How Directors Turn a Joke Into a Video

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Sam and Nick show how they made "The World's Bounciest Pogo Stick." Can they turn an inside joke into an outside joke by making the shortest Corridor video ever?
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15 sep 2019






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Comentarios 1 626
Jordan Pendergrass
Jordan Pendergrass Hace un día
Anybody know the name of the soundtrack playing from 3:00 to 3:30?
Cody Faircloth
Cody Faircloth Hace 3 días
6:07 end of sponsorship
Emu Hace 3 días
Is there a way i can like corridor videos more than once?!
Thomas Soqa
Thomas Soqa Hace 14 días
To much talking
OddSocksQueen Hace 17 días
I like how Jake always strolls in halfway through like 'what are you kids doing now?' and the immediately proceeds to join in 😂
The Homing Bomb
The Homing Bomb Hace 19 días
Guess what, *they* *did* *that* *with* *bee* *movie* Edit: im not telling you what i edited
anonymous Crabz
anonymous Crabz Hace un mes
Orange rich fox
Orange rich fox Hace un mes
I watch: how to not summon a demon Lord, overlord, death march, in a new world with my smart phone, I think that's all
YVG Hace un mes
Funny enough Ian Hubert and his lazy tutorials is why I do animations now. If you don't, you will after watching Ian.
bro s
bro s Hace un mes
Which software u r using
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop Hace un mes
worlds blankitiest blank
Flymar Hace un mes
12:50 It looks like the paper texture isn't aligned to paper and just moving around. Maybe that's the effect of the weird blue light. But the worst was the part when camera moves up and the tension is building and on your screen you have fish eye distorted smoke effect.
LadyLore Nickoli
LadyLore Nickoli Hace 2 meses
Crunchyroll + 🔥blue exorcist 🔥= AMAZING
Bumbo 3184
Bumbo 3184 Hace 2 meses
The sky and the swamp rated cc for comedic corridor
Dave Davis
Dave Davis Hace 2 meses
How did you get the “curfew voice” in?
Dries du Preez
Dries du Preez Hace 2 meses
That movie 'Circle' on Netflix has a location I mistook for the one you guys used. The film is pretty low budget and the alien ships look meh, so I figured they just did what you guys do and use an empty public space
FranCois PerfectWolfe
I've been watching all the shows #Jake said about crunchyroll and alot more of them at #crunchyroll.. P.S. I've just found out about this channel and the other one around last month and it really inspired me so I've been trying to do my best with all the little cheap things I could afford through 2nd hand markets but I'm so thankful to you #Corridor_Digital... I've watched your videos about "Tom Clancy's:The Division" way back maybe 3years but didn't know it was you and thought it was from a big company!!! Now I really know who my idols are so thank you so much again!! I wish I could do something more for what you've done for me but I have nothing cos I'm living without a salary and all so I'm really sorry.. But I promise I'll make it up to #Corridor someday!! Thanks
TotallyNotUni Hace 3 meses
That skeleton rip joke is actually a real fatality in Mortal Kombat, it’s from MK Deadly Alliance and it’s performed by Sub-Zero!
i g h t
i g h t Hace 3 meses
Lol you guys should've done world bounciest space hopper!! Maybe a part 2? This looks awesome!
ARC VIEWS Hace 3 meses
Here's something for you who is reading the comments 8:19👌
DJNokem Hace 3 meses
Oh my god! They killed Wrenny!
FerhdeMerak Hace 3 meses
I was wondering why you are not using rendering with Unreal Engine for shots like the destroyed city etc.You get foliage, realtime rendering and you can at the end render the sequence directly and composite it afterward. i mean now with raytracing Archviz and photogrammetry, it starts to get obsolete for small shot like that to do it in Vray or octane tbh
Ronel Vincent Ching
Ronel Vincent Ching Hace 3 meses
Hey, Ian Hubert's Lazy Tutorial
Djampu Hace 3 meses
best anime: Battletoads
Jerry Buxton
Jerry Buxton Hace 3 meses
The Pacific Surfliner or whatever AMTRAK/SCRRA train in the background "100 years later"... I was thinking it could have been a fun addition to soup it up to be a futuristic train. But then again, if it is AMTRAK equipment, it may well look the same in 100 years!
Moonandmay Hace 3 meses
GhostBoy922 Hace 4 meses
Yes! I love the lazy tutorials!
The Materiaman
The Materiaman Hace 4 meses
...Shrek is life...
DC Comics Fanboy
DC Comics Fanboy Hace 4 meses
It would of been so sick if wren hit a cloud while going up
teh JOBBY YTP Hace 4 meses
is that adobe after effects
MrPultz Hace 4 meses
Is Wren the kenny of corridor??? you need to make 101 ways to day with Wren!! (yes how to kill wren 101 ways)!!
The orange dealer
The orange dealer Hace 4 meses
Girls un panzer
Jay Patel
Jay Patel Hace 4 meses
On 8:02, skeleton be like,"yup. That's the depth I m jumping with pogo stick."😂😂
Luno Dawson
Luno Dawson Hace 4 meses
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is my favorite 2019 anime for sure.
Ryan Phillips
Ryan Phillips Hace 4 meses
Same waiting for it to fail
Harry Selby
Harry Selby Hace 4 meses
would have been cool if wren was calling for himself after he went into the sky
BigAl Gaming
BigAl Gaming Hace 4 meses
I watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Highly recommend. Dont worry about anything that happens in there
Never Know
Never Know Hace 4 meses
That was close... i think you may have went to far into the future. an i wish something was added between when he takes off an when the bones come back down.... Maybe a shot of Wren flying?
Seth Hodge
Seth Hodge Hace 4 meses
Love this type of video, felt more like the old vlogs. Don't get me wrong, I also like the react and tutorial videos but nothing beats the vlogs!
Jameslee Seipei
Jameslee Seipei Hace 4 meses
Shon Medin
Shon Medin Hace 4 meses
I watched it in the right order by accident!!!
Restiss Hace 4 meses
I just realized that their office is right by VSauce's. I remember seeing that allyway in h3h3's video when he visited them.
Beerus The god of destruction
Ima be serious if you guys looking for a good slice of life look at miss kobaiyashi’s dragon maid and i can’t understand what my husband is saying. Both are hilarious
Kazzie Bolaños
Kazzie Bolaños Hace 4 meses
Homeboy really just named the most basic anime huh..like demon slayer didnt completely destroy this year
No Akomplice
No Akomplice Hace 4 meses
Wren is like a goofy Golden Retriever.
that one duck
that one duck Hace 4 meses
Camera Man: *shrek* *shrek* *SHREK* I like when camera man talks
Mark Skater
Mark Skater Hace 4 meses
Jake is the best !
Ban ana
Ban ana Hace 4 meses
Maybe a stupid question but why not film the second scene with the same phone so it looks the same?
Mocorn Hace 4 meses
Not enough resolution to work with I think.
Ban ana
Ban ana Hace 4 meses
Dr stone and one piece
Alexandra Centeno
Alexandra Centeno Hace 4 meses
The final part is the best part
GNORK_standard Hace 4 meses
always go for JoJo's Bizzare Adventure! xD
DrKri3ger Hace 4 meses
Have you guys looked at The Irishman trailer yet? Scorsese giving De Niro mad reverse-aging effects
xNINJAxLT Hace 4 meses
Ren is immortal
Tiny Bruiser
Tiny Bruiser Hace 4 meses
Why tf link had to be bit ly , i cant go to video right away within my app
Jonathan Cruz
Jonathan Cruz Hace 4 meses
Spacecookie Hace 4 meses
But if he went up that high, his body wouldn't degrade to loose all the organic components. Even if he somehow managed to get into orbit magically, his pogo re-entry would be at an angle which would have made for more fun as he'd come down like the meteor that burned up in the Russian skies, but would account for him being gone for 10 years and for the missing flesh. You could have had the 'UFO' crash landing sci-fi ending then as they look in the crater to find the pogo and the burned bones, on theme.
.hack//Balmung Hace 4 meses
That warning on the begin comes to late, even the skeleton spoilers already too much. That Crunchyroll advertising was unexpected. Never thought i would see advertising for such stuff on your channel. ;)
elva136 Hace 4 meses
Corridor Crew, please please react to Michael Jackson's posthumous performance of his hologram on billboards- Slave to the rhythm!! Please do a special on holograms!
JosieGoyangi Hace 5 meses
I never skip the sponsored segment; you guys do such an awesome job making it entertaining!
miguel perez
miguel perez Hace 5 meses
Nobody: Twitch thots: 13:47
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