How Fox Completely F***ed X-Men

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Disney owns the X-Men franchise now, but Fox has spent the past twenty years running it into the ground. Sure, there have been some pretty good movies (X-Men, X2, Deadpool, Logan), but most have been... less then stellar. With Dark Phoenix bringing the "saga" to a close, let's look back at Professor X, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Magneto, and the rest of the crew throughout the years.


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6 jun 2019






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Dorkly Hace un año
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Random Dude
Random Dude Hace 9 meses
You understand that high jackman was the only reason most people even cared about the X-men movies right? There’s a reason he’s the center, Wolverine is like the Jesus of the X-men universe, he usually has to pay the ultimate prices: go back in time and no one else remembers, gets used and cloned, has to kill his true love, gets killed by a clone of himself. Your channel sucks
Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum Hace 11 meses
You are not gonna do a video on how disney fucked up the Avengers, arent you, cunts? Biased pieces of shit
Hiran Ferrera
Hiran Ferrera Hace 11 meses
Give it to the russo brothers theyll do it right
TruthersUnite Reborn
TruthersUnite Reborn Hace 11 meses
For sure Disney will queer up the series. I'm not a fan of any studio doing this but Disney is doing it a lot lately.
Derrick Nichols
Derrick Nichols Hace 11 meses
That rat gonna make pg8 watch
Robbie Marsden
Robbie Marsden Hace 9 días
She didnt even talk about STORM
louie mann
louie mann Hace 15 días
When she talked about that random guy that played Cyclops I burst out laughing
Patrick Reville
Patrick Reville Hace 20 días
If the director is really good I would not care if they broke the law I could separate the art and the artists.
Katie Blackmon
Katie Blackmon Hace 21 un día
Yeah I understand like you talkin the got x men be like family
I'm YB
I'm YB Hace un mes
❤ Romijn as Mystique and no comment for Jennifer in blue paint!
Furiafelina Hace un mes
I doubt disney can do better. Just look at what they did with Star Wars 🤣🤣🤦‍♀️
Robert Delgado Capetillo
Huge Jackman is NOT Canadian!!!!
Anmol Rout
Anmol Rout Hace un mes
I hate that JLaw is being blamed for acting bad because of Fox
Trey Stiemsma
Trey Stiemsma Hace un mes
The characters in first class that get killed right away create higher stakes for the movies
durell bushner
durell bushner Hace un mes
Hopefully MCU gets it right with them
Jose Hace un mes
I’m glad that Disney have the X-Men in the MCU
Luca Hace un mes
"The greatest romance" Yeah, uh-huh. Keep thinking that.
Luca Hace 3 días
@Jaylon Jackson Dang, you're right. Realizing how crappy my phone speakers are.
Jaylon Jackson
Jaylon Jackson Hace 3 días
She Said bromance
Jermaine Fussell-King
I'm subscribing..... I Absolutely Loved This
Isa the Rebel
Isa the Rebel Hace un mes
Ang Lee and Christopher Nolan some of the best directors for a superhero origin story movie, they brought to the screen what Hulk and Batman should a been to cinema, they more than just superhero movies, Hulk is a psychological drama monster movie, The Dark Knight trilogy is a crime detective coming of age story there was no pedophiles involved in the project, X-Men structure really confused me I didn't know if I was watching before or after each timeline
Musa Haque
Musa Haque Hace un mes
Never understood why these cats create inconsistent timelines and that don't make sense, it seem like they keep milkin' the series with too many installments, and I don't get the focus with too many characters and how they got need for acceptance and love. Iron Man was a redemption story and Captain America's a story of honour, two series that seriously create lores smoothly and set on one character, their motivation and origin. PS. That info about the director bein' a sexual predator with a closed closet be jarrin', wouldn't want that kind of involvement.
Phon Xieng
Phon Xieng Hace 2 meses
of the SJW is upset man of color got killed off. man so sick of this STFU i am asian sick of this wae wae wae people of color being killed off shit STFU
THE-DOBER-MAN 1987 Hace 2 meses
Singer robed and Molested with three fucking terrible movies
THE-DOBER-MAN 1987 Hace 2 meses
It’s fucking mystique easiest character to replace with a new actor
Lin Kuei Boi37
Lin Kuei Boi37 Hace 2 meses
I love how you start hating on kitty pride because jean is stronger yet jean turns evil and cant control her stupid self so it makes sense
Mihael Platas
Mihael Platas Hace 2 meses
Dude I freaking loved days of future past why do you have to talk bad about it
Otto Ettema
Otto Ettema Hace 2 meses
Marie Gibert
Marie Gibert Hace 2 meses
I think that rogue and iceman's love story was wierd
Olof Olofersond
Olof Olofersond Hace 2 meses
Just Be yourself Jennifer Lawrence. LOL 😂🤣😅
Kiba727 Hace 2 meses
Wait did she call Hugh Jackman “the Canadian with claws”
Kabuki Shade
Kabuki Shade Hace 3 meses
YOU CAN DO IT, CLYDE! Deep inside, you know it, too! The world is a strange place.. full of terrors.. and wonders! WORTH EXPLORING! Now get back to those goals! BEST WISHES, CLYDE!
Dylan Hace 3 meses
Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique was...just...crap
Jonathan Vega
Jonathan Vega Hace 3 meses
Wolverine being cast as the main protagonist in Days of Future Past absolutely makes sense
Emmanuel Gibson
Emmanuel Gibson Hace 3 meses
Ryan Reynolds talks in detail about how he signed on wolverine origins and how Fox thought it was a great idea for Deadpool to be that way. Ryan told them it was a bad idea and he didn’t want to do it because that’s not the character. They told him if he wanted to do a stand alone he would have to do it the character their way. He also had to fight with them on getting Deadpool made as they made every step hard and at first didn’t want to promote it at all.
Tizy Man
Tizy Man Hace 3 meses
No, Fox saved the X-Men, they made incredibly awesome movie and Dark Phoenix is the best X-Men movie alongside Days of Future Past, you critics are just idiots and turds
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Hace 3 meses
How about marvel s thor god of thunder who is afraid of electric shock powers of childrens of thanos in infinity war And endgame has a lots of talking drama talking drama talking drama within almost 2 hours ang action fighting scenes are just 55minutes so endgame is a boring movie So funny Fox c men movies well not bad at least theres a lots of actions scenes in each fox x men movies
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell Hace 3 meses
I hope if they have another X-Men series. They stick with the comics version of the series . I did enjoy all of the movies .Some OF the alternative changes seemed too much to accept. They changed apocalypse's powers and origin. In the comics he would enter a hibernation chamber to rejuvenate his body and abilities. Not transfer his conchenese from one body to another. Some of the changes made no sence
ÃÇR Âñíkēt
ÃÇR Âñíkēt Hace 3 meses
Xmen is just showing past not future
Warren Kings
Warren Kings Hace 4 meses
Has this woman got ADD or does she just need to pee?
stokkie88 Hace 4 meses
Deadpool x-men 2 and Logan are fantastisc movies
Raahul Anand Sharma
Raahul Anand Sharma Hace 5 meses
Hugh iS not CanaDian ... But an AuSsie
Operator BG
Operator BG Hace 5 meses
If only Marvel had X men
Mz K
Mz K Hace 5 meses
Ok...so mystique is around when they are old but she dies in this film when they ate young? These movies just dont tie in together like the avenger movies...
Stewart Foster
Stewart Foster Hace 5 meses
The biggest mishandled character (in my opinion) in the X-men movies was one of the original X-men Warren Worthington aka Angel aka Archangel.
Covid Nineteen
Covid Nineteen Hace 5 meses
What? i thort all the old xmen movies were like the future of the new ones wow man my mind is just blown
Smbat Avetisyan
Smbat Avetisyan Hace 6 meses
Is it me or was dark Phoenix was the most shit X-men movie
Moyo Atteh
Moyo Atteh Hace 6 meses
Nah fr that whole franchise is a massive clusterfuck
Victor Valenzuela
Victor Valenzuela Hace 6 meses
What a great video!!! I should become a follower 🤗
Victor Valenzuela
Victor Valenzuela Hace 6 meses
Jennifer screwed the whole movie... don’t ever recast her ever again.... And if they ever want to remake the whole movie? Then recast every character except for Magneto, Professor X, quick Silver and the demon dude who can disappear. Hire new actors who are not arrogant and who are willing to do things right!
Mattmt56 Hace 6 meses
Unpopular opinion: Apocalypse is a pretty good movie.
SL twentyeight
SL twentyeight Hace 6 meses
yeah Darwin got wronged and its not even a horror movie.
Retro Revelations
Retro Revelations Hace 6 meses
The problem with this, is that you're acting like the first couple X-Men films were GOOD. They weren't. They weren't bad MOVIES. But as representations of, say, the greatness of the 90s X-Men comics? They were dogshit almost across the board. Non-African sounding, crappy Halle Berry Storm? Check. BRUNETTE, brown-eyed "Dr." Jean Grey who is little more than a background character? Check. Nightcrawler not having fur, but instead retarded "angelic symbols" on his skin? Check. Wolverine being almost as tall as Cyclops, when he's supposed to be 5'3"? Check. Toad suddenly having stupid tongue/spit powers, which they later put in the comics? Check. Sabertooth being a moronic brute, instead of a terrifyingly devious killer? Check. Mystique reduced to a scaled, NAKED bimbo, which she never was in the comics? Check. The X-Men wearing idiotic thick, inflexible leather outfits? Check. Magneto being a feeble old man, instead of a vital, fearsome villain? Check. Turning Mastermind, a good character, into the brain-dead son of William Striker? Check. Reducing Cyclops, a respected and bad ass team leader, into a background character? Check. The list goes on and on. The POINT being, those early movies were their own special brand of garbage. Just because the later films got even WORSE, doesn't mean the early ones were good.
Finalman26 THA BULLZ
Oh Great!! Now they are gonna try to turn the X-men into lame comidies..
kof2002kof Hace 6 meses
We need a true xmen movie
victor aguilera
victor aguilera Hace 6 meses
Disney word of advises follow the comic book don't do the mistake fox would do like put mystic as the leader of the X-Men big mistake wat next fox toad steps in and becomes the leader of the X-Men wat a disgrace u know in my childhood I use to love the X-Men especially Cyclops a leader of the X-Men
victor aguilera
victor aguilera Hace 6 meses
The leader of X-Men Cyclops
victor aguilera
victor aguilera Hace 6 meses
Jennifer lorens that was a mistake in X-Men
victor aguilera
victor aguilera Hace 6 meses
Cyclops was supposed to be the leader wtf
Paul Rizzo
Paul Rizzo Hace 6 meses
Sorry, comic-accurate or not, DOFP was f**king awesome.
Jace Pickering
Jace Pickering Hace 6 meses
Most of them just have older actors for there older characters and young actors for the young characters
Daniel Starks
Daniel Starks Hace 7 meses
Carlos Almonacid
Carlos Almonacid Hace 7 meses
2:56 Kitty was the one travelling back in time in the comics. That's why she does it in the movie.
Toshi yaar
Toshi yaar Hace 7 meses
I was done the minute raven was killed...fook it
siegeaye Hace 7 meses
The first Mystique they got right... Jennifer lawrence just looked like a fucking smurf!
Liv G
Liv G Hace 7 meses
Jlaw's mystique looks like she got skin disease or smth
Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru Hace 7 meses
For such an “epic” franchise it really ended with a thud. They didn’t even make the characters really go anywhere. Most of the character development was wasted.
DHVO [Comics & Manga]
So much passion
Dylan Down Under
Dylan Down Under Hace 7 meses
Community doesn't FEAR Xmen it Hates Constant Reboots to MUC UP A FRANCHISE! it wants stability and order. Not rehashing the same stuff over and over again. When will you channels learn???
Dylan Down Under
Dylan Down Under Hace 7 meses
Hahaha oh no no no, Fox did not come up with dead pool. It was a side project that gained traction AND Hid away by a group of people. Then "Released" by someone on purpose to get the right audience to fund it. FOX never wanted it out of Fear and backlash but it Worked. Now you have Dead pool you sucker's
young MB
young MB Hace 7 meses
I doubt Disney will do X-Men any Justice. They will be making yet another soft version of the X-Men where even a five year old will be watching it.
Jeru Ezekiel Daquita
Well s#!t the movie forgotten Gambit
JC Lazaro
JC Lazaro Hace 7 meses
WHO?! hahahaha 1:42
ghoste Hace 7 meses
How Dorkly Completely F***** This Video
Justin BentRails
Justin BentRails Hace 7 meses
They fucked up by having the characters portraying the actors, rather than having the actors portraying the characters.
Nathaniel Gates
Nathaniel Gates Hace 7 meses
No offense but I don’t think using wolverine all the time was gratuitous. Okay maybe in first class and apocalypse but I saw nothing wrong with Logan being in future past and to be honest they are just using their most popular character to their advantage
Pnoid News
Pnoid News Hace 7 meses
Rogue n gambit those two are really what let u know how bad it was gonna be.
Elian X Future
Elian X Future Hace 7 meses
Fox and Sony fucked up Marvel
Scot Carr
Scot Carr Hace 7 meses
I ain't ashamed for liking their WORK, but it blows my mind how studios are so shocked that these talents are toxic & utter tools to work with. Bryan Singer's a great example. At the top of his game, he's great. But his rep of being at best creepy & at worst sexually abusive has been around for years! I guess as long as he was doing good work, that was tolerable, the decision-makers were willing to be blind. Ditto w/Ratner. Now, if they were great all the time, I GUESS that's okay, but when their workrate itself became questionable, HOW were they still getting jobs? With Singer, he already displayed unprofessional behavior when he up & walked out of "Last Stand" not long after preproduction. Lucky for Fox that all of such prep work was done, because doing crap like that should've doomed his career. No matter how talented, Hollywood beancounters are NOT forgiving when someone burns you on a big-money project! Why did Singer get a pass on it? And why did Fox CONTINUE to pass on acting on the bush-league divaish behavior when Singer's shenanigans started leaking out into the general public?
Manaf Benayache
Manaf Benayache Hace 7 meses
bolshito !! i injoyed every single x men movie ! i know they messed up a bit with the continiuty of the story and made some confusing stuff but every signel movie is good on its own if you dont follow the chronological order and stuff ! and besides are you in one of a sudden became a critics expert ! maybe Simon Cowel would do a great job critisizing but you you re amateurs ! farewell !
Alif Rangga
Alif Rangga Hace 7 meses
Dont mind, about mystique personality 😂.. Keep calm
red skull fire
red skull fire Hace 7 meses
They sucked at star wars. Theres no force powers or real jedi fights..... theres no flips or anything. First one the actors had trouble getting up a hill -_-
total robot
total robot Hace 7 meses
When I first saw this new face, I was shocked, how bad it is. Each time this new face showed on the movie, I kept thinking what the heck.
vonfistenberg Hace 7 meses
JL is the one that we didn't watched the movie. The worst actress to play the role. We love Rebecca ....
UnHoly Ghost
UnHoly Ghost Hace 7 meses
I like how you swear 😁
The M.A.
The M.A. Hace 7 meses
I liked how the second f bomb at the 5:56 mark was uncensored.
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