How To Make Ramen

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Today I show you how to make authentic Japanese ramen. You won't believe it's homemade! You'll love this delicious homemade ramen. This is the exact same ramen recipe that is used on a daily basis by chefs all throughout Japan. Never made ramen before? Don't worry! Simply follow the step by step instructions. It's quick & easy! Will probably take you longer to clean up.
There are a few different types of ramen. The most popular ones are; Shio ramen, Shoyu ramen, Miso ramen & Tonkotsu ramen. This recipe video can be used to make all of these - Simply substitute some of the ingredients to your desired ramen.
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HowToBasic Hace 15 días
Like the taste of this delicious ramen? Share it with your loved ones! TWEET IT► ctt.ac/dU_Qw EGGBOOK IT► bit.ly/AuthenticRamen
pug Hace 2 días
HowToBasic ok lol
karla rivera
karla rivera Hace 13 días
I love it when it was crazy
This Guy
This Guy Hace 13 días
This video reminds me don’t hug me I’m scared
Zesty Hace 13 días
HowToBasic will you ever make a second channel where you show us really how to do these tasks?
Explosive Hoodie
Explosive Hoodie Hace 13 días
HowToBasic how much money did you spend to cover an entire kitchen with nokdles?
Natalia LR
Natalia LR Hace 3 minutos
Te pasaste de verga
ScrewLife Hace 4 minutos
This is as normal as it gets for this channel lol
omega portal
omega portal Hace 13 minutos
omega portal
omega portal Hace 15 minutos
Kids in africa could ve eaten the bones
TheDrag0Plays Hace 36 minutos
One normal video to 7:56 :(
Jak Hace 51 un minuto
So, I thought "that's too many noodles to put in the pot" and then... a-and then... Erm... Too many noodles.
Skroot Hace 51 un minuto
What a waste. Poor noodles could've eaten that peoples' Africa.
Nem Mondommeg
Nem Mondommeg Hace 53 minutos
Wft wft wft its ramen mhhh nice nice ramen
I want Balloons
I want Balloons Hace 59 minutos
This was almost normal
Unloved Gamer
Unloved Gamer Hace un hora
Thanks for great tutorial XDD
Death Metal 666
Death Metal 666 Hace un hora
From your videos, I always feel good! :) Thank you! (Én a videóitól,mindig jobb kedvre derülök! :) Köszönöm!
Basil Khalifa
Basil Khalifa Hace un hora
Can I eat plz
John Cena
John Cena Hace un hora
just world's matrix error
Domantas Doms
Domantas Doms Hace un hora
Did it start rainning noodles outside and u left windows open?
Saad aziz
Saad aziz Hace un hora
I wonder if theres people that click here actually trying to make ramen and find this 😁
Patricia Gonzalez
Patricia Gonzalez Hace un hora
Likes si pensastes que si aria el ramen
A.R.R.E Hace 42 minutos
Por fin encontré alguien que habla español
ChapDatText Hace un hora
Curse of the rejuvenating ramen. A new Japanese urban legend
Myotic Tesseract
Myotic Tesseract Hace un hora
Where the fuck did he get all those noodles from...
erik fernandez gil
erik fernandez gil Hace un hora
All hail the noodle lord!
DodotheBird Hace un hora
Youssef Houssaini
Youssef Houssaini Hace un hora
His video is so bad
Nirusan Balasingam
Nirusan Balasingam Hace un hora
Your wasting food
Nirmal Kv
Nirmal Kv Hace un hora
Look how much food is wasted... How on earth could you even think of doing so..
TheRealJmo Hace un hora
As soon as I saw an egg I knew shit was about to get real
Terror Black
Terror Black Hace un hora
Que chingados hago con mi vida? Xdxd
The One
The One Hace un hora
I hope you will answer all of the question when you ⚰
shashank gowda
shashank gowda Hace un hora
U idiot Don't waste food like this U r a stupid
Windows xp
Windows xp Hace 2 horas
Undertale Fan
Undertale Fan Hace 2 horas
Itsiraku ramen!?!?!?!?!😲
YouTubeer U
YouTubeer U Hace 2 horas
That’s like a full work day for one plate of food, very relaxing if its a hobby 🙃
Doyeetos Hace 2 horas
Pls dont do that long normal filming again, it scares and worries the hell out of me
marsh Yellow2
marsh Yellow2 Hace 2 horas
The first thing to do is go to the fucking store and buy ramen you lazy piece of shit by the way the food looked good until the end
toàn van
toàn van Hace 2 horas
Mày ăn bà nôi mày đi
Andrew Hace 2 horas
Nice la wo hen gao xing sha bi
Marie Squid
Marie Squid Hace 2 horas
Takagi San
Takagi San Hace 2 horas
r.i.p toilet
Tim Lee
Tim Lee Hace 2 horas
At first he made the ramen looked nicer with the ingredients added to this bowl; but then, the ramen noodles became like more additional when he stacked them up like Mt. Fuji and everything in his house is filled with ramen especially the dustbin and the bathroom.
王正義 Hace 2 horas
Stefan13579100 Hace 2 horas
so thats why you have to pay a cleaning fee in appartments...
Implement of realization
what a waste of ramen
Not Miranda
Not Miranda Hace 3 horas
ho much nodels did you make
Not Miranda
Not Miranda Hace 3 horas
until all the nodes it was fine
martin pikart
martin pikart Hace 3 horas
Watch 3:39 and then go to 9:51
Shyaan Hace 3 horas
but im sure it tastes delicious
Shyaan Hace 3 horas
Those look like pinworms
Karolis Koroliov
Karolis Koroliov Hace 3 horas
Fuck this still looks so good.
Patrick Ghebrial
Patrick Ghebrial Hace 3 horas
But actually IT looked until min 8 delicious
Shikhar Singh
Shikhar Singh Hace 3 horas
Is this for real ? Edit- I'll take that back
Molly Weeden
Molly Weeden Hace 3 horas
Dear god what a mess 😂
Hacker Harshit
Hacker Harshit Hace 3 horas
Ummm looking so tasty I want to try this😋😋😋😍
farnaj WALKER
farnaj WALKER Hace 3 horas
What am I watching😲😂 Waste of food
Arda Durdağı
Arda Durdağı Hace 3 horas
Make baklava please
Bio D
Bio D Hace 3 horas
Hey what do you do with the Broth leftovers ?
Mikeren Hace 3 horas
Virginia Beley
Virginia Beley Hace 3 horas
Feels like heaven
Virginia Beley
Virginia Beley Hace 3 horas
Best food
LeonD011 Hace 4 horas
Or you can just go to the store and but a pack of Ramen noodles
Jayden Sambrano
Jayden Sambrano Hace 4 horas
Anyone else got worried that this was actually going to be. A Normal video
warman55 Hace 4 horas
Michel if u can read dis I thought this was a legit tutorial I swear I was going to make ramen but it's just like every video 😩
Nahirs Hace 4 horas
I feel bad for the maid
Oh guys! You're not gonna tell me you love watching him destroy food? Are you serious? For me, this guy is an astronomically possessed scatophile by an entity worse than the Devil!!!! Scatophile, go burn your house down and shoot yourself in the head!!!! Son of a mammoth poop!
jewelcantfool Hace 4 horas
Man I started getting PISSED when he ruined that beautiful bowl of Ramen :(
ago min
ago min Hace 4 horas
Abdur Rub
Abdur Rub Hace 4 horas
Omg pork has black bones. I would never eat pork🤮🤮🤢. Its disgusting
This is Argus
This is Argus Hace 4 horas
Harry B
Harry B Hace 4 horas
This is Argus fuck off anime nerd
• ıůnär •
• ıůnär • Hace 4 horas
вυт ωну тнσ?
Mr. TOPE Hace 4 horas
Sooo whose cleaning that shit up....
Julius Ceasar Marquez
dude i think you overdid it bu at least i know a few about ramen thx
Timothy Hace 4 horas
Moms spaghetti
GUADALUPE Cómo hacer
Total crazy
Beatris Lacatus
Beatris Lacatus Hace 4 horas
Human ramen at the end
Sremon Karmakar
Sremon Karmakar Hace 4 horas
Fucking food waster
Harry B
Harry B Hace 4 horas
Jus cuz your from some third world country doesn’t mean he can’t waste food
Илья Романов
What the.... in the end
well yea
well yea Hace 4 horas
this is kind of unsettling tbh
Clorax Bleach
Clorax Bleach Hace 4 horas
At the beginning I thought finally a normal video I saw who made it *oh no*
Mc Winters
Mc Winters Hace 5 horas
How many noodle did he waste that can save hunger problem in this world? 😂😂
Sunny Smiles
Sunny Smiles Hace 5 horas
Even 5 years later its funny as fuck))) *writing from the noodles
Black Joker
Black Joker Hace 5 horas
JD LaMaT Hace 5 horas
Waste of food, this guy has been never blessed by God
urban l
urban l Hace 5 horas
Got excited thinking this was gonne be legit T-T
Jacob Roldan
Jacob Roldan Hace 5 horas
Dont drag innocent people sir.
M. Games
M. Games Hace 5 horas
This should be titled "Why you shouldn't make ramen"
Adil Gamekiller
Adil Gamekiller Hace 5 horas
Wtf is wrong with you some people can’t find good and you are stepping an throwing and smashing food your going to hell
Buston Tamang
Buston Tamang Hace 5 horas
BBC NEWS:Is he the one who robbed ramen?
Julien Colicchio
Julien Colicchio Hace 5 horas
My family often asked me to make Ramen and I decided to try your recipe. It was delicious, but they complained about the lack of noodles. I'll definitively make more noodles next time! ;)
Den12219 Hace 5 horas
В конце я уже кричал - УУУУУУСУКА!!! Что же ты делаиииишь!?
Bi M
Bi M Hace 5 horas
Meow Iman
Meow Iman Hace 5 horas
im sure he is a great cook when he is not filming. or making destructio.
Dolan Dank The Cocaine Hank
*it's not a bad recipe tho*
Ohh Replicaツ
Ohh Replicaツ Hace 5 horas
First thought - Naruto😂
cumato Hace 5 horas
This man makes money by destroying a house and bombarding it with eggs
Mayur Mhatre
Mayur Mhatre Hace 5 horas
No salt used
Aya Sameh
Aya Sameh Hace 5 horas
Can someone explain what just happened at the end!!!!😂💔
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar Hace 5 horas
Ramen house
The King
The King Hace 5 horas
9:26 these look like noodle mountain
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