How Can Palpatine Still be Alive For EPISODE 9?

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We take a look at how Emperor Palpatine (Lord Sidious) can still be alive so many years after his Death on the 2nd Death Star. We also discuss who we think we lead the First Order.
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19 oct 2018

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Comentarios 3 504
Jonathan Stiles
Jonathan Stiles Hace 5 días
I thought you were serious for a moment there, and then I LOL’d. 😂
Arch Vile
Arch Vile Hace 6 días
The whole clone body idea DOES seem pretty solid, but we all know how hard Disney wiped their asses with the real Canon.
David Thomas
David Thomas Hace 6 días
For a long unlikely moment I thought he was going to say JarJar, instead of Sidious.
Corrupted Wheatley
Corrupted Wheatley Hace 15 días
Darth Reven... best twist the movie could have
Jaskn King
Jaskn King Hace 17 días
Watching this again after the trailer 😂😂
Rocco Cassara
Rocco Cassara Hace 17 días
I think Polyhedron 104 gives us the most information about this. Apparently before Qui Gon Jinn there was another attempt by a sect of the Jedi to become one with the Force to combat the Prophets of the Dark Side. Tel Angor did become one with the Force, the Dark side of it at least. He was Force Vampire far stronger than normal Force powered characters that we're used to. He was probably Darth Plagueis, this is because he was found by the Dark Side Prophets who were at that time the only relics of Bane's Sith order. Of course as a former Jedi, only Tel Angor could have trained a new generation of Sith. Now the two Prophets in Polyhedron had a power called Force wraith and probably taught that to Palpatine, if not he would have found that power in the Aftermath flashback of Palpatine looking into the Netherworld of the Force, like when he found Ezra and Ahsoka there in Rebels. Palpatine probably created a Force wraith vampire that journeyed to Endors moon and fed on the indigenous population (the Ewoks) as we see Rey and co on Endor in the Ep 9 trailer.
leman Russ
leman Russ Hace 18 días
looks like you were right
Redbird 9000
Redbird 9000 Hace 19 días
Video idea: could darth jar jar be in ep 9?
Naginoto Hace 25 días
Can somebody tell me what the show or movie is going on in the background?
Gordy Stanfield
Gordy Stanfield Hace un mes
I don't think snoke is dead
Zanforce Hace un mes
If he came back then revived Vader it would be awesome.
Christopher Cole
Christopher Cole Hace un mes
Disney is basically taking the concept of the resurrected clone Emperor Palpatine from the post-Return Of The Jedi novels that became thrown out the window to make the 7-9 trilogy as they have thusfar been making.
Johnathan Johnston
Johnathan Johnston Hace un mes
I think we need to see a reboot to star wars with a single story line with a greater explanation. Spend 15 minutes at the beginning going through some history then, after doing this, start from a certain point an go forward. Show us more about the clone wars... the mandalorian wars, show us more about yoda and anikans training show us these grey area plots. Yes the first 3 were great but now we have gotten so far away from those me need to have them flow with each other. Not against
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan Hace un mes
I would love for the story to go that they found Darth Malgus and he is the antagonist.
Grady RaccoonThing
Grady RaccoonThing Hace un mes
AV8R's Channel
AV8R's Channel Hace un mes
Could be Sidious.... or could be Sidious re-ANI-mating Vader. Think of the crowds collective gasp
BlakeSTI93 Hace un mes
Cuz his master was darth plagueis the wise and knew the secret to eternal life. Because in the old republic the immortal emperor vitiate was able to possess new bodies after his host died
Jeff Hallam
Jeff Hallam Hace un mes
TheDragon8u2 Hace un mes
Episode 8 is like what Halloween III was to that franchise.
Josh Robbins
Josh Robbins Hace un mes
I'm not keen on him coming back.
Mac Real
Mac Real Hace un mes
7:03 Best edit ever lmao
Owly123 Hace un mes
If Palpatine was still alive, he would have to be around 116 years old, and very few humans live to that age.
Darth Vanner
Darth Vanner Hace un mes
You called it
Americo Hagim
Americo Hagim Hace un mes
This is an answer for the title: Disney!
Tristan R
Tristan R Hace un mes
3:20, you should have said that you're talking about the Senate.
FullCaber Hace un mes
i swear he must have apear as some kind of a evil dark force phantom or something
David Salamon
David Salamon Hace un mes
Pretty good suggestion about Palpatine. Now about 5 months later they are using his voice and maybe more... Good call.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace un mes
In all honesty, most of what JJ set up came across as incredibly boring and formulaic, and didn't interest me in the slightest. I was actually glad Rian threw out so much of what JJ had started. FIGHT ME! XD
Jeremy  Perez
Jeremy Perez Hace un mes
Pull a Darth maul with snoke that's what JJ should do
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson Hace un mes
why don't use order 66 on the useless movie
caleb thompson
caleb thompson Hace un mes
Or u can bring ahsoka in for ep9
DM584 Hace un mes
First off, nice call on Palpatine. Second, totally agree with you about The Last Jedi. Rian Johnson pretty much acted as if there wasn't going to be a third movie. He destroyed so many plot lines and wasted most of the potential the movie had to develop the story. Almost half of the screen time was wasted on that garbage casino side plot that will almost definitely have no relevance to the third movie. I really do think Johnson's main objective was to push some political agenda that he though would appeal to people rather than just tell a story.
Travis Breedlove
Travis Breedlove Hace un mes
WMG, Snoke was a flawed Palpatine clone as cloning *is* how they brought him back for a novel or two in legends continuity.
paul usher
paul usher Hace un mes
Might sound obvious but the end of TLJ, Luke made Kylo think he was stood in front of him...Kylo 'killed' Luke. Is it not unfathomable that Snoke also projected his image to the room with Kylo and Rey as a test to see how Kylo would respond, if Snoke can feel everything Kylo does and thinks this could have been a test for Kylo. Therefore Kylo and the audience think Snoke is dead, but he isn't, he will now simply come back to episode 9 more pissed off, and this will lead to a showdown with Kylo, which Kylo will win and return to the lightside.
That One Strange guy
hes never coming back
vivalafiaga Hace un mes
Or if you really wanna get convoluted...when Palpatine "killed" plagueis, plagueis took possession of Palpatines body. The character we the see right up till return of the Jedi is actually plagueis. After the reactor shaft incident Palpatine escapes the body as it dies and through the force finds its home in a new body, or is some kind of detached force entity. Some time post the last jedi, Palpatine finds a way to reform his own body using the force and this last movie is all about the fully unleashed anger rage and hatred of a now material Palpatine with his own body, no longer relegated to whispering from the shadows of the force and manipulating others...and he's pissed. I dunno...just a random thought lol
jigga jaw
jigga jaw Hace 2 meses
Disney garbage, that's how. Just on and on, continuation after continuation. Because money. It never really ends, the bad guy never really dies, just give us some way to keep milking this.
Pickle 2024
Pickle 2024 Hace 2 meses
But have you heard of The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
Luke 777
Luke 777 Hace 2 meses
It’s funny how your prob right
Jens Jensen
Jens Jensen Hace 2 meses
7:00 lol
Kazperian Hace 2 meses
Sorry dude, Disney doesn't do research. They forget the past and kill it with pointless stuff.
MattTheMageofRage Hace 2 meses
God it's going to be like that really bad tribal tattoo you got in highschool, then you finally get it covered up, but all the artist can do is some big thick black line over it and try to tie in an eagle or some crap. Now people look at it and can tell some decent artist did what they could, but you still know that underneath is tons of shit.
Gabriel Garfman
Gabriel Garfman Hace 2 meses
If anybody has seen solo a star wars story Darth mall could be the new suprem leader
Honeypine Hace 2 meses
Ok, this time we know he really died.
Garrett Prince
Garrett Prince Hace 2 meses
This aged extremely well
Wyatt Guilliams
Wyatt Guilliams Hace 2 meses
Captain phasma is probably dead Yeah just like in the force awakens
mike edwards
mike edwards Hace 2 meses
The force is strong with you. Great prediction
John Granruth
John Granruth Hace 2 meses
Palpatine alive???? I think you might be on to something here!
FZR-02 Hace 2 meses
If they decide to have Lord Sidious kill Lei then this could trigger Kylo Ren to join Rey in bringing Lord Sidious down therefore having a bit of a reverse of how Darth Vader was!! Like Anikien lost somebody who he loved which brought him to the dark side, a major death can bring Ben Solo back!!
That One Strange guy
that will be hard considering leia's actor died
mikey1974 hetfield
mikey1974 hetfield Hace 2 meses
I believe Sidious is some force entity. Not actually alive.
That One Strange guy
sith cant be that
leon dillon
leon dillon Hace 2 meses
In the "Star Wars" aftermarket books,Kylo was Anakin Solo!! He was killed by his twin sister. It didn't happen in the last movie that I saw, so maybe that will be in a later picture.
Abhishek ghosh
Abhishek ghosh Hace 2 meses
No shit this video uploaded in 2018....fuck your a time traveler dude😱😱😱
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