How Americans Are Losers In The US-China Trade War

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Understand The US China Trade War
How China Is A Loser In The US-China Trade War
Why Fears Over Huawei & ZTE Are An 'Overreaction'
China and the United States are engaged in a trade war. In 2018, US President Donald Trump imposed a global tariff of 25 per cent on steel - a move that has hurt the American auto industry, including giants like Ford and Generals, as well as SMEs like Action Craft Boats. It is also estimated that 400,000 American jobs could be lost. "The damage which has been done is irreversible," said William Hutton, president of Titan Steel Corporation.
President Trump has also, on Twitter, called on Apple to manufacture iPhones in America at “zero tax”. But Yukon Huang, former World Bank Director for China, and Lawrence Lau of the
Chinese University of Hong Kong, explain why the US would not gain much; and how Samsung could end up being the true winner, not US consumers, if a tariff on imported iPhones is imposed.
US China Trade War: Like American vs English Football
Trump is Being A Bully on China, Says Indonesia’s Former Trade Minister Mari Pangestu
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7 mar 2019






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Emerson Guhiling
Emerson Guhiling Hace 3 horas
How can the americans be the losers when Trump is bringing back industrial jobs to the US that was lost to china in the first place.
icy2 Hace 3 días
Russia, China have our worst possible interests in mind. I predict China will let these sanctions slide until skunk goes away, then react
Bon Koo
Bon Koo Hace 4 días
It's funny to see how American and Chinese hate each other. Because they are like twin brothers
Midnight_ Plaz
Midnight_ Plaz Hace 9 días
They are just phones....Who cares?!
Metal Videos
Metal Videos Hace 9 días
And the greatest theft now is that trump steals money from his own American based companies because of this trade war. He literally have no idea what he is doing. It's funny that still half of the world. And with that I mean western Europe. Still thinks that they are doing good. It's funny how brainwashed people can be.
Claire Z
Claire Z Hace 16 días
Ppl have way too much stereotype and misunderstanding about China. Just go to their country and have a look. It’s whole different than it was pictured by the western media
uber channel
uber channel Hace 18 días
Doesn't seem very right currently, the US has issues but China's issues are ... sorry i don't have anything to measure that right now.
Michael flynn
Michael flynn Hace 28 días
China is doing a wonderful job with their propaganda machine.
Michael Loo
Michael Loo Hace 28 días
Yeah! Rape Donald Trump and his lies. LOL
Gary W.
Gary W. Hace un mes
Stop sending dollars, euros and pounds to Asia before is too late. There is enough cheap areas in US and Europe where to invest. especially in east Europe
Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson Hace un mes
We dont need all that crap anyway, they are burying our people in toxic junk. They have used chemical warfare against us with carfentanyl & fentanyl. Now they are shipping 1000's of tons into Mexico to kill our children. WE DONT WANT CHINA, CHINA WANTS TO KILL OUR CHILDREN.
Akat suki
Akat suki Hace un mes
Good luck U.S.A .....
ong kim
ong kim Hace un mes
China will fuck your asshole slowly and you will love my CHINA
WAN CHENG OOI Hace un mes
trump has fooled these people and farmers. You get what you vote for !!
Izy Cananua
Izy Cananua Hace un mes
Well maybe its time to take it all back home, Maybe its time to see who america really is
Chi Lieu
Chi Lieu Hace un mes
Fuck the US China trade war how about ww3
EDDIE MILLER Hace un mes
Mars Hace un mes
Only dumb ass cock sucker think China will win. China love these low IQ but big mouth. Only dumb love dumber
Lawrence Buck
Lawrence Buck Hace un mes
Fake news!! America is talking control of the situation
God Is Love 3171 Racumu
CNA is just another mouthpiece for CCP government of China .
God Is Love 3171 Racumu
CNA is just another mouthpiece for CCP government of China .
God Is Love 3171 Racumu
God bless president Trump .God bless America .Light will always triumph over darkness .China CCP government will fall before December 2019 !!!!!!!
David Willis
David Willis Hace un mes
Us not buying from companies that employ you does not hurt us. Hurts you dumbasses.
David Willis
David Willis Hace un mes
Ask yourselves how would not buying our products hurt us when you dont buy our products. Our trade sucks so bad the industries that sell our number one and two exports, automobiles and automobile parts, had to be bailed out by our tax dollars. We are the number 1 consumer in the world. Before nafta we where prosperous. So how is forcing american business to pick up to meet a growing demand bad? Bad for the worlds economy bug the world doesnt buy from us anyway. American companies employing American people to make American products governed by our labor laws and regulations is a very very good thing. Go ahead world. Cut us off. See how much it hurts you. You dont contribute to the american economy. You take advantage of it to the point the people dont care about your shit no more. What Nike going to have to quit using slave and child labor and come back home to the world's largest market or go out of business is going to somehow hirt the american worker who they dont employ? No. All americans have to do is look around. All those give mills that use to employ thousands use to do that manufacturing and assembly. Wpuldnt you like to have quality products made under the governance of our laws? Would you not like not the companies but the jobs themselves to reopen and employ our communities again. A competitive market of american business instead of prices being forced up by the global market. Before nafta and the trade deals that crippled many areas due to the jobs leaving we where doing good. Products where at least 50% cheaper sometimes 100 to 200% cheaper. It's not because it cost them more to make it. It cost them way less. They used the global market to jack up prices of the industries our government helped move out of country to line their pockets. Milk 4 dollars. 15 years 400% increase on milk. Use to be a dollar. Why? In our surrounding area we use to have beef and milk cattle farms. I cant name one still open. Why? Because the corporations can bypass our regulations that make it hard on our local farmers to keep open. They cant compete because in other countries they are not tied down by our regulations. Corporate farms robbed family farmers of their land so farms that use to produce food for Americans grows soy for china and it only helps the corporate farmers. Not our people in anyway. Most americans have been hammering our government to become self sufficient. Making trade a luxury instead of a need. We are self sufficient on power, water, oil, defense. Now we need to once again become self sufficient on food and manufacturing like we where in the past. We are not globalist. We are american. It's time that we americans reap the benefits of being the number 1 consumer instead of us being took advantage of by other nations.
raj mohan Dutta
raj mohan Dutta Hace un mes
Sorry boss China recently got independence it can not compete with USA. China became rich at the cost of USA. If USA cut the import anderline China will collapse at very fast rate. Ok American will face some problems but China will disintegrate. China can do whatever bullshiting it can do but it will not help them. And that is truth.
OH Yeh!
OH Yeh! Hace un mes
Let’s open up our own plants in usa -think about it , how hard is it to make a screw ?
OH Yeh!
OH Yeh! Hace un mes
Here is why apple loves $1000 iPhone made in chinA esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ZO9-hlJ5FsQ.html
OH Yeh!
OH Yeh! Hace un mes
Here is a video about iPhone plant in China BEFORE Trump was elected esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ZO9-hlJ5FsQ.html
OH Yeh!
OH Yeh! Hace un mes
Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💕💕
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Hace un mes
This is only part of a much bigger story. US firms are encouraged to go elsewhere which they are doing anyway due to higher cost of labor in China now. This video did not mention that a lot of Chinese goods are purchased by Chinese companies based in the US. They are paying the additional duties. It is not a big deal if a bunch of fasteners have gone up in price. That boating company can source their fasteners from Taiwan if they wanted to where the price and quality would be higher. The Apple iPhone production in China still counts for something there. Any type of jobs or production leaving China hurts it. To say the percentage is small is not the point. This video picks at very selected details and does not look at the big picture. It creates inconveniences for everyone but most of the hurt is on China. The examples in this video are inconveniences that can be remedied over time by US companies by simply leaving China or outsourcing elsewhere. When that happens, China loses and US companies find another developing country to go to. Everyone can see in China that the trade war has impacted the local economy a great deal. High end spending in shopping malls has gone down quite a bit.
James Skaggs
James Skaggs Hace un mes
Communist dogs will piss down your neck and tell you it is raining. Mao Zedong killed over 50 million of his own people. He would put Idi Amin to shame. He served up the dead to feed the starving masses. Part of the reason the Chinese tiger and anteater are almost extinct.
D B Cooper
D B Cooper Hace un mes
Global trade is way to complicated for Trump. His ability to comprehend is on par with a 6th grader, and that's being generous.
CravinMoe Head
CravinMoe Head Hace un mes
Tell me something specific you’re just claiming something and not backing it up at all. Give me something specific so at least I can make an argument. I just disagree that he’s a disaster and I think that’s what his political enemies want you to think about him. You should try to keep that in mind
D B Cooper
D B Cooper Hace un mes
@CravinMoe Head You don't have to take my word for it. Everyone who has worked with him or tried to says he's in over his head. They can't all be wrong. He can barely do real estate. Trade, foreign policy, national security, law, and other issues a president deals with are too much for someone with the limited comprehension Trump has. Trump actually thinks he knows more than the experts on any particular subject. He has said as much several times. He's a disaster.
CravinMoe Head
CravinMoe Head Hace un mes
So there’s no merits in trying to level the playing field for American companies? The economy is booming obviously he knows something about it. America first is what he got elected on and he’s attempting to follow through. Why is that dumb? He’s done great on trade and completely renegotiated terms of trade with many countries. I don’t know how you make this conclusion.
D B Cooper
D B Cooper Hace un mes
@CravinMoe Head Trump doesn't have a clue. You don't have to take my word for it. Ask anyone who's worked for or with him.
CravinMoe Head
CravinMoe Head Hace un mes
Do you even know anything about the policy yourself? I think if you did you’d see why he’s doing it. This video is misleading
Catherine The Second
*this video isn’t true China has more prombles Then America China losing the trade war*
Catnip -
Catnip - Hace un mes
care to expand on that?
Bruce Harvey
Bruce Harvey Hace un mes
Stop buying Chinas shit... Buy Made in the USA..
Atom Nart
Atom Nart Hace un mes
This video was paid for by the Chinese government
Jean Michel Letennier
China has a 4 to 1 disadvantage... this article is dumb
Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan Hace un mes
Your show is f****** stupid you're idiots America will not lose this trade War.
Dr Jc
Dr Jc Hace un mes
Tinting your hair and burning your face every morning is just not enough to be effective, Mr Trump.
Batt Mann
Batt Mann Hace un mes
can I trust a government sponsored news source?
Brandon Liao
Brandon Liao Hace un mes
Amos Teo
Amos Teo Hace un mes
Fake news alert
jojo gem
jojo gem Hace un mes
"how americans are losers in the us-china trade war"... this statement is coming from singporeans chinese, hey ! chinese singaporeans it's not the americans are losers here but your fellow brothers and sisters in mainland china !!
G Ib
G Ib Hace un mes
The greatest theft in the world was the theft of African resources or and the Palestinian land under the pretext of the holocaust in which occured in Europe.
sujamak Hace un mes
China Go to Hell
AsiA I.
AsiA I. Hace un mes
America is not a whitecountry go back to your planet whiteforeigners don't belong here.
Ezel Grier
Ezel Grier Hace un mes
franklin taylor
franklin taylor Hace un mes
...Whatever, the Misguided Public, the Exploited Taxpayers...are Zombies, and the Walking Dead anyways! Americans are Socially Retarded...
Sivaram Sajith
Sivaram Sajith Hace un mes
You asked a Chinese diplomat for advice? 😂😂😂😂😂 pretty obvious what they were gonna say
Saint Louis
Saint Louis Hace un mes
To Mr. Xi (Chinese Communist Party) and Ms. Lam: You do not own China, the Chinese people or the world. Human beings like you just want freedom and a devent life. Do not use your powers to get that away from them. And you have nuclear power, a huge military arsenal and a permanent member of the UN >> do not use it to bully the world and grab propery that other people need for their living. Killing people will not stop the world from the thought that you are liars, bullys and exploiters.
Hung Ho
Hung Ho Hace un mes
Let do it to see who could be survived after the tariff. I saw the China economy went down already, chinese rich people started to withdraw money to buy gold, us currency. Who would be suffering?
Sal Lizandro
Sal Lizandro Hace un mes
Pal Adino
Pal Adino Hace un mes
I admonish you open minded people here that this is a China propaganda channel. Don't believe anything here.
Eric Jing
Eric Jing Hace un mes
lol, CNA is a media station from Singapore--it's known to spread anti-China news and broadcasts. This is the only video I've seen yet that favored China on CNA.
kane quek
kane quek Hace un mes
Obama don’t know how to do against China but trumps know how but action against China was slowing and insufficient effort
kane quek
kane quek Hace un mes
Trumps talking too much but do very less don’t underestimate China it can defeat America as you see the growth in China mainland ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Sal Lizandro
Sal Lizandro Hace un mes
Sal Lizandro
Sal Lizandro Hace un mes
Darko Browno
Darko Browno Hace un mes
Analysis after analysis just continue your trade war we will wait and see who among you loses.
K fly
K fly Hace un mes
If you're not worried about it, let it ride. I don't know where you learned math, but a 3rd grader can figure out China's inhumane slave labor is beneficial to their murdering regime. Americans have pride. We have given China the keys to our businesses, but they are proving they are bad employees that can't be trusted. So we're FIRING you! Go do business with some crappy country that will put up with your bad attitude towards business and life. You suck.
Sila Narodnaya
Sila Narodnaya Hace un mes
Well who in the world buys american lol literally nobody but yanks hahahaha
Magog Hace un mes
Trump is like the plague and those who voted for him are clueless. Their universe is middle America and most have no contact with the rest of the world. Most didn’t leave the US. Ignorance is bliss.
Magog Hace un mes
China is raping the US and Trump single handedly screwing up the WHOLE WORLD. What an illiterate individual. History will not be kind to you moron.
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