How BTS knows literally everything about each other

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the fact that they can distinguish each others' smells, breathing, and the ATMOSPHERE is unreal to me

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BTS's mic handling is UNREAL, try to keep up:

When Hobi switches to dance teacher mode:


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7 oct 2021






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SugArmyy Hace un mes
4:20 who gets the gojo reference here ? 🙋🏻‍♀️
A weird girl
A weird girl Hace 5 días
I don’t..
Hal Hace 15 días
Bruh I thought that said 'Jojo' and I was like Wait a damn minute-
AlmondMilk🌸 Hace 25 días
I can’t I’m died laughing my eyes out 😂😂
BonBon Galman
BonBon Galman Hace un mes
Chan is FOive
Chan is FOive Hace un mes
if gabby
if gabby Hace 3 horas
5:52 omg :(
Love yourself And stay positive
Gojo as jimin 😌 Jimin as gojo 😩✨
kiana davis
kiana davis Hace 12 horas
That's so weird to have spent that much time with someone
vimpy vij
vimpy vij Hace 19 horas
Omg! There future partners gonna be so jealous the way they love each other is so beautiful 😎
cche16 Hace un día
KC Burdeos
KC Burdeos Hace un día
8:33 is so hilarious. I can't with this cuteness
atano9 winner
atano9 winner Hace un día
Funny moments 0:54 and pause the see JIN'S face here 5:06
Spiehat Hace un día
Why is Suga wearing that and where can I watch the whole video🥺🙆 it‘s too cute-
Melody Hace un día
When it came to Namjoon vrs Taehyung I already knew he'd easily find his kid.
BTS fan
BTS fan Hace un día
this is crazy
Ridhi Hace 2 días
7:02 where I can get the full video
MELD Hace 2 días
The smell your partner game is so funny. They are like cute handsome puppy smelling their owner. 😁
Yun Hera
Yun Hera Hace 2 días
And that's why I always loyal with this family *big hug*
Waseem Khan
Waseem Khan Hace 3 días
EvenPotÆto Hace 3 días
8:50 can someone attach the link for this interview?
Barbara Grubb
Barbara Grubb Hace 4 días
Love bts
Barbara Grubb
Barbara Grubb Hace 4 días
Love bts
ItsSushi Hace 4 días
Why ain't no one talking abt how cute yoongi looks in the RJ costume 🤧
Nur Hessa Mahrunnisaa
I'm happy that they're amazingly know each other
Teejay Hace 4 días
9;16 I just thought about how he smiled at the James Cordon street performance thingy when a fan screamed, "Taehyung, I love youuuu!!"😭💀 that's sweet honestly
Jhitelyn Catajay
Jhitelyn Catajay Hace 5 días
10:29 Jimin is cute when he call Namjoon "Hyung, Hyung"😍😍 Ansarap mong iuwi Jiminah😍😍
dung le
dung le Hace 5 días
Russia War with Ukraine | Ukraine's civil war for nearly a decade has no end esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-g0eETIx11rU.html
Twisha Vicente
Twisha Vicente Hace 5 días
Ermelinda Vàzquez
Ermelinda Vàzquez Hace 7 días
10:10 WWH written in the corner of JIN's white board😂😂
Judy Aura
Judy Aura Hace 8 días
“Just business relationship” they said…
BTS_TXT_BP Hace 8 días
8:41 jungkook is me and my parents are jimin
Rukhsana Amir
Rukhsana Amir Hace 9 días
Hey please come Pakistan 🇵🇰 bts i realy want to meet with you specially with v and jungkook😀
Riya A
Riya A Hace 10 días
Which episode is the one to find the members blindfolded?
ur end (smile plzz)
ur end (smile plzz) Hace 11 días
I don't know why but I love bts soooooo muccccchhh even I don't know how to describe my feelings for them that how much I like them their everything attracts more to like them
Everythin Hace 13 días
Bro some of that 1M views are cuz of me. Like I have seen this video literally lakhs of time
Oppo Reno
Oppo Reno Hace 13 días
Where is 5:15 6:15 8:00 8:15 8:50 10:45 11:06 from ? Please anyone answer me 🥺 a new army ask helping
TheGreendaystalker Hace 14 días
Namjoon: I went to the hospital couple days ago. Which hospital did I go to? Suga: Which day? I'm sorry that just cracked me up.
Gale Gabriella
Gale Gabriella Hace 14 días
Hobi's smile in 5:51 is so handsome! Our sunshine is so good looking hmm
kanishka bhawar
kanishka bhawar Hace 16 días
Let's not forget that V found his soulmate Jimin instead!! And Jungkook was acting like a kid who hates traveling when he said "you could watch it on the internet" and Jimin grabbed him like a mother who is used to controlling a kid in public.
BTS ARMY Hace 16 días
My favorite bts 💓
Ned Nathan
Ned Nathan Hace 17 días
The fact that you'll are talking bout bts I'm only amazed how the owner of the account works so hard on the edits and you guys don't say wow
~ Hace 19 días
Omg! Thanks for the shout-out! Hasn't checked yt in a while:(
Gab Hace 20 días
this is an INCREDIBLE video 🥺 they're really fated to be a family
Wow !
Wow ! Hace 20 días
Where can I find all of the videos you get clips from? Do they have other channels on ESvid or?
Raman Kumar
Raman Kumar Hace 21 un día
6: 3 i also give the same answer!💜💜as jin
Riceish Hace 22 días
I lost it when Yoongi predicted jhopes reaction to the fireworks 😂😂😭 spot on
weekly idol fun
weekly idol fun Hace 25 días
I lost it at firework moment loool
Sneh Datt
Sneh Datt Hace 25 días
You boys are amazing. Love live and laugh always. Keep thriving don't let any obstacles stop you. Hold your head high and keep moving forward. Don't let anyone crush your dreams. That's your achievement and your hard work, Hold on to it all the way.
Shmiti Mohapatra
Shmiti Mohapatra Hace 27 días
Taehyung🐱 calling jungkook his baby, my hEaRtU is melting😍, He indeed is everyone's baby 🐇🐰
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Hace 28 días
8:56 could someone please tell me where this clip is from?
JiminTae Hace un mes
Sammie J.
Sammie J. Hace un mes
The fact that they can guess eachother by smell is so impressive to me. BUT THEN I have to remember they've all been together for 8 years now 🤣
Cha Cha Onwochei
Cha Cha Onwochei Hace un mes
The “peak Gen z behavior” got me
fAkE CaKe FaKe cAkE
11:12 ahahhahahahaah
Hua. Cheng. ☂️🩸
Bts has such a unique bond that not a lot of people have with each other! I’ve known my sisters since my whole life the day I was born till now and I still can’t figure out the difference between them when it comes to this kinda stuff 😆👌
taehyungDea Ramacintaloveyou
Kejon-nae McDove
Kejon-nae McDove Hace un mes
WOW they know each other very well 👏
Ranji Hace un mes
I am able to guess who it is just by their steps whatever it's my dad brother other brother mom.
Ranji Hace un mes
Strict parents teach us discipline and we know who it is by the steps
Kristah Ahmira Alipao
Many facts of jin JINiuse and leJINdery that's why his my bias
niemandskind Hace un mes
At 2:00 - what show/episode is this from?
Djdt Sheg
Djdt Sheg Hace un mes
T i r e d  w e e b  g u r l -__-
T i r e d  w e e b  g u r l -__-
I'm watching this through my iPad dsdkjjj
Dolmen Hace un mes
Bts is kinda generic imo
bts army blackpink blink
Haha btw is some times funny
Kamila Espinosa
Kamila Espinosa Hace un mes
in 10:28 Jimin looks so happy when he guessed it right. His cute baby mochi behaviour makes me love him even more, the joy in his eyes too....so cute😍🥺☺
sweet creature
sweet creature Hace un mes
please my minimoni heart! Jimin was so excited when he got the answer correct at 10:34
Suhana and Payel Mukherjee
Army knows about them tooo !! 😡
Journey with Dr Slee
I love this,their bond is on another level,they genuinely love each other like even I can't choose a true bias they all just awesome 💜
Sweet Popcorn
Sweet Popcorn Hace un mes
My baby might smell something weird at night. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
tammy camilleri
tammy camilleri Hace un mes
I'm pretty new to learning about BTS, where are the clips from their visit to Malta from? That's where I'm from :) I feel like I'm missing out on a whole load of content, I don't know where to start
Britain! f0ckin return our money
When you get really close with someone you start to play games like them. For eg. Ne and my best friend will always make the same sign in rock paper scissors like for the first 4-5 times
Ymiiiks Hace un mes
2:50 what's the video pls ?
Irl_hwanghyunjin Hace un mes
Me being a little tiny baby army and just watching these funny videos: 👁👄👁
Fariya Art
Fariya Art Hace un mes
OK so this is going to be a long text. But I would really like you to read it and kinda help me to figure out. So basically, I am a BTS fan right now. I don't consider myself an ARMY YET cause I don't want to rush through it and without even knowing all the members well and listening to their musics and understanding it. So I discovered bts In February this year and it was mostly because at first I wasn't that much into kpop but instead I love kdramas and so everytime in the comments section I used to see comments such as ´´Any ARMY here. Thats how I wanted to know what does Army meant and why people where talking about it that much. I actually though it was like the country army or something. But whatever, then I discovered bts and I listened to one of their songs and I actually liked their songs but to be honest I didnt felt their song that much maybe because of some of the Korean language but that doesn't matter though. Then after some weeks i found out that bts write songs that are meanful and related to depression, anxiety, and all the mental health stuff... then I gave them another try to their songsand this time with subtitles and actually I really liked their songs and thtas how i wanted to know more about them and became interested to know them more and their music. whenever i discover one of their songs it just sticks to my head for like a week. Then I wanted to know more about who they actually are and so one time i got a try not to laugh video of bts recommended on yt. I clicked on it and literally i wanted more of the those videos. And so one I watched the interviews they did, the concerts they had, the lives and so on. And actually i literally fell in love with their personalities, the way they love each other and their fans, the way they are so caring and loving but at the same time serious and savage is what made me love them even more. After all that all i remember is that i couldn't get over them. Everyday i used to listen to their songs and what interviews they had and just discover more of them, and never get tired of them. It was really weird as Im a person who gets tired of something if I over do it and that was definitely not the case with bts. Now to the actual point. Since may and so forward my anxiety levels were so increasing. I've been having anxiety for more than a year but just after May I was going through a lot mostly because of exams and family issues. And just after summer starts. We didn't had any plan for the summer. All i did during summer was to watch kpop, bts, and all that. I remember i was telling my mom that I'm studying on my laptop but actually i was just watching bts and kpop. and yes I'm an introvert, to be honest way more introvert that you may think of. I have a huge social anxiety and that the first reason i started to watch kdramas because i literally wanted to escape from this world and to not think about those negative thoughts in my mind. And so watching all the things about kpop, bts, blackping, stray kids, twice and kdramas.... was just a way of me trying to not know the real world of where I'm living. Then school started and i knew that I had to work hard in order to you know get good grades and make parents proud and all this and that which is the world that we live in. Butsomehow i was getting distracted really easy. I used to plan to just go to yt and social media for 1 hour a day but ending up being there for the whole day after I was back from school. I really started to feel guilty about myselfof not trying my best to to well in my academics. And you may not know but I do have low self esteem so it made me feel way more guilt. And right now I{m having a school term holiday and I literally can't control myself of not watching kop, mostly bts. I guess i fell in love with them too much that now It seems like a drug or medicine that you can't live without. I don't know how to understand my feeling. So what I did was to go and search reasons to hate bts and trust me it was the only option that i thought will at least make me stop thinking about them all the time. And i found so many stuff from ex armys. They were telling reasons they are not armies ( I found this on QUORA just if you wanted to know) such as because of the toxic fandom but actually i dont't care about how toxic the fandom is as I'm a fan of bts nor the fandom. Another were like because they wear makeup and seem to be gay. but actually that was really racist of them in my opinion. belive everyone has the rights to wear what they want. And i was more interested in their personalities than hoe they look or what they wear or they races. Then i also saw people saying that they are overrated and that many kpop groups are better than them or if not the same level but they are always overrated. And to be hosted my opinion on that would be that I do think that there are other good kpop groups such as blackpink, stray kids is also one of my favorite, twice, exo, got7 and so on. I know that bts have the meaningful lyrics but I also saw meaningful lyrics on other kpop songs to be honest. Also that they are not the only ones who have to go though hardships to become successful, if you don't know many other artist go through the same and something way more. Now I'm not saying that bts is overrated and they should not be the top group but I'm just saying my opinion and I hope you respect it. My reason for all this long text was to get some kind of feedback if i should stop watching kpop or bts as have too much obsession with them and I'm scared it will impact my studies but also i want to. and it literally feels like medicine which if you don't watch you will become sick. Please let me know what to do with my obsession with kpop mostly bts, as I'm feeling really guilty of not doing anything but just watching bts and procastionating all the time. I hope to hear from all of you. ALSO ONE IMPORTANT THING, I DON'T WANT FAN WARS OR ARMYS BEING TOXIC PLEASE!!!! AS I WILL RESPECT YOUR FEEDBACK PLEASE SO DO YOU RESPECT MY OPINIONS ON THIS TEXT. thank you for reading hope you help me. hahah
bangtansupremacy Hace un mes
essie 💜
essie 💜 Hace un mes
Why do they know the smells of each others hands 😭😭😭😭
Laura Northway
Laura Northway Hace un mes
11:11 The way she just disappears at the end😂
Nora Zeisse
Nora Zeisse Hace un mes
“It smells sweet. Jin?” 😭😭😭😭😭
payal bts
payal bts Hace un mes
We are BTS army👍
Alishay Ahmed
Alishay Ahmed Hace un mes
DAEBAK!!! How can they know each other so well 😳😩❤️ been living with my family for 23 years but none of us know each other this well
seokjun Hace un mes
I was wondering if someone can let me know what the outro song is, please and thank you😭💜
Danielle Bennis
Danielle Bennis Hace un mes
This video is so funny
Sajnin Yeasmin
Sajnin Yeasmin Hace un mes
One of the reasons they live together more then 7year....they look like one soul in 7different bodies
yokshii chicago
yokshii chicago Hace un mes
I died when they discussed jhope's underwear one is saying should I guess the band color and the other said no you should guess the overall color and the other said I already saw it-☠☠☠
Bhakti Kulkarni
Bhakti Kulkarni Hace un mes
Actual videos in this video ...anyone send
Sunset Hace un mes
Poor Suga can’t use the toilet in peace.
Madison Fuentes
Madison Fuentes Hace un mes
Jimin was so cute when they were guessing what hospital rm went to over the weekend 🥰😭
Alex Hace un mes
why did namjoon go to the hospital does anyone know is he ok
Mubashir M
Mubashir M Hace un mes
Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson Hace un mes
They remind me of my siblings and I. My sister sneezed in the bathroom across from my room and I called out her name and she was like “how did you know?”
seokjin's gf
seokjin's gf Hace un mes
Jin will be singing an OST for upcoming k-drama "Jirisan". This is his 1st solo project so lets give all the love..Jin deserves it!💝 Pls take a minute to follow Jin's official Spotify profile 💞
Angelic Knight
Angelic Knight Hace un mes
Dang bts is smart as hell especially jungkook cause he smart as hell
Om Shob
Om Shob Hace un mes
Nabeeha Hussain
Nabeeha Hussain Hace un mes
Vegetative Bones
Vegetative Bones Hace un mes
Which episode is this please
Felmarich Dagohoy
Felmarich Dagohoy Hace un mes
When V is trying to suppress his laugh when JIMIN walked past him and Namjoon is LT.
💚Jung Min🖤
💚Jung Min🖤 Hace un mes
11:05 wooooooowwwww!!! 😮
can you not look here
y'all this is FREAKY
Petruța Ungureanu
Petruța Ungureanu Hace un mes
What's the name of the intro song you have? 🥺
Wolf Hace un mes
I wanna have a bond like that some day
Random person
Random person Hace un mes
This shows how Closely they r connected to eachother ♥️ I love them
celebrity vines
celebrity vines Hace un mes
Beverly Levi
Beverly Levi Hace un mes
8:35 JK is me to a T! Lol!!
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