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Ewinda Feronika
Ewinda Feronika Hace 3 días
Poong poong is my hopee jhooopeeeee😍😍😍
Jessica Hace 4 días
2:15, 10:37 nhìn mặt Suga cưng xỉu luôn ý. 😍
BTS الامين
BTS الامين Hace 4 días
littlemaster 1
littlemaster 1 Hace 4 días
Hi my name is kayli and I LOVE BTS so so so so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel Hace 5 días
What was happening in 1:05 (what was V doing) and can u tell me where to watch the full version of that if there is one
Karoline Santana
Karoline Santana Hace 5 días
So cute💖
BTS_ARMY for life
BTS_ARMY for life Hace 5 días
I love this video so much 🥺😭💜
Cecii Wong
Cecii Wong Hace 5 días
What the song at the beginning?
クオズ Hace 6 días
Tram Vo
Tram Vo Hace 6 días
Hello JK
Дарья Жавненко
it is their job, not love
edna adaptar
edna adaptar Hace 6 días
1:43 hahahahaha am i seeing this am i the only one who noticed the white subtitles...
Mr. Lindo
Mr. Lindo Hace 6 días
_love u taehyungie_ ~💜
BTSx ARMY Hace 6 días
Which song was it at first ?? I mean 0:01
BTSx ARMY Hace 5 días
@Rachel Nahara Tnx... Borahae😊😊
Rachel Nahara
Rachel Nahara Hace 6 días
Naomy Reyes
Naomy Reyes Hace 7 días
Sinceramente estoy muy agradecida con el staff que siempre cuida de los chicos ( claro, con el debido respeto), se que ese es su trabajo pero lo hacen con tanto esmero que me dan las ganas de hacer las cosas bien
shirley jagonoy
shirley jagonoy Hace 7 días
..i envy those staff because most of the time they can touch,see the bangtan 😂😢 how i wish im the one of them
Alexsandra Batista De Souza Batista
big hit me contrata pela mor de DEUS
Sreya Paul
Sreya Paul Hace 7 días
But I still can't forget when the staff rejected Jungkook's burgers saying they looked like leftovers
Ngân Nguyễn
Ngân Nguyễn Hace 7 días
10:9 NamJoon so cute
Intan Sihotang
Intan Sihotang Hace 7 días
Big Hit the best. Thankyou ❤
Intan Sihotang ,what song is this
Natalia Vergel López
No mames tae tiene una camisa de Nirvana!!!!
Isabella Valverde Mano
2:13 she is really out there living the dream touching something that jungkook puts in his mouth
Fauziah Nur lita
Fauziah Nur lita Hace 7 días
semoga di jauhin sama obat terlarang
Intan Kurniati
Intan Kurniati Hace 8 días
Our lovely Bighit staff, Thanks for your stronger to keep our Bangtannnn.....we're so love and proud of you
Kelly Li
Kelly Li Hace 8 días
Their staff love BTS a lot. That’s way too obvious. Their relationship is no joke
jessica acheampong
jessica acheampong Hace 8 días
They're so cute , who wouldn't love them
jung Jungkookie
jung Jungkookie Hace 8 días
How bts got popular then army and now their staff woooowww
Romaisa Zahra
Romaisa Zahra Hace 20 días
0:18 0:18 0:18 0:18
Bim unkreativ
Bim unkreativ Hace 24 días
Whats song is this? 7:59 - 8:05 I know his voice.. But I don't know the songs name.. Hehe It's my baby's voice but what is the name of the song? 😅💜
Bim unkreativ
Bim unkreativ Hace 24 días
@Fatimazahra Benyachou Thank you, purple u 💜
Fatimazahra Benyachou
Fatimazahra Benyachou Hace 24 días
"Best of me "
Rias Lucy Panuncio
Rias Lucy Panuncio Hace 24 días
Hey can I ask??? What is youtuxx???
I LOVE BTS Hace 24 días
im signing up to be a bts staff member wish me luck
Chim Chim
Chim Chim Hace 25 días
5:50 so cute 😊
katsu poyu
katsu poyu Hace 28 días
9:27 taehyung is so precious omg
sadhika bhatia
sadhika bhatia Hace un mes
I haven’t seen anything cutest than 3.27
Zulfa Fadhlillah
Zulfa Fadhlillah Hace un mes
This is a reason why they grow very big but keep well manner and humble, cause they have been raised so well by the BigHit family with love and care..., such a beautiful family..
Mochi min
Mochi min Hace un mes
we ARMYs are so much grateful for taking care of BTS well
NA my name
NA my name Hace un mes
They respect each other..its ok to be hated by antis, as long as you being love by family and they always there to support you
Bts Army 58
Bts Army 58 Hace un mes
5:46,my heart is melting right now...their staff is the best,I don't think any kpop group or solo artist can get staff like bts does I am so happy right now 😊😊😊😊😊
OT7 Until I Die
OT7 Until I Die Hace un mes
Just came back from Kpop vs. Rude mangers Edit:I love this family 😢💜
NG linah
NG linah Hace un mes
Thanks to all Bighit staff, 💜💜
Ena Shofi
Ena Shofi Hace un mes
Bighit, BTS, and Army ♥
Rinoa Nicole Casuga
*Well my AMBITION is to be a staff of BIGHIT*
Ms대나연 Hace un mes
Aww thank you so much bighit staff for taking care of bts❣
Saydi Hernandez
Saydi Hernandez Hace un mes
1:50 jungkook:I dont want to stand up staff: well let's get rolling. *Meh die out of laughter
수연 Hace un mes
모두의 아름다운 땀과 노력이 훌룡한 아티스트를 만들고 일으켜준거죠 감사합니다 💜💜💜 노고에 깊은 감사를 표합니다!
shah ashraf
shah ashraf Hace un mes
i wanna be a bighit staff but how......
Xue Lee
Xue Lee Hace un mes
Sure they love them without them where got income.
Jikookie Vibes
Jikookie Vibes Hace un mes
Who can’t love BTS?
BTS my hope in life
Jungkook 🤣🤣 2:13
Angela Xu
Angela Xu Hace un mes
Poor Taehyun’s face covers with red sweat! 🥵
Evengilena Gomez
Evengilena Gomez Hace un mes
In 1:10 how innocently n cutely v made his face like a baby going to cry I love that 😘😍😋I just repeat and repeat that part to see his expression wow 😘
Ok Hace un mes
That video with hobi and jimin crying had me crying too omfg😭😭😭😭 I can't STAND it seeing them sad! 💔
Norielle Lising
Norielle Lising Hace un mes
Are you an old or new army? If you're new there's this past issue about BTS staff wherein their staff was about to hit Jungkook. It was caught on cam in Season's Greeting, i forgot which one but if Im guessing right its 2016. But then ARMYs got angry about it and Bighit fired the staff.
Brenda Ibarra
Brenda Ibarra Hace un mes
No me gusta verlos asi 😢
Vedangi Sharma
Vedangi Sharma Hace un mes
This is calls a perfect team big hit n bts the best they really impressed me with their work styles not like typical one caring n hardworking team 👏👏👏👏👏👏💜
I like chez
I like chez Hace un mes
Me: Watches video Also me: casually looks up how to become a makeup artist
salma salma
salma salma Hace un mes
Juliana Skelly
Juliana Skelly Hace un mes
Can they hire me just to give the members massages pls
Szyfa Satria
Szyfa Satria Hace un mes
1:50 Wkwkwk
Nanditanarayan Das
Nanditanarayan Das Hace un mes
When the staff cried after they won it just so soft 😭😭😭
Give me my holy water I chocked on swag Agust D
0:32 Tae was like Kabsamnidaaaaaaaa ( idk how to write it lol)
taehyung is my uwu
taehyung is my uwu Hace un mes
Purple u bighit staff........💜💜😍😍
Belinda Villarente
Belinda Villarente Hace un mes
Ilove their staff. Ilove bngtan
Friday Moratal
Friday Moratal Hace un mes
a big applause to bh's staff.
Kookie Cutie
Kookie Cutie Hace un mes
I love how the staffs take care of them SO well like moms/dads yo ITS TOO CUTE AND I think I might cry🤣💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Precious K19
Precious K19 Hace un mes
Rabi Az
Rabi Az Hace un mes
What video was 0:57 from?
Tasmeena Iqbal
Tasmeena Iqbal Hace un mes
What is the name of song that plays in bg in starting?
Min, Erin
Min, Erin Hace un mes
BTS-Let go
Min, Erin
Min, Erin Hace un mes
Let go BTS
약국과 빅히트의차이점 뭐 가수들 차이는 뽕하고 사업한다고 나대고 여자에 미치고 그러다군대로튀고 이런쓰레기들과 방탄 비교불가
Ima Ramadhina
Ima Ramadhina Hace un mes
I like this worker as a staff
rania gasmi
rania gasmi Hace un mes
We have to put a hashtag #thankyoubighitstaff on twitter to thank those ppl who don't get rest just for bts and army
Emarie Aguila
Emarie Aguila Hace un mes
They are not staff, They are family.
BTS Army
BTS Army Hace un mes
Việt nam?
Reza Uzzal
Reza Uzzal Hace un mes
At 1:50 Love u nonna I'm an nonna also purple u
Iqbal Hossain
Iqbal Hossain Hace un mes
Bighit staff specially cares v junkook
That's Awaseome
That's Awaseome Hace un mes
Nice staff
삽_you got no jams변졍
Pls i want to be their one of staff too like i give tissue or anything for them😀
Sirray Sima
Sirray Sima Hace un mes
A big fat thanks to all the staffs love you so much
Shekinah's Video
Shekinah's Video Hace un mes
big hit staff is so kind to BTS ILOVEIT
Johaira Dy
Johaira Dy Hace un mes
When the staff is crying too because theyre so proud of them 😭😭😭
ot7 forever
ot7 forever Hace un mes
At 4:17 u can see seejin cry in the back above jin .... i am not ok .. my bias seejin dont cry
trung dao
trung dao Hace un mes
taehyung so cute and friendly
Rosèkookbella CyBtae
2:13 😱 O.M.G
sabiya chingtham
sabiya chingtham Hace un mes
Big hit staff crying when bts got their 1st win as if they were the one who won...stan the staff🤟🤟
Irene Rudas
Irene Rudas Hace 2 meses
Shh*t 2:14 that moment goshhhh
Laura Calpena Pradera
En el min 2:05 se puede apreciar a Shinra, para los q sigan fire force :3
yuigo Hace 2 meses
They worked hard together, it's like a big family, they share the same feeling, they too know each others effort to reach this place, salute
Regina kim
Regina kim Hace 2 meses
So when is Bighit family concert? Lol
Diamond Dandy
Diamond Dandy Hace 2 meses
What’s the song at 0:19?
PLOY PLOY Hace 2 meses
Thank you for made this video , keep going ! 🥰
bleshiieee Hace 2 meses
just came here b4 bts cb and persona mv releaseeee
FancyYouPersona Hace 2 meses
Why is nobody talking about Hoseok and the Japanese dancers JDOIHIEEEFIHIWEF
ѕιιмρlу кαуlα
0:48 to the girl who took the tissue with *v's sweat on it* : You have been b l e s s e d.
Games and FF
Games and FF Hace 2 meses
Just staff take care bts but managers i dont think so!!
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon Hace 2 meses
Awww Bighit family ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
M0M0R0 Hace 2 meses
I love how the BigHit staff treat Bangtan Their are family
bangtan &army
bangtan &army Hace 2 meses
Staff....I love them
sh ch
sh ch Hace 2 meses
Jk Love ~♡♡
Army and Blink Anime and FOOD
Awww I luv that girl , *respect* 4:29
Justín Delgado
Justín Delgado Hace 2 meses
Para Ji-Min el efecto patito😂❤️❤️❤️
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