How to Hoonicorn: Lia Block Trains to Drag Race the Mother of All Mustangs!

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E36titan Hace 3 meses
“So you’re teaching me to cheat and not get caught?” The smile of kens face said “She’s learning”
Rickey Racer
Rickey Racer Hace 28 días
With the skill set Lia has inherited from pops, and natural instinct to go fast, she won't need to cheat!
Matthew Laumann
Matthew Laumann Hace 3 meses
@robmanueb2 racing, as it has always been. Find an unfair advantage while not explicitly breaking the regulations. Then maintain the facade until the competitors 1-up you, then rinse and repeat. If bench racing/paper racing was reliable then Formula 1 wouldn't be out there still re-defining the bleeding edge of physics bending racing competition.
Joe Doe
Joe Doe Hace 3 meses
dbspaceoditty Hace 3 meses
i keep explaining to my dad. if your not cheating, your not racing. at least from the manufactureres perspective. you know?
robmanueb2 Hace 3 meses
Finding a competitive advantage and not get caught.
dank_69_420_memes Hace 3 meses
It's great seeing Ken and Lia's dynamic. You can definitely tell Ken is a supportive parent, and Lia is 100% related to him.
nickpembroke Hace 3 meses
I felt that with every comment with he made, he either found a way to make it about himself or be competitive with her/doubt her.
phoenix rising
phoenix rising Hace 3 meses
@DieselDabz710 She's not being pushed into anything from what we've seen. Didn't SHE ask to drift the first time?
Colton Medlin
Colton Medlin Hace 3 meses
arkhsm ford
arkhsm ford Hace 3 meses
@DieselDabz710 She WAS AROUND IT from a really young age !!
Outland Hace 3 meses
@DieselDabz710 Not really, no. Seems to be keen as a bean.
traingeek2000 Hace 3 meses
Donkmaster is such a character. Always great to watch him on the show.
Pop Laurentiu
Pop Laurentiu Hace 3 meses
Still though Lia learned so damn fast everything to get to Hoonicorn, yeah she is very lucky to have such dad !
Ryan Christensen
Ryan Christensen Hace 3 meses
The Hoonifriends are so nice! I can't imagine how cool it must be to have Leah Pruett, Donkmaster, and Hank Iroz as mentors.
Alin H
Alin H Hace 3 meses
...and last but not least friggin Ken Block as the ultimate mentor and proud father
Irish318 Hace 3 meses
After driving something with 10,000 horsepower for a living, I wonder if Leah ever gets in something like a Hellcat and is like, "Damn, this thing kinda slow..."
Qaydum Hace 2 meses
PaceWorks bro is mad that a 14 year old would beat him
Majus Hace 3 meses
@dbspaceoditty i think both require skills but rally has some aspects that dragracing dont have..
David Sparks
David Sparks Hace 3 meses
joey prince
joey prince Hace 3 meses
Andrew Memes
Andrew Memes Hace 3 meses
22:19 - She CALMLY takes her hand off the steering wheel while flatout to adjust her visor XD id be death gripping that wheel so hard it would have my fingerprints imprinted XD
Mr Globster
Mr Globster Hace 3 meses
i noticed that and from the outside view u can hear the tires spinning through 3rd gear almost which means it wasnt gripping that hard and she just had no problem controlling it i dont get it lmfao
Pearce Reader
Pearce Reader Hace 3 meses
Bro! I was waiting for the video to end, and hear about how the hoonicorn is out of commission!!
TheWhiteeKnight Hace 3 meses
I freaking love Ken's family. The Hoonigan family. and most of all, freaking Donk Master! I was not expecting him to be teaching Lia the art of street racing negotiation 🤣
Tom Michael
Tom Michael Hace 3 meses
The making of an absolute legend. Waiting for the Lia merch line that directly funds her racing team.
Jdm Flash
Jdm Flash Hace 3 meses
This is an amazing movie. So cool to see kids like Lia Block and Lincoln Whiddett starting their racing careers before our very eyes
Aaron Lloyd
Aaron Lloyd Hace 3 meses
This video literally choked me up. I've got a daughter the same age and I'm teaching her to drive. Definitely not to this extent, but some mild snow drifting. It's been fun. Scary, but fun! It's great to see great men and fathers still exist! Keep hooning!
Joonatan kähkönen
Joonatan kähkönen Hace 3 meses
As a father of a fourteen year old daughter, this brought tears in my eyes, cause it's just so cool to teach your kids something so awesome and Lia just nailed it. So freakin' awesome.
Cameron Lindsey
Cameron Lindsey Hace 3 meses
Eyes from her mother and her send-it from her dad. 😂 she's literally living out all of the car communities dreams at 14 😅
Tim datoolman
Tim datoolman Hace 3 meses
I remember taking my 16 year old daughter to a snow covered parking lot and teaching her how to control a slide. One of the best and funnest days of my life to this day. I had way more fun teaching her what my dad would have never in a million years done with me.
R SvSbg
R SvSbg Hace 2 meses
good man!
Olivier Caron
Olivier Caron Hace 3 meses
She is amazing what a talented kid right there hope to see her go on massive championship and win some races!
Martin Trümper
Martin Trümper Hace 3 meses
I love all of the proud dad moments, you can almost hear Ken yell "Thats my girl!!!!"😁🏁
Dakota Gatz
Dakota Gatz Hace 3 meses
It was wild seeing the in car during “victory donuts” because she looked just like Ken, calm and collected, while operating chaos. As a parent myself this was a cool video to watch. She rips and will go far!
thatsupraguy33 Hace 3 meses
Legitimately one of my favorite videos. Y'all have given her the best family one could ask for. Well done Ken and crew!!
NOmad SZ
NOmad SZ Hace 3 meses
Please tell me Lia can take the Hoonicorn when she gets her car driving license, can you imagine the tester's face LOL.
Matt K
Matt K Hace 29 días
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kiewanbeans Hace 3 meses
Seriously proud parent moments. Congrats Lia on being the coolest Hoonigan, behind Dom of course.
Michael Graham
Michael Graham Hace 3 meses
One of the best videos you guys have done. Great to see the whole story. Can't wait to see the new season 2.
drexkind Hace 3 meses
the way ken said "sure" when lia asked if she could push the button is what i love most about this hole episode
Scuba Bro
Scuba Bro Hace 3 meses
That chair Scotto was sitting on clearly was not designed for him 🤣
MIDBC1 MIDBC1 Hace 3 meses
@criznash.....no kidding eh tell me about it....... I'm 6'2" and 320 pounds but my size is from bodybuilding There just isn't any really nice looking clothes for big dudes and it's like the bigger you are the less choices there are and you either have to take out a bank loan and go to a tailor or settle for garbage like a jacket I bought and it didn't even last one day hell it didn't last an hour......dropped my car keys after coming out of the store I just bought my jacket from and when I bent over to pick them up and the jacket ripped straight down my back.....i end up just looking like a slob in a white t-shirt and shorts
criznash Hace 3 meses
I'm 6'8" and as a fellow Large Lad, I can say almost nothing in this world is made for dudes our size.
Fl Fun
Fl Fun Hace 3 meses
Lia is just amazing! Great to see a younger generation getting into car stuff and racing in general
Esdras Robles
Esdras Robles Hace 3 meses
It’s amazing to see how effortlessly she drove in all the races. Definitely a chip off the old Block Thanks for the content
Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson Hace 3 meses
Amazing! She has a super bright future in the sport! An Ken is all kids dream dad ! ❤
minis.by.kasper Hace 3 meses
I feel like it was only yesterday Lia was crunching the gears in the mk.2 ... This girl is so bright and will do great things! :D
7m gte
7m gte Hace 3 meses
She's got a lot of talent. Definitely Ken Block's prodigy 👍
NekoWinters Hace 3 meses
Lia is the superstar the next generation deserves, and regardless of the legacy complainers, SHES EARNED HER STRIPES
phister82 Hace 3 meses
Always love Hanks energy
TyIntags Hace 3 meses
Amazing I didn’t realize how long the video was and thought this would be a series but it’s the whole thing 👌🏻
That car Guy
That car Guy Hace 3 meses
That kiddos enthusiasm for the sport is freaking adorable haha I hope my kids would be the same
Dimma_Honda B18c4 Boost
She learns so fast though! Great to see she has so much potential! Keep this going Block Family! 🤟🔥
John Hornbrook
John Hornbrook Hace 3 meses
This as a parent is one of the best videos you have ever put out on any channel. Just being able to see kens reaction and the shear intensity that Lia is learning with is so cool to watch.
Ryan Lamp
Ryan Lamp Hace 3 meses
When you toldLie, I could help but sit here smiling from ear to ear. Her excitement was absolutely contagious.
Grey Pawx Ttv
Grey Pawx Ttv Hace 3 meses
Ken, your girl has a bright future ahead of her. DAMN ! ♥
Viktor Lindström
Viktor Lindström Hace 3 meses
this shouldve been on the main channel, really good stuff :D
jeff Forker
jeff Forker Hace 3 meses
This is by far the most interesting and captivating videos on ESvid for me ever. Watching the Block family going thru the motions is fantastic fun and just makes me anxious to see what’s next. Watching her focus and the desire she has to go fast is just pure enjoyment to watch. Thank you for sharing with us. 🤟
Jordan Prior
Jordan Prior Hace 3 meses
I legit had a huge smile on my face this entire video.. I love stuff like this. I will make sure to give my kids the life they want.
4dshow Hace 3 meses
Love how Ken still prompts Lia to say “thank you to your teacher” cute.
Anthony Close
Anthony Close Hace 2 meses
Lmao I'm dying throughout this whole video, this was a hoot to watch, she's got an amazing career ahead of her
Gregg Green
Gregg Green Hace 3 meses
Love everything about this young lady she's so brave and full of courage, I just pray for her safety and go smash them tracks girl
Tony Pintarelli
Tony Pintarelli Hace 3 meses
As a fellow girl dad, I love watching Ken during these Lia videos. Lia needs her own channel.
Audi man
Audi man Hace 3 meses
Man this hit me right in the feelers! So amazing to see!❤️🔥
BeardedCatGuitar Plus
This makes me want to teach my daughter to drive so much. Absolutely an outstanding video.
Øystein Nygård
Øystein Nygård Hace 3 meses
Soooooo cool to watch. Made me cry several times 🤣 Keep up the good work 👍
Nigel De Wallens
Nigel De Wallens Hace 16 días
That was great fun! Well done to the dad and well done to you young lady for doing so well! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌
stan110782 Hace 3 meses
This was awesome 👌🏻 Ken grabbing the the cage when Lia was in the hoonicorn made my soul smile!
Sp0ngie 007
Sp0ngie 007 Hace 3 meses
love how she takes her time to learn the car before just gassing it like most of us would do
bullzye101 Hace un mes
LOL this awesome seeing your daughter especially at 14 what to follow in her dads foot step's no matter what form of motor spot ... big thumbs up ..Godspeed
Brandon Fennell
Brandon Fennell Hace 3 meses
Talented and she has the best coach, Dad!What an incredible adventure for you both! You guys rock. 😃
Chris Farr
Chris Farr Hace 3 meses
Amazing, you did a great job there Dad!
fshalor Hace 3 meses
Thank you for this backfill. We could tell you all had this young lady's back, but it was good to get the full story. Watched all of them, and man, watching her tree-destroy NHRA pro driver on her first time doing the needful... Ya. She's In.
Geoffrey Hace 3 meses
What a dad Ken is! Imagine what it would feel like being a kid and getting opportunities like this!
Lil MF Poker_Mike
Lil MF Poker_Mike Hace 3 meses
What a great video and what a serious line up to school her properly 👏. Best of luck to Lia going forward. Ken is definitely having a proud papa moment...
Dan W
Dan W Hace 3 meses
After Leah's top fuel run, you could see it in Lia's eyes.. another Top Fuel junkie is born!🤣
DJSammy69 Hace 3 meses
What a Trip! Most awesome video! Taming that Mustang like a BOSS! What a Legend!
shane collins
shane collins Hace 3 meses
Dude she killed it! Awesome 👌 good job Lia!!!🤑 Good job Ken. Racing is definitely in her genes.
azezal pvm
azezal pvm Hace 3 meses
4:49 Ken reaction that she is smarter than he could imagine is just priceless
some young guy
some young guy Hace 3 meses
Hert is full dad vibes and yes...we feel you bro! Some day ima do that to!!!
Pete Bailey
Pete Bailey Hace 3 meses
How awesome to be able to do this with your daughter. Super cool.
Jeri Hace 3 meses
Woo-hoo more blocks racing cars! I love this keep going and keep learning your gonna do great Lia!
Chris DeMario
Chris DeMario Hace 3 meses
I love how Lia is smiling the entire time. But she's so quiet like she's just taking everything in. It's so awesome. Plus she can DRIVE.
Clunt Hace 2 meses
Yea man, shes a badass kid. Its gonna be exciting to see what she achieves in the next couple of years considering she just started rally recently. Ken’s a great dad it seems.
Aaron Liddell
Aaron Liddell Hace 3 meses
Fun video, great that you guys documented the journey 👍
STEVEZISSOU2007 Hace 3 meses
Awesome!👌🏻 the Hoonicorn is by far my favourite thing on four wheels!🙌🏻 that noise!🤤
Josh B
Josh B Hace 3 meses
She genuinely loves driving and has her OWN passion to do so. We NEEED more videos with her behind the wheel!!!!
bobby robinette
bobby robinette Hace 3 meses
Soooooo jealous of Lia! I would've given anything for this chance as a teenager!
Aaron Bosel
Aaron Bosel Hace 3 meses
Such a wholesome video, loved every second of it. Can't wait to see her slay in season 2! She's a natural, nothing else you can say.
Alin H
Alin H Hace 3 meses
season 2 has been out for a while now on the main channel my dude
chase slofkiss
chase slofkiss Hace 3 meses
Did I just watch a 14 year old launch a 1400 hp car with one hand on the steering wheel at one point in the video 😂😅
Itchyaboi Hace 3 meses
Very happy to see her enjoy it and do so well. Excited to watch her career. She’s a very talented driver…I wonder where she gets it from.
Matt Portnoy
Matt Portnoy Hace 3 meses
What a great experience for Ken and Lia!
Derangd 333
Derangd 333 Hace 3 meses
Like father like daughter! Nice work! There’s gonna be a lot of mad men that get whooped by a 14yr old!
RC Family 4 Life
RC Family 4 Life Hace 3 meses
Lia’s huge ear to ear smile tells it all!!!! Way to go kiddo!!!!!
zavierashim Hace 3 meses
Zack always has the coolest sun glasses
Kierra Thorn
Kierra Thorn Hace 3 meses
Lia is living out my childhood dream right there, what a fantastic kid! She'll go onto amazing things!
KnownAsDoc Hace 2 meses
well ken... good luck ever trying to deny that one... awesome stuff!! please make this a series
zhqpr Hace 3 meses
This is amazing but I need to see her try a 60hp car just the reaction and how poorly she drives since you say she drives better the more horses she gets
Michael Bajo
Michael Bajo Hace 3 meses
She can't drive a 60hp car! She might fall asleep.? 😉
Cameron Lindsey
Cameron Lindsey Hace 3 meses
From what we've seen, she'd use all 65hp from that 60hp 😂
Phillip Jackson
Phillip Jackson Hace 3 meses
Been waiting on this video! Love that donk master was apart of it too lol
HeathFX Hace 3 meses
I can't stop smiling, Lia is such a RIPPER! This must be the pinnacle of "Proud Dad moments" for Ken!
Pokemon mining
Pokemon mining Hace 3 meses
Ken is a amazing dad. I hope my son and daughter want to race too
Sam Johns
Sam Johns Hace 3 meses
I can't wait to see her first wheelie!!!
BomaGum Hace 3 meses
That Dunkmaster segment was amazing Lol
5124Jeremy Hace 3 meses
She's amazing, and Ken is the best dad EVER!
LiquidRetro Hace 3 meses
You guys have to do something epic when she gets her full Drivers license and takes that driving test.
Kris garcia
Kris garcia Hace 3 meses
Does anyone else wonder what Lia's first daily driver will be? 16 isn't to far away for her. Also her future insurance agent already be sweating 🤣
KoldheartedBam Hace 3 meses
Peppermint Nightmare
She has a very bright future ahead of her in Motorsports if she decides to pursue that endeavor. she's kind of a prodigy haha
Ariel Gonzalez
Ariel Gonzalez Hace 3 meses
it is mindblowing to see how easily lia handled the hoonicorn, homegirl took it like if it was a toy car
Ethan Guthrie
Ethan Guthrie Hace 3 meses
As someone who grew up without a dad. It’s fantastic to see Ken and Lia’s relationship. You can see the respect Lia has for the craft and the support Ken has for her as a driver. Fantastic series and hope to see more of Lia absolutely shredding!!
Ernie Mathews
Ernie Mathews Hace 3 meses
This young lady is talented. Thanks for giving her a chance.
스티즈 Hace 3 meses
I like how the starter car was “only” 700 hp😂
Sergio Costa
Sergio Costa Hace 3 meses
Wow 👏 👌 She is going somewhere! Definitely a quick learner, like a sponge, trash talk 101, out of the back of her head, 'Victory Donuts' straight, yes!
Harald 45
Harald 45 Hace 3 meses
Oh man this is the best of lia so far . We wait for more One love much respect from Germany
LITTLE Hace 3 meses
That girl drove a powerful modified drag classic Mustang that rarely loses. That's badass.
Kristof Kay
Kristof Kay Hace 3 meses
absolutely amazing, Lia has no fear
MugenCity Hace 3 meses
My very not-automotively inclined mother and wife loved this episode, as did I.
Melle Meijer
Melle Meijer Hace 3 meses
Seeing a man like Ken reach for the cage as a 'Ow sh1t handle' is something I thought I would never see 😂
MAD MIKE Hace 3 meses
Duuuude this was awesome to see this training, also some hoonicorn action, i bet that car is so sick and another lever
DeaShoost Hace 3 meses
She shines in this one! Go Lia! Go!
Tony Pintarelli
Tony Pintarelli Hace 3 meses
I want a show of Leah and Lia showing up to local racing events in sleepers and just absolutely decimating everyone there.
Kevin Olsen
Kevin Olsen Hace 3 meses
That’s awesome… very proud father. Great job lia.🤙🇨🇦
Brett Leisy
Brett Leisy Hace 3 meses
All my children took after their mothers, it bothered me with them on bicycles, I didn't even build them go-carts I would have been smiling ear to ear with pride if Lia was my daughter. way to go!
August 14, 2022
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