How To Build A Rollback Can

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10 feb 2019






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Jude Butalon
Jude Butalon Hace un día
Sometimes I'd argue to myself that michael is just doing his weird actions for the video, but sometimes id tell myself otherwise.
A Cardboard Box
A Cardboard Box Hace 3 días
4:25 Micheal I'm starting to get scared
Chendo Chido
Chendo Chido Hace 3 días
Michael is like a Dumbledore, but instead of teaching magic, he teaches science.
Eyezik Galloway
Eyezik Galloway Hace 7 días
7:21 me rn
Carter Davies
Carter Davies Hace 12 días
4:33 to 5:40 out of context looks like a math teacher doing a tutorial for a DIY bong tell me I’m wrong
Mustapha aarab
Mustapha aarab Hace 13 días
you are soo funny
The Kauffman Family Offical
Did- did Micheal just get pennies from an Avocado in favour for an Avocado's pit?
Jumbled Mass
Jumbled Mass Hace 15 días
He has a great grandson? Wtf???
PrinoBots Catto
PrinoBots Catto Hace 16 días
my fav anime intro right here
kosmosrebell Hace 17 días
Michael is evolving, the meme has become self-aware
Jimmify Hace 18 días
Michael scares me..
Cool Guy
Cool Guy Hace 18 días
Michael you look very very good for your age!!! (great grandson??)
Robin Pardijs
Robin Pardijs Hace 20 días
Does he ever get p*ssy?
TheBlondie Hace 21 un día
I'm just like him when I'm alone... just talking to myself and entertaining myself enthusiastically
OscarBubbles Hace 22 días
Adam Ingi
Adam Ingi Hace 23 días
w3lch Hace 24 días
dont you mean D!ng oats
loyal Hace 24 días
take notes capcom
Vaevictus Hace 27 días
This video is absolutely hilarious and informative.
Balefactor Hace 28 días
African Jesus
African Jesus Hace 28 días
12:15 ELBOW
Random Person
Random Person Hace 29 días
He's turning into an insane genius and I'm here for it
asarma 0804
asarma 0804 Hace un mes
Did he say great grandchild?
AmazingAlexTab Hace un mes
nobody: michael: seventeen *pennies* KEKW
Theo Hall
Theo Hall Hace un mes
Great grandson?
IdealSubject Seven
IdealSubject Seven Hace un mes
Wait his great grandsons wedding
sam gold
sam gold Hace un mes
wow, Michael's a great grandfather? he looks good for his age
Bendy Brofit
Bendy Brofit Hace un mes
Are we not gonna talk about how he took the rolls out of the dishwasher
Amari Boxill
Amari Boxill Hace un mes
Michael left something in that Mind Field isolation room that he never got back.
David Morgan
David Morgan Hace un mes
He sure has changed since DMT
TheBlondie Hace 21 un día
Yeah... that happens indeed. Good thing he did because he's so much back... he could have been away but he is with his sense of self more integrated after the experience according to his brain scan.
Levelmake Hace un mes
So working for Michael must either be the most terrifying job ever, or the most enjoyable job ever.
DeenBoi Hace un mes
12:14 oo that little fingie on the right
Trumpsney Productions Studios
Breaking news: PepsiCo has decided on a new name for Quaker Oats! Now introducing brand new Dong Oats. You’ll love it so much, you’ll forget you’re eating Dong instead of Quaker!
Sauce God
Sauce God Hace un mes
Did he pull the rolls out of the dishwasher?
Codif200 Hace un mes
Michael is such a character.
Dev Agrawal
Dev Agrawal Hace un mes
Michael: "Learning never hurts" Also Michael: Gets electrocuted, drugged and tortured just to make a youtube show and learn about a couple neurons
Andris U
Andris U Hace un mes
He could go completely insane and we wouldnt notice
Son Goku
Son Goku Hace un mes
Michael can make a rollback can but Nintendo can't put rollback netcode in smash.
SnailEgg Hace un mes
Would an elastic band lengthen as you get it really cold?
Bobby Boy
Bobby Boy Hace un mes
I love you too. :,)
hmmm strange
hmmm strange Hace un mes
4:32 the music starts panicking too lol
LachyTheLonelyBoi Hace un mes
Hang on the what. He’s a great grandfather?
TheBlondie Hace 21 un día
So everybody had children when they were 11 since Michael
TheBlondie Hace 21 un día
How??? not "What"...
moonlite x
moonlite x Hace un mes
did that drill rotate the wrong way?
golden gaming0007
golden gaming0007 Hace un mes
“Penny burrito” -Michael Stevens, 2019
ahmad alhasan
ahmad alhasan Hace un mes
You’re my bill nye
TeaCow Hace un mes
He not only microwaves pennies, BUT HE MICROWAVES THE WHOLE HECKN' POT TOO!
Nick The Stick
Nick The Stick Hace un mes
I remember first learning how to make one of these when I watched "Do Try This At Home with Mr. G" in the 2000s
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez Hace un mes
Yes finally something that loves me
the man
the man Hace un mes
12:02 - 12:32 Elbow.
Lord Domino Nexus
Lord Domino Nexus Hace un mes
Vsauce: How to build a rollback can Vsauce later in the video: Now, we are ready for some surgery
StrawHatRain Hace un mes
Can we take a moment to recognize Michael is only 34
John Patriarca
John Patriarca Hace 2 meses
but.... you're the one who pushed them away michael
Najib Qunoo
Najib Qunoo Hace 2 meses
Did you all just hear him say great grandson 00:05
MikefromQueens Hace 2 meses
Manos Xatzidakis
Manos Xatzidakis Hace 2 meses
Great grandson?!??!!?
TheBlondie Hace 21 un día
31 22 11 0... How??? How old are his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren??? Like a newborn from a 11 year-old that is child to a 22 year-old that Michael had when he was 11?
bag of beans 117
bag of beans 117 Hace 2 meses
These are so handy in these times
Everaldo Santana
Everaldo Santana Hace 2 meses
The introduction by itself deserves a like! Very funny!
Evangel Akillian
Evangel Akillian Hace 2 meses
Don't you mean D!NG oats Mike?
heyandy x
heyandy x Hace 2 meses
Welcome _to Michael Stevens Living_
Mediocrity Hace 2 meses
"Dong oats love you and I love you." "Learning never hurts. Unless you want it to." ~Michael Stevens 2019
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