hace 19 días
Release date ?
Vanessa Alfeche
Vanessa Alfeche Hace 23 días
I knew it this is very nice movie
Ninja Master
Ninja Master Hace 29 días
Iranian actress Boniadi Nazanin is gorgeous.
Austin S
Austin S Hace un mes
No, Its Hotel, Trivago
shahid saxena
shahid saxena Hace un mes
This is hollywood film not bollywood
Proximity Symbol
Proximity Symbol Hace un mes
muslim trash again. allah fuckbar.
Newman Newmanz
Newman Newmanz Hace un mes
These people have issues with everyone.
Susana Mika
Susana Mika Hace un mes
Informasi jual herbal malesolution di Bunda silakan WA 0813-7919-9401...Biogold untuk stamina pria
Tank Master
Tank Master Hace un mes
It was great
Tank Master
Tank Master Hace un mes
I watch it
Maya F Aini
Maya F Aini Hace un mes
Maya F Aini
Maya F Aini Hace un mes
Me scared
Katherine Velasquez
Who played Cameron?
Al Hace un mes
1:38 Hmm they sound just like Microsoft Technical support i just got call from weeks ago.
Muhammad Hasrul
Muhammad Hasrul Hace 2 meses
I think this film wants to fight Muslims with the majority religion there (India) this is the phenomenon of the end of time has occurred
Mahesh Kumar
Mahesh Kumar Hace 2 meses
Still the mastermind of this attack is freely roaming in pakisthan. No cared when india was bleeding. Now it reached you.
MrDeadshotHD Hace 2 meses
Just saw the film last night, so fucking gripping and wow got pretty emotional at some point
Katherine Velasquez
Katherine Velasquez Hace 2 meses
This movie Made me cry
Samyog Lama
Samyog Lama Hace 2 meses
I have watched this movie
Andre brintek90
Andre brintek90 Hace 2 meses
Aku sudah nontok keren dan bikin deg2kan...apalagi ketika kepala koki dan arjun selamat keluar dari hotel berpelukan dan menangis...aku ikut nangiss...yg blom nontok buruan...ini kisah nyata dari hotel mumbai...
Bhavana Chaturbhuj
Bhavana Chaturbhuj Hace 2 meses
Even I get a thought about this horrible event Shivers run through my body 😨😨 I had seen 2 of them armed when I was 6 years old.......
star Marian
star Marian Hace 2 meses
Pipal musulman chil de Pipal True story în live neau
maggie198333 Hace 2 meses
Very powerful unforgetful film. The trailer is equally good.
QuIng Jas
QuIng Jas Hace 2 meses
It's a great movie :)
Deepu maan
Deepu maan Hace 2 meses
kab release ho rhi h?
zahid khan
zahid khan Hace 2 meses
In the end do they tell the truth that it was an inside job by Indian intelligence to defame freedom struggle of Kashmiri people and that the main mastermind of this attack was Ajmal Kisaab was seen on his death bed screaming ‘mercy Bhagwan (Indian God) which India showed as a Pakistani. It’s a cruel world out there where only the innocents (like the staff of Taj) are suffering. Let’s pray for peace
zachary ferrari
zachary ferrari Hace 3 meses
T- series ain’t nothing but a...
Mary A.
Mary A. Hace 3 meses
It remind me of "HOTEL RWANDA" 😔 that movie make me cry😢.
FuzeLink180 Hace 3 meses
What's the background music starts at 1:14
Asdf Hace 3 meses
This.... actually looks pretty good!.
ThomasPaine Hace 3 meses
Was this a false flag?
Anika Hace 3 meses
Never forget 7/11
War Daddy65
War Daddy65 Hace 4 meses
No civilian gun ownership in India, Police were either unarmed or had old obsolete weapons with little to no training. If this had happened in an average size town in Texas the terrorists would have been dead in under an hour.
lina *
lina * Hace 4 meses
is this the call my by your name sequel? KSJJS oliver on a trip with his wife and kid
SHUBHAM UGALE Hace 4 meses
Mastermind behind these attacks is still living freely in Pakistan. Shame!
MrVidification Hace 4 meses
according to the wiki over 300 injuries and 174 deaths, in 2008.. sounds a bit early to cash in on terror
MrVidification Hace 2 meses
True. I doubt everyone was happy about that just 5 years on. I thought money might have gone to survivors or connected families with that movie, or that was the excuse anyway to make millions.. 9-11 was a second movie too, from 2017, although not connected. One of the worst rated movies every made according to critics @Luke Mathews
Luke Mathews
Luke Mathews Hace 2 meses
MrVidification they made a 9/11 movie in 2006
Roguish Hace 4 meses
I can't believe The Agenda would let this movie get made.
I am Treasured
I am Treasured Hace 4 meses
Very interesting👀
Michael girpatel
Michael girpatel Hace 4 meses
Hotel Rwanda?
shaaarlettemzzz Hace 4 meses
Irma Erviana
Irma Erviana Hace 4 meses
Is it Same "no escape" ?
Amit Kushwaha
Amit Kushwaha Hace 4 meses
Mulle madarchod duniya ki gandh
Dori Queen
Dori Queen Hace 4 meses
can't wait to see this movie!
Onam Aujla
Onam Aujla Hace 4 meses
I am quite sure there are many Punjabi actors available who could have played this role instead of this Gujrati boy.
Dela Rosa
Dela Rosa Hace 4 meses
DEV IS ALWAYS TYPECASTED he’s so much more
waqas shafqat
waqas shafqat Hace 4 meses
this movie is true dipiction of indian security failure.
Dims Hace 4 meses
Can you not spoil the best parts of the movie for me trailer thanks
Kino San
Kino San Hace 4 meses
Religion of peace.
tmb Hace 4 meses
This is very similar to Hotel Rwanda
antonio totto
antonio totto Hace 4 meses
whoaaaa... its like Hotel Rwanda but much more going on inside the hotel.
Lozi B
Lozi B Hace 4 meses
ah man the Taj hotel is utterly stunning. Crazy expensive to stay at but outta this world incredible. Smells really nice.
Evin Syarif harahap
Evin Syarif harahap Hace 4 meses
Dave Teves
Dave Teves Hace 4 meses
I thought this was the new Wes Anderson movie.
Joya de Smits
Joya de Smits Hace 4 meses
Dang it only seems 3 years ago he was a kid in Slumdog Millionaire but that movie is from 2008 woops
lucy lilith
lucy lilith Hace 5 meses
Stevan Ruutana
Stevan Ruutana Hace 5 meses
RIP to the victims
Lovedhurtlost Hace 5 meses
Wish Hollywood would stop typecasting Dev Patel.
Sugar Wolf
Sugar Wolf Hace 5 meses
God, I love Dev Patel
Deborah Mataia
Deborah Mataia Hace 5 meses
Oh wow this looks great! I can’t wait to see it
Aaron D
Aaron D Hace 5 meses
Sakshi Sharma
Sakshi Sharma Hace 5 meses
pakistan is most shamefull and coward country in the world
melan12027 Hace 5 meses
To this this has happened in Kenya twice... the last attack just two days ago... man.. terrorism needs to end
Dong Jopprey Cebu
Dong Jopprey Cebu Hace 5 meses
I think I'm really gonna love this!
Thresia Ann Celso
Thresia Ann Celso Hace 5 meses
Same as the movie "Mumbai Seige"?
Serenity_ Love
Serenity_ Love Hace 5 meses
I need to see this! I'm so anxious!!!!
Kim Sang
Kim Sang Hace 5 meses
Anyone know why the terrorist did that..?
Dave Sony
Dave Sony Hace 5 meses
Omg looks great i swear 2019 has great movies
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar Hace 5 meses
Terrorism is Integral to Islam
Nadeem Haroon
Nadeem Haroon Hace 5 meses
Dev patel is one of a kind actor. ❤️
Nikos Mpek
Nikos Mpek Hace 5 meses
for god sake this a true story do not a joke about the name its like i joke about about your terror stories like 9/11
oy59 Hace 5 meses
this ain't the marigold
lovelierose98 Hace 5 meses
The eerie thing about this event is that my parents went on a vacation just 2 weeks before that incident happened. #RIP
Yani Lat
Yani Lat Hace 5 meses
I don't know if I have the emotional strength to watch this..it was devastating when it happened..it is sure just as painful to watch . However, I love the actors in this movie..great talents.
ღ*mαndαrinkα gül*ღ
When did this happen? What year?
Theo Kirkley
Theo Kirkley Hace 5 meses
If you don't believe in false flag attacks, at least there are Hollywood movies to convince you
Minadrac Hace 5 meses
Wow looks soo intense and Im even more shocked that this was based on true events.
John Cena
John Cena Hace 5 meses
Thanks to terror country pakistan
90nadz Hace 5 meses
They (Bollywood) have already made this movie a good few years ago!
ღ*mαndαrinkα gül*ღ
What is its name?
Horatio Moonraker
Horatio Moonraker Hace 5 meses
Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor and John Boyega have all signed up for the sequel which will be set in a hotel in Nairobi. Too soon?
Raxly. Hace 5 meses
The mastermind of this attack is chilling at home.....Sad. We should act like US when they killed Osama.
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