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Today is a video about 'my house' that many people have been asking about through my other videos.
I would like to introduce my house I have lived in for over a year, and share the four seasons in this house as well as the experiences I have felt.

If you have any questions about housing, I hope I can be of some help. 😊

Please understand that the video taken with the old camera is different from the recent video!

* This video does not contain any advertisements.

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10 sep 2021






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Carleen Armstrong
Carleen Armstrong Hace 9 meses
This really touched something in me. I love watching your videos because they are peaceful and inspiring in a gentle way, full of comradarie for the homemaking life and love of simple things. But, this video was a little different, more than just a gentle view into your routines. I live in California in a small rental detached house with my four sons and my husband after selling a big beautiful vintage home that we owned in Connecticut. The peach trees that I had planted there were just starting to bear when we sold it and moved away. When we came here, I thought we would need to wait just a year or two and then we would buy another home to own and make ours. But, life is sometimes not how you plan or imagine it. As you found out, sometimes you need to be content more than you need the perfect dream home. For a while last year I was looking at real estate listings all the time, dreaming of purchasing a home and driving my husband crazy but I have decided that since it doesn't seem to be the right time it is better for me to just make this house a home and love it gently without wishing I was someplace else. There is a reason that I am here and every place has beauty. Thank you for understanding that too.
Claudine Godart
Claudine Godart Hace 3 meses
Pour ne pas à voir des moustiques brûler des bougies à la citronnelle ça marche aver le temps
angorachic Hace 6 meses
I really appreciated your reply Carleen. Thank you 🤗
Pauline Hace 6 meses
So true, Carleen. I'm also in a phase of not being content with my home, which is ours. But when I saw Hamimommy's video, it made me realize, that I do actually live in a dream house. Despite that I'm not happy. What a shame. I have now learnt, that it's us who make a house a home, and it doesn't have to be perfect. Thank you also so much for your comment, it really touched my soul. I have been very ungrateful lately. I want to change this now.
You're a sweetheart, this message found me at the right time and lifted me up. I hope wherever you are, you are the happiest and safe with your loved ones :) thank you❤
Alongkorn Singsoong
Alongkorn Singsoong Hace 8 meses
Me too
Jennifer Meza Valverde
Mi esposo y yo estamos rentando una casa, y llevamos ya casi un año de estar buscando la casa de nuestros sueños. Ver tu video me recordó que la opción de construir existe, y que aunque no es muy emocionante pensar en las incomodidades durante la construcción, la esperanza de poder plasmar tus ideas y sueños en un plano y luego volverlos realidad en tu propio hogar no tiene precio ❣️ Gracias por motivarme a seguir soñando y luchando por mi hogar 🏡
Winnie manglapus
Winnie manglapus Hace 11 meses
You have inspired me so much in my new goal to declutter and clean my house. After working for 39 yrs, it has been my long time dream to do this and coming across your vlogs was very timely. Your videos are beatifully done and is very relaxing to watch even if your tasks are not easy. You have a beautiful home and family.❤
Даламана Мармарис
Удачи вашей замечательной семье! Желаю вам переехать в чудесный собственный дом!🏡
Ronny Oros
Ronny Oros Hace 11 meses
Preciosa vuestra casa, lo más importante, es la alegría, el amor y la felicidad que se percibe en cada minuto del video. Como usted dijo, no es importante como sea la casa, sino que las personas que vivan en ella, sean felices. Muchas bendiciones para ustedes. Saludos desde Argentina.
Vanessa L Real | Energia e Prosperidade
Você e sua família serão muito felizes no lar que irão construir. 🙏
Seher Çoban
Seher Çoban Hace 5 meses
Ev dekorasyonu, renk seçimi, video çekim tekniğiniz her şey mükemmel. Çok başarılısınız. Lütfen devam edin. Huzuru hissettim sizinle. Teşekkürler ... 💐
Gabriela Rodrigues
Gabriela Rodrigues Hace 10 meses
Não consigo parar de assistir aos vídeos delaaa, passa uma vibe tão boa, tão tranquila 🌸❣❣❣
Fran Em Casa
Fran Em Casa Hace 4 meses
Olá, os vídeos dela são realmente inspiradores né?! Além de nos transmitir uma paz. Criei um canal inspirado no dela e gostaria de te convidar para conhecer!!! Ficarei muito feliz, estou começando o canal agora e todo apoio faz toda diferença!! ♥ GRATIDÃO!
Louise Fidelis
Louise Fidelis Hace 5 meses
@Andressa Freitas Assistir enquanto toma aquele cafezinho ou chá 😉👌🏾
Andressa Freitas
Andressa Freitas Hace 5 meses
@Louise Fidelis foi por acaso que eu tbm cheguei aqui e agora não vivo sem…🤣🤣
LadyDi Hace 5 meses
@Louise Fidelis então, tbm ñ sei como vim parsr aqui, estou inscrita faz tempo, há tempos ñ assistia
Louise Fidelis
Louise Fidelis Hace 5 meses
Eu também kkkk sei nem como cheguei aqui!! Mas amo
Adriana Oliveira
Adriana Oliveira Hace 23 días
Quando compramos nossa casa ela era bem simples. Juntamos dinheiro e construimos do jeitinho que queríamos. Tudo no tempo de Deus.
Amanda Hace 11 meses
Here (Australia)most folks live in detached houses and we view apartments as temporary places or something to settle for. It is so interesting for me to think of someone seeing things the other way around. You have made such a happy comfortable space 😊🐝🌼
Carol Hace 2 meses
A Korean here. I am from the US, but when you hear apartments, many Americans think of apartments we are used to here in the states. The apartment Koreans are talking about isn't apartments you all are thinking of. Think of it as a Highrise Luxury villa. For those who have never been to S. Korea or know nothing about S. Korea, Seoul was the world's 4th largest metropolitan economy in 2017 after Tokyo, New York City, and Los Angeles. There are almost 10 million people residing in Seoul, and S. Korea's population is 55 million. It's costly to live in, and housing costs is no joke. An average apartment in the Gangnam district(one of the wealthiest areas and one of the best school districts) is well over 1 million USD, and when I say an average, I mean an average. The luxury and newly built ones are in 2-3 million. Every time I visit Korea, it blows my mind how fast the city is growing and advancing.
sugarsnap1000 Hace 10 meses
In Ireland we opt for houses too, apartments are for students, and young couples starting off, our apartments are small and not built for expanding families or family living.
Ann 🫵🏻
Ann 🫵🏻 Hace 10 meses
its the same in india aswell usually people who live in colleges live in apartments,or people who live in cities
 Beautiful home - أجمل بيت
Welcome to my channel
serendipity Hace 11 meses
There are always apartments in the center of Seoul, it's a metropolitan city, so people with a job have to live in apartments.
Cristiana & Família
Cristiana & Família Hace 11 meses
Mesmo não sabendo falar ou ler coreano.. a legenda já me deixa feliz de poder está aqui assistindo um pouca da vida de uma coreana. 💗 um lar lindo 🏡
rosa7 Hace 10 meses
집을 따듯한 분위기로 꾸미고 관리하는 능력이 좋으신 것 같아요 :) 그만큼 부지런함도 가지고 계셔서 주택과 잘 어울리시는게 아닐까 생각해 봅니다 :) 👍
Jovana Huertas
Jovana Huertas Hace 5 meses
@Hagir Saleh tractor
Cute 🍒Kim Noor 🍒Happy
@Hagir Saleh I love it too 🥰🥰
Hagir Saleh
Hagir Saleh Hace 6 meses
What is the name of the song in the beginning of the video please ♥️
Cristina Ruiz
Cristina Ruiz Hace 10 meses
I feel very identified with your experience living in a house with closer touch to nature stuffs I also moved from apartment in a city to a house in small country, i love the way you show the must tiny detail, all involve us in a paceful experience thanks so much for share that with us!!! 🇲🇽
Galina Jemac
Galina Jemac Hace 11 meses
Просто и понятно. И погода в Корее повторяет нашу, российскую, кавказская региона. Проблемы в доме, как и у всех. Переезжать из квартиры в дом мне тоже было страшновато, объем работ ведь намного больше. Но вы ещё молоды и вам все по плечу. Главное, что вы вдохновляете своим интузиазмом тысячи и даже миллионы людей. Спасибо.
Juliessiii Hace 11 meses
I really love how you narrate your story and express your thoughts Unnie. It is so clear, smooth and full of substance. Well, I just ... like it much. A more vlog like this. ❤
Sonia Domingues
Sonia Domingues Hace 9 meses
Acho linda sua casa❤
 Beautiful home - أجمل بيت
Welcome to my channel
Bassetto Hace 9 meses
@Hamimommy, there's just something about your vlogs that almost everyone can relate to! Not only, they're so well done visually and artisticly, they're so relaxing to watch and makes me feel so good!. Wish I had a neighbor like you!!! Wishing you all the best, cause you truly deserve it and I was thinking that oe day, Hami will so appreciate these beautiful vlogs you made!!.
Thamires Shiguefuzi
Thamires Shiguefuzi Hace 14 días
Seus vídeos aquecem o coração !!!
Deborah Guizar
Deborah Guizar Hace 6 meses
Hami, your tranquil way of living life is contagious. I rent a house, commute to work, and living in California right now is almost impossible to own a place. You reminded me about being content in wherever situation. Blessing to you!
Helenna Rocha
Helenna Rocha Hace 10 meses
Amuuuu vocês 💕 Fico encantada com o lugar onde mora. E sou apaixonada por tudo que faz. Você é simplesmente maravilhosa ❤️.tua filha e uma fada linda. Parabéns pela família abençoada. Ficam com Deus
J. K.
J. K. Hace 11 meses
Hey Hamimommy! I started watching your movies a few weeks ago and I must admit I can't stop. Your peace of mind -calms me down as well. I have two sons, so I know how hard it is sometimes to have time for myself and how much work it is at home. It's great that you also do a vlog! I love your family very much. We greet you with my boys! Always be as sweet as you are now. Best regards from Poland! p.s. could you mail to me? I have a question :) or maybe you have an open email for public? please give me back :)
SMSR83 Hace 11 meses
Descobri o seu canal de ESvid recentemente! Estou a adorar pois os seus vídeos são tão calmos e transmitem paz! Gosto de ver vídeos de pessoas de outros países, com outros hábitos e vivências! Cumprimentos de Portugal
Yudith Cacao y Maíz
Siento tener tan parecido sueño, comparto tu gran idea de poder construir mi propia casa, deseo de corazón algún día lograrlo, por lo tanto me relajan mucho tus vídeos, y me encanta sentirme inspirada con lo que compartes en cada uno de tus vídeos, ideas para que mi familia disfrute de un día bello en casa y una rica comida. Felicidades por tu canal es muy inspirador. Gracias.
Luciane Maria Da Cruz Tonhosolo
Pode acreditar que irá conseguir construir sua própria casa e do seu jeitinho. Torço para que consiga e Deus irá abençoar, basta se preparar e seguir sempre seus instintos. Nunca desista.😉
Simple Dee
Simple Dee Hace 11 meses
Time flies so fast! Feels like yesterday when you showed us around your new house. 💛 You’ve made it into a lovely clean home! Hami has grown so much! 😍 I also uploaded a house tour vlog of our new countryside apartment last week! 🤗 I hope you can build your own house and home in the future! As someone who rents all my life, that is also a dream of our family. I completely understand the struggle to finding the right land. 😅
IzzyKawaiichi Hace 11 meses
They say that when you are looking to build and you find the perfect land, go ten miles farther. Otherwise, land development will catch up with you sooner than you expect.
하미마미 Hamimommy
I will go watch yours! 😍
hola soy Day
hola soy Day Hace 9 meses
En este video me trasmito tanta paz y tranquilidad Me imagine yo en el futuro así Su hija es un amor 😍 Gracias por su tiempo saludos desde México 🇲🇽
Tânia de Castro
Tânia de Castro Hace 11 meses
Excelente! e já estou torcendo 🙏que construa logo a sua própria casa. Voce é a sua família merecem🎁 👏👏
Evania Torello
Evania Torello Hace 9 meses
Gosto muito dos seus vídeos, transmitem paz. Sua família é linda, sua filha encantadora
Mah Silva
Mah Silva Hace 7 meses
gente que lindo queria que aqui no Brasil tivesse as estações perfeitinhas também 😍❤❤❤
Nani 77
Nani 77 Hace 11 meses
No te imaginas lo que me has ayudado con este video. Estamos buscando casa para vivir y no sé cuál será. Pero se que en cualquiera seremos felices. Gracias por tu trabajo, me encantan tus videos 🥰
Madina Mutashova
Madina Mutashova Hace 8 meses
Желаю всем людям счастья ,и чтоб все жили в тех домах в котором будут счастливы
Gladysha De Angelis
Gladysha De Angelis Hace 11 meses
Love this video 😍 Your house is stunning and the area you live in seems so beautiful and peaceful! I also live in an independent home (built by my parents) and yes, it's big, it has a large garden but I always felt uncomfortable here and always wanted to leave and move out! At least until my boyfriend came to live with us and I realized that, as you said, the most important thing is the people living there and not the house itself! I might stay here in the future and renovate the house according to my needs and style, or maybe I'll move out... who knows right? 😉 Wish you the best, from Italy!
Teresinha Micaela Neo Ribeiro
Adorei seus vídeos e sua história, família linda!💞
Sumnima Shrestha
Sumnima Shrestha Hace 11 meses
The editing , The Quality everything just SOOOOO peaceful and calm and so PRETTY :) Beautiful people , Beautiful family , Beautiful house , Everything just so BEAUTIFULLL I hope you and your family are always happy I hope you and they always have smile in their face
Cintia Gushi
Cintia Gushi Hace 10 meses
Eu moro no Brasil , no interior do estado de São Paulo e moro em uma casa. Aqui também tem muitas pessoas construindo suas casas. Eu quero reformar a minha. Adorei ver as imagens daí da Coréia e conhecer um pouco de seu país. Parabéns!
Fran Em Casa
Fran Em Casa Hace 4 meses
Olá, os vídeos dela são realmente inspiradores né?! Além de nos transmitir uma paz. Criei um canal inspirado no dela e gostaria de te convidar para conhecer!!! Ficarei muito feliz, estou começando o canal agora e todo apoio faz toda diferença!! ♥ GRATIDÃO!
Rüveyda Kaya
Rüveyda Kaya Hace 11 meses
“ Nasıl bir evde yaşadığımızın önemi yok. Önemli olan içinde mutlu olmak”. Videolarınızı çok keyifle izliyorum. İstanbul Türkiye’den selamlar 😊✋🏼
Diná Domigues
Diná Domigues Hace 10 meses
Estou feliz! Havia perdido seus vídeos. Hoje felizmente encontrei de novo. ❣️ Quero ver todos, e estou com saudades da sua filha e da sua família 🌹❤️
Rikawidia Sari
Rikawidia Sari Hace 10 meses
hi momy hami, i am very happy to see your vlog, it really inspires everyone, especially a housewife who feels bored with her daily routine. greetings, momy hami from me in Indonesia who just saw your very inspiring videos😍
Bianca Regina
Bianca Regina Hace 11 meses
A busca pela harmonia e equilíbrio entre o que desejamos e temos, são preocupações reais, encontrar a satisfação em nosso cotidiano ameniza essa ansiedade. Amo assistir seus vídeos porque me tranquilizam. Obrigada.
Raveena Chakilam
Raveena Chakilam Hace 8 meses
You're such an encouraging and dynamic woman. I admire your perspective on reality of life rather than showing an all-perfect lifestyle like many other youtubers. Keep it up, Hamiomma !
무또 MooTTo
무또 MooTTo Hace 11 meses
주택에서의 사계절, 귀여운 하미의 사계절까지 너무 따뜻한 영상이에요. 코로나 이후로 많은 사람들이 주택에서의 삶을 꿈꾸는 것 같아요.^^
CheyennexxR Hace 11 meses
I love that you speak openly about some of the minor grievances that come w/ household tasks. I too wish I could design my home to be more convenient for my family.
adaline bowman
adaline bowman Hace 9 meses
Sua casa e sua rotina é inspiradora ❤
lamalama Hace 11 meses
I really like how you compile your videos throughout the seasons, specially the Christmas 🎄/ winter part.. You have a very good editing skill 😍 Agree with you that the most important thing is the people who live in the house are happy, it’s not the size or the shape, because there is no perfect house, but there is a happy family ❤️ Thank you for your videos, it’s very comforting to watch it, and it’s a precious memory for your fam too.
Valéria Fernanda
Valéria Fernanda Hace 10 meses
Amo a paz que seus vídeo transmite, as vezes não consigo assistir tudo.mais sempre que dá eu assisto.
Izzy On The Move
Izzy On The Move Hace 2 meses
Very nice. So much work in this video! 💜 My father passed away in February, so i am making this house mine. Still a lot of work to do, but it feels good to have your own big space, and my cat loves the yard ❤️
Наталья Зорина
Обязательно построите! Я тоже много лет мечтала, дети были маленькими и я не могла работать . Мне 55 и прошлым летом наконец построила. Ещё много работы предстоит. Но мечты сбываются, нужно верить!
Lyudmila Lebedeva
Lyudmila Lebedeva Hace 11 meses
Большое спасибо за ваши чудесные видео!всегда смотрю с большим удовольствием! Желаю вашей милой семье счастья,всем здоровья !и пусть исполнится задуманное!
 Beautiful home - أجمل بيت
Welcome to my channel
Pau Cel
Pau Cel Hace 21 un día
Maravilloso todo lo que haces, te felicito , y gracias por animarnos a las que somos dueñas de casa!! 🥰😉👌
Thyeska Francynnie de Lima
Que delícia de canal! Adorei como compartilha seu dia a dia de maneira leve e doce! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Brenda White
Brenda White Hace 6 meses
I hope that through the production and editing of this wonderfully shared video, you've seen more positives than negatives to appreciate. Having been in real estate for more than 30 years that included working for a builder, there are so many, many things to consider as you too have come to realize. And unless your monies are limitless, you'll always need to make concessions compromising on some of the things you want. Prioritize your wish list and include your list of absolutes, those things that are must-haves. You're young and smart. Experiencing life in your first home has helped you to realize what is and isn't important. Embrace the journey and know that your focus will one day get you there. God bless.
Flower Woman
Flower Woman Hace 11 meses
Your house is so beautiful, this is so relaxing to wash, everything is beautifully decorated ❤
Nurşen Nurşen
Nurşen Nurşen Hace 11 meses
Türkiye den selamlar🤗 videolarınız huzur ve samimiyet barındırıyor. Koreli bir kadın ve ailesi hakkında bilgi alırken kahvemi yudumluyorum 🤗 eviniz ve güzel bahçesi ile ilgili videolarınızın devamı gelsin lütfen. Hayalinizdeki eve kavuşmanızı dilerim 😊
에스아이맘 SIMOM
따뜻함이 고스란히 느껴집니다 사계절 모두 한 영상에서 만날수있었네요^^ 주택에 살아보고픈 마음은 누구에게나 있는거 같아요!!특히 아이들이 어려서 더 좋은 경험이 되었을듯하네요^^ 도전해보고싶습니다♡ 따뜻한 영상 감사합니다 ♡
Virginia Sanchez
Virginia Sanchez Hace 11 meses
Saludos desde Venezuela. Me encantan tus videos, la manera en la que te dedicas a tu hogar y a tu familia. Gracias por compartir tus diversas rutinas para mantener organizada y cálida la casa y la relación familiar. Si nos dedicáramos más a ello el mundo fuera otro. Cómo está la familia, así está la sociedad... Un abrazo. PD: Señor Jesús, bendice a esta familia y a todas las familias del mundo. Amén Dtb
Luisa Monteiro
Luisa Monteiro Hace 18 días
Linda casa . Deus abençoe sempre a todos os seus familiares.
Charmenia Silva
Charmenia Silva Hace 11 meses
Descobri esses vídeos maravilhosos ano passado graças à minha sobrinha querida , seus vídeos me ajudaram e muito nessa pandemia , estava muito ansiosa e me ajudaram a ficar bem mais tranquila é a gostar de limpar e até mesmo de cozinhar ! Obrigada! Amo seus vídeos!
Fran Em Casa
Fran Em Casa Hace 4 meses
Olá, os vídeos dela são realmente inspiradores né?! Além de nos transmitir uma paz. Criei um canal inspirado no dela e gostaria de te convidar para conhecer!!! Ficarei muito feliz, estou começando o canal agora e todo apoio faz toda diferença!! ♥ GRATIDÃO!
Rosimeyre Almeida
Rosimeyre Almeida Hace 10 meses
Eu amo sua casa, suas plantinhas, sua decoração! Vc está sendo a minha inspiração!!! ❤️
شام حمص
شام حمص Hace 5 meses
شام حمص
شام حمص Hace 5 meses
Ari Cas
Ari Cas Hace 11 meses
Me encantan sus videos, son tan relajantes que me ayudan a sentirme en paz. Gracias por este contenido y dígalo haciendo! 💗
Camila Vergara A.
Camila Vergara A. Hace 8 meses
Hermosa tu casa. Me alegro de que tengas un espacioso jardín y un buen lugar donde descansar junto a tu familia.
Figen YY
Figen YY Hace 11 meses
You're my Hero nowadays! :) I watch all your videos, it motivates me to deal with my house, cleaning, organizing and cooking for "myself" same as you I was a hard office worker too and 4 years ago, now managing my house, and cleaning, organizing, motivating yourself everyday takes sooooo much effort, thank you for your videos and honest beautiful motivation :)
Катерина Козиева
Thank you for making these videos! Absolutely love your creativity and the atmosphere you carry in every video! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!
Dance Smily
Dance Smily Hace 10 meses
Dear Hamimommy, appreciate what you have. It's a wonderful video. I live in a flat with a kitchen and only 1 room with my daughter and husband. The house like yours is a dream for us. Thank you for sharing your experience!
Meliza Hace 8 meses
Que vlog lindo! Parabéns pelo vídeo! Maravilhoso!
graciela herbig
graciela herbig Hace 11 meses
En poco tiempo han construido hermosos recuerdos en esa casa que a mi me parece maravillosa. Disfrutenla todo lo que puedan.
Ёжик вТумане
Желаю вам и вашей семье удачи во всем и всегда! Вы правильно сказали не важно в каком доме жить важно счастливы вы нем или нет. Если есть желание вы обязательно построите дом на это нужно время. Удачи вам!👋👋👋👋👋👋👋
Lua Hace 11 meses
Hola Hami ☺️ tengo que decirte que desde que conozco tu canal no puedo dejar de ver tus vídeos me dan mucha paz y me ayudas a saber trucos de limpieza que no sabía , me encanta tu forma de ser y vivir . Y que decir de tu familia es encantadora ❤️ un saludo y esperaré con ansias el siguiente vídeo
Pau-pau Pitt
Pau-pau Pitt Hace 10 meses
Hermosa familia 😍, hogar y que lindo que sueñes con construir tu propia casa, Dios te lo permita , saludos
treebles Hace 10 meses
your home is so very lovely! your daughter is even more precious! thank you for sharing!! 💗🏡
Francene Guerra
Francene Guerra Hace 9 meses
I love how peaceful your vlog is which noticeably resembles your house too. It’s so cozy, fresh, and a happy place to live in.❤️
Helen Veasey
Helen Veasey Hace 9 meses
Beautiful video and so thoughtfully done. Loved seeing the four seasons and your lovely home. You have a very insightful way of looking at things and in a very positive way. I think many of us can relate to your situation of wanting a different or new home built to our likes. You keep a beautiful and loving home and it does look very happy. Your daughter is adorable, I enjoyed seeing you do things together. I do agree about the vacuum cleaner, though. Going up three sets of stairs with the vacuum is challenging and not very safe really carrying all your cleaning supplies and equipment. Maybe, you can get another vacuum for upstairs in the near future. I'm a new subscriber and loved watching your videos. You do such a beautiful and interesting video. Continue to have a good life with your loved ones.
Baiana Correa
Baiana Correa Hace 4 meses
que lindo esse jardim de inverno 😄😍
Biahortacaseira09 Chaves
Temos muito em comum. GRATIDÃO 🙏
Maria Nadir Toledo
Maria Nadir Toledo Hace 11 meses
Amo seus vídeos ! Me transmitem paz ...! Linda sua casa 🏠 , de muito bom gosto . Mas normal sonharmos com uma casa escolhida , construída do nosso gosto e necessidade ... Desejo que seu sonho se realize . Muito lindo ver vc e sua familia , muito amor envolvido ...! Bjs .
Babi future idol 𖧧֮ ୫ ᄏᄏ‹ᴈ
Você é simplesmente incrível!!
Steph Hace 9 meses
So glad I found your videos! They are so relaxing! Love your simple approach to life, it makes me want to simplify my life more, and truly only do (and have) the things that bring joy. I love how you show that cleaning can be enjoyable. I love cleaning!! Definitely my new favorite ESvid channel! 💚
Marta Joyce Matos Vieira da Cunha
Seus vídeos são lindos, trazem muita paz e amor. Obrigada.
Tiffanie Ang
Tiffanie Ang Hace 10 meses
Love this video of yours! I loved how you captured the seasons and I resonate so much with your thoughts on living on a detached house and your dream of building your own in the future! May I ask, what camera do you use? I super love the visuals of your vlog! :D
Maru Gonzalez
Maru Gonzalez Hace 19 días
Me encanto ver tus videos realmente transmites un sentimiento de paz y tranquilidad que es inspirador, todo lo que cocinas se me antoja y la risa de tu hija es contajiosa que her.osa!!! Linda familia felicidades!!!! Saludos desde Guadalajara jalisco MEXICO 😘
Ann Chee
Ann Chee Hace 7 meses
It’s still nicer to have your own home, with a nice yard and the scenery in the back, a yard for your daughter to play in, grow your own vegetable garden. No house is perfect, as has flaws. We bought a newly built 2nd house in Hawaii, and it also has a number of flaws. We just accept it and make the best of it.
Michele paz
Michele paz Hace 5 meses
Que casa linda ❤️😍
Marina Hace 11 meses
🇧🇷 Gosto tanto do seu canal que estou assistindo todos os vídeos tudo de uma vez. ❤️
Aparecida Andrade
Aparecida Andrade Hace 10 meses
sim o mais importante é saber se todos estão felizes, minha casa é extremamente simples e somos bem simples, e temos baixa condenação mas o mais importante temos entre nós e dentro da nossa casa, muito amor muita cumplicidade muito carinho entre nós. ❤❤❤
Carolina Medeiros
Carolina Medeiros Hace 6 meses
Se ela fosse vlogger aqui no Brasil, com certeza conseguiria construir a sua casa com parcerias através do ESvid.
Melisa Özcan
Melisa Özcan Hace 11 meses
This is my first time coming across your channel and also the first time i managed to watch a video that's longer than 3 minutes and in normal speed. I was in shock when i realised I just watched something this long and enjoyed it! Of course I subscribed right away, I love the way you created this
Aléxia Hace 4 meses
I'm really enjoying your videos, they're so calming and relaxing! I loved your house and it feels so good to live in such a good place! Jesus bless you and your family sooo much!
Adriane FigTree
Adriane FigTree Hace 11 meses
We are pilgrims here on Earth. Living a meaningful and calm life will guarantee our best home address when our journey is over. And you teach us through your videos how to have inner peace, regardless where you live. May you keep fulfilling your mission here, wherever it takes you and your family. Thank you for your videos.
Hagir Saleh
Hagir Saleh Hace 6 meses
جميل ...
Лиза Васильева
Совершенно случайно наткнулась на это видео. Невероятный уют в семье, покой... Этот канал создан для того, чтобы передавать покой зрителям по ту сторону экрана. Большой привет из России! 😊
Refka Naciri
Refka Naciri Hace 11 meses
Hola mamá de Hami! Soy la mamá de dos chicos preciosos, Marcos y Esther. Un saludo desde España 🇪🇸. Felicitar tus vídeos, acabo de descubrir tu canal. Y me gusta mucho y me trae muy buenos recuerdos de cuando mis hijos eran de la edad de Hami. Decirte que cuando me casé hace 22 años no tenía planeado ser ama de casa, quería dedicarme a lo que me preparé, pero... Estoy muy contenta de haberme dedicado a mi familia, haciendo comidas, pasteles, postres... Eso da mucha alegría y satisfacción a nuestras vidas. Y mis hijos no conocen otra cosa y no quieren que cambie. Disfrutan de todas las recetas y son muy agradecidos con todo lo que hago. Ánimo, mamá de Hami. Y muchas gracias por todos los consejos!! 😊 Un fuerte abrazo!! Refka 🙋‍♀️
Brinda Sembaiyan
Brinda Sembaiyan Hace 10 meses
Very timely video for me. We are also searching for a house to buy. And I experience the same thing as you. Your video is so relatable and love ur lines. It’s doesn’t matter which house we live in, only thing that matters is the whether the people living there are happy ❤️ Very true 🥰 Wishing you to get your dream house soon. 🥰🥰🥰
Nadia Oliva
Nadia Oliva Hace 3 meses
Es un hermoso hogar 😍!
cotton n clouds
cotton n clouds Hace 11 meses
I think you're very lucky to have such a serene space. I love how you gave it life, beauty and most importantly happiness!
Tayna Suellen Pinto
Tayna Suellen Pinto Hace 11 meses
Acho que a casa própria é um sonho universal. Todos querem um lar bonito e agradável pra acomodar todos que amamos. Boa sorte, que vc encontre em breve sua casa dos sonhos!
şebnem binal
şebnem binal Hace 6 meses
Evin gerçekten çok güzel,videolarını yeni seyretmeye başladım ve çok sevdim. Temiz ve şık bir sadelik var evinizde ve sizde.Hami çok sevimli bir çocuk.Kültürel olarak yemekler konusunda çok farklıyız😃,damak zevklerimiz de farklıdır sanırım.Ben kore yemeği hiç yemedim.Birgün deneyeceğim.Sizi zevkle izlemeye devam edeceğim hoşcakalın.😘
Anne Gb
Anne Gb Hace 9 meses
Que bella casa! Pero aún más hermosa es su familia! Bien dicen que, el hogar está donde esta el corazón! ❤
Hagir Saleh
Hagir Saleh Hace 6 meses
Areliuks Hace 7 meses
Creo que a todos nos ha pasado por la mente el construir, es lo ideal Nosotros tenemos una casa de interés social que estamos modificando para hacerla más a nuestro gusto, aún así mi esposo la quiere vender en un futuro para construir. Lo único que a mi me gustaría es tener un jardín para que nuestra perrita pudiera correr ☺️
Miss Amber
Miss Amber Hace 4 meses
I'm a junior in college now and I thought of owning a land for myself and build a house into my own satisfaction after landing a regular job. Coming across of this vlog made me rethink about my plans and came to question myself if I'm rushing my pace in life. There is only one thing that I don't want to have in life and that is regretting my decision. Even though I finished watching this video and reading some comments, I am still stuck in a dilemma.
miyoung kim
miyoung kim Hace 7 meses
하이마미님 꼭 원하던 집을 지으실 수 있을껍니다. 영상을 보면서 참 아름다운 사람이라는 생각이 들었어요...^^ 지금처럼 계속 이렇게 예쁘게 사시길 바래요....저도 집 짓고 4년차인데 하이마미님께 배울게 더 많네요...
강남선 Hace 9 meses
이렇게 정성스레 사계를 다 담아 마치 팩트체크 하듯 가감없이 매우 매우 공감가도록 영상 올려주시어 감동하고 감사한 마음 드립니다^^
Amparo Felicitas Gutierrez Muñoz
He tenido mucha suerte en encontrar tus vlogs, me transmiten paz, serenidad. Tienes una hermosa familia.
Ирина Харламова
Спасибо вам за такие прекрасные видео, душа радуется......