How They Feel vs How They Act / What are they feeling? PICK A CARD Tarot (Timeless)

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Welcome Lumies and Friends,
My name is Clair Summer. I am gifted with clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing) and claircognizance (knowing) - and yes, my real name is Clair! This channel is dedicated to bringing you intuitive tarot readings for your heart and soul. I hope you enjoy it. Love and best wishes xx
Timeless Reading: Trust that whenever you have found this message, is the right time for you.
General Reading: If this message doesn't resonate with you, feel peaceful and find the one that does.
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Legal Disclaimer: this video is for entertainment purposes only.
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Group 1 = 01:40
Group 2 = 20:12
Group 3 = 39:37
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Larissa Hace un mes
Group 1 : 1:40 Group 2 : 20:12 Group 3 : 39:37
g brielle
g brielle Hace un mes
Group 3! Thank you💖
Gantz. O
Gantz. O Hace un mes
Amazing how everything you say every time resonates so much, really gives me the chills!!! keep up the good work and beautiful enlightment u give us 🏵️ hope you do a reading will they come back &/or for singles? 🙏
Melody S
Melody S Hace un mes
Thank you 🙏
Hanamiya Nagi-chin
Hanamiya Nagi-chin Hace un mes
Mary Kazantseva
Mary Kazantseva Hace un día
Pile 1. Can’t believe how much it resonates. We broke up and started talking again but now he is saying that he doesn’t want relationship though he still has feeling for me but he wants to be free and enjoy his freedom. He’s going home for some time now so distance is the thing here. We were together last weekend and it just felt like good old times when you just vibe with this person. Everything is soooo accurate
Adele Moravcov
Adele Moravcov Hace 6 días
this was the first reading today that I wasnt sure what to pick. I ended up picking 2, however I watched 1 and 3 as well and 1 felt so familiar, I feel like thats how my ex felt before breaking up with me, (we were long distance,my ex started traveling for work, we distanced ourselves, wouldnt really open up to me anymore and then said they were breaking up w me bc they were thinking abt the future and couldnt really see it there so literally SPOT ON). But perhaps 2 is how my ex is feeling now after the break up and me being in NC, realising it isnt really what they want and new love will come out of it for us. and thats maybe why I wasnt sure what to pick, bc I could connect to two piles.
Veronica Szent
Veronica Szent Hace 9 días
Pile 1 accurate x
Katie x
Katie x Hace 9 días
Anna James
Anna James Hace 9 días
Anastasia Alexandra
Anastasia Alexandra Hace 10 días
Group 2- so much resonated 🙏 I hope he contacts soon
Metal Fan 1981
Metal Fan 1981 Hace 11 días
#1. She is a Pisces, and this does sound like her. I hope that she comes back.
EL.EL Hace 12 días
Nina love
Nina love Hace 12 días
Omg. So accurate!!! Ive done 3 readings with you. And you are amazing. Wow. Wow. May the universe bless you.
Negar Azami
Negar Azami Hace 13 días
The outcome is love 😌❤
Danielle Summers
Danielle Summers Hace 13 días
This resonated. Thank you Clair so much for all of your readings. They always are either completely accurate or mostly. Only a couple did not resonate and I have been watching for several months now. You have such a beautiful spirit and you are very gentle natured. You are so beautiful. Your skin is so flawless your skin looks ethereal.... you do look ethereal I would not be surprised if you are an incarnated angel. I wish you could give us all beauty tips! Haha. I hope you have a wonderful week. :)
BriCay3 Hace 14 días
Group 3. Man he can get tf on with that wishy washy 💩
Karla Shmeeda Vlasta
Karla Shmeeda Vlasta Hace 15 días
Oh, oh, oh...why don't I get to see your angelic face anymore?
cocodollydear9 Hace 17 días
As always, thank you Claire. These readings have helped tremendously with my anxiety. I have even purchased my own tarot cards and also a book on how to read them and connect with spirit. I’m excited to learn more about spirituality. This season of my life has been incredibly difficult and I know I couldn’t have gotten through it without your videos ❤️ Also, I chose group 2. My person is currently dealing with depression and stress related to work and school (as am I). He isolates himself as a way to cope. He’s was acting strange all last week and I haven’t heard from him in four days which is really unusual. The inconsistencies in our relationship are a huge trigger for my anxiety. I wish he was better about communicating with me when he needs space instead of just not reaching out for days on end. Edit: prior readings talked about my person being in the process of making a decision, and this reading says they’re going to make that decision about the future... so exciting
mystery lady
mystery lady Hace 17 días
2. Spot on with how he has been
Tiziana Maniezzo
Tiziana Maniezzo Hace 17 días
Pile 2: well working on a project and then having theft on his workplace, including pc with all his work, makes it difficult. I cannot believe you pulled the same card I did (but from another deck) as daily message : Akasha 💗
heather carrick
heather carrick Hace 18 días
I picked 3... I been going through this for 3 months. I don’t know if he has another girl or not. I have pulled away a couple times but this time I really am energetically. I’m so exhausted putting effort into this both knowing we have a deep connection. But I can’t make him want me. So I am giving up. I’m letting him or universe figure it out. He knows how I feel and I see it all. He will maybe come back and be different but he has to do it. I didn’t say bye this time but if I don’t ask when we are going to hang out or I don’t push him away he never really makes a lot of effort. So I’m beginning to feel he just isn’t that into me. And I am to special spiritually to deal with someone who doesn’t value me and prioritize me in their life. I told him I was stepping back today. Not saying bye but not making an effort.
Nikita Hace 18 días
Pile 1, long distant relationship, he stopped the connection I no longer feel his energy, therefore I stepped back, he has indecision issue and expressing issue, I totally understand that, I have been doing healing of myself while he needs time, I haven t stop loving him though. I’m kinda doubt of myself now why didn’t I feel sad maybe I don’t love him as he love me? Thanks again Claire love your reading love your voice you are beautiful your voice calms me a lot. ❤️❤️❤️
Brittany Sikora
Brittany Sikora Hace 19 días
Pile 3 resonated completely.. your videos seem to be dead on all the time with these pick a piles.. twin flame energy that is correct as he’s my twin flame and we are in separation and exactly! I feel my effort isn’t being reciprocated but I know he isn’t ready
theoryofeverything Hace 21 un día
You didnt read the "New Love" card... 😭
Blacc_Mariposa619 Hace 21 un día
Pile 1: AGAIN, you have never failed me! Completely accurate! We’re somewhat long distance, he lives 35 minutes away LOL jk. He is a Pisces. We reconnected and he pulled back out of the blue, he pushes me away and I feel him everyday. He’s my twin flame. I feel that I might be the more enlightened one, he felt the connection when we first met but then 3 months later we had issues. When we argued, he told me what he wants which is what I want. I chuckled at our argument because we want the same but his past has him boggled down. I’ve been told to be patient, so I’m trying
Renae Sauter
Renae Sauter Hace 22 días
you are very gifted....Bless you
Aries Peralta
Aries Peralta Hace 22 días
Pile #3 you’re amazing !!!!!!! The third video of yours that say transformation. I won’t give up on this relationship and I’m going to have faith! I will take a back for my peace of mind. That judgement card needs to happen as soon as possible lol.
aslanhoang Hace 22 días
FreeWillie 1
FreeWillie 1 Hace 22 días
Pile3 100% my pile, hot and cold, and he loves attention. I broke of contact, he was leading me on. I am not an option.
theglamorousdiva Hace 22 días
rakhshanda mujib
rakhshanda mujib Hace 22 días
You are so accurate you make me glow!
Anjali Jacob
Anjali Jacob Hace 23 días
Pile 1... I don’t know what to make of this. It’s my best friend😩
Jodi Hace 24 días
Amazing reading for deck 2!!! Just wow Clair. As ever, thanks kind lady 💫 Love & light to you ☮️
Nephii 네피
Nephii 네피 Hace 24 días
I keep getting the world card and idk why. Like the past few readings I have kept getting it.
Gesrina Keke
Gesrina Keke Hace 25 días
Group 3 is so resonates we are in long distance relationship for 2 years and just found out that he is on and off with his ex, because they live in the same country. i mean .... who can lie to scorpio right? Lol but I pretend like i dint know just because i love him so much... but instead of stressing out and sad ( not gonna lie i do sad and stress at first) I’ve make a decision if he wanna play this out so let me show him how to play let me add someone else to this relationship so its going to be fourth party.... dont play a Scorpio honey im the expert of playing games ... You fuck with my loyalty don’t expect me to leave you without giving you a lil bit of a scars ... LOL ( sorry for my bad English) 🤣
Nieszpieg Hace 26 días
1#: I can't believe it honestly. Different countries, lately distanced himself from me for no reason. He's very indecisive, going back and forth. Like, really, this reading was like a personal one, not like the general one. Gave me a small spark of hope in this difficult situation. Thank you
hi545hi Hace 26 días
Can’t stress how #3 reading resonate so much with my current situation and his situation. I hope we can both overcome this together and him doing his own part.
Hann A
Hann A Hace 26 días
I really don’t wanna believe this. But as soon as I saw the cards my heart was set on number 1 AND LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT YOU’RE SAYING IS TRUE! IT’S WHAT HAPPENING RN IM SAD. My boyfriend asked me for some space and time. What do I do omg help a sis out pls 😭
Ardiana Comia
Ardiana Comia Hace 27 días
#1 wtf accurate??
Ann San
Ann San Hace 27 días
Ann San
Ann San Hace 27 días
jocelyn torres
jocelyn torres Hace 28 días
omg group 2.. this described my situation perfectly and i dont really know where i stand with him right now, i really hope we can fix things, thank you , your readings are wonderful and they're always accurate , much love 💜
Sarah Keling
Sarah Keling Hace 28 días
#3 We’re twin flames but I’m tired of being shut out, ghosted, the other girls that he always winds up rejecting, everything...I love him but I have to move on.
Kat Rina
Kat Rina Hace 28 días
Leilani Ridsdale
Leilani Ridsdale Hace 29 días
It’s scary how accurate these readings are🤯
Polly Rockstar
Polly Rockstar Hace 29 días
I chose 3. What they act is so accurate
Pretty Sadiddy
Pretty Sadiddy Hace 29 días
#1 ❤️
Alexandra Smith
Alexandra Smith Hace 29 días
Spot on reading. Beautifully done.
alexis fortney
alexis fortney Hace 29 días
Card 3 heavily resonates
indira hapsarini
indira hapsarini Hace 29 días
Oh, yess, he's very hot and cold to the point that I just get tired. Lately I keep questioning "do i even still love you?" What I am certain is that I do care about him and want to do just anything left i can do to ease whatever bothering him in life. There are times when I sense that he dates someone which makes me want to pull back and leave. Anyway thank you so much for this reading! Also, I really love your intro music. 🌙
New to Law of attraction 1980
Yep #3 . One moment hes happy and next moment its leave me alone . We talked like nothing was wrong on Dec 26 . Dec27 leave me alone . Dec 28 I'm blocked and havent talked since because he needs space . This one was wayyy to accurate.
Noniee32 Hace 29 días
Pile 3 resonates so much that I’m shocked!
CeliA Soto
CeliA Soto Hace 29 días
3 - thanks, perfect avice
HelloKitty7626 Hace un mes
Please do a reading card on how their new relationship is developing? If is real or just a temporary thing? Cause he used to say to me he wants me but since I struggle with showing my feelings he start a relationship with other girl and that's what's kinda unexpected cause supposedly they just met recently and tbh everything past too fast that I think maybe he is just trying to get over our sort "relationship"
You can't leave this empty
Group 2. We exchange l love yous then he was so horrible I’m so angry at him for putting me through this. We connected and he has everything I’m interested in and want except maturity and self awareness. I come here thinking of him and feeling sorry for the things he’s been through but how he treated me was appalling. By the time he bothers to reach out I hope im over him
Amber Nelson
Amber Nelson Hace un mes
#1 so accurate! Someone I had been dating for a few months decided not to move forward just out of the blue, even though he was all in initially. He is divorced just a little over a year and told me that he feels so conflicted at the moment with his life choices, because he doesn’t want to make the wrong decisions for himself again. He is truly a wonderful person and I only wish for him to be happy in the end.
sarasayshi Hace 28 días
Amber Nelson Similar situation. Dated 6 weeks. I chose #1. We got in a small argument. He said it my comments reminded him of his ex wife. He said he wanted to slow things down but he went silent on me. Or ghosted I guess.
Kartik Chhabra
Kartik Chhabra Hace un mes
Chose pile 2, really accurate!!
Ann M
Ann M Hace un mes
Pile 1. No Pisces though, in both of our charts. However, evvvvverything resonated. I truly thank you for your energy and mystical insight put into this reading!
Liv Hutchings
Liv Hutchings Hace un mes
#1 my ex and I were long distance, He’s my soulmate, we broke up because of mental health and we kept arguing. He asked for space but I couldn’t give it to him because I missed him so much but he saw that as lack of respect. I told him to block me so he could have his space and he said that we will never work and that we aren’t getting back together ever because he doesn’t see it working. I miss him so much, he’s the love of my life
thatsnotmyname Hace un mes
your hands are so beautiful Claire 💗💘🦋✨
Firefly Tarot
Firefly Tarot Hace un mes
Thank you so much
Kasia Wojciechowska
Pile 2 and it resonated showing willing to hang out, then texting back after day(s) of silence,, admitting having a lot on their mind (without details), very slow energy, the last card was a light in the tunnel... thank you
Jenwei Chen
Jenwei Chen Hace un mes
Pile 3. Yes, I should step back away from the person. Thank you so much. Clair.
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