How Can Palpatine Still be Alive For EPISODE 9?

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We take a look at how Emperor Palpatine (Lord Sidious) can still be alive so many years after his Death on the 2nd Death Star. We also discuss who we think we lead the First Order.
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19 oct 2018






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Comentarios 3 658
Boris Gvozdic
Boris Gvozdic Hace 13 horas
Thats why there should be one creator of trilogy we seen great movies fall apart because of multiple directors and their agendas (almost all cuz dizney bought the rights to make them ) like many marver heroes movies
Miles McGrew
Miles McGrew Hace 19 horas
The way I understood it was that it had been relatively implied that Snoke was more of an opportunist, and without any deeper background we are left to just take that as being the vague way he took over the First Order. Now, it would make sense that if Palpatine needed decades to heal himself or bring himself back to even moderate power, that he was fine staying in hiding and letting this Snoke person, maybe the power he sensed, run the FO until he was ready to come back. This only makes sense if the Sheev we get is a Sheev in the flesh or a Sheev possessing someone either directly (Valkorian style) or indirectly (Momin's mask).
aaron lanier
aaron lanier Hace un día
Palpetine comes back and kylo's commitment to "finish what Vader started" is to destroy the empire (empire), not rebuild it.
Kingdom of Gamers
Kingdom of Gamers Hace un día
Can we all stop bashing Rian johnson now please? This is just childish now.
Bill the Destroyer of Worlds
Kylo Ren can't be the main bad guy? I thought that was the main point at the end of The Last Jedi. I think Palpatine is probably dead, but he's exerting power through the Force... along with Luke. That seemed like the point of the trailer.
MisterMellow's Hace 2 días
Educated guess for the win. 👍
Bhavik Shankar
Bhavik Shankar Hace 2 días
whats 2pac doing @8:14
Ink Dreams
Ink Dreams Hace 2 días
He’d never reach the centre reactor, that’s not how gravity works.
César Guamán
César Guamán Hace 3 días
So what if that ancient sith ritual of sacrificing thousands of lives to be preserve as a force ghost was performed by palpatine and he is trapped in the remains of the Death Star? (where he performed the ritual before dying)
Marinus van Zyl
Marinus van Zyl Hace un día
What if the millions of victims of the first Death Star, and Empire soldiers and crew on the death star being killed as the 2nd Death Star exploded WAS the ritual needed for Palpatine essence to be preserved?
Mishael Benjamin
Mishael Benjamin Hace 3 días
if hes alive then anakin must be alive
Cody C.K.
Cody C.K. Hace 3 días
Tupac is spitting some rhymes with Yoda on Dagobah. and Then Yoda hosts the most epic rap battle across the galaxy.
Cody C.K.
Cody C.K. Hace 3 días
7-7:04 Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace in 5 seconds
DanRage47 Hace 3 días
Pretty sure TLJ was designed to ignore all that happened in Star Wars. Rian Johnson is deranged, and did what he did entirely for fun and to piss people off. And now that a lot of this destruction and decisions will be undone entirely, he doesn't care. Utterly horrible person. Bloody balloon head.
Jackson Stallings
Jackson Stallings Hace 3 días
I think palpatine used a more powerful version of force ghost (like Luke used at the end of the last Jedi) when Vader threw him off the exhaust shaft because he sensed Vader would betray him but wanted to give it a try
Marinus van Zyl
Marinus van Zyl Hace un día
Or he knew he was going to do, but not by which hand (Luke or Vader or both), so he had a backup plan on standby just in case? That seems like the thing Palpy as a schemer would do?
Andres Pichinte
Andres Pichinte Hace 4 días
Because Disney. They ruined everything star wars for me.
333 Hace 4 días
Calob Adams
Calob Adams Hace 4 días
That was a low blow on Qui-Gon 😂😂😂
Lish Lash
Lish Lash Hace 4 días
Snoke was Palpatine's Force projection. Kylo's "betrayal" of Snoke was staged for Rey's benefit. Likewise the phony skirmish against Snoke's Red Guards, staged to finesse Rey into fighting alongside Kylo. The Red Guards were Force projected by Palpatine as well. Anything Luke can do, Palpatine can do better
Marinus van Zyl
Marinus van Zyl Hace un día
Well, since we literally see Snoke's upper body flop down onto the floor of his throne room and we see lightsaber impacts on physical flesh and armor in the throne room fight, they can't be Force projections. When Kylo tried to run Luke through, his lightsaber went straight through like a stick into water would. Consider that it might have been a ploy by Palpy using Snoke as his bait to see who would betray who... that's a real interesting proposition and fits into his natural talent for using other people to take care of his problems or seek out threats and eliminating them for his benefit or just plain sowing discontent and letting various factions duke it out?
t Snyder
t Snyder Hace 4 días
He’s a force goast
Rich R
Rich R Hace 4 días
Disney screwed this franchise.
bigbake132 Hace 4 días
Who cares
Snapdragon 9600
Snapdragon 9600 Hace 4 días
Only if Palpatine kicks the crap out of emo boy ren. Puppies are about rens speed.
Johhny Adams
Johhny Adams Hace 4 días
Don’t slaughter puppies....it’s not nice :/
Johhny Adams
Johhny Adams Hace 4 días
Chicago galaxy
Chicago galaxy Hace 4 días
lol tupac
MaxedZerkerBlondy Hace 4 días
"Palpy Mc Scrotum Face" xD
Coby Hudson
Coby Hudson Hace 4 días
Can you tell me why when kenobi died his entire body disappeared yet not for any other Jedi!
Damian Crawford
Damian Crawford Hace 2 días
Luke’s body also disappeared so not sure what you want to know.
charlesdcw1990 Hace 4 días
Everything is proceeding as he has foreseen.
LiveAnotherAnime Hace 5 días
Jar Jar was the real Sith Lord and brought him back.
shorey40 Hace 5 días
There are always two... Oh the irony. For some reason you always stick up for jj. Throwing Rian under the bus is fair, but jj was an executive producer for last jedi, and he did introduce the series as an unoriginal shit show with force awakens. There are always two, and he did introduce snoke and kylo, so adding palpatine is still a shit show.
JACCO20082012 Hace 5 días
A new hope. I see what you did there.
Mythic Hace 5 días
The Admiral part had me in tears, man.
nickmov2000 Hace 5 días
good call man
Alberto Secundino
Alberto Secundino Hace 5 días
This Video is trash, just click bait
George Suzuki
George Suzuki Hace 5 días
If palpatine didn’t die in that fucking fall then mace windu is definitely alive and is a sith
Halopatato Hace 5 días
Come on man not the puppies
Mark Kroberger
Mark Kroberger Hace 5 días
Disney is taking ideas from 'DARK EMPIRE', with revealing that Palpatine had created clones of himself, in the event of his death. As for the "space chase", no one expected that the issue of 'fuel' would ever be a problem, as well as the fact that the First Order had the ability to track them, so with a fuel problem, they had to make a choice- jump one more time then fight, or try and stand and fight now, And then, you have the Snoke issue, of which is only by the Rule Of Two that people should realize what happened. Some Sith live a long time (like Palpatine), and some fall rather quickly (like Vindican of game 'The Old Republic', and in this film, Snoke). Yes, Snoke and Kylo Ren do not refer themselves as 'Sith', but they are darkside welders and more than likely still follow Sith code of the Rule Of Two. Now, Kylo Ren is the master, unless he finds Palpatine, and then becomes 'his' new apprentice.
Muse Russell23
Muse Russell23 Hace 5 días
Ryan johnson was horrible
lX Reddin Xl
lX Reddin Xl Hace 5 días
LMAO the 2pac force ghost
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus Hace 5 días
It is known by many that Sheev Palptine was the apprentice of Darth Plagueous The Wise, which is true. It is also known by many that Darth Plagueous could cheat death and create life through the force, which is also true. During the opera scene in The Return of the Sith, Palpatine explains Plagueous to Anakin, and also said, “he taught his apprentice everything he knew”, basically meaning that Plagueous taught Palpatine how to cheat death and create life within the force. That being said, Palpatine also said only a Sith could learn this power. Palpatine, being a Sith and in this case knowing how to create life and cheat death, must have created a new form of himself after his fall within the Death Star through the force, returning to the new trilogy
Richard Daborn
Richard Daborn Hace 5 días
How can papa Papltine come back: Force Ghost. Video over NEXT.
Star Wars History Archives
Another big problem, allen, is Rian Johnson's overall direction of episode 8.
Em P
Em P Hace 5 días
bring palpatine and solo back !
Lazarus Hace 5 días
I say who cares. Why care at all? The Directors don't, the producers don't and Disney does not either. It's why they are content to crap on the entire Star Wars legacy and insult those that take up legitimate issue. It's a badly written sociopolitical mishmash of underdeveloped garbage that no one should consider spending their hard earned money to go see.
The system
The system Hace 5 días
He isn’t alive, everyone calm down and think about all the other possible reasons that laugh could be there
Nitheras Entertainment
Snoake is a plapatine clone
Raptor Hace 5 días
Plot force.
M C Hace 5 días
You killed Snoke, you get no villains for the next movie. That's why
Neltins Hace 6 días
LOL DID ANyone else come here thinking this was a brand new video made after trailer release? Hilarious
JPRO1400 P
JPRO1400 P Hace 6 días
He cant be. Disney just has shity writers that can come up with any new ideas.
dcorgan777 Hace 6 días
You lost me when you said "king whatever." Tolkien's universe makes Star Wars look like an episode of Seinfeld! I love SW, but there's no comparison!
loulakion Hace 6 días
well read theory, horrible intro ...
Michael Bohunita
Michael Bohunita Hace 6 días
Anakin, obi won, yoda, and 2pac (8:13). 😂😂😂😂
nortran11 Hace 6 días
It's already been established that clone technology is available in this universe. A whole army of a single dude fought for the republic.....why can't a clone of Palpatine exist?
Rick Chyczewski
Rick Chyczewski Hace 6 días
as much as folks ripped lucas for the prequels and rotj they are far above what disney has done with 7 and 8. I still could care less about kylo ren or whatever his name is. He is a terrible villain.
Archibald Whitwerr
Archibald Whitwerr Hace 6 días
Good foresight. You may have been right about this.
Ben Bowker
Ben Bowker Hace 6 días
Disney ruined star wars
Romuel the Knight
Romuel the Knight Hace 6 días
Is it Alan or Allan?
Necroglobule Hace 6 días
He's not. Palpatine is dead as disco. If Ian McDiamid is in the movie, it's been confirmed that there's a scene where Rey has a vision. He'll most likely be part of that. Not in the flesh.
Casual Bularchy
Casual Bularchy Hace 6 días
I mean palpatine, is really the only one that can be the major villain. Besides if J.J Abrams brings back the clone palpatine arc from legends and have it make sense. I doubt it will be done tho
Guanfei Hace 6 días
You know what that reminds me? It's the same plot as the Star Wars MMO. They beat the emperor, but the emperor doesn't die and end up making another empire, even more powerful.
Eazy Official
Eazy Official Hace 6 días
Sooooooo... no ones gonna say anything about Tupac being a Jedi
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Hace 6 días
What if Rey was created by Palpatine so he can transfer his eccense to her body or maybe he didn't create her but just generally wants to transfer his eccense to her body but couldn't do that until Snoke died.
V the PRO
V the PRO Hace 6 días
this vid was dope !
Viral Killer
Viral Killer Hace 6 días
He shouldn't be... but they will find a way
Novaximus Hace 6 días
Easy, the power of the dark side. So strong that it has been rumored one can even cheat death.
Michael Linford
Michael Linford Hace 6 días
I think General Hux is a clone of Palpatine. Have done since I first heard him speak in episode 7... Palpatine's 'spirit' takes over Hux's body and boom!
better late than never
Plagues would still have been a better choice. He also had ties to the Prequels which links them with the of Trilogy through the Emperor.
Bradley Antkiewicz
Bradley Antkiewicz Hace 6 días
Tupac with the force ghosts took this video from a 10 to an 11. Thank you 😂
neoflo22 Hace 6 días
*Spoilers Ahead! Leaks of The movie have already made way to The internet. Stop now if you don't want to know. The synopsis of Episode 9 is Rey and the crew are bouncing from planet to planet looking for a secret transmitter that will broadcast the message of Luke Skywalker to the rest of the universe. Palpatine is a hologram that essentially helped turn kylo Ren to the dark side as well. So basically it's one big space Goonies Adventure where the crew is bouncing from planet to planet fighting aliens, the Knights of Ren, just to get a transmitter to broadcast a message. There are no real big twist in the movie there are no huge pulls from Canon. There you have it folks that's the big idea for the ending of a 40-year franchise. Please leave the toilet seat up because there will be plenty of others after you that are going to be taking a piss on this abomination. If you thought it couldn't get worse then the Last Jedi you were wrong.*
Nico Reveco
Nico Reveco Hace 6 días
What a dick 😂...... Johnson i mean
Jeremiah G
Jeremiah G Hace 7 días
You just gained a sub
RpgBlaster Hace 7 días
Nope he wont be in episode 9 they used the laugh sound for something else maybe they will confirmed the darth jar jar theory ? finaly ? the ultimate sith lord
Mr Enigma
Mr Enigma Hace 7 días
I'm still of the personal belief that the main villain is Plagueis.
Justin Elliot
Justin Elliot Hace 7 días
James Earl Jones is still alive as well...maybe Vader's(not Anakin) spirit s still lurking around the cosmos.
Disgusted Dedede
Disgusted Dedede Hace 7 días
Jamie Hubbard
Jamie Hubbard Hace 7 días
well someone at Generation Tech is either a gypsy or a time traveler. lol Nice call!
El Greco
El Greco Hace 7 días
You sound like a confederate asian from Texas son xD
Kushimaru Kuriarare
Kushimaru Kuriarare Hace 7 días
I think Aniken was cloned
Retro dealer 64#
Retro dealer 64# Hace 7 días
Kylo Ren has a human horse🐴 face.
william dechant
william dechant Hace 7 días
"In the end, the Emperor does exactly what Ben did, he can also transform himself." - George Lucas quote during story conference, Making of The Empire Strikes Back, page 24.
Floyds high heels
Floyds high heels Hace 7 días
He shouldn’t be but the new movies are so shit they need old characters back
William M Want
William M Want Hace 7 días
fucking nerds
EP114587 Hace 7 días
Because it’s a movie and writers can add or remove what they please. Fascinating isn’t it?
Sir Dickenstein.
Sir Dickenstein. Hace 7 días
DankAssVibes Hace 7 días
He'll be a force ghost to Kylo but not the antagonist cause his last clone body died when han solo killed him but solo is dead so everything would be scrambled but exited for the movie
Mom Fears My Music
Mom Fears My Music Hace 7 días
Damn, dude. You nailed it 8 months ago!
Leonardo Hernandez
Leonardo Hernandez Hace 7 días
Damn.. you called it..
Tyler Eldridge
Tyler Eldridge Hace 7 días
Well done. Called it!
Jonah Reimer
Jonah Reimer Hace 7 días
Kills favourite character in the universe, brings back the enemy that the best character was supposed to defeat... Makes sense...
Jeff Arab
Jeff Arab Hace 5 días
+Jonah Reimer yes true maybe palpatine will be like a ghost or a reminder in dearh star scene
Jonah Reimer
Jonah Reimer Hace 6 días
+Jeff Arab True, but I think it defeats the purpose of Luke and his father bonding and defeating their enemy...
Jeff Arab
Jeff Arab Hace 6 días
Well now we know he can create new life like plagus said palpatine is made again
Wario Hace 7 días
I think Kylo Ren's action scene from the trailer is him and the First Order taking over a territory. I predict he will rebuild the mask when he hears of Rey's whereabouts.
Jack Long
Jack Long Hace 7 días
1; in the trailer it sounded like Snoke to me. 2; I think that Snoke was Sidious’s son. I think the Emperor knew that Darth Vader would never be able to reach his full potential, and so he had a son, in the hopes of one day replacing Vader. But of course I could be entirely wrong, 😊.
Francisco del Valle Ojeda
Hes older than Palpatine, in fact in akt tho theres an ancient mural with him drawn. Jj at his time said he was older than Palpatine.
Kevin Romero
Kevin Romero Hace 7 días
Easy!.....Rey is actually the bad guy.
Stop Code Zero Echo
Stop Code Zero Echo Hace 7 días
Don't forget that Darth Bane mastered the ritual of essensce transfer from Darth Undedu's holocron and both Plaugius and Sidious were decendants of Bane's sith order so it's not completely impossible for Sidious to have escaped death.
fercho kn
fercho kn Hace 7 días
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ + desesperación + falta de imaginación + sjw con retraso mental - han & luke muertos = star wars 9 para el wc y las caras de zombies de esos aficionados que no tienen la más mier%%$%& idea de lo que significa starwars
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Hace 7 días
Someone from Disney must have watched this video. Ha ha
K ris
K ris Hace 7 días
Best plan would be episode 8 was Finn’s ER tank dream
ChanCeNecK Hace 7 días
Kylo Ren is borderline psychotic....
Rich Garcia
Rich Garcia Hace 7 días
Wow... So we know Lucas Film watches this channel....
炎Kuraiji Hace 7 días
Used spirit transfer
Yarnball G
Yarnball G Hace 7 días
He looks soooo gooddd in the thumbnail
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