HOW DOES HE FEEL ABOUT ME? *Pick a Card* Tarot and Charm Reading Singles Relationship Love Timeless

Soul Whispers Tarot
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Pick a Card Tarot and Charm Reading Singles Relationship Love Timeless - HOW DOES HE FEEL ABOUT ME? ❤️
This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 1:42
Cards 2) 17:00
Cards 3) 42:44
Cards 4) 1:02:38
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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
Soul Whispers Tarot

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14 ene 2020






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Soul Whispers Tarot
Cards 1) 1:42 Cards 2) 17:00 Cards 3) 42:44 Cards 4) 1:02:38 How Does He Feel About Me? Readings Playlist: esvid.net/group/PLwa_-rYGCZZWK3zP--imX0gWhrHVwGVdU
4justforfun Hace 20 días
I need a personal reading from you, pls assist. Thank you
Sieun Hace 23 días
Card 4! 🤍
fiaa aft
fiaa aft Hace 25 días
Soul Whispers Tarot 4
Jaina Soni
Jaina Soni Hace 28 días
Perfect description.... I had picked 2nd card
Laurene H.
Laurene H. Hace un mes
Soul Whispers Tarot first time here, beautifully and accurately described, much love❤️
xxyaquexx Hace 2 días
What does it mean when the cards speak for both ends of the relationship?
Vanessa Caldera
Vanessa Caldera Hace 2 días
#5 🌸✨
Shannon Solazzo
Shannon Solazzo Hace 2 días
I been watching a whole bunch of these about someone and they all keep saying the same thing. I want to believe it and do something, but I have so much doubt. Can someone help me?
Good life vibes
Good life vibes Hace 2 días
so cool
mah fereshte
mah fereshte Hace 3 días
Why was it this true about me
Mhae Duenas
Mhae Duenas Hace 4 días
#3 super accurate, and yeah, u got it ryt coz he's a virgo
viiktoria Hace 4 días
I’ve watched several vids like this and so far all of the card groups that i have been getting has the same readings my person wont make a move since he feels like its not gonna work out. Lmao
zing zang
zing zang Hace 4 días
no offense but out of all the readings i got from youtube, this is the most inaccurate he doesnt even think of me at all
Sad Bitch
Sad Bitch Hace 7 días
I choose car 2 and it's all true, i really want him too speak up because he is really shy and doesn't talk to girls and i know there is some connection but i dont know how to let him open up himself, can anyone help me, i am really lost?
Lillian Yang
Lillian Yang Hace 8 días
Dang, this might be real because I chose Card 2 and it said that “They are watching you from afar and they are a introvert.” It’s so trueee the guy I like he is watching me afar because I have caught him starring and being close to me
annelle Hace 8 días
Quand le soleil a souri Quand le soleil a souri
Grateful to you my dear lady⚘
Better Ri
Better Ri Hace 9 días
#2 20200214 pick it cuz the king looks mostly like him.
Maria Vergara
Maria Vergara Hace 9 días
Chose pile number 3 and you're literally describing my crush, my ex and the person who just confessed to me Now I'm confused..... sis, who is it?
magarette brene
magarette brene Hace 10 días
Literally spot on
Maria Hace 10 días
#1 02:02 " you have the fool" that makes sense he's stupid
One Word
One Word Hace 10 días
Nb 3. Me virgo. My ex took my home keys when he left and had a eiffel tower as keychain. Also everything is exactly true. To bad i was wondering about a new guy im kind of interested on not about my ex. New sub here
Annæ Msp
Annæ Msp Hace 10 días
what if it's a she🦋
Megan Hace 11 días
Beautiful as always 😍
Estrella Rodriguez
Estrella Rodriguez Hace 11 días
#2 “this person is loving you from a far” when my ex literally texted me a couple weeks ago saying “i love you but from a distance, it’ll play out the way it should” wtffff
C&S Mafia
C&S Mafia Hace 11 días
#2 ~ nah we didn't make it official yet👀
irelevantnø Hace 11 días
i am not okay. this was so accurate i don’t even have words to say. i cried for 10 minutes straight. it’s like you were talking to me. how. what. i can’t
Marios Genius
Marios Genius Hace 11 días
Preetha Devaiah
Preetha Devaiah Hace 11 días
Pile 3: It’s almost accurate with my life’s situation right now.. Hope everything will be fine soon..
Christine Hace 11 días
Pile 3.. you kept saying bond. My person described to me he felt we had a bond..
Shalyn Noffsinger
Shalyn Noffsinger Hace 11 días
Pretty Sexy
Pretty Sexy Hace 11 días
How weird is this I pick #3 And the other read before I pick#1 And in the first one it was the two of rose now in this reading the two of rose is the second card this is so spot on. I'm in a aaw moment. Universe is in play here!
wwkcd ?
wwkcd ? Hace 12 días
#2 this is exactly how I feel about him, is it possible were mirroring each others feelings without knowing it?
JessicaMariah Hace 12 días
I was gonna do 3 but I accidentally clicked 2 and I was connecting with #2 so much
Joanna Hassinen
Joanna Hassinen Hace 12 días
(group 2) i- i started to cry in the middle of my reading because of how accurate it got. towards the end the crying was unstoppable because i still cannot believe how EVERY SINGLE THING is the truth of how the things are between me and him... wow. this was amazing.
Nadine Martin
Nadine Martin Hace 12 días
I just randomly came across your channel, I have now listened to 3 different pick a card readings on different topics and you have been 100% on everyone.. You now have given me faith, I've now subscribed and shared xo
Nakeeta Wills
Nakeeta Wills Hace 12 días
Mel Hace 12 días
Amazing reading which totally resonates with me.
Javen Mel
Javen Mel Hace 12 días
Card 3 was kinda accurate wOoah
Στέλλα Ντάφη
That was so accurate OMG. She got everything right, I was so socked!
Bibi machado
Bibi machado Hace 12 días
Love it 😊
Queen Hace 12 días
What is the name of this cards ? Thanks
Miranda Smothers
Miranda Smothers Hace 13 días
Pile three was crazy accurate omg
Ashley Cat 121
Ashley Cat 121 Hace 13 días
My ex has been looking at me during class but yet he was talking bad about me to his friends but the same day I saw him during break and he was looking at me. I’m really confused on how he’s feeling. The words he said about me hurt but yet I still somewhat have love for him..
sherlyn 32
sherlyn 32 Hace 13 días
29:12 this is the best and most accurate reading ever!!!!!
Himaya Herath
Himaya Herath Hace 13 días
Card 4 what u said was all true he always say that we a soul mates and he think he is so luck to have me in his life woowww ❤️
HEllo im see you from Greece first time in your channel .I choose number 2 you find everything thank you !!!!
Amanda Ambler
Amanda Ambler Hace 13 días
How accurate are you??!!! I AM AMAZED AND SPOOKED 😳🤔😊
LaShawn Flewellen
LaShawn Flewellen Hace 13 días
Thank you💖
Ariii Hace 14 días
I picked pile 2 and I’m so so shocked rn when she picked up the baby bottle and said I was treating them like I was there mom I was like “ I do 🥺” and then she said they felt like their mother abandoned them . And I was like wow . my person she is talkin bout had problems with his mom since she started drinking and he told me one she went to rehab and got better but in his eyes he felt like she felt him letting him grow up faster than a normal teen . Makin him the man of the house paying everything and he said it wasn’t even the fact he grew up fast it was like fact that’s she came back acting like everything was good like she could control him like old times . And idk but I feel like y’all needed to hear that 🥺 I love my baby to death and he deserves the world 🥺💚 .
Lhi Collins
Lhi Collins Hace 14 días
#3 resonated enough that it’s almost scary
Linnéa Hagman
Linnéa Hagman Hace 14 días
Number 2 and I feel personally attacked????
Juuzou Suzuya
Juuzou Suzuya Hace 14 días
pile 1 u are the best
Anj Macopia
Anj Macopia Hace 14 días
Maribel Espinoza
Maribel Espinoza Hace 14 días
I picked pile too. He had pink hair when I met him. That’s funny u got the color pink. Yeah he basically “lost feelings” for me, which I don’t believe. I really wish he told me the real reason why he didn’t want anything with me anymore. But this gave me a little insight. I love him too 😏
MuthaFlippnGem Hace 14 días
Group 4. Thanks
GuardianBlue Tarot
GuardianBlue Tarot Hace 15 días
“Spiritual closet” tickled my spirit lol !
Mechaela Lapuaho
Mechaela Lapuaho Hace 15 días
What is this deck?? I REALLY like it
OhitsCoCo Hace 15 días
Pile 3: I felt like she talked more about me. Even though I was the one who walked away, I know I was the one who messed up. Though there were parts where she literally talkee about my person, but more on me.
Ten Thousand Days of Gratitude
Silly me. I picked a pile to try to understand a weird bit of behaviour from a business contact. I thought: “He loves me? Wha???” Then I realized this was romance specific. Too bad. Wasn’t able to apply your reading to my situation. Wish it was more general than romance. Loads of weird behaviour out there that’s hard to understand, outside the context of love.
kkk kkk
kkk kkk Hace 15 días
Pile 2: he is married but they are separated in two counties ...I wish I could stay with him and take care of him till the end ❤️🙏.thanks for your reading.
Τζένη Μ.
Τζένη Μ. Hace 15 días
Mega Mansae
Mega Mansae Hace 15 días
The oak king
Lucia Rodriguez
Lucia Rodriguez Hace 15 días
Hi i pick 2, and yeahh there is a fisical distance betwen us !! your voice y lovely and i found to much coincidens en my cards so i wanna thank you I THINK YOU ARE VERY GOOD WAS REALY HELPEFULL REALLY THANK YOU L)L)L)
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