How NBA Players Spent Their FIRST Check.. 

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This is How NBA Players Spent Their FIRST Check..
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9 jun 2022






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Matty.Hill_Drifts Hace 11 meses
Massive respect to zion, what a absolute legend
3rr1k💕Russ Hace 11 meses
Also the absolute legend in eating Happy meals
Baby KO
Baby KO Hace 11 meses
so true
Cxwr Hace 11 meses
@3rr1k💕Russ first time a comment like this wasnt even a bit funny
856 Entertainment
856 Entertainment Hace 11 meses
Yeah forreal
Mollie Travers
Mollie Travers Hace 11 meses
Respect to Zion giving back to the community♥️
Brendan Doman
Brendan Doman Hace 11 meses
JJCivics Hace 11 meses
@Brendan Doman oh ur chubby? sorry to hear that man try working out and eating healthy yk
ThatOneDumbPerson Hace 11 meses
@Brendan Doman sorry that you’re chubby, buddy. Just work out, eat some salads and fruits and such. You’ll be okay:) We care:
Lex Hace 11 meses
@Brendan Doman )%%q
Savior 是
Savior 是 Hace 11 meses
@Brendan Doman y
traindawg21 Hace 11 meses
Ja Morant is prime example of why fathers are so important. Oh and much respect to Zion. I remember when he did that for those workers.
Al Abadilla
Al Abadilla Hace 11 meses
Yup, happy father's day
Alterinq Hace 11 meses
damn, seeing stuff like this makes me wish i had a dad
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits-” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭103:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
Alterinq Hace 11 meses
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ you want me to repent to jesus for my dad leaving me? damn bro way to rub salt in the wound 🤣
The Situation
The Situation Hace 11 meses
@Alterinq These jesus comments are out of control. shows how desperate the church is getting for more zealots.
Liam Hace 11 meses
Zion, Ja, and Giannis used their money in such a wholesome way. I also feel bad for Oubre
Atomixzgaming Hace 9 meses
He’s a bot don’t listen
Poalo Guano
Poalo Guano Hace 11 meses
Didn’t know that Zion did that. Just gained unlimited respect for Zion after seeing that. Most 18 year old that sign an nba contract for that much money will blow it on jewelry cars houses maybe at the strip club.. but this man used it to help people that needed it much more than he did. At 18 he did that. No 18 year old that just signed for millions is thinking about anyone else but themselves.. always remember that you were struggling at some point in your life too. Help others and god will provide you with more than you gave! Big ups to Zion. Expecting him to ball out in 22’/23’
Cracked Quack
Cracked Quack Hace 11 meses
I would like to see a part 2 of this. I wonder how other NBA Superstars spent their paycheck like kyrie irving, steph curry or jason tatum.
Roner The Crazy Bird
Roner The Crazy Bird Hace 11 meses
tatum hasn’t spent a single penny from his nba check. he is being wise with his money
Cole Clawson
Cole Clawson Hace 11 meses
@Roner The Crazy Bird he’s still looking for skills to buy
Jerk_Berk Hace 7 meses
@Roner The Crazy Bird you realize how impossible that is right ? Unless he works part time at another job and use that money to pay his bills, food, entertainment etc..he obviously spends a good amount of his check
Dominic Escalante
Dominic Escalante Hace 2 meses
@Jerk_Berk he's never spent his nba money. he's only spent his money from endorsements like gatorade and jordan
Jerk_Berk Hace 2 meses
@Dominic Escalante you use the word “never” too loosely.
Ngl I think Kelly had the worst one, poor guy got his dogs stolen
ItsTTG Hace 11 meses
Danny dimes prodz
Danny dimes prodz Hace 11 meses
Makes me sad 😢
LifeWithPeyton Hace 11 meses
babatunde Hace 11 meses
I feel so bad for oubre. Can’t imagine having a psycho steal your dogs😔
Ims25 Hace 11 meses
For real I hope he gets them back pretty sure he’s married now with a kid tho so I’m glad he’s in a better relationship
parasitic Hace 11 meses
bro If I bought em dogs I would psycho on her if she stole ngl
856 Entertainment
856 Entertainment Hace 11 meses
James Dukes
James Dukes Hace 11 meses
@856 Entertainment y is that funny
Koen Boomsma
Koen Boomsma Hace 11 meses
@856 Entertainment No father figure
Charles Joshua Alvarez
I literally shed tears when Mr Rebound narrated the inspiring story of Ja Morant. I hope I'll be able to give back to my parents too
Lorina Cabotaje
Lorina Cabotaje Hace 11 meses
Ben Hace 3 meses
Amen me and you
Funny Hace 7 meses
Enormous love and respect for Zion, he's one of my heroes now
NGP Noah
NGP Noah Hace 11 meses
Mad respect to Rebound man, coming out with these videos!
Brendan Doman
Brendan Doman Hace 11 meses
Yes sir
Don't Click This
Don't Click This Hace 11 meses
Npc moment
NGP Noah
NGP Noah Hace 11 meses
@Don't Click This ?
Tremy Hace 6 meses
@Don't Click This bro says who? look at yo name LOL
QUEEN OF PAIN Hace 11 meses
mad respect to those who spent theirs in positive ways.. and dang Ja Murant's parents are so supportive.. wow
Ava Alaniz
Ava Alaniz Hace 8 meses
Respect for Zion. Alot of basketball players don't give back to the community and keep it to them Selfs. Zion needs a promotion!!
caiN Hace 11 meses
You already know its a great day when rebound uploads! Keep it up man :)
Russell St.Martin
Russell St.Martin Hace 11 meses
Damn I would've given Giannis a ride. In 2013 dude lived in these apartments 4 miles directly east of my house. Weird to think that at one point Giannis and Herro were living only 14 miles apart.
Joseph A Miguel
Joseph A Miguel Hace 11 meses
An beauty spa
Lonely Child 💔
Lonely Child 💔 Hace 11 meses
Respect to Bron. That’s what it’s all about when you get up you gotta put your friends on so respect he did that for Maverick 💯
Top dog
Top dog Hace 11 meses
Rebound makes great videos when I’m having a bad day I come to his channel and watch some keep up the grind!
Danny dimes prodz
Danny dimes prodz Hace 11 meses
Jack Hager
Jack Hager Hace 11 meses
Bro, Zion is such an awesome dude. That’s so heartwarming
Travell McIntosh
Travell McIntosh Hace 10 meses
His momma called him "Zion"for a reason!😀
Astro Hace 11 meses
rebound just gave us over 5 GQ videos at once. So inspirational.
Shinobiqueen987 Hace 9 meses
I'll give Zion credit he did good things with his money. Good for you, and there's nothing wrong with treating yourself, but it's nice to see those who remember there's others out there not as fortunate as them.
Mitch Cahigan
Mitch Cahigan Hace 11 meses
I hope you’d upload content more often. You never fail to entertain us.
RGJS Hace 10 meses
Zion deserves all the success in life he can get. Dude has a big heart.
Etelvino Almoco
Etelvino Almoco Hace 10 meses
This Guy sure knows how to hook his audience, got me binging on his videos, and i don't even like basketball. Great job.
Poalo Guano
Poalo Guano Hace 11 meses
Tee Morant is the dad of the century. That’s what being a father is all about. Giving up his dreams for Ja. And it seems like it was a no-brainer to Tee. He would do anything for Ja and I’m sure Ja had repayed him in ways he never thought possible
Luke Cabaniss
Luke Cabaniss Hace 11 meses
REBOUND is sooooo underrated he should be a TV Show!
Danny dimes prodz
Danny dimes prodz Hace 11 meses
A-Train Hace 11 meses
REBOUND makes so many cool videos, always make my day!
Jah Hace 11 meses
Npc comment
A-Train Hace 11 meses
@Jah this isn’t an npc comment, I’m a live person
EvanjoYt Hace 11 meses
@A-Train say among us
A-Train Hace 11 meses
@EvanjoYt among us??
datte bayo
datte bayo Hace 11 meses
Always a great day when Rebound drops a new video!
Subbing to everyone who sub's to me no CAP Amy
Respect to Zion for being kind
motorlover Hace 9 meses
Dude God bless Zion man, that's a good man right there, I only wish him the best and hope he pulls through and fulfills his potential
Frogee Hace 11 meses
Bro dude freaking destroyed Zion and Shaq- "Almost eating himself out of the league.."
856 Entertainment
856 Entertainment Hace 11 meses
Shivalrus Hace 10 meses
Zion just gained alot of respect from us pray he stays like this forever 🙏🏾
Poalo Guano
Poalo Guano Hace 11 meses
All shaq’s stories are funny as hell.. but they change every single time he tells them😂😂
Shicklic Hace 11 meses
The lawyer be like: “You’re honor, I know we literally just kidnapped a man’s 2 dogs, but how are we guilty?”
Ky Zed
Ky Zed Hace 11 meses
HAha lolol
claudio humphreys
claudio humphreys Hace 11 meses
Hahahahahahahaha Mannn! I can hear a voice saying this! 🤣🤣
Shicklic Hace 11 meses
@claudio humphreys thank you! That made my day!
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Hace 11 meses
Respect to Zion, such a good and historical sample of a risin star nba player 🖤🖤
Triple Double
Triple Double Hace 11 meses
Wish Rebound posted more, always love to watch their videos
Ben Crimson
Ben Crimson Hace 11 meses
That trae young had me dying 😂
Robloxian Wolf
Robloxian Wolf Hace 11 meses
You know when Rebound posts it''s gonna be a good day!
RICECAKE Hace 11 meses
ricky 9
ricky 9 Hace 11 meses
We had missed you rebound 🙂 please upload more 🙏
Alexx Hace 11 meses
if he doesn’t want to upload often he doesn’t have to. We don’t get to choose when he posts, it’s his choice
ricky 9
ricky 9 Hace 11 meses
@Alexx yeah that's facts
Salsanqueso Hace 11 meses
Zion bruh, I hope he can get back into the nba and REALLY do well 😔
drip_lord1881 Hace 11 meses
Keep up the incredible work!!!!!
Eric Dillard
Eric Dillard Hace 11 meses
Man love the content but for gods sake post more often. Everyone loves your content and wants more! Keep it up!❤️👍
The Situation
The Situation Hace 11 meses
Man cant just create content out of thin air.
Zooba Ali
Zooba Ali Hace 11 meses
Giannis is melting my heart. I wish him all da best!!!! That woman was so sweet to him help catch his game.
GRIMS REVENGE Hace 11 meses
So many clowns, but I'm glad you ended this with that Ja Morant story. Really like him as a player and that story made me like him even more. Hearing his voice in that moment...man, was deep. .........GRIM
Pantheon Atreus
Pantheon Atreus Hace 11 meses
ja morant's story is so heart warming
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez Hace 11 meses
Much respect for zion man u got to love him
Dre Garnes
Dre Garnes Hace 11 meses
Respect for Zion, that was a W
BasketWorld Hace 11 meses
Ohh thanks REBOUND for uploading a new video 📸🤩Keep the entertaining work man 😜
Henry Staack
Henry Staack Hace 11 meses
its always a good day when rebound uploads
way2ez Hace 10 meses
damn zion i hope u recover quick for this season
hewo Hace 11 meses
Love you rebound keep up the great work
Lorina Cabotaje
Lorina Cabotaje Hace 11 meses
Glam Lixr
Glam Lixr Hace 11 meses
Let’s go your finally back with a sick video! Seventeen on trending too, keep it up REBOUND.
Poalo Guano
Poalo Guano Hace 11 meses
Respect to giannis for giving his first millions back to the people that helped him get there!
Cheese Lord The 11th
Cheese Lord The 11th Hace 10 meses
he sent ALL his money by accident but was still trying to send money to his fam
fartbombs4x Hace 11 meses
love the effects and audios ! always love to see REBOUND’s new vids !
Paxtoniscool Hace 11 meses
man, poor Kelly, I honestly cant imagine how he felt
Sheldon Boyce-Payne
Sheldon Boyce-Payne Hace 10 meses
That old saying " don't count your chickens before they hatch" is factual 😬😂🤣
Hyrnix time
Hyrnix time Hace 11 meses
Love ya REBOUND❤️and ur videos😘keep doing this!
kidd Hace 11 meses
its mad how Ja's dad molded him to become an nba player thats actually insane
Daniel Daniel
Daniel Daniel Hace 11 meses
"Oh my goodness that's crazy" Proceeds to eat popcorn 😂😂😂
IP-ZeysYT Hace 11 meses
Bro when those kids hugged zions leg bro it shows how much they appreciate him Thanks for likes most I’ve had
Name here
Name here Hace 11 meses
Rebound is not part of our routine He is our routine
Ieva A
Ieva A Hace 11 meses
Much love 🤘 Much respect 🤙
T Sierra
T Sierra Hace 11 meses
Danieldarko123 Hace 11 meses
Nice vids
QuAnDaLe DiNgLe
QuAnDaLe DiNgLe Hace 11 meses
Man I miss like a year ago when this guy actually uploaded like weekly and actually put effort into his videos. Oh the times have changed
The Situation
The Situation Hace 11 meses
feel free to start your own channel that does better
QuAnDaLe DiNgLe
QuAnDaLe DiNgLe Hace 11 meses
@The Situation I’m just saying that he’s not a good youtuber. That’s it
Ken Trader
Ken Trader Hace 11 meses
Mad respect for Zion after seeing this
Glockz Hace 9 meses
Ja and zion are great examples of how you should spend your check
Φίλιππος Κουρούβανης
Great seeing the younglings being generous while most of them would just buy cars etc
Mnty Hace 11 meses
I was so happy when I got my first check that I subscribed to rebound🔥
Loading Hace 11 meses
REBOUND Hace 11 meses
Funny Ape
Funny Ape Hace 11 meses
Always makes my day. Great vid Bro🤞🏽
David Miller
David Miller Hace 11 meses
Ja Miramar and Zion Williamson bro are awsome. We need more people like them.
David Miller
David Miller Hace 11 meses
Ryan Carel Aquino
Ryan Carel Aquino Hace 10 meses
Damn Zion is a good man, he didn't deserve the injury today
jon misiora
jon misiora Hace 11 meses
zion is so genuinely nice sucks he gets all the hate cant wait for bro to come back💯💯
Kix Hace 11 meses
Respect Rebound for the quality ❤
Kieran Casagranda
Kieran Casagranda Hace 7 meses
I can’t wait to do what Ja did for his parents
Markland Designs Of Atlanta
Zion is a real one for that. It’s crazy the team owner couldn’t have done that.
anordinaryindividual Hace 11 meses
Huge respect for Zion Williamson
a2 Hace 11 meses
I knew Zion was that kinda guy. He’s so kind and lovable bro
OfficialChrisYT Hace 11 meses
New sub here, love the vids keep up the good work!!
Outcast🤓 Hace 11 meses
11:26 Shaq just takin care of his family
Roy Chandler
Roy Chandler Hace 2 meses
Zion is a absolute legend
Reinster Hace 11 meses
Every Parent: Never trust a stranger Giannas: Either that or imma miss my basketball game
Bryce Navarrette
Bryce Navarrette Hace 11 meses
Every video I watch (not just this channel I mean just about every video every news outlet every street sign everywhere I go) mentions families and especially young children suffering I hate seeing it there has to be some kind of end The innocence that don’t deserve all the suffering they are being put through.. it makes me think of my daughter and my son and how fortunate they are and still it hurts.. this is not how humanity was meant to be
Chαmριοn ΝοΧ
Chαmριοn ΝοΧ Hace 11 meses
Thank you REBOUND for the upload ♥️
Clint Aldridge
Clint Aldridge Hace 11 meses
Respect to Zion 🔥
Galaxy Hace 11 meses
I start dancing with glee when I see Rebound upload 🥳
Celeb Village
Celeb Village Hace 11 meses
Anyone love watching these videos of their comeup? To dedicate their lives to their craft & have it all pay off 🙌
hezidemi Hace 11 meses
new rebound vid, already know this finna be fire! 🔥🔥🔥
Unknown FF
Unknown FF Hace 11 meses
Rebound I miss you bro hope your safe and doing well 🥹♥️
Black Ant
Black Ant Hace 8 meses
Giannis sending all the money and running to the arena is something straight out of a sport anime lmao. a total basketball baka XD
Eclipzz Hace 11 meses
So we not gonna talk about Trae’s backpack 😂
Natalie Attkisson
Natalie Attkisson Hace 11 meses
This is such a strange time to be alive. This is worse than the Great Depression because at least money held it's value back then. There's no where safe to put your money now, Gold preserves wealth to some extent but the price is suppressed and it's not even keeping up with inflation. Assets are the only safe bet right now if you're lucky enough to own them (i.e. a fully paid off house).
Harry Lee
Harry Lee Hace 11 meses
They want everyone to panic . The truth is theres always a safe place to put money that will yield good returns if not now but soon you just cant see it . Few months ago i was sitting back holding my cash until i found out that come 10years the prices now will be a dip. So i had to seek proper guidance from an invstmnt advisor and so far my growth reserve has moved advantageously from $70k to $250k
Clifford Matthew
Clifford Matthew Hace 11 meses
@Harry Lee Wow from $70k to $250k who's your advisor and how do i connect ?My life is a mess right now Sometimes getting a takeaway is the only thing I can do to eat a warm meal because it costs more to cook at home. Local chippy does a large plate of chips for £2. Using one hob on the oven to heat a 60p tin of soup costs .
Harry Lee
Harry Lee Hace 11 meses
@Clifford Matthew My advisor is Helen Eugenio Torralba . Her work ethics is client-centred and professional . She's one of the top rated advisor in the wallstreet today. Just do an onlinlukup using her full name and connect to her busines page.
Sports Splash
Sports Splash Hace 11 meses
Great video, these guys love spending their millions!!
A random Channel
A random Channel Hace 11 meses
Man i hope zion gets a healthy career
Ethan Polk
Ethan Polk Hace 11 meses
Trae young’s teammates are so mean I feel so bad for trae
Jaydenlovesedits Hace 11 meses
Make your videos longer please 🔥🙌
HoodinieXx Hace 9 meses
8:48 "that's high level popcorn" 💀
Nathan Cantkier
Nathan Cantkier Hace 11 meses
Don't you just love this dude's voice?
NBA_allDay Hace 11 meses
All ur vids give me so much Information and I learn something new from all of ur video’s ❤️❤️❤️
Kier Sotnas
Kier Sotnas Hace 11 meses
From now on Zion is the GOAT! Mad respect for this Man