HOW DOES HE FEEL ABOUT ME? ❤️ *Pick A Card* Love Relationship Tarot Reading Timeless

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Pick A Card Love Relationship Tarot Reading Timeless - HOW DOES HE FEEL ABOUT ME?
Cards 1) 4:50
Cards 2) 17:49
Cards 3) 27:40
Cards 4) 39:04
CARDS 1 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/hdhfay4111

CARDS 2 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/hdhfay4112

CARDS 3 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/hdhfay4113

CARDS 4 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/hdhfay4114

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Soul Whispers Tarot
Soul Whispers Tarot Hace 3 meses
Cards 1) 4:50 Cards 2) 17:49 Cards 3) 27:40 Cards 4) 39:04 CARDS 1 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/hdhfay4111 CARDS 2 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/hdhfay4112 CARDS 3 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/hdhfay4113 CARDS 4 EXTENDED VIMEO READING: vimeo.com/ondemand/hdhfay4114 Soulmate Manifestation Kit: www.twinflamepsychic1111.co.uk/you-deserve-great-love-course.html Kit Discount Code: YTFAM
Starseed Lover
Starseed Lover Hace 3 meses
Soul Whispers Tarot Thanks! Number 1 feels about right
Añejo Rhum
Añejo Rhum Hace 3 meses
Card 4
Style Xiong
Style Xiong Hace un mes
#4 sooooo true!!! Everything you said here in #4 is 100% true... I love your readings so much...
Doreen Porter
Doreen Porter Hace un mes
But you will, if I choose not to be with you.
crzyrdr Hace un mes
:3 :3
:3 :3 Hace 2 meses
I want to thank watchers who guided me the whole period thank you
:3 :3
:3 :3 Hace 2 meses
Your readings are promising
Nietopesz Hace 2 meses
#3 Yes. He is a Virgo. He's extremely intuitive and sensitive. Alone and independent. Just like me. He's my mirror and and it's a very karmic relationship. He mirrored my own issues with being emotionally unavaible, cold, insecure and scared of rejection. I know he was in love with me and vice versa. But I'm letting that man go. I faced my issues thank to him, it was a major life lesson. I need to focus on self-love right now. Thank you for this reading.
Aleksandra Aleksieva
So accurate, thank you!
Sim H
Sim H Hace 2 meses
2- he did take afew days away and so this really resonates. This also resonates with another reading, saying I help him heal from childhood abandonment and issues so he struggled with showing his true emotions. Thank you,
Zihe Lin
Zihe Lin Hace 2 meses
Jaleesa Robinson
Jaleesa Robinson Hace 2 meses
Deck 4 is really accurate. Thank you.
Jordan Hace 2 meses
Lovely Snowy setup you have made.
micacomel mcm
micacomel mcm Hace 2 meses
For the love of God. This is really resonate 😍
Nani lopez
Nani lopez Hace 2 meses
Jja Hla
Jja Hla Hace 2 meses
Wow 🤩
Determined 1
Determined 1 Hace 2 meses
3~ Twin flames 🔥 soul connection soul ties past lives my x husband close to 40 years of history hurt my heart betrayal no communication.. I love him and he needs help
Jenn Chiang
Jenn Chiang Hace 3 meses
#2, resonates
D’MF’N ICE Queen
Norman Jeane Baker
Norman Jeane Baker Hace 3 meses
39:06 #4 ✅♥️
Jasmine Oreiq
Jasmine Oreiq Hace 3 meses
3 👌👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹
Urvashi Saanvee
Urvashi Saanvee Hace 3 meses
I loved the decoration. 3..thank you for you reading
violily and kaju
violily and kaju Hace 3 meses
Anmol Kaur
Anmol Kaur Hace 3 meses
#3......!yup he is philosophical.... he is too much into his comfort zone.. i want him to take initiative... not sit and wait for me to always get back to him ...
J M Hace 3 meses
Pile 3 ❤️ Thanks!
amanda brown
amanda brown Hace 3 meses
Unbelievable, everything is absolutely spot on! I'm in shock 😍
R. Káva
R. Káva Hace 3 meses
#1 This was such an accurate reading. Thank you!! 💖💖💖
S. Lin
S. Lin Hace 3 meses
Robin Sweet
Robin Sweet Hace 3 meses
#3 Spot on. 😎👍💜🌟
Ann Reiter
Ann Reiter Hace 3 meses
Love the snowflakes...
Tianlan Dai
Tianlan Dai Hace 3 meses
Pile 3 extremely accurate
Sonja Jacob
Sonja Jacob Hace 3 meses
The instrument you selected in number 4 is a mandolin. 🙂
Bill Koech
Bill Koech Hace 3 meses
Amazing 4 really resonate with me so accurate Wow! Blessings
Jon Hace 3 meses
How much are your oracle cards? I tried checking online but when I clicked it on the link it didn’t show it.
Jon Hace 3 meses
I picked number 3 You are right he is a Virgo, 35 years old and not married so yes he is a bachelor and he is self reliant with a good career and lives on his own. I am 7 years younger than him and an Aries and I’m the one emotionally invested in him way much and feel left out. Funny how you said he didn’t have unloving parents I read that in his birth chart he had a cold mother. He is a loner type of guy.
Judith B
Judith B Hace 3 meses
#2@ 17:49 (12/16/2019)
Jacinta Bury
Jacinta Bury Hace 3 meses
Pile 3. Absolutely spot on with everything. Thank you for this 💖
The Scorpio Sistersss
Thankyou.. Resonated to me 💕
Karen Ebner
Karen Ebner Hace 3 meses
I chose 4. It sounds really nice. I would like it to be true.
Tina Gilbert
Tina Gilbert Hace 3 meses
4....spot on...3rd party....
AL Arshad
AL Arshad Hace 3 meses
Kpop100M Girl
Kpop100M Girl Hace 3 meses
Pile 1 popcorn Giant and small Him: 5’9 Me: 4’11
Maria-Sol Jimeñez
Maria-Sol Jimeñez Hace 2 meses
Me :5'9 Him:5'7
Kedy B
Kedy B Hace 2 meses
Wow.... Same
caitlyn Hace 3 meses
Kpop100M Girl aww
Roshanda Smunt
Roshanda Smunt Hace 3 meses
Why are these so accurate?? Lol I’m friends with someone rn well, best friends. But our connection has been getting hazy, unclear of what it is and where it was going. I’ve stepped back because he needs to figure out what he wants. Also needs to heal from a past relationship. Hope that everything gets figured out this winter :)
Kimmo Hace 3 meses
I chose 4. On point. Thank you. Love your decor
Paola Cardenas
Paola Cardenas Hace 3 meses
Where did you find the seashell ornament? Omg I want it !
Sabrina Nascimento
Sabrina Nascimento Hace 3 meses
Feeling about me. New beginning offer. Truth transformation. Overcoming obstacles. Bridge the gap. Moving forward. Rapid. Provider romantic. Faced fears. Wounds eclipse our relationship. No interference. Heartbroken. Confusion. Fear. Betrayal Third Party situation. Heartbroken. Communication. Give equal generous. Leap of faith. Healing. Separation. Reconciliation. Offer. Rapid movement.
Sabrina Nascimento
Sabrina Nascimento Hace 3 meses
Hermit Soulmate. Repressed. Left out. Independent minded. Self reliance. Introvert. Highly sensitive. Isolated. Loner. Deep love. Philosophical. By himself. Difficult. Isolation. Change. Closer. Emotional stability. Go Inward. Reconciliation. Independent. Selective. Distance. Text. We are loners deeply. Philosophical. Communication. Brave. Positive. Maturity. Transformation. Emotional balance stable. Goal towards me. TF. Move forward. Intuition leap of faith. Leap of faith. Subconscious. Healing clearing out blockage.Inwards.
Sabrina Nascimento
Sabrina Nascimento Hace 3 meses
Anxiety walked away. Reconciliation. Abandoned. Withdrawn Stress. Worry. A second chance. Isolation. Perception. Epiphany. Wounds. On both sides. Withdrawn. Emotional pain.Confusion. He is. Return. Right. Communication. Gone inward. New beginning with me. Death transformation. Passionate about me. Learn about manifestation good provider. Christmas. Communication Reconciliation. Dec-January. Loyal.
Sabrina Nascimento
Sabrina Nascimento Hace 3 meses
I am a Gemini and my Dm is Aquarius. We are still in Separation. He is a year older than me. Love me shy. Withdrawn. New beginning. Not expecting I was interested in him. Social, drinking, emotional unstable. Distance. Self confidence. Thinking of me. The same. Separate from me. Outsider. Isolation Introvert Celebration with me. I can see him. Afraid negative thoughts. True self. Not fit in.Pain. Betray. Healing. Burnt out low self esteem. Healing Lessons. Boundaries. Calm waters. Bright future. Overcoming fears. Innocent Sensitive. People abuse him. Healing. Lost. Dream come true.
Galaxy dust
Galaxy dust Hace 3 meses
A reading about how protective the person of interest is, and how jealous he/she is over (us) would be so interesting
Amanda Whitney
Amanda Whitney Hace 3 meses
I'm #3 . I'm a capricorn introvert. I don't really believe in love and believe people end up disappointing us in the end anyway
Amanda Whitney
Amanda Whitney Hace 3 meses
Your set up is stunning
Selen Tektaş
Selen Tektaş Hace 3 meses
Priyanka Malaviya
Priyanka Malaviya Hace 3 meses
I chose#3 and its amazing to know that it resonated..thank you.
Praneeta bhasker
Praneeta bhasker Hace 3 meses
Pile4... I wish ur reading will become true 🙏
ngnini Hace 3 meses
3# yes TF long distance....the runner has ghosted me for 3 months....I still can’t let go....
3xoticx Hace 3 meses
3. But i cant take his shit anymore i gotta leave.
Optimistic One
Optimistic One Hace 3 meses
#3. Resonates.
DodgedABullet Hace 3 meses
That’s ME you’re talking about!!! I have been on my own for 24 years....don’t know how to let him back in
Jmacer 4ever
Jmacer 4ever Hace 3 meses
Pile 1 Thanks ❤️
by Heart
by Heart Hace 3 meses
3: you Just described me im a virgo and an introvert
by Heart
by Heart Hace 3 meses
Your Decoration is so cute you made a great Job ❣️
sanya Hace 3 meses
pile four💘 every reading tells the same thing :) thank you so much
Dick Coriell
Dick Coriell Hace 3 meses
WOW! # 2 described my situation perfectly. Thanks!
Alex Andra
Alex Andra Hace 3 meses
4- sounds right!
Meghna MeG
Meghna MeG Hace 3 meses
Yes!.. He(Capricorn)is wishing a celebration with me because on 13th December we both share same birthday but 2days before he is going to have septoplasty surgery..we both are feeling low right now
Erika Smith
Erika Smith Hace 3 meses
Omg 3 was soooooo accurate thank u soooo much🙏🏻
100 GlamMakeupforgirls xox
I chose group number 3 im a Libra ♎💕💕💕 he was distance before but he change he is a Virgo ♍ we both act the same he whant me to be is gf in the future 😍🥰 and me i whant him to be my bf too
saghi akbary
saghi akbary Hace 3 meses
#4 reach ouuuuut yaaaaaaay
Alexandra Anzano
Alexandra Anzano Hace 3 meses
I chose pile 2, you read my situation so well, I was getting close to this girl liked and then she pulled away because she got a gf, but that girl isn't right for her and everyone knows it, and when she pulled away it left me feeling confused, like I felt I'd been played. She has recently been entering my life again and I've been getting huge signs she likes me back. And I'll most likely be seeing her at a coming Christmas party so that could make sense.
Sumedha Tiwari
Sumedha Tiwari Hace 3 meses
3.. hes capricorn. we both r sensitive n dont let people come close too easily .... he told me to just be friends, after one year of talks online .. i said no n he blocked me today
Mi Hui
Mi Hui Hace 3 meses
This is one of the most accurate readings I’ve experienced like this, so thank you. I chose the third pile. Much appreciated.
Gerry K
Gerry K Hace 3 meses
Thank you very much, No.3 Excellent News. Blessings to you Each and Every day.
Islandress Vaz
Islandress Vaz Hace 3 meses
#3 #4
Janet Hiscock
Janet Hiscock Hace 3 meses
Perfect reading THANKYOU once again 💖
Faeyadina Hace 3 meses
4. Resonates so much thank you.
Ms.Smith GameChanger
Thank you for your accurate, insightful readings! Your set is beautiful btw ! 💕❄️❄️❄️✨🎄✨❄️❄️❄️💕
Orvana Dawn
Orvana Dawn Hace 3 meses
3 he is a virgo we connect each other because we both grew up without fathers in our lifes .He is very protective of his mum cause his dad's and mom's side outcast them because his dad never married his mom and in his community it's looked down .
siobhan ames
siobhan ames Hace 3 meses
Deck 1, is definitely the situation he is in I needed this before I gave up completely
Em_78 A
Em_78 A Hace 3 meses
Three we are friends online no “funny business”. They are isolated. We communicate through emails. We are very similar and completely different and just get each other , no judging etc so we are friends. Only but that’s a good thing. Him scorpio me Taurus I’m glad to hear there’s no romance stuff (at least how it resonates to me) just a closer friendship is how I see the ten of cups. If we are soul mates I’d see it as the same kind of soulmate as I am with my best friend she IS my soul mate. For sure.
Tamara Foster
Tamara Foster Hace 3 meses
Pile 3🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼👑👑👑
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