How Fox Completely F***ed X-Men

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Disney owns the X-Men franchise now, but Fox has spent the past twenty years running it into the ground. Sure, there have been some pretty good movies (X-Men, X2, Deadpool, Logan), but most have been... less then stellar. With Dark Phoenix bringing the "saga" to a close, let's look back at Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Magneto, and the rest of the crew throughout the years.


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6 jun 2019






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Dorkly Hace 4 meses
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Random Dude
Random Dude Hace un mes
You understand that high jackman was the only reason most people even cared about the X-men movies right? There’s a reason he’s the center, Wolverine is like the Jesus of the X-men universe, he usually has to pay the ultimate prices: go back in time and no one else remembers, gets used and cloned, has to kill his true love, gets killed by a clone of himself. Your channel sucks
Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum Hace 3 meses
You are not gonna do a video on how disney fucked up the Avengers, arent you, cunts? Biased pieces of shit
Hiran Ferrera
Hiran Ferrera Hace 3 meses
Give it to the russo brothers theyll do it right
TruthersUnite Reborn
For sure Disney will queer up the series. I'm not a fan of any studio doing this but Disney is doing it a lot lately.
UnHoly Ghost
UnHoly Ghost Hace 10 horas
I like how you swear 😁
The Misunderstood Assassin
I liked how the second f bomb at the 5:56 mark was uncensored.
This Dude beats fat
This Dude beats fat Hace 2 días
Darwin. Woulda loved to have a movie for him
Vincent Ly
Vincent Ly Hace 4 días
Did Fox lied to X-Men?
22grena Hace 4 días
Marvel has turned into overt Zionist globohomo propaganda.
Arda Köşker
Arda Köşker Hace 5 días
What about Rogue?!! They litearally fckd her up!
Ash White
Ash White Hace 5 días
Only character of color...um, storm?
Victor Creed
Victor Creed Hace 7 días
If you think the f#*ed up the movies check out the comics now there is like a thousand X titles, and not just one universe but multiple, I can't figure it which universe & timeline is the real one lol lol
MystiCalBEING89 Hace 7 días
this women is annoying and not funny and points out things that are they 10 years old
StewNWT Hace 8 días
Great video. You dissected these disasters brilliantly Singer and Ratner sound like fucking brutal assholes
Rex Thehero
Rex Thehero Hace 9 días
Really not a word about how X-men The Last Stand completely butchered The Juggernaut? I mean damn even Deadpool 2 got that part right
Nathan Fleming
Nathan Fleming Hace 9 días
For fact Jennifer Lawrence fucked up mystique! She was "d saying she doesn't wanna spend all that time in the make up chair putting on prosthetics and paint, just paint me blue with black lines all over. She even wanted to quit the role after the 1st movie saying she's done it and she's ready to move on to other things and does want to be tight Cased
Richard N
Richard N Hace 10 días
Lol almost thought you were doing the Stewie Griffin thing at 3:11
recep canlıışık
recep canlıışık Hace 10 días
linda Hace 11 días
Sophie is the worst thing that happened to x-men
Pirate Bro
Pirate Bro Hace 12 días
Wow. Didnt know y'all were SJWs over there.
The Goddamn Batman
The Goddamn Batman Hace 6 días
People like you are just the worst. Not because you're "anti-sjw" but because you are idiots and make everything political. BTW, the X-Men movies do generally suck except for a handful.
Something Different
Something Different Hace 13 días
Did she jst make a racist statement saying "give it to the nice jewish girl from Chicago" ? Wat's her being jewish have anything to do with it ?
The Goddamn Batman
The Goddamn Batman Hace 6 días
Did she say Jews are awful? I think I missed that part.
Greg Khatchatrian
Greg Khatchatrian Hace 13 días
People of color? How about just people!
Karma Hace 15 días
I love how they made magneto (but that might just be Michael Fassbender lol) but yeah Jeniffer Lawerence made Mystique shit, and Fox made X-men garbage xD
Batwoman Hace 16 días
X-2 and Days of Future past are the best ones.
E c h o
E c h o Hace 16 días
Kitty had a three different actresses in the first 3 films. Jubilee has had 3 or more actresses. It ain't just cyclops.
Retro dealer 64#
Retro dealer 64# Hace 17 días
Disney's going to destroy them just like they destroyed Star Wars LOL😂.
Trashagades Hace 17 días
Disney will make a good X-men movie you can hate all you want but they didn’t get rich making bad movies
Kyle Kiyingi
Kyle Kiyingi Hace 17 días
Y’all have some deep hatred for Jennifer
HeroMon! Hace 17 días
Come on, girl, why are you being so hateful towards DOFP!? It is literally the best X-MEN movie and the 2nd best Wolverine movie! F*cking everyone loves it, bub!
ConspiracyKill Happens
spoiler alert! Disney will make all together different mistakes. don't worry ;)
Freakshow Filmfestival
Ugh, sure I am the 5993 person, You should know Kitty Pryde was the main character in Days. I hate fake nerds. At least she's cute
Freakshow Filmfestival
Cap was played by 3 guys. Lol Reb Brown, the guy in the 90's, and the guy from The Losers.
Azael VI
Azael VI Hace 18 días
.....same mistakes and Fox.....no, Disney will make all new mistakes.
Kou Lor
Kou Lor Hace 18 días
its sad cause i really loved x1 x2 logan days of future past deadpool but damn its over now
aDm Hace 18 días
Disney completely remaking it or continuing where Fox left of?
Big Josh
Big Josh Hace 19 días
Fox screwed up X-men and now Disney is probably going to screw it up even more😡
Brian Reynolds
Brian Reynolds Hace 20 días
The MAIN PROBLEM I have with the FoX-Men is with Brian Singer, the director. Why is he allowed to be an open pedophile in Hollywood? Everybody KNOWS about his crimes. EVERYBODY KNOWS he fucks young teenage boys. He is allowed to be a pedophile with absolutely NO repercussions at all. WTF is wrong with Hollywood?!? Brian Singer should be in prison for making horrible movies but should be made to suffer just like the many underage boys he raped in their ass. He gets to walk around in the free world with no consequences whatsoever. This is SO profoundly fucked up!!! Why is he not in prison with R. Kelly and the rest of the high-profile celebrities pedophiles?!? Something needs to be done about this very fucked up problem we have with Hollywood. Something need to be done NOW!!!
The Fox movies are still better than the Disney Marvel. Disney fucked Marvel up now they're gonna do the same with the Marvel/Fox movies.
KabOnTheG0 Hace 20 días
“That’s like 3 different characters playing Captain America” How bout Steve Rodgers, Bucky Barnes, and Sam Wilson as Cap
KabOnTheG0 Hace 9 días
@Jo Jo Williams Did it say that in the video, she didn't say they become Steve Rodgers, they become Captain America, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT
Jo Jo Williams
Jo Jo Williams Hace 10 días
@KabOnTheG0 Sam and Bucky are taking the mantle of Capt America. They are not becoming Steve Rogers. Dont be that guy
KabOnTheG0 Hace 15 días
Still it is 3 actors playing cap if it happens in the mcu
The Ghost
The Ghost Hace 15 días
@KabOnTheG0 I was kinda being sarcastic, sorry... But this video is about movies, not comics. It's not the same thing, since their names are still Sam and Bucky. If it was a different actor playing Steve Rogers, then it would be the same thing.
KabOnTheG0 Hace 15 días
Not movies comics and the MCU might do it because in the comics Sam and Bucky were Captain America
Thomas Fleig
Thomas Fleig Hace 21 un día
If you think Disney is going to do better, you're mistaken. They've already destroyed Star Wars. They are too worried about political correctness and throwing Mary Sue characters at us, to appease the feminists and SJW's. X-men will be no different. FOX already started the trend, so Disney can just pick up where they left off
Sal Agnello
Sal Agnello Hace 21 un día
No diss to all the horror fans out there, but an X-men horror film? No thanks, that just ruins the whole genre.
Levis. H
Levis. H Hace 21 un día
the best character of the franchise was Quicksilver. the worst? probably Jennifer Lawrence as Mistique. the old Mistique was better.
Dinga Tudor
Dinga Tudor Hace 22 días
What really pisses me off is the fact that this was the last chance for Fox to do an awesome Quicksilver moment, with some development for him and a bit more depth, but they just had his ass kicked in the first 30 minutes of the game and never seen again until a scene at the end where he has ONE line. Total waste of a character. Shame he is dead in the MCU.
maskedathiest Hace 22 días
i would agree with the whole "disservice" thing if it were not hugh jackman. i could care less what they have him doing. as long as he is there claws out. and one other thing. a person of color does not mean a black person you idiot. "the only person of color" come on. should i complain that blade only killed white dudes in the movies? i almost subbed. i see why this chick has 10k thumbs down. now you say she is an actor? if you believe saying actress is offensive to women yet call her she...... i cant even finish watching this. .
Legendoflaw21007 Whittle
She started talking like stewie off of family guy at one point.
Camo Allen
Camo Allen Hace 23 días
Why would it better if darwin was still in the movie and why should he get his own movie, Lost me on that 1
Aryan Pandey
Aryan Pandey Hace 23 días
Who gonna be the Wolverine now ?
Stevie Jo
Stevie Jo Hace 24 días
Psycho feminist. How did get on this video?
Patrick Baitman
Patrick Baitman Hace 24 días
The first Mystique was hot !!! But the latest Mystique has a round face and she is ugly... Same with Storm.
J Jamison
J Jamison Hace 24 días
I think what she's describing is that some people are too slow to follow. Cyclops is Cyclops. the actor doesn't change it very much and he's never been a very central character in these movies. I feel that the newer X-Men movies were much better than the old ones. And I was 20+ yrs old when the first X-Men movie came out
Ivan Sean
Ivan Sean Hace 25 días
Timeline and xmen history is truly very convuluted
Ivan Sean
Ivan Sean Hace 25 días
Darwin might be in other form. Not dead but un other form.
phidmcawesome Hace 25 días
Tony needs to grow his beard back
Ang y
Ang y Hace 25 días
Canadian with claws? He is an aussie
kishona69 Hace 25 días
I'm personally just glad that shit storm is finally over...
Eric Lewis
Eric Lewis Hace 25 días
They missed a trick not including Mr Sinister, Lillandra, D’Ken and The Savage Lands etc. The movies kept using the same plot lines. And Apocalypse maybe could have been better designed or casted. Storm was not used to her potential. Rogue also was terrible in the movies when she was great in the cartoon.
James Powers
James Powers Hace 25 días
Ok when you stated talking about people of color deserve their own movie you lost me.
JD Turnier
JD Turnier Hace 25 días
Wait soo no one's gonna discuss the mistreatment of Emma Frost & her role in the X-Men Franchise as she was part of The Hellfire club along with Selene being the reason why The Phoenix went Dark & other factors?
JD Turnier
JD Turnier Hace 25 días
This great/spot on I hope they do a WAAAAAAAY better Job with the reboot of The X-Men.
Elijah Hayes
Elijah Hayes Hace 26 días
Also don’t forget how they muted the hell out of storm, even though she is one of the most powerful team members, and the second in command, after cyclops. Or how that weirdo Singer wanted to show her becoming Storm and gave her black hair, only for it to turn grey due to an upgrade from Apocalypse, also showing her as a thief without explaining why, but not showing her being worshipped as a goddess by many because she would use her powers to help people. Introducing Darwin, only to kill him off like that was bullshit, and a racist cliche, especially since he pretty much sacrificed himself for the predominantly white team. The fact that Magneto was in every movie was an issue, Mister Sinister, the Shiar, Sauron, The UMen, Omega Red, etc, they had so much to chose from, yet they kept that Weirdo Singer and he messed up everything, with his weird hard on for Wolverine. There’s also the Trashy biker suits, The failed opportunity to really explore the love triangle between Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine, also the nonexistent Character growth.
Thomas Haselrig
Thomas Haselrig Hace 27 días
Marry me😁
Norlando Conanan
Norlando Conanan Hace 27 días
They fucked up Quicksilver. His scene in days of future past was the best thing about that movie. So they tried to recreate the magic in Apocalypse. But that was the stupidest scene in that movie and totally ruined that character for me.
Schlock Jocks
Schlock Jocks Hace 26 días
Fox Quicksilver is a one trick pony.
Movie Uploader
Movie Uploader Hace 27 días
The last stand is 100 times better than dark phoniex...
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