How To Build A Rollback Can

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11 feb 2019

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Comentarios 5 124
ScythePuppet Hace 28 minutos
Michael used a Kendama in the intro but it wasn't the one he made with Adam! The heck
Mr Poe
Mr Poe Hace 5 horas
Balls are just like my dad They roll away and never come back
Sable Drit
Sable Drit Hace 9 horas
"Great grandsons weeding"
toymachete Devs
toymachete Devs Hace 9 horas
Kinked up
Taylan Ozdemir
Taylan Ozdemir Hace 13 horas
hOw DaRe YoU!1!1!!
gblawrence03 Hace 15 horas
“... I just want you to learn, and learning never hurts, unless you want it to.” ... Michael?
Gojira Guy
Gojira Guy Hace 16 horas
On this episode of DONG, Michael kinks up with a chain.
Eugene Krabs
Eugene Krabs Hace 17 horas
No one noticed that he cooked the rolls in the dishwasher?
Luke Charnock25
Luke Charnock25 Hace 18 horas
Haunted and wet! YUM YUM
SirEEf Hace 18 horas
So no one´s gonna talk about him baking things in a dishwasher (look at the background 0:03)
Ryan Hace 20 horas
if the rubber polymers kink due to heat, then do rubber bands near absolute zero become fully extended? I don't think they do...
idonotmakevidsyet Hace un día
Nice beard
Dat Boi
Dat Boi Hace un día
Oh Michael Stevens, how I love you so.
TXLionHeart Hace un día
I believe it was Sir Juicy J who hypothesized that bands will actually make her dance. It's refreshing to see Michael definitely prove this.
Ivfalenandicantgetup _
Micheal blink twice if you need help
Alex MC
Alex MC Hace un día
Something that keeps coming to mind when I watch these more recent videos is that Michael is actually a really funny comedian.
Peyton Carter
Peyton Carter Hace un día
Micheal kinda looks like the bad guy from far cry 5
Gianni Van den Bosch
Love the sitcom intro xD
T1G0123 Hace un día
00:05 wait..michael is a great-grandpa??!!!
Gareth Baugham
Gareth Baugham Hace un día
Sonicdad.con They made this a long time ago My b guys a lot of people have done this
Fluro Fire
Fluro Fire Hace un día
If you push people away, you don't deserve to have them that close.
Father Hace un día
This next level dong
Fut Draft God
Fut Draft God Hace un día
0:44 I love you too daddy
Aemilius Hace un día
He is becoming too smart he is embarrassing his inner meme
Mr Johnson Paddington
what happened to you other channel?
Donnerbalken Hace un día
I don't know why people keep saying Michael is going insane, this seemed like a topic he cares a ton about, and the whole child-like make up of the video seems like a fun way to give back after stuff like this made his childhood special. Lovely video, thanks for making these. A ton.
Karn Hace un día
I love how Michael perfectly knows he's a meme and he just makes it better.
Apprentice Hace un día
He went from that scientific man that explained the universe to nothing but a joke. The internet.
Apprentice Hace un día
See what you've done internet? You've destroyed Vsauce with memes. Who's going to make content to make me feel smart by explaining absurdly oversimplified physics.
Mohamed Haddi
Mohamed Haddi Hace un día
haven't watched the video yet cuz i can't stop replaying the intro
HermeZ Hace un día
Nothing like fresh avocado pennies in the morning.
Dynatime Hace un día
his intro and the song at the end really make me concerned for him... Jeez what is up with Michael?
Plsnohate Hace un día
So i put my pennies inside a saucepan and set it on high heat and my microwave exploded what did i do wrong??
Green Skater
Green Skater Hace un día
I love your magic
Plan Punnarit
Plan Punnarit Hace 2 días
6:51 money does grow on tree
Qube96 Hace 2 días
Anyone knows whats the song that starts at about 3:50 ?
zk-nder Hace 2 días
This is the best diy channel
maximusprime98 Hace 2 días
I think idubbbz was a bad influence on mikey
HoneyBee001 Hace 2 días
Even more proof that pennies are not worth their own weight...they're literally worth more as a weight than as a piece of currency.
HoneyBee001 Hace 2 días
4:31. Be careful with that rotary-bit next to your beard, Mikey.
HoneyBee001 Hace 2 días
That opening kills me, Michael.
JimineyBob Hace 2 días
Love this
the keytar kid
the keytar kid Hace 2 días
Great grandson !?
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast Hace 2 días
Thumbnail = Michael hittin the b
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast Hace 2 días
Also really loved the poking away with level while twisting an impact gun the absolute wrongest way possible while wearing lab-grade PPE shot in the intro. True LOL!
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast Hace 2 días
TodayIFoundOut how to make VSauce on Binging with Babish! It's all the same guy!
Josep Ma Domingo
Josep Ma Domingo Hace 2 días
5:55 They had us in the first half not gonna lie
julekxmetin123PL Hace 2 días
Yeah, he's going insane
Ali Harman ANSARI
Ali Harman ANSARI Hace 2 días
The intro was amazing, waiting for the next episode of Micheal Stevens living.
Sylphynford Tachibana
This video is so wholesome
orsettomorbido Hace 2 días
The pennies in the avocado HAHAHAHAHA
Blockinstaller12 Hace 2 días
I've seen this contraption before on Backyard Science I think. Also, I love how VSauce blends education and entertainment together so well... even if I'm a bit concerned about Michaels mental health at this point.
Nacimzarem Halawi
Nacimzarem Halawi Hace 2 días
Jiggle Jiggle
Sam Griffin
Sam Griffin Hace 2 días
Karolis Čižauskas
Karolis Čižauskas Hace 3 días
7:44 advanced joint roling tutorial
moto bazuka
moto bazuka Hace 3 días
I always come here for my weekly life advice
Baggy Trousers
Baggy Trousers Hace 3 días
Pennies come from New Zealand?
Kyle Willms
Kyle Willms Hace 3 días
We have our Michael back! I’m so happy. Can’t blame you for turning to the red side. (nothing ventured nothing gained) But I can’t express how refreshing it is seeing you get back to your original brand. Keep doing you Michael. We love it.
Taci Prince
Taci Prince Hace 3 días
Not really _sure_ how i feel about *dong* oats
Wyatt Tuttle
Wyatt Tuttle Hace 3 días
Ha ha great grandson
Facu Perez
Facu Perez Hace 3 días
Is it just me or he said "my great grandson"?
Quinn Nowaczyk
Quinn Nowaczyk Hace 3 días
whos that in the background Michael? HMMMMMMM 10:30 - 10:34
The Tattie Scones
The Tattie Scones Hace 3 días
Oiled Rock
Oiled Rock Hace 3 días
YAY, I love rubber bands!
Caden East
Caden East Hace 3 días
Well, now the count of things that love me is up to 2: dong oats, and Michael Stephens.
Xtort Hace 3 días
There is no way in hell he has a great grandchild...
tyffis Hace 3 días
“And learning never hurts... unless you want it to”
Everybody90 Hace 3 días
4:57 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hayden S
Hayden S Hace 3 días
Do it Offline Now Guys
Kestalami Hace 3 días
Great grandson??? Michael you're 33
Rosanna Cheverton
Rosanna Cheverton Hace 3 días
I spent 2m 17s wondering why there was a pile of spaghetti on his desk...
Michael Fox
Michael Fox Hace 3 días
Did anybody else bring up Beakman?
- Hawkins -
- Hawkins - Hace 4 días
1:04 wait a minute that's boris from mib iii
Caio Silva
Caio Silva Hace 4 días
5:13 Oh, I bet they do!
Caio Silva
Caio Silva Hace 4 días
4:28 I thought he was gonna say: "Or does it?"😃👌
FreewayKingz Hace 4 días
The thumbnail looks like you're taking a dab ahaha
Timothy Choi
Timothy Choi Hace 4 días
i always do that with my water bottle
SPARKLE DOGE Hace 4 días
The day Michael got rejected by a water bottle
Jose colt
Jose colt Hace 4 días
Why do people keep showing up randomly throughout every video he has uploaded lately?
Rupin Sharma
Rupin Sharma Hace 4 días
new Michael makes me sad :(
Marc Suddleson
Marc Suddleson Hace 4 días
He said..... Great-grandson's wedding.
1k subs With no Videos
I wish my dad would able to come back like that can.
BigManCharles Hace 4 días
They did surgery on a penny burrito
aNoYinG vOicE
aNoYinG vOicE Hace 4 días
Hey buddy... are you okay? I-
Siah Musume
Siah Musume Hace 4 días
When did this guy become a meme shitlord
Kris Pockell
Kris Pockell Hace 4 días
I can't stop singing the DONG oats song. Please send help. They're haunted and wet.
Techno Parbro
Techno Parbro Hace 4 días
Love you too, Michael.
Wow, V Sauce using A kendama. Gg
Charlie Hace 4 días
This is the show of a man who lost himself in deep irony after the isolation chamber, not to mention his main channel password
Jonathan Allan
Jonathan Allan Hace 4 días
0:02 Mmm, delicious, buttery rolls - fresh out of the dishwasher.
Marcin Karpinski
Marcin Karpinski Hace 4 días
A suggestion for a title of the next episode: "How fake psychology experiments with actors and lie about it to viewers who paid for it". Mind Field is a good case study for this ;) Sorry I had to.
karsten600 Hace 4 días
Epic intro dude
I think he didn't like them because judging by the video he pulled them out of the dishwasher
MilkCoke378 Hace 4 días
I don”t get it Did he really forget the password
ayden holmes
ayden holmes Hace 4 días
Yeah he made a video on this channel a while ago that he forgot the password for his main channel and thats why he doesnt post there anymore
Mr gamer
Mr gamer Hace 4 días
alienus non diutius
alienus non diutius Hace 5 días
1:03 what is that thing
Pnemenko Hace 5 días
Mushrooms are amazing hah?!
D V D's R us
D V D's R us Hace 5 días
Vsauce is becoming a true memer
Some Guy
Some Guy Hace 5 días
0:03 Why did you bake the rolls in your dishwasher? Have I been doing it wrong this whole time? #Woke
Motherducker Hace 5 días
Just remember: Dong Oats love you. And I love you. Michael Stevens, 2019
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