How to cut through double the thickness. Using 50W Chinese Laser Cutter

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With careful planning you can significantly increase the thickness you can cut with a cheap laser cutter. At least 1/2" with a 50W laser is possible.
Tip- If you don't have your x=0, y=0 axis indexed like I do in the video, you can just tape down thick cardboard or something to the table and cut your guide straight out.
It wont be reusable, but it will get the job done for as long as you keep it in place.
I have more tips on using a cheap Chinese laser cutter at my website: makestuffnow.com.au/laser-cutting/

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17 jul 2016






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Rüya lazer kesim
Rüya lazer kesim Hace 9 días
I Wayan wayan
I Wayan wayan Hace 21 un día
what program did you used for your laser? and what board type is yours? can you share the laser setting to us? thanks
andy parry
andy parry Hace 22 días
Excellent and a great demo. Thanks.
Mariel Ortiz-Beliard
Do you think I can do this with my glowforge?
Mohamed Atia
Mohamed Atia Hace 4 meses
what's of name this program
Beefy Beef
Beefy Beef Hace 4 meses
Nice video mate
Oscar Marshall
Oscar Marshall Hace 6 meses
Is there a particular reason for the 10mm strip sitting against the Y zero/top guide?
chade74 Hace 7 meses
Can you tell me how to program inkscape to make a cutout. I want to cut out a image of a state and cant find any info on how to do it. I'm new at this. Thanks
Fibra Hace 7 meses
I was watching whole 7:32 minutes so you show the result out of the camera frame. You could add a result picture in edditing. Waste of time.
Vignesh Babu
Vignesh Babu Hace 8 meses
I'm planning to buy Chinese laser cut machines is it worth in quality?
DJ BTMS Breaking Through My Stie
Hello, excuse me. what is the name of the application that uses the machine. I have a similar one but the application is not quite good
Laser Brother
Laser Brother Hace 11 meses
I'm sorry about your finger dude :(
Finn Balor
Finn Balor Hace un año
Easy just run the program twice. Duh
Greg K
Greg K Hace 11 meses
@Finn Balor sure thing brother, have a good day
Finn Balor
Finn Balor Hace 11 meses
@Greg K listen bud I run cnc laser for a living my original comment was sarcastic but what you suggested is completely idiotic
Greg K
Greg K Hace 11 meses
@Finn Balor not sure I follow you, you're saying run the same cut twice when the reason its not cutting all the way through is loss of focus coupled with speed. I said "I would think" meaning it is an untested (at least by me) method. But like you I would run the same cut twice as well, but the second time refocus a bit lower, below the line. The heat generated at the surface would actually be less because the beam at the point would be out of focus. Fire can and will happen with wood which is why you never leave the machine alone when performing a cut through. An air assist would help put the tiny flames out. I could be wrong... and one day I will test. For now I have no need to cut wood that thick. I do a lot more acrylic work.
Finn Balor
Finn Balor Hace 11 meses
@Greg K wrong the problem with that is you would fuck you the initial surface cut in your work piece especially with wood you would burn the top surface maybe even cause a fire
Greg K
Greg K Hace 11 meses
I would think that the laser needs to refocused to cut deeper on the same path. The beam itself has a focal point imagine an X that is the same width but stretch that X to be 20 times its height. The cut only happens within a certain distance to the convergence point on the X so he should be able to drop the focus by 4 to 6 mm and cut it again without flipping. At these depths your getting a beveled cut no matter what. Flipping the board as he is doing here should result in a double bevel or a wave like cut, albeit very slight.
Some Asshole
Some Asshole Hace un año
i was looking into this cutter on ebay. Do you think it's strong enough to cut through 5-6mm acrylic? What about 2-4mm fiberglass? And maybe i'm asking a stupid question, but could it cut through 2-3mm carbon fiber?
makestuffnow! Hace un año
6mm acrylic cuts easy. I cut 10mm acrylic with 2 passes (3 of the tube is a little old). Carbon fiber no good. It just scratches up the surface. No idea about fiberglass as I never use it. It can engrave glass and cut most plastics, but with a lot of non-acrylic plastics it will leave dirty burn marks. So I would guess it may cut fibreglass but there is a chance it leave a bad edge. I'll have to test it one day.
Vinyl Blair
Vinyl Blair Hace un año
Is it possible to make numerous passes with a lower watt laser like say a 20/30W..? ,the price of a 40W is around £330/50 on Fleabay from China or would I be better getting a 50W..?.
Vinyl Blair
Vinyl Blair Hace un año
Thank you for the reply mate it's very helpful...keep up the good work fella!.
makestuffnow! Hace un año
There is a limit to how deep you can cut no matter how many passes you make. As the laser gets deeper below the surface the beam expands, so the power density starts to drop. Also having good air flow through the nozzle removes waste material better and can help cut a little deeper. After about 3 passes of the laser you are just burning wood and not penetrating any deeper. For my setup, which is a 2" lens with default air blower attached I find with 2-3 passes I can get about 12-14mm deep in soft woods (pine), about 6-8mm in less dense hardwoods (beechlike in the video) and barely about 3mm on really tough wood (jarrah, red gum, walnut). Despite what other people might tell you, with wood don't ever focus partway into the material. You need your focal point right on the surface of the timber to get the maximum power density possible the begin the cut, and then rely on your air flow to remove the material to push through as deep as possible until the laser cant get any further. After 2-3 passes that is likely as deep as you are going to cut.
PM Star Promotions
PM Star Promotions Hace un año
How did you remove the factory bed?
makestuffnow! Hace un año
I removed the whole bed and 4 main screws and took it out. I unscrewed the thin plate it came with and threw that away. I bought a 3mm aluminum plate cut to size and drilled some ventilation holes in it, then drilled some holes to screw it onto the main bed assembly. I never took any photos while doing it unfortunately. It is fairly straight forward to do but is a lot of work.
Yasir Ibraheem
Yasir Ibraheem Hace un año
Will you please send me the contact details for the vendor of this device
Joy Xue
Joy Xue Hace 11 meses
Yes,of course . How can I send you?
Steve Gantt
Steve Gantt Hace un año
Could you share how to make the guide or share the file thanks
Laser cut Template
Laser cut Template Hace un año
Hi, friends! tell me where you usually take models for reduction?
Gage Kuszmaul
Gage Kuszmaul Hace un año
Is this the make test battle guy?
EH KU THU Hace un año
Can it software run on windows 10?
makestuffnow! Hace un año
Yes. I use windows 10
Eric Blackwell
Eric Blackwell Hace un año
Great video! Very helpful. Thank you. I applied this concept to a project that has been driving me crazy for a long time. Finally found the answer. Thank you thank you!
? x*y*z=
naveen mn
naveen mn Hace un año
Sir can this machine cut dry dates and tamarind plz let me know
makestuffnow! Hace un año
Probably. I've used it to cut open coconuts before so smaller nuts should work.
TheCraftyMa'am Hace un año
how do you transfer your design to the cutting machine? through a cable or bluetooth?
makestuffnow! Hace un año
Connected via USB cable is how I have it set up. The controller also has an Ethernet port which I have never used. You can also save file to USB drive and plug it into the laser cutter, loading file from the machine control panel.
Ebeyc Trading
Ebeyc Trading Hace un año
laser cutting and marking machine supplier at competitive price since 2006. Whatsapp:+86 18576470650 Email:jenny@cxlaser.cn
Luke Cunningham
Luke Cunningham Hace 2 años
Can you provide the link to this laser?
Rick Laser
Rick Laser Hace 2 años
Good to produce charcoal to barbecue.... , better use a 150w .
Marcus Denice
Marcus Denice Hace 2 años
great video, thanks
DeHaToy Hace 2 años
Hello can you be so kind and tell me how high is the wood you put under laser head? I got 50,8 mm (2 inch) focal length, but i would like to know how much is it from bottom fo laser head to top of material, just like you set it by the wood.
makestuffnow! Hace 2 años
I can't give you a number because it depends how long your nozzle is. You need to measure 50.8mm from the actual position of the lens, which somewhere inside the nozzle assembly which can be different on different machines. Check this video esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Eg6THrEdleo.html
F V Hace 2 años
How much does a machine like this cost ?
makestuffnow! Hace 2 años
This size is around $1600-$2000 australian dollars at the moment to buy. I've made a few upgrades to my machine like the new table surface and laser current/water temp monitors, but that cost very little extra to do.
Pat Pikulski
Pat Pikulski Hace 2 años
Here look at this! But I'm gonna hold it out of the shot so you can't see it...
berighteous Hace 2 años
seeing the final edge is everything. The whole point of the video is showing your method works and lines up and we have to take your word for it (and we do, what we can see looks great) When you're editing and you get to the end and you realize that the important part is out of frame, you stop and shoot an additional clip of what you want to show. Your viewers are literally watching the whole video TO SEE THAT REVEAL.
makestuffnow! Hace 2 años
It's already very hard to just frame an adequately lit shot inside the laser cutter. When editing I didn't realise the seeing the final edge was going to be such crucial part. There's a thumbs down button for a reason. The thumb rating is of great value to me as it lets me know if it's worth spending a day or 2 to make more videos in the future.
QaaUz Hace 2 años
Nice one mate. I'll check out yr site. Edge looked great.
Brian Boatright
Brian Boatright Hace 2 años
I really did not understand why you were doing the offset after the mirror operation on the original design. You could just do a mirror and use the same origin as the first cuts. I know you mentioned the reason in the video but it doesn't make sense to me... I must be missing something obvious :-)
Anas Alami
Anas Alami Hace un año
now i understand, well done.
makestuffnow! Hace 2 años
If you were to do it that way, you need to make sure the wood is cut exactly the same height as in your drawing. you also need to make sure the top, left and bottom sides of the wood are perfectly square. The way I have done it the wood doesn't need to be prepared with any accuracy. Both sides of the cut are relative to the top left corner of the wood, and none of the other dimensions matter.
Nic Parker
Nic Parker Hace 2 años
you have laser burns on your hands. Looks great.
Don Mega
Don Mega Hace un año
probably just the cat.
Sick Vic
Sick Vic Hace 2 años
How does the light from tube stay reflected on the head moving on xy axsis? Never mind found your other vid :))
Michael Lysov
Michael Lysov Hace 2 años
I'd be interested to see edges quality. On your video I cannot see them because your camera is below that point. This is known technique, there are even some machines that cut both from the top and the bottom at the same time but I have never seen what quality of cut you get at the end.
Jeri Del Rosario
Jeri Del Rosario Hace 2 años
Check this one out! Its on sale www.banggood.com/2500mW-A3-30x40cm-Desktop-DIY-Violet-Laser-Engraver-Picture-CNC-Printer-Assembling-Kits-p-1003863.html?rmmds=collection&utmid=1801?p=9T01218813552201702W
Mazen El sheikh
Mazen El sheikh Hace 2 años
May I know the procedures you took to actually set your absolute reference I keep failing that part
George Paredes
George Paredes Hace 2 años
´por que tiene lastimado las dos manos ..!
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