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Life is Amazing. Seeing this touched me and I wanted to share it with you
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This amazing display showing a live chicken embryo was at the Exploratorium in San Francisco:
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18 abr 2021






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SmarterEveryDay Hace 19 días
Seeing this made me feel things and I wanted to share it with you. Thank you to everyone who supports at www.patreon.com/smartereveryday . You make it possible for me to publish content I genuinely love instead of trying to please the algorithm. Thank you!
Shyam Tripathi
Shyam Tripathi Hace un día
Yes sir it is so incredible! Even after knowing so much, it is so sad that people eat them 😢
jupiter rules
jupiter rules Hace 2 días
You wont be eating eggs after few days in fridge
Gangster Rose
Gangster Rose Hace 9 días
We can see the agenda your pushing dustin...
Charlie Kelly
Charlie Kelly Hace 10 días
Life really is amazing, thank you for bringing a smile to my face 😀
SelfAccountable Hace 10 días
@Fahrenheit353 The mathematical probabilities of all factors -- from the perfect sized star with the right luminosity, the perfect conditions of water , chemistry, and atmosphere, the perfect placement of the Earth in the 'goldilocks' zone with a moon that is tidally locked, the gas giants which save us from constant comet and asteroid bombardment, and the extremely ridiculous chance that one day life just 'emerges' from amino acids which came from lifelessness....... it's all stupid to assume there is no creator. Life is impossible without God. The very existence of our universe is held in place by laws of physics that if they were off by an infinitesimal amount, the universe would collapse on itself. There is NO WAY that this all just happened. It seems clear there is a purpose to the universe, and that purpose is for the Glory of the creator who loves us enough to share the common grace we all enjoy (food, water, touch, taste, nature, etc) AND who died in the place of all who would and will ever trust in him so that those who are his elect my enjoy the Perfect Grace and forgiveness of Jesus who IS God and Man. Think about it -- the only true deity who made ALL things stepped into creation and walked on Earth among us. That is the biggest miracle of all.
D BX Hace 13 minutos
That random mass of cells almost looked like a chicken.
sonaarr Hace 48 minutos
Jonathan Carballo
Jonathan Carballo Hace 2 horas
I think that's the chicken I had for lunch today
Jimmi Hansen
Jimmi Hansen Hace 4 horas
Most amacing thing i have ever seen. Really cool
EPL Hace 12 horas
Looks like life.
Robert Craighead
Robert Craighead Hace 15 horas
Needs Tabasco
Lara Nelemans
Lara Nelemans Hace 16 horas
What I find amazing is that the yolk acts like a placenta. The egge shell is actually gas permeable and allows waste gasses to pass out through the yolk and good gasses to pass to the embryo. Nature is amazing.
[insert name here]
[insert name here] Hace 17 horas
i was just drinking mocha ice-coffee and i saw "waste sac "
Unitas Gaming
Unitas Gaming Hace 17 horas
Do they have to renew the eggs every day!?!?!?
Rifat Ahammed
Rifat Ahammed Hace 2 días
Thank you
Ultimate XLR-8
Ultimate XLR-8 Hace 2 días
*This shows how lucky you are as a human, Life is precious.😇👌🥰*
Laura Moore
Laura Moore Hace 2 días
The anatomy scan while pregnant was easily one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. We got to go over every single bit of our baby: bones, organs, all 4 chambers of the heart, brain, etc etc etc. It was a long scan but it was so cool. I always call pregnancy the coolest experiment I've ever conducted.
Rob B
Rob B Hace 2 días
Destin, do you know if these embryos succeed in producing new chicks? I imagine they have to switch the displays every day so I hope they're going straight into an incubator to continue growing and not just discarded.
Stephan Cole
Stephan Cole Hace 2 días
Super cool!
Kermeous Hace 2 días
Too bad you weren't able to work with the Exploratorium to get a behind the scenes look at how the exhibit is maintained and "refreshed" everyday
Wrod of Dog
Wrod of Dog Hace 2 días
Do they let the chickens develop completely? And does the lighting change them?
Eagle Beast of Prey
Eagle Beast of Prey Hace 3 días
And imagine nice chicken life and ppl chopping necks to chicken everyday in factories.. 🤷‍♂️
Pam Williams
Pam Williams Hace 3 días
And we murder thousands of those per day...but they are not chickens...😫😭
Luke Orlando
Luke Orlando Hace 3 días
Bah it’s not that impressive. I mean come on. It is just another accident without any purpose. Like everything else in existence.
Micah Curry
Micah Curry Hace 3 días
Flashbacks to his first video
Sirisat Waeowanajit
Sirisat Waeowanajit Hace 3 días
Your videos is awesome!
Dane Bultemeier
Dane Bultemeier Hace 3 días
I can’t get over how complicated and amazing life is. There’s more complexity in a 5 day old chicken than anything humans have ever created. Even the grass we walk on is insanely complex at a cellular level. In conclusion: nature is awesome.
Marina Doerksen
Marina Doerksen Hace 2 días
GOD is awesome! He created all things. And he loves it when we discover how amazing he has made nature...for our enjoyment.
painxxxl Hace 4 días
Instant ham & egg, they should sell that.
DogHair Hace 4 días
And, back to the chicken camera stabilizer. YES
Crimson Sea
Crimson Sea Hace 4 días
Scrambled 6 of them this morning
Blue Whales151
Blue Whales151 Hace 4 días
Very cool
Bret Smith
Bret Smith Hace 4 días
Whaat!! Your class didn't do this in the fourth grade Destin? I now realize Mrs. Odell was more amazing than I thought. We opened up an egg a day to see the whole process.
QUOC THAI Hace 4 días
Thanks good
Texas Wood House
Texas Wood House Hace 5 días
Gods creation is amazing!!!!
Infinity 1
Infinity 1 Hace 5 días
Is this similar for humans? I didn't know the heart develops so early.
Walter Burton
Walter Burton Hace 5 días
It's cool, but it's not special. Important distinction.
brain fog
brain fog Hace 4 días
Please elaborate.
Psycho Logy
Psycho Logy Hace 5 días
Allah is the greatest ❤️
Ken Izzard
Ken Izzard Hace 5 días
Really cool video, but what happens to the chickens after day 7? Are these animals taken through to live a full life? I would be interested to know.
z0ck3r Hace 5 días
Can we just appreciate how destin went about his day and saw something he thought would be some random knowledge worth sharing
AJ Hace 5 días
I think I ate day 2 before...
frosecold Hace 5 días
Reality and life are so complex and beautiful, and to think we people have perspectives about it so radically different, when I see this video I see biology, embryology, science, research, wonder... On the other hand when a religious person sees this they probably think about how wise god is in his design... And that's sad
vubb Hace 5 días
Is someone covering them
Frederick Diño
Frederick Diño Hace 5 días
So the egg labeled 'day 1' will be moved the next day and they will add another egg and label it 'day 1'?
Bathrobe Millionaire
Abortion is murder
mjnc367 Hace 5 días
I've noticed sometimes seeing a red spot within the yolk of store bought eggs. Assuming these are infertile, what is the red spot in the yolk?
Kyle Pierce
Kyle Pierce Hace 5 días
And yet... children in the womb... 1000s everyday.
Curtis Wilson
Curtis Wilson Hace 5 días
I think it’s particularly worth sharing the verse he put at the end of this video because it’s both beautifully written and appropriate for the subject matter: For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. 16 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.
Thrifty Tool Shed
Thrifty Tool Shed Hace 5 días
Miraculous! We are surrounded by miracles everyday. Thanks for taking the time to helps us notice....
KiddsockTV Hace 6 días
That's INCREDIBLE!! Thank you!!
Clever Tinkerer
Clever Tinkerer Hace 6 días
Life... uh finds a way.
Timothy Azbill
Timothy Azbill Hace 6 días
Life begins at conception.
MERICA Guns, freedom and love.
Planned parent would like to know your location
Eric Tselovanskyi
Eric Tselovanskyi Hace 6 días
Am I the only one thinking about how would its taste change it you go from left to right?
anwar dada
anwar dada Hace 6 días
Jerahmeel Shem Salenga
Yah I'm eating chicken as I am watching this
Mysticalsss Hace 6 días
Waiting for smarter every year
The Wanderer
The Wanderer Hace 6 días
this made me cry for every aborted human...
hunter knop
hunter knop Hace 6 días
I know. It’s so sad that something comes from little more than two people’s DNA and a portion of a mother’s food intake organizes into a human being only to be scraped out before it even got to experience anything.
that shitty snare sound from st. anger
that really is amazing. i would have never thought they would put an exibit like this anywhere. thanks for sharing Destin
Scott Wheeler
Scott Wheeler Hace 6 días
WOW. No idea the progression was that fast.
ruby neo
ruby neo Hace 6 días
credit to the worker that has to update the display every single day
Mixup 221
Mixup 221 Hace 6 días
What happens when the embryo becomes too old for the exhibit 😳
Kaleb Ortner
Kaleb Ortner Hace 6 días
Wow this was really awesome.
Grateful Pianist
Grateful Pianist Hace 6 días
It's sad to know thar thé embyos are going to die later, the chance of hatching a chick without a shell us incredibly low!
pastperfect Hace 6 días
La ilahe illallah
NPC #1081288870
NPC #1081288870 Hace 7 días
its not life til it breaks it shell duhhhh
Bear Schmidt
Bear Schmidt Hace 7 días
I guess if we can eat it , we can abort it.
Bear Schmidt
Bear Schmidt Hace 4 días
@Fenriz Nobile we eat chicken . It has been fertilized 😆.
Fenriz Nobile
Fenriz Nobile Hace 7 días
We eat eggs that weren't fertilized
Rahul Atri
Rahul Atri Hace 7 días
Day 100, ohh what a nice colorful chicken it is.. I want leg piece...
Amit Nag
Amit Nag Hace 7 días
Im so happy this channel exists
Xeno Bardock
Xeno Bardock Hace 7 días
If you take a hydrophilic glass container, fill it with negatively charged water, add proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc. substances and then bombard it with various frequencies of light including infrared, you should be able to randomly generate life, in theory.
Varun Tulsyan
Varun Tulsyan Hace 7 días
Music at the end?
Jeremy Two
Jeremy Two Hace 7 días
Joke; "The Left are so smart. They think the Left is right." The Left think radical is civilized, true love conservativism. You can't define us that which sets the standards of decency. The one true Gods' Divine Philosophy and wisdom for humanity is superior to your perception of reality you chose. The biggest threat is incivility which, is what the Left is all about. Uncivilized power grabbers. Democrat's are barbaric and tyrannical that do not respect good ideas. Conservatives are preparing for self-defense against you creeps. You won't take our American values without bloodshed. The solution to gun violence in America. America is personal responsibility. Embrace that which you are. I know the solution. Government fund support to schools at all grade levels. Teach gun safety. Of age, qualify all citizens to carry. Cars kill more people than guns. You have to get a license to drive. Proactive funding and education. Plus the 1776 program in schools needs to start. This will solve problems and strengthen America for generations to come. We are smart. Work it out. America is personal responsibility. Defend it. Protect it. Be proud and share it with the jerk next door. Integrity of the Republic must be re-established. The integrity of the Republic is there, it's just not organized to its Max efficiency. A true integrity of personal responsibility for their own souls.
James Wallace
James Wallace Hace 7 días
Not gonna lie I wish they had human embryos shown
josiah hood
josiah hood Hace 7 días
We must save the unborn... Love the video!
Raul Montes
Raul Montes Hace 7 días
Watching and hearing my daughter’s heart pump on the first ultrasound was the single most life changing moment of my life. That exhibit is very spectacular.
Abram G
Abram G Hace 7 días
They taste good scrambled :p
Robert W
Robert W Hace 7 días
exactly! if we weren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of food!?
2b paristol
2b paristol Hace 7 días
And people are ok with abortion?
Scot Harkins
Scot Harkins Hace 7 días
Life on Earth is just one long set of chemical reactions...just chemical reactions...but what comes from all is that is truly amazing. Chemistry and geo-mechanical action wears mountains down to sand, and turns a bunch of organic compounds into a complex multicellular living organism. Over and over and over every day for billions of years. Simply astounding.
Scot Harkins
Scot Harkins Hace 4 días
@brain fog er...okay
brain fog
brain fog Hace 4 días
And god programmed those cells to know what to do.
Ethan Swords
Ethan Swords Hace 7 días
I'm in awe. Like, I knew roughly what I was clicking on, but... wow. Just makes you think. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
Jayden_29 Hace 7 días
Ah is that my kfc being ordered?
Sunny the Great
Sunny the Great Hace 7 días
Who is watching this while having an omelette?
FernandoP1 - Art Zone Productions
*There HAS to be a Designer for this. Brainless nature can't create information. That's not what we see in nature since little particles of matter don't know what is adaptable and what is not on its own*
Jimbo Farns
Jimbo Farns Hace 8 días
Looks delicious!!
Random Name
Random Name Hace 8 días
this is real and not a simulation/model? they would have to do this every day.
Robert W
Robert W Hace 7 días
i think they do, it may also just be a temporary exhibit
Can you please do a video about wagon wheel effect seen with naked eyes
Mystery Bat
Mystery Bat Hace 8 días
Heyy bro your videos is epic man and we are supporting you from basically all our devices!!! My one friend is similar to you, very smart and open minded... i want to help him get a app to make 3D objects; similar to the one you use when creating objects for the 3D printer. Do you maybe know a great app's name? Thanks a lot!!
Daniel Abargil
Daniel Abargil Hace 8 días
Please post another video already your videos are like Anxiety medication for me
STevOos ChaNnEl
STevOos ChaNnEl Hace 8 días
Please do a video on why bumblebees fight
evas xyz
evas xyz Hace 9 días
now you've made a video on how life starts make one more to complement it, 'how life stops and what happens after'.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Hace 8 días
Elon musk 100M xprize carbon removal Get a team with mark and your guys and let mr.beast to fund it lol.
Michael Walako
Michael Walako Hace 9 días
Is this your pro life video?
Keith Maxon
Keith Maxon Hace 9 días
Crazy how all of this happens outside the mother . . .
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Hace 8 días
human? And for kicks, would the video be allowed to stay up if you called the developing human a baby rather than an embrio? Just wondering.
Starimus Hace 9 días
And yet when it's a human, people say it's just "a clump of cells." Hmmm.
Miki N.
Miki N. Hace 9 días
God is great.
The Doh Bros
The Doh Bros Hace 9 días
Don'ttreadonme Hace 9 días
Baby’s are marvelous and deserve to live !
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Hace 9 días
Sat down and watched this with my kids. It was precious watching their eyes get huge, and jaws drop to the floor. Thanks for the awesome video!
c bannerman
c bannerman Hace 9 días
Just so cool!! Thank you for doing this video!! My boys and I are big fans!!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Hace 9 días
Um so ahhhh these baby chickens get to grow and be?! Omg!!
Cory Norell
Cory Norell Hace 9 días
Going to put this in the top 10 things I've ever seen on the internet. Really.
Wahya Danuwoa
Wahya Danuwoa Hace 9 días
♬ Bacteria is life on Mars but a heartbeat isn't life on Earth? ♬ ~ Tom MacDonald
Neuro Hace 9 días
It's amazing the way it extends all of those veins to absorb the yolk and the heart pumps all of that.
Oka Jeve
Oka Jeve Hace 9 días
Is that a real living embrio?
BEN10PLAYS Hace 9 días
the chicken at the end has no idea whats going and is like : wHeR dA bUg???
Gangster Rose
Gangster Rose Hace 9 días
So dustin. Are these embryos carried to term? Would you feel okay if it was a person? Would you feel as awed or more awed? Do you value some life over other life? Are you pro life? Is this video in relation to abortion? Jk. You would never publicly answer any questions like that.
Robert W
Robert W Hace 7 días
@P Jordan he never states it though, on purpose. his channel is for cool science stuff and neat phenomena he notices in his life. it's not a political channel. Keeping politics separated from what you do is how you stay as successful as Dustin on this platform, unless politics is all you do, like Shapiro or Vaush. Any reference he makes to politics is made as neutral as possible. He mentioned George Floyd once, but all he said was that it has "been a watershed moment in american history."
P Jordan
P Jordan Hace 8 días
Watch his videos, he's obviously Christian and Pro life.
Arn Hace 9 días
the person who designed the creation of life must be a genius...oh wait, he is
Michael W Clark
Michael W Clark Hace 9 días
I could not help wondering-- and by consequence sharing my wondering-- would this video get as many likes if you showed a comparable timeline of the development of a human? And for kicks, would the video be allowed to stay up if you called the developing human a baby rather than an embrio? Just wondering.
Michael W Clark
Michael W Clark Hace 7 días
@Robert W that is the point though. If his video was pro-abortion for some reason-- not saying he/it is-- if it were it would be fine. But if it was a video about the development of human life it would be throttled or demonetized. That is the point that one viewpoint is allowed.
Robert W
Robert W Hace 7 días
probably not because our culture has become so politicized, that even the comments section of a video about chickens developing inside an egg has abortion arguments going in its comments section.
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