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Pick A Card Love Tarot Reading | Relationship Singles Couples | Timeless - HOW DOES HE FEEL ABOUT ME?
Cards 1) 1:47
Cards 2) 13:37
Cards 3) 27:17
Cards 4) 45:12
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Love and Light,
Karen x
Soul Whispers Tarot

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12 nov 2019






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Soul Whispers Tarot
Soul Whispers Tarot Hace 7 meses
Cards 1) 1:47 Cards 2) 13:37 Cards 3) 27:17 Cards 4) 45:12 I AM Loved, I Receive Love Meditation: www.twinflamepsychic1111.co.uk/store/p69/I_AM_LOVED%2C_I_RECEIVE_LOVE%3A_POWERFUL_UNION_ALIGNMENT_ACTIVATION_mp3.html
By One
By One Hace 6 meses
Sylvia Gomez
Sylvia Gomez Hace 7 meses
Why is the donut blue in the thumb nail and pink in the video. Am I going color kuku?!
Chrissie TheOneandOnly
Right of the bat choose pile 3!!! 💯spot on!!!🎯 Totally feeling this ♾️💫💖💫 Thank you!!! 🙏🙏 Bless you, love and light ✌😇
Sunday Dachomo
Sunday Dachomo Hace 6 horas
spelltabernacle@gmail-com helped me bring my Ex lover back they're so legit
Anna Dimitrova
Anna Dimitrova Hace un mes
I chose the donut. 💗 Your reading is so good for my situation.
Humble Bumble
Humble Bumble Hace 3 meses
I chose 2 for a married man that used to be my friend, and four for a guy who dumped & got engaged to someone else 👌😅😂🤣
Humble Bumble
Humble Bumble Hace 3 meses
Can you do a reading on how you think he feels/sees you vs how he really feels/sees you. Plz & thx!
Glückskatze Hace 3 meses
Pile 3 resonated a lot with me. Thank you. Also i really want to know, where i can buy these cristall christmas decorations. I love the Unicorn very much! The snowflake too.
Nosa Retno Palupi Utami
3 is about my ex. 4 about my crush now. Ok so resonated.
Victoria Royle
Victoria Royle Hace 4 meses
pile 2 , thanks karen. xx
Leslie Wilcox
Leslie Wilcox Hace 4 meses
This was spot on!! Amazing! And yes it was the donut!
Cece’s Mafia
Cece’s Mafia Hace 4 meses
The donut changes colors?💀
Carla Viveros
Carla Viveros Hace 4 meses
Rina Dethier
Rina Dethier Hace 4 meses
Nobody can match the way you lay the cards. Always right on it. Congrats. I don't know how you do it.
Burnt Chicken Nugget
I was just watching a video from Insider about a donut shop with strawberries then this came 😂
Majuere's Asinner
Majuere's Asinner Hace 5 meses
wat do u do if u feel like the cards u chose are meant 4 you
StrawberryJPEG Hace 5 meses
3! this is so true i tried to help him so much and then he just dissappeared
PeculiarByrd Hace 5 meses
I tried to click pile 3 because hello 🍩, but I guess I fat fingered the screen because pile two started playing and immediately it was spot on. Also anybody notice how the colors in the divine masculine cane out in ROGBIV order?
Jaleesa Hace 5 meses
Deck 2 speaks to me so much
IhateubutiloveU 0717
I subscribed tysm! 🙏🏻🦋
Imagine2019 Hace 6 meses
Cards 3 reading resonated quite fittingly. Thank you.
A Dasgupta
A Dasgupta Hace 6 meses
Your readings are spot on.. Everytime it hits me..U are very good in what you do.
M S Hace 6 meses
#2, wow every reading was similar, he feels, you make him, you help him, his past makes him fearful. All bullshit because i did nothing to him and he took out his past issues on me. He can rot wherever he's at. You don't project your past issues on innocent people. It's all an excuse. Just a self centered useless man
Tinay G
Tinay G Hace 6 meses
I think we all picked pile 3 lol
liya lawley
liya lawley Hace 6 meses
There was 333 comments before mine haha 😄❤️
liya lawley
liya lawley Hace 6 meses
Number 2! 💕
Josephine 2222
Josephine 2222 Hace 6 meses
I chose the donut cause I already know he do-nut love me lol
Sara Cara
Sara Cara Hace 2 meses
Josephine 2222 LMAOOOOO
Sera Hace 4 meses
Moon Doggies
Moon Doggies Hace 6 meses
2.) Wow, this is an amazing reading 💚
Alex Wesker
Alex Wesker Hace 6 meses
The blue donut in the thumbnail made me think blue waffle 😂
Alex Wesker
Alex Wesker Hace 6 meses
I chose the donut anyway
Billy Sartika
Billy Sartika Hace 6 meses
Pile#2 thanks💞❤️🥰🦄☀️🙏🏼😇
moh4na666 Hace 7 meses
group 1. Yesss, they are SUPER shy and his best friend told me that he really likes me but is afraid to tell me. if he really does have feelings for me I just want them to come forward and tell me that he does. If he doesn’t, should i just make the move myself?
Nandita Das
Nandita Das Hace 7 meses
#2 who is the person here..never met someone like ds.the man I was enquiring was a player.I m brokn so m here to feel positive but didn't expect so much positivity.thank you ❤️
Mariah M
Mariah M Hace 7 meses
Okay this is crazy. Literally pile 3 was the situation I was in with trying to get him to be emotional then getting into fights over that. Someone who didn’t want to be tied down at all. And pile 2is someone who is from London, like the London charm. The one I first had a crazy strong connection with who has hinted as marriage and who respects me deeply. The one who is sweet and romantic and lotta passion. But long distance is our only obstacle. I’ll come back and yet y’all know if we get married!!
Rupali Mudliar
Rupali Mudliar Hace 7 meses
Pile 4 hope your words comes true ND my husband is back to me asap forever.. He release toxic people from his life ND back to me.. Plz pray
calliopefae Hace 7 meses
WOW! this is HIGHLY accurate for me. thank you.
josely joseph
josely joseph Hace 7 meses
Ma goddd.i choose 2.i have no ward to explain...ma person is like this...I think u spoke to us....
cvdweide Hace 7 meses
I use to be sceptical, thinking 'people hear what they want to hear' but every single video I have watched of you has been 100% correct! Thank you for giving me some insight!
Sass Crawford
Sass Crawford Hace 7 meses
Wow. This is the third reading I've listened to of yours and the accuracy of every one of them is freaky..
Ross Diane
Ross Diane Hace 7 meses
#1 for one guy #3 for my ex, wow you were spot on in both cases!
Tj Bigornia
Tj Bigornia Hace 7 meses
Thanks for the reading! 💙
Re Ri
Re Ri Hace 7 meses
That blue donut...turned pink. A true clickbait x3
palak budhiraja
palak budhiraja Hace 7 meses
jet44444 Hace 7 meses
My fatass picked the donut hahaha 😂. Who else went for the donut?
Love Unconventionally
#2 my hubby💙
venice x
venice x Hace 7 meses
you’re amazing, keep it up queen 👸❤️
pretty patrick
pretty patrick Hace 7 meses
Picked #2 for my boyfriend. This helped put my anxieties to rest. Thank you ❤
Fire Witch Tarot
Fire Witch Tarot Hace 7 meses
Such a cute set up ✨
Dusch Gel
Dusch Gel Hace 7 meses
Am I tripping or not? The donut is blue in the thumbnail then turned pink in the actual video. 👀
Shradha Roy
Shradha Roy Hace 7 meses
# 3
B E Hace 7 meses
I'm just wondering how a pink donut in thumbnail turned into a blue
Dusch Gel
Dusch Gel Hace 7 meses
Lol!! It's the other way around for me. It's like that trippy dress.
altai roots
altai roots Hace 7 meses
This is fabulous. Thank you
LesContessa Hace 7 meses
#3 He is definitely my most recent ex. He was emotionally abusive and full of ego. I got fed up and broke up with him and after months of silently moving on, he dropped me a message asking if I'm happy now without him! As If! I'm completely happy now without him and Im currently getting to know this new man in my life. I accepted he's not for me as he is too rude and toxic
Monique Commentary and chat
Man so accurate
Monique Commentary and chat
Picked the donut
avneet kaur
avneet kaur Hace 7 meses
I cried after your 3 reading. I'm in love with so much but it's the same he said he's scared of getting hurt Because we have very very different ideas for our future. Basically on 2 different parts of the world. I am literally willing to give up everything for him and live with him but he doesn't want to do that. I just wish I knew what I was getting myself into before getting into this situationship with him. I just hope I get the strength to move on if he's not made for me . And if he is really meant to be in my life as my love and partner , then it will happen. God bless
Ruby Star
Ruby Star Hace 7 meses
22.11.2019. The Doughnut Speaks!! ~ Thanks, Karen. ~ Love & Blessings ~ Ruby*X*
ms ry
ms ry Hace 7 meses
#1,3 interesting
Mi Ci
Mi Ci Hace 7 meses
The London Beefeater..So cute 😍I picked him💖drawn to the donut at 1st,but only because I am a fat a****😂this was lovely thank u much 💋
Miss. Understood
Miss. Understood Hace 7 meses
#3 29:12
Natalie Rachel Louise Santana
Wow what a reading. You took me deep! Thank you, I think you’re awesomely skilled 🥳
Stella Galindo
Stella Galindo Hace 7 meses
someone please give me advice for group 3, should i give him a second chance? i dont know help
doradestroy Hace 7 meses
#3 This person is a tired old story that I left in the dust but still turns up in readings, inter-dimensional stalking. Boring. I have zero sympathy, empathy for that individual and hope they vanish out of my airspace permanently so readings are not crowded out with their crappy energy ever again. Annoying.
Fern Tarot
Fern Tarot Hace 7 meses
the donut is a real spot on...and may the gods forgive me, but he made his bed so now he must lay on it
wendy lock
wendy lock Hace 7 meses
Pile 3.... I'm a female taurus, thinking of my friend hes aries, really wish I knew how he truly feels about me xxxx
wendy lock
wendy lock Hace 7 meses
@Message in a Bottle aww thankyou for you kind words, let's hope that's the way he feels xx xx
Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle Hace 7 meses
I'm a female Aries, thinking of my male Taurus. My old best friend from years back was also a Taurus. So, I imagine your Aries adores you for being a rock to him ❤️
100 GlamMakeupforgirls xox
i chose number 3 im a libra is pretty accurate youre reading ;)
Sylvia Gomez
Sylvia Gomez Hace 7 meses
Klara Virencia
Klara Virencia Hace 7 meses
The donut pile 👌 Highly accurate.
Markson Png
Markson Png Hace 7 meses
That donut 🍩 messed up my head.
Matavahine Henry
Matavahine Henry Hace 7 meses
#3 donut
Forever Archie
Forever Archie Hace 7 meses
Viola Lo
Viola Lo Hace 7 meses
I'm just here for the donut LOL
Ashley Nino
Ashley Nino Hace 7 meses
Card 3 really got me emotional. I had this toxic boyfriend who really couldn’t love himself. He was in a self destructive path and couldn’t stay loyal to me at all. I was always be his side and made sure he was good, always tried telling him what’s good and what’s bad. Showed him how much I loved him and every time he messed up with me, I would run back. We lasted a year and his last relationship he got done dirty so I made sure I wasn’t going to be like his ex who cheated on him countless of times. I stayed loyal and stayed by his side while he wanted to run lose and have fun. He choose everything over me and I couldn’t take it anymore. I realized my worth and finally let him go. I’m still not over what he did to me and I still with the best for him. It’s so sad that he’ll never want help because he sees nothing wrong with him.
Riya Mondal
Riya Mondal Hace 7 meses
I pick pile #2... N this reading is awesome. Wow.. N yes we r twin flame. He is my DM... N we both r now twin flame journey.. N I m happy that we both have same feeling for each other.. We r separated.. But we both r doing our inner work.. N our spiritual awaking was starting.. N angle sign n number all time I saw.. N that's number n sign proved that we both r doing our soul purpose.. N inner work.. N also I get many number.. Like.. 111..222...333...000..999..555.. N all time I saw 111...69..96.. 86..89.. N every day I saw many butterflies.... I am trying my best.. N I do my meditation.. N inner work.. Thank u so much for this reading.. This reading is totally totally resonate with me... 1000000% true ur all word... Thank u...
Joanna Julep
Joanna Julep Hace 7 meses
The donut in the thumbnail was pink, in the video it’s blue. Lol
Erin McKinney
Erin McKinney Hace 7 meses
Lol i be chosing these for other peoples feelings for other people
Henry perkin
Henry perkin Hace 7 meses
I choose the snowman and was spot on to what im doing through at the moment. There in a difficult situation with an ex and with work . I will definitely be more aware of being patient with them . Thankyou so much
star in the sky
star in the sky Hace 7 meses
Going for the Doughnut!
gjknlmhj Hace 7 meses
Every reading says he's involve w another person
magda Hace 7 meses
Whats the name of the oracle cards on pile 3
seema 1512
seema 1512 Hace 7 meses
That donut tricked me but my intuition was like select pile 1...and ya many things resonated...
She's So Blessed
She's So Blessed Hace 7 meses
I always choose 3 but that donut really drew me in it and it didnt resonate..im a "33" kinda girl so I decided on 2 because of the timestamp.
MaryJaneChoppaz Hace 7 meses
what cards are the blue with the red heart &’ the crown ? ❤️
Josie Pi
Josie Pi Hace 7 meses
MaryJaneChoppaz I think you are referring to her “messages from the divine masculine” deck. I think she developed that deck herself.
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