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6 mar 2018






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CypherDen Hace 2 años
Oh hey! Do you have funny Pokemon related stories? :D
Asian Homie69
Asian Homie69 Hace 2 días
I caught a shiny ponyta yesterday on Pokémon go
Plasma Fishy
Plasma Fishy Hace 12 días
ThatOneGamer285 Hace 2 meses
@Themilkychettos milk bruh
Sgoc Hace 4 meses
Nah,i just used glitches to turn a Magikarp egg into a shiny
Tobias ze Tankinas Dankinas
Being made fun of for saying Pichu,Plusul or Muinin was the best Pokémon
Lps love 135
Lps love 135 Hace 5 horas
Lps love 135
Lps love 135 Hace 5 horas
Pokemon is soo cool
Phoenixstudios SR
Phoenixstudios SR Hace 19 horas
Xcalibor Muffins
Xcalibor Muffins Hace 20 horas
I swear to fucking god I thought the title said making money playing pokimane
Wilson Chan
Wilson Chan Hace 21 un hora
Huh, Jaiden's Machop in her Nuzloke was called "Chad". . .
Unicorn Glitter
Unicorn Glitter Hace un día
This reminds me haw I wuld sell bras let’s at school :)
Envy Kid
Envy Kid Hace 2 días
Nah Pokémon diamond was the shit
z_gamer465 gameing
z_gamer465 gameing Hace 2 días
And also dont mess with because I will always find a way for revenge
z_gamer465 gameing
z_gamer465 gameing Hace 2 días
I actually use Google to find code and enter it so I dont need to buy and also I can cheat to download game boy my phone I am a boss hacker
zedric vids
zedric vids Hace 2 días
I draw other people drawing and selling them for 10 pesos in my class easy profits
GeeziS fromtha40s
GeeziS fromtha40s Hace 2 días
Eww that voice tho
Die Ratte
Die Ratte Hace 3 días
This is a genius way of making money :D
Furret fan 99
Furret fan 99 Hace 3 días
@CypherDen you inspired Pokemon Lab .com
This a Pokémon silver/ruby(or sapphire) market, black was not out yet
YORKIE 50 Hace 4 días
my neighbour gave me around 999 rare candy's with his gba/ds hacks but when he the new pokemon sun/moon no hacks probably because it was easy and all you had to do was spam revives at elite 4
Play then Draw
Play then Draw Hace 5 días
More and more filipinos do taekwondo
Alex Hace 5 días
well now u have 3 times more subscribers :D
Dope blocky
Dope blocky Hace 5 días
Me:sees gengar on tumbnail Me: interested
Muhammad Zahin
Muhammad Zahin Hace 6 días
Uh so does that mean you are Giovanni the team rocket leader when you were making a business?
Jeremy pierre mix mash
Love your videos really nice and i will also love to battle you someday 🙏 bless
Daniel Draycot
Daniel Draycot Hace 6 días
The first pokemon I ever caught(not a starter) was a shiny slowpoke which I used to beat the league
Daniel Draycot
Daniel Draycot Hace 6 días
And it's travelled with me though my journey from gen 2 all the way to ultra sun and moon
Nii Kojo
Nii Kojo Hace 6 días
Damn! Real team rocket out here!
Quim Pérez
Quim Pérez Hace 6 días
For a moment I thought the principal wanted a pokemon😂😂😂😂
Biggiejohn Hace 6 días
Mine isn't pokemon related even though I played it at school and on the bus. Before the internet went mainstream I would print off and sell hentai pictures of Bulma and Chi Chi from DBZ for 5 USD each lol. Lasted 2 weeks and then I quit cold turkey because too many questions were starting to float around. I pocketed about 40-50 USD in the span of the 2 weeks, the first time I was approached by a potential buyer that I did not approach first I was like "no idea what you are talking about" Never sold another after that, was too hot.
Carlos Mayo-Jimenez
Carlos Mayo-Jimenez Hace 6 días
why does your character remind me of hatsume from my hero academia
Autistic Gamer
Autistic Gamer Hace 7 días
Chad is the name of my Charizard
Mason Carrol
Mason Carrol Hace 7 días
I had a Pokemon story... FIGHTING LEON
Smol Shiro
Smol Shiro Hace 7 días
I remember subbing to you about 3 years ago on my other youtube acc
mega red
mega red Hace 8 días
No the Magikarp has to win Magikarp best Pokemon stronger than arckeus
XDRZERO Hace 8 días
You went to US? But where were you born?
lama luther
lama luther Hace 8 días
i to go taekwondo
Brandon Crum
Brandon Crum Hace 8 días
PokeHustlin' with GameGenie
Julian de Gier
Julian de Gier Hace 9 días
i HaVe A sHiNy LeGeNdArY
Shadow Dragons
Shadow Dragons Hace 10 días
how much do you want for it?
CrpherDen: Alone at new school. Me: Same.
Fnafcake 101
Fnafcake 101 Hace 11 días
Thank u for telling me about the action replay👏
skip van wijk
skip van wijk Hace 11 días
I traded a lvl 8 oddish for a lvl 56 altaria thats pretty nice
Milton Henriquez
Milton Henriquez Hace 11 días
My brother say that pokemon is trash but i bont care all hail pokemon :3
AshleyMystic Gaming
AshleyMystic Gaming Hace 11 días
When chad watch he is gonna regret it
Goku Hace 11 días
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald Hace 11 días
The persian was shiny
Yahia Ayman
Yahia Ayman Hace 12 días
That thumbnail is sooo catchy I watched the vid alot of times
GangstaChiken Hace 14 días
one of my friends was selling cardboard knives like karambits and selling them for like 1 and 2 pound each. so o f course i bought some..... and sold them for more
Mincraft & Pokemon Go ultimate
This is my first video and it just ended now I’m really happy I don’t know why
Mincraft & Pokemon Go ultimate
Now I know im not the only one that does ticwondo
River Elliott
River Elliott Hace 16 días
Ea as a child
Kudzai Machaya
Kudzai Machaya Hace 16 días
My favourite story
Yun Sheep
Yun Sheep Hace 17 días
Chad is a chad Edit: chad is a fricking country
Elmo's Realm
Elmo's Realm Hace 17 días
I have that feeling to
MonkeyingAround YT
MonkeyingAround YT Hace 18 días
I used to sell slime and my math teacher was like, you sell slime right? I’m like y-yea? She was like how to make cloud slime? ...
Legend_of_ Sonic
Legend_of_ Sonic Hace 19 días
KolbaltSayian Gaming
KolbaltSayian Gaming Hace 19 días
I am the pokemon guru of my school. My one rule for getting mons is bot to go past X and Y. I have an emulator that let's me use action replay codes whenever, and can trade them to my official game to trade off. I can even get shiny legendaries.
le epiccc boi gamer
le epiccc boi gamer Hace 19 días
Shineys be 10 dollars
Nymphadora Club
Nymphadora Club Hace 20 días
*take my picture* *write my name on things* woooow, girl, calm down, you make videos, you havent discovering aids cure.
robo larry
robo larry Hace 21 un día
wo am also a ESvid in the works so yea you can check it out 2 but good vid =)
Dewa Sena
Dewa Sena Hace 21 un día
Nooooooooooooo. I. Don. Haf. Pokemon
John Ryan Carisma Ph
John Ryan Carisma Ph Hace 22 días
Old Myth: Lost Silver New Myth: The The Cheat Device New myth: Curse Easy bake Oven
Timothy Garlick
Timothy Garlick Hace 23 días
1999: People Selling Pokemon at School 2020: People Selling Hacked Pokemon on Ebay for 1-$2 each
kasper Rabij
kasper Rabij Hace 23 días
Imagine The drug deal from gta vice city tommy is den the dealers are the kids the shooters are the snitches lol
Jacinta Cronin
Jacinta Cronin Hace 24 días
Cue team skull music
William Costa
William Costa Hace 26 días
Interesting... ESvid recommended me to a devil.
foxy with the moxey and fredey
3:49 ’well that’s not possible because Pokémon can only evolve 1 time per battle
Gaming Fox79
Gaming Fox79 Hace 27 días
Hey people you can this this type of thing on switch it's called the switch-up enchancer
King Crimson5421
King Crimson5421 Hace 27 días
Hey chypher den how did you come up with your name?
Aidan Drotzur
Aidan Drotzur Hace 27 días
I have a gameshark for ds I might do this
Aidan Drotzur
Aidan Drotzur Hace 27 días
The plural of pokemon is pokemon
Aidan Drotzur
Aidan Drotzur Hace 27 días
Silver is one literally one of my least favorite pokemon's of ALL TIME
Chorosenko Triuglić
Chorosenko Triuglić Hace 28 días
Yeah I did it too and earned around 1000 - 1500€ I had thing to give my self things but one day I really dont know how they somehow know and 3 boys wanted me to beat up so yeah be carefull doing this! But that was one location then I got to another and another money soo yeah still I have that Unfair money. But that's how Mafia works.
I Like Snacks
I Like Snacks Hace 28 días
0:06 your face looks like ocoko uraraka
Angry amilcar games
Angry amilcar games Hace 29 días
You know your game is probably dead
ok ok
ok ok Hace 29 días
"I liked competitive battling" Me with my 5 EV with 30 iv's in attack scizor Me: Is this a joke?
Colin Smith
Colin Smith Hace un mes
watching this as I take a break from shiny hunting in Heartgold. Quite fitting
Izumia Midoriya aka Girl deku
Dj_ Fu1Z1on
Dj_ Fu1Z1on Hace un mes
Try competetive battleing today its horryfing
funtimegameing hd
funtimegameing hd Hace un mes
do you play pokemon sword or shield cypherden
funtimegameing hd
funtimegameing hd Hace un mes
i have go pokemon
Eric Quintana
Eric Quintana Hace un mes
Ren Garcia
Ren Garcia Hace un mes
Pitchblackplays Hace un mes
The plural of Pokemon is Pokemon.....
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