How To Build A Rollback Can

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11 feb 2019

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zackcoruna Hace un día
you are the best that youtube has and it’s a shame youtube red kidnapped you, we’ll get you back boi
Danial Ahmed
Danial Ahmed Hace 2 días
Will my girlfriend come back too?
solemnly stood
solemnly stood Hace 2 días
learning never hurts, unless you want it to... cough cough schools
Georg Maringer
Georg Maringer Hace 2 días
Nobody: Micheal: 0:03
Regina Gallico
Regina Gallico Hace 5 días
4:26 Teach me harder, Daddy!
ARG 4000
ARG 4000 Hace 5 días
he's not crazy....he is just very keen to teach us all and tries not to bore us
Cole Woodruff Music
Cole Woodruff Music Hace 7 días
I love Ding Oats! They're nutritional and appropriate for monetization!
M. H.
M. H. Hace 10 días
Aidan Bryant
Aidan Bryant Hace 14 días
Wait wait wait, did this mans just say "great grandson"? Damn
Chris aka Schulbus
Chris aka Schulbus Hace 16 días
micheal... the isolation and the DMT trip had a bad effect on you, do you want to talk about something? you seem to get more crazy, i just hope you don't start drawing symbols at your walls
Whatever Man
Whatever Man Hace 17 días
We love u too micheal
I have to wait 90 days to change my name
"For my great grandson's wedding" He's like at most 40
Masood Salik
Masood Salik Hace 18 días
12:15 Did someone noticed, "Someone is pointing Micheal."
Wedwelfernaz Hace 19 días
Mackenzie Fay
Mackenzie Fay Hace 19 días
His dong oats are all kinked up
Mikheil Vadatchkoria
Mikheil Vadatchkoria Hace 20 días
"i've got the pennies* taped to the rubber band" hmm
Sasha Van der reeth
Sasha Van der reeth Hace 21 un día
So we've recently been watching the big bang theory again and we've just passed the episode where Sheldon and Kripke fight over the office of that professor that snapped and went batshit insane. In response of him going coocoo gaga, Leonard I think says it's "only a matter of time before a theoretical physicist snaps". That being said, does Mikey boy have a PhD in theoretical physics? Because it's certainly starting to look like he does.
Savva Podopri-gora
Savva Podopri-gora Hace 21 un día
Timex Marlin on the wrist?
rupert ronnie
rupert ronnie Hace 21 un día
Firebird Hace 21 un día
Is Michael ok? He seems a bit more eccentric than he used to be...
vCharz Hace 22 días
Liked just for the intro sequence
Scarlett Hace 22 días
I love this Alan resnick comedy short. keep it up Micheal!
maqq Hace 22 días
everything for a bright idea
Viper Basenji
Viper Basenji Hace 22 días
How does he have a great grandson?
Cole LaCasse
Cole LaCasse Hace 23 días
5:19 Michael out here scraping resin lmao Only weed fiends know
Cole LaCasse
Cole LaCasse Hace 23 días
ThumbnAil looks like Michael taking a dab
RAJIN KHAN Hace 23 días
17 more peanis
LARAUJO Hace 23 días
Dong Oats and Vscauce are part of a balanced breakfast
Rebel Vibes
Rebel Vibes Hace 23 días
kinda like how my dad rolled away and never came back
Vadrif Draco
Vadrif Draco Hace 23 días
Can we just appreciate how perfect the first roll was? (As in, it was juuuuuuust about to fall -- but didn't)
BaneZH Hace 24 días
I know it’s a joke that Michael is going insane but I think he has been enjoying this style of content.
POVIDLO ET Hace 24 días
Fresh penni(e)s
Lord of Banana
Lord of Banana Hace 24 días
This series is going to help psychologists all around the world once he has fully lost his mind. It perfectly documents his descent in to insanity step by step.
TC Blox YTC Hace 25 días
(casually cuts into avocado and gets pennies) Me: Can you get dimes from a dill pickle? :)
Christopher Hudson
Christopher Hudson Hace 26 días
what happened to you vsauce??????
Noer Garra
Noer Garra Hace 28 días
If my physic and Math professor as fun as this guy, Maybe I become a Einstein some day.
1108chuck Hace 28 días
Did Michael say he made rolls for his great grandson's wedding? Geesh! How old is he?
Malem Mutum
Malem Mutum Hace 29 días
His great grandson's wedding: prove that Michael has the flux capacitor to time travel!
Very Real Elon Musk
Very Real Elon Musk Hace 29 días
I guess Michael made a *Bot-hole* with that bottle! *KILL ME PLEASE IM SWEEDISH REEEEEEEEEEE*
doody d
doody d Hace un mes
12:09 "I must have been single digits old" - Michael
Eggnogman Hace un mes
This episode of Dong is just a parody of Top Secret! You should watch it lol
dgarrard100 Hace un mes
"Learning never hurts. *Unless you want it to.*" Waterfalls.
Guy on the Internet
10:33 who dat in the corner
Science Kitty
Science Kitty Hace un mes
6:36 why so many rubber bands 🤣🤣
Me Every Morning
Me Every Morning Hace un mes
_"All _*_kinked_*_ up"_
Jackson Kelly
Jackson Kelly Hace un mes
Never mind the fact that he was baking in the dishwasher at 0:03.. did anyone else notice the elbow at 12:16?
Carl Williams
Carl Williams Hace un mes
It’s crafting with Michael.
Dr. Who-haa
Dr. Who-haa Hace un mes
Hi VSauce, Michael not here.
Ahmed Algassid
Ahmed Algassid Hace un mes
My pennies didnt look like that when i pulled them out the microwave?
Frozlix Hace un mes
Did anyone else burn down their kitchen trying to microwave pennies?
TrustMe I HaveNoName
10:33... Who's that???
Tim Chamberlin
Tim Chamberlin Hace un mes
I love how Michael has fully embraced the madness... Never been quite the same after that isolation experiment! haha xD
Mason Gaming
Mason Gaming Hace un mes
When your pennies aren’t fresh enough
Justin Neal
Justin Neal Hace un mes
Mr. Wizard did this back 30 or so years ago, but you explained it better. 👍
Arsh Artist
Arsh Artist Hace un mes
This man has a great grandson....
Arsh Artist
Arsh Artist Hace un mes
@Devolius i can't believe 😂😂😂
Devolius Hace un mes
Mate not only that but he is getting married, I worked it out if they all had kids at the earliest legal time that would make him 64 (assuming his great-grandson got married at 16, like wtf
Furret Hace un mes
If we yeet it out the window will it come back?
borko tasić
borko tasić Hace un mes
Ivin Zabriskie
Ivin Zabriskie Hace un mes
Shoudve done it with a ravioli can
jarry plundermen
jarry plundermen Hace un mes
he finally lost it
Aleksa Mitić
Aleksa Mitić Hace un mes
ryan5769 Hace un mes
what's that "ah ah ah" background song around 4:25? thanks lol
Kaleb LC
Kaleb LC Hace un mes
he actually put pennies in a real avocado
Rockie Freshhh
Rockie Freshhh Hace un mes
Your great great grandsons wedding ???😂😂😂
410Ericc Hace un mes
Michael is a smart dude. Even his absurdist style of humor is on point. “I made some buttery rolls for my great-grandson’s wedding”... the man is 33 😂
Dru Dru
Dru Dru Hace un mes
Mr. Michael Stevens, is the ultimate host! On point,funny & intellectual. Perfect teacher.
Faith Harrison
Faith Harrison Hace un mes
Don't you mean DING oats?
joey padgett
joey padgett Hace un mes
Get help Michael.
RalphsLegend Hace un mes
I can legit watch a 3 hour video of nothing but different intro bits where Michael turns and smiles into the camera.
Chris Heichel
Chris Heichel Hace un mes
Lol bill Nye was my guy back n the day
Paula Cebrian de la Torre
Your content is SO wholesome. Your cheesy, harmless jokes, the interesting things you talk about, and the lovely tone you use all the time. Coming to you through my depressive episodes makes everything easier, and lets me go to sleep with a smile. Please, keep up with your awesome content, and never change. Thank you. PD: Cheers from Spain.
S OBV Hace un mes
i smell pennies
Asta Saidak
Asta Saidak Hace un mes
That intro was EVERYTHING
Kamil Molczyk
Kamil Molczyk Hace un mes
Pretty sure that drill was set to reverse when drilling through the bottle
Anisha Gupta
Anisha Gupta Hace un mes
Comic sans.
Numberblocks Jwbays
Dont you mean ding oats?
yusuf red
yusuf red Hace un mes
The ending guitar part sounds similar to Pixar's Up soundtrack to me.
son goku
son goku Hace un mes
*bottle rolls away* Michael: How dare you!
White BIC Lighter
White BIC Lighter Hace un mes
How can you expect round objects to be loyal to you when you’re the one always pushing them away
John Creasey
John Creasey Hace un mes
It would have been easier to put the pennies under the front legs of the table.
Vilho Hace un mes
I smell penniiz
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