How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.

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The cursed wallpaper that crashes Android phones, finally explained. This video gets pretty complex, so get comfortable!
Original image by Gaurav Agrawal: www.flickr.com/photos/117605304@N07/
Huge thanks to Mishaal: twitter.com/MishaalRahman
BadDaemon: forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=5662620
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4 jun 2020






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Creepr Hace 9 horas
#meow #catfans #catlover #catsforrights
Tizu und Titandula
Tizu und Titandula Hace 10 horas
The question is why the gallery app doesn't crash
Bunny Girl
Bunny Girl Hace 11 horas
I feel BAD for theses people! I鈥檓 glad i did not get that wallpaper
Lil Gacha Axx
Lil Gacha Axx Hace 11 horas
Don't set this as your wallpaper ! Me:okay bro Also me: *puts on this wallpaper and texts all of my contacs 馃彸锔0馃彸锔忊嶐煂* Also also me: we are now the same.
Nielson Lucas
Nielson Lucas Hace 11 horas
It was because Android doesn鈥檛 really support ProPhoto RGB.
Targary3n - no
Targary3n - no Hace 12 horas
imagine being the guy who took this image
Limepro 77
Limepro 77 Hace 13 horas
the wallpaper is made with a 4k camera with diffrent rgb scheme on phones and tablets is sRGB that makes the phones to crash as a image is not crashing but as a wallpaper the system cannot leave it to stand there beacuse of the rgb scheme and any time the device is bricked even you fixed it has the same problem the only two ways to be the image as a wallpaper is make a screenshot of the image in the photos app and save the screenshot as a wallpaper if you have it as a option the secont way is change the display with a diffrent rgb scheme and supports all rgb schemes and is compadible with your device
De Krakin's
De Krakin's Hace 13 horas
Jokes on that pixel i draw my wallpapers
Svobi04 Hace 15 horas
Props to you for your work on this video
Ali Raza
Ali Raza Hace 15 horas
Man i am your biggest fan
Tyler Grinblatt
Tyler Grinblatt Hace 15 horas
your color changing background makes the cuts super noticeable
ANDREW TADROS Hace 16 horas
OMG never knew this!! Thx for letting us know!
anti untrusted
anti untrusted Hace 16 horas
isnt a problem if u have an iPhone ;)
銉僙oe ofweirdness銉
This reminds me, when me and my friends call my phone also always turns off but I just press on the restart button and click on home button and I refresh the app and it's fixed, but I'm not sure about the wallpaper, If you want to try this wallpaper don't risk it, maybe try on an old phone you don't use anymore and has no used since it's old so try my method and see if it works just to make sure
nonstopable yt
nonstopable yt Hace 18 horas
Moral of the story cat people never li listen to the cat people
Gabriel L.V
Gabriel L.V Hace 18 horas
The Person who posted the wallpaper: PLEASE DON'T USE THIS! People: *Understandable have a nice day*
Creeper player
Creeper player Hace 18 horas
*kills* intresting
IANimated Hace 19 horas
when he said a sub to the channel would help i immediately unsubscribed
Flynnii 123
Flynnii 123 Hace 19 horas
Fight the urge
Little Eggy
Little Eggy Hace 20 horas
I dont wanna do that
MrVidification Hace 21 un hora
If your phone crashes, can't you reboot into safe mode or similar to fix it ie apply a different wallpaper? Android surely has a safe mode? if so and it doesn't show a wallpaper in boot mode, perhaps after crashing and switching off (or taking the battery out if it won't switch off) you could connect it to a computer via usb to move all your files over to it (and remove all traces of that wallpaper)
Kelli Michelle
Kelli Michelle Hace 21 un hora
My friend put this as her back-round and her phone was fine! I decided not to try it, it's too risky
JoceyVDV Hace 22 horas
Hahaha 馃ぃ crazy! Great video!
Bruno Barroso
Bruno Barroso Hace un d铆a
Will this happen to iPhone?!?
Moon Light
Moon Light Hace un d铆a
thats why im making my wallpaper now
SOVEREIGN GMR2 Hace un d铆a
Your Galaxy s20 could have helped my little sister for her online school.
Jude Comedy
Jude Comedy Hace un d铆a
Dose this wallpaper crash iPads
Mochii BMGO
Mochii BMGO Hace un d铆a
I wont i have wallpaper of my dog so idc
PokemonParty1 Gaming
PokemonParty1 Gaming Hace un d铆a
1 pixel is 256... 1/256?
GamerLiam Weeb
GamerLiam Weeb Hace un d铆a
Me: A weeb who uses anime wallpaper 馃憗馃憚馃憗
Payton Hace un d铆a
But does it work on Apple?
Slapshot Jack
Slapshot Jack Hace un d铆a
This is why I get the iPhone because they don鈥檛 get killed by a wallpaper
DerpSlamwich Hace un d铆a
Don't use this as your wallpaper!!! Idiots who use this as their wallpaper : guys lets use this as our wallpaper
Gregory Guerrier
Gregory Guerrier Hace un d铆a
Excellent research and explanation! 馃憤馃従
SoloSuper Ben
SoloSuper Ben Hace un d铆a
How to make a death wallpaper: copy that dead pixel into a photo.
rakidh roblox
rakidh roblox Hace un d铆a
Splat2Glitcher Hace un d铆a
Waitttt does it work on iOS
Kool21_gamer20 Hace un d铆a
Dude I thought this was a joke and now I can't use my phone
Zacomit Hace un d铆a
Phone expert: *explains why the background kills phones* Me: Memetic Kill Agent
oh my god they were roommates
This video: * exists * Everyone: waddup im jared, 19 and i never learned how to fucking read
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hace un d铆a
i didnt get the whole thing LAMO XD
HenryCats Yt
HenryCats Yt Hace un d铆a
Question. Does this wallpaper kill iPhones also or are iPhones fine with this wallpaper applied?
yonexchen Hace un d铆a
man: *takes photo* phone: you have chosen a path I cannot follow
IloveU3000 Hace un d铆a
Can this kill iPhone
Luke Horton
Luke Horton Hace un d铆a
Mr. Night
Mr. Night Hace un d铆a
Let me guess: It's in the metadata or somebody injected code into the photo.
Grumich Hace un d铆a
All I can say about this article is ... brilliant. Really. Often odd things such as this come up and no one verifies whether it's real, made up, due to some other, valid reason, or the people fomenting it are goofy in the head or biased or ... name it. So this was refreshing. And, thank you. It kind of reminds me of something that was going around when I lived in So Cal. "Back then" it was stylish to make wallets using Electric Eel skin. It just "looked good," and I admit my wallet was one of those. But then it became "known" that those wallets would demagnetize credit cards because of the "electricity in the skin." Right. I have a Bachelors in EE and I just couldn't let that go. I worked for a large computer company and we had a tool that would spread slivers of fine metal, VERY small slivers, and they were used to allow us to read surfaces such as magnetic tapes (back when tapes were used for backups) and disk platters. Kinda fascinating to be able to SEE the magnetic patters of digitally-stored data. So I used that on the wallet and on a card that, indeed, had been "wiped out," ostensibly by the wallet it was in. In the end I found the problem WAS due to the wallets. BUT, it wasn't the "electrified skin" causing it, it was the placement of the MAGNETIC CLASP used to hold the wallets closed. The magnet lined up perfectly with the magnetic strip and we could see the outline, perfectly, where the circular magnet in the clasp had rested on that strip. It was no "secret retained electricity" that did it, it was a simple MAGNET they put on the wallet to keep it shut. But people do this all the time. They see something unusual and right away decide it's "something," based on what they think at that moment. No logic or tests or research,, ,just "Hey! Do you see that bright light in the sky?" "Yeah!" "Do you know what it is?" "No!" "Me neither, so it MUST be a UFO, right?" "Oh YEAH!" Kinda like that, we make those "things" become "facts." But YOU managed to see a thing and IDENTIFY the facts for it, and that's rare. Again, good job. ;)
trinity. aka.batman
trinity. aka.batman Hace un d铆a
Its so fucking tempting to send the image to my friend and tell him to set it as his wallpaper
vedant wate
vedant wate Hace un d铆a
Today I gave a visit to a graveyard, there I found 8.8k weird graves ... Guess who were they????
Heather Fortney
Heather Fortney Hace un d铆a
1. thank you for this info 2. your arms are busting out of that shirt. thanks for both
A. C.
A. C. Hace un d铆a
Great Video. :)
Khalid Najeeb
Khalid Najeeb Hace un d铆a
yes i saw you in twitter you' re the best
Kyurrii鞓堨垹 Hace un d铆a
How to get a new phone :
DjManesPlayz Hace un d铆a
What the- this is my wallpaper now, and i didnt know whats happening, i just saw this picture in facebook and it looks so nice (btw the caption of the is "this wallpaper will make your cellphone really looks beautiful") so i make it my wallpaper in homescreen and lockscreen, My cellphone didnt crash or something
Diss Klaimer
Diss Klaimer Hace un d铆a
My Family and Friends nicknamed me E, and damn my name was also Aaron, I subbed you so it'll atleast be worth for sacrificing your Galaxy! Guys sub him He's the Boss
1,000 subscriber without video's
I download this and didn't broke my phone it just lag so i changed it and the lag flew just like a fart
fooodlover UwU
fooodlover UwU Hace un d铆a
i didnt get the whole thing LAMO XD
George鈥檚 Dinosaur
George鈥檚 Dinosaur Hace un d铆a
Apple users: *El risitas laugh*
Sky Craft
Sky Craft Hace un d铆a
M峄峣 ng瓢峄漣 : M谩y h峄弉g T么i : Kh么ng c脿i 膽瓢峄 m脿n h矛nh kh贸a n锚n khi v峄 m脿n h矛nh kh贸a c农ng kh么ng sao :V
Razor Hace un d铆a
Im a poo poo
EisenPlayz Hace un d铆a
鈥rexy鈥 Hace 2 d铆as
*Listen* *to* *the* *cat* *people* *the* *cat* *never* *lies* Amazing馃憣 Read more
Ayden Mountain goat
Ayden Mountain goat Hace 2 d铆as
That was awesome
Devon Munoz
Devon Munoz Hace 2 d铆as
Don't put this on your computer too!
Pixels Hace 2 d铆as
This man would hold the world record for most phones crashed in 10 seconds if it crashes our phone when he shows it
LqwertyKWEKS Hace 2 d铆as
halo dapit disini ,siapa yang dari Indonesia likenya di sini
Tyler Barnes
Tyler Barnes Hace 2 d铆as
ProPhoto is actually just prefered for the editing process. it is not the final exporting step. It is a color mode that supports 16-bit editing as well. so the flexibility of color shown on screen is way way better. Then once done, you are USUALLY going to convert to sRGB when saving for web.
munni ali
munni ali Hace 2 d铆as
i taught that this wallpaper kills you but i was wrong :(
Bleh Boop
Bleh Boop Hace 2 d铆as
Me watching this with an iPhone: 馃憗馃憚馃憗
Wang Beau TV
Wang Beau TV Hace 2 d铆as
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-xNXtEFM2-ks.html That its where i find it safe to do. I just retrieve my phone just couple of hours ago while downloading the image online and used it i was shook and pissed off i thought it was a joke馃槺馃う鈥嶁檪锔 This is so true never ever do it again it took me 20min to reset the factory settings.
GD Hexagon
GD Hexagon Hace 2 d铆as
does it crash in motorola?
Cruz Stephen
Cruz Stephen Hace 2 d铆as
I downloaded it and use it as wallpaper on may samsung a10s nothing happened maybe my a10s is stronger thsn your samsung s20 haha
0000song0000 Hace 2 d铆as
Why not open it on SnapSeed and then export it on jpg (it will transform it)? And the problem is as horrid as Nokias phones stuck on the Android One screen FOR HOURS?!!! It must be some coding bug as silly as this image's
Mark Blaskiewicz
Mark Blaskiewicz Hace 2 d铆as
0:52 *Listen to the cat people, the cat never lies.*
Nison WS
Nison WS Hace 2 d铆as
I need tbis original image link
S Hossain
S Hossain Hace 2 d铆as
"Your phone will crash and be wiped when this wallpaper is applied on your Android" Everyone: Y鈥檃ll hear sum鈥?
Emre脰zt眉rkHD Hace 2 d铆as
I tried my own Galaxy S4, the original photo but nothing happened, I don't understand my 1080X1920 Screen thanks
戋丩iane Skye戋
戋丩iane Skye戋 Hace 2 d铆as
I really want to put it but i dont wanna kill my tablet
TeaCup Moon
TeaCup Moon Hace 2 d铆as
Aw helll nawww. I dont even keep wallpapers from beautiful views. Only aesthetic 馃槍鉁岋笍
戋丩iane Skye戋
戋丩iane Skye戋 Hace 2 d铆as
Oh this wallpapper will kill your phone Good This i have a. Tablet!
Heyitzbrooke UwU
Heyitzbrooke UwU Hace 2 d铆as
I subbed coz I felt bad for you phones are not cheap
XxLilyflowermoonxX Hace 2 d铆as
flamingo aka albert: *i can get behind this*
SplatJamTM Hace 2 d铆as
I never heard of this wallpaper.. and i like splatoon wallpapers oof...
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