How To Make Ramen

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Today I show you how to make authentic Japanese ramen. You won't believe it's homemade! You'll love this delicious homemade ramen. This is the exact same ramen recipe that is used on a daily basis by chefs all throughout Japan. Never made ramen before? Don't worry! Simply follow the step by step instructions. It's quick & easy! Will probably take you longer to clean up.
There are a few different types of ramen. The most popular ones are; Shio ramen, Shoyu ramen, Miso ramen & Tonkotsu ramen. This recipe video can be used to make all of these - Simply substitute some of the ingredients to your desired ramen.
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HowToBasic Hace 2 meses
Like the taste of this delicious ramen? Share it with your loved ones! TWEET IT► ctt.ac/dU_Qw EGGBOOK IT► bit.ly/AuthenticRamen
Vermiliongem Hace 2 días
Last reply
Mázli Hace 6 días
500th comment!!!
Lucilene Sanches Cirilo da Cunha
HowToBasic u r a piece of shit
Benfen Louie
Benfen Louie Hace 7 días
HowToBasic hi
minh béo
minh béo Hace 25 días
Niskis Hace un hora
Wobby Bobby
Wobby Bobby Hace un hora
“Hold the noodles”
ExO RxB Hace un hora
Nimetle oynama oruspu cocu
The Gacha Studio Donut!
This is a waste of noodles. That could had fed 100 homeless/poor children.
Shabana Javed
Shabana Javed Hace un hora
MarkOfficial Hace 2 horas
Joe Kickass
Joe Kickass Hace 2 horas
9:30 now we know what his face looks like.
JABER ISLAM Hace 2 horas
Stupidity ending. Hait it.
Joe Kickass
Joe Kickass Hace 2 horas
3:20 HowtoBasic treats an Egg delicately. Now I've seen everything.
SevenFour Hace 2 horas
He's already treated an egg carefully
David Liu
David Liu Hace 3 horas
is he Jesus cuz his noodles are never ending like Jesus's bread
Olivia Baird
Olivia Baird Hace 3 horas
THAT IS MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!! (I love ramen)
The EntergamingTH
The EntergamingTH Hace 3 horas
LOL that was unexpected. Mount Noodles.
Dhanar Santika
Dhanar Santika Hace 3 horas
00:00 - 07:45 is the tutorial if you really want to cook ramen
Emerald Ruins
Emerald Ruins Hace 4 horas
I was probably wasted the time of my life, Until I saw 8:10
Vlad Patrascu
Vlad Patrascu Hace 4 horas
I think you should of put more noodles
the fhelliks box heads
Its a noodle house
Mint tac
Mint tac Hace 5 horas
Suck a noodle
Angel Gonzalez/the best
Wow it actually looks good
Violet Warrior
Violet Warrior Hace 5 horas
Me got hella shocked after this vid I am like whaaaaa But checked his other videos and realize it was just a normal thing he did😅
some random guy on youtube who comments on videos
7:53's where it gets real
Canadian Syrup
Canadian Syrup Hace 6 horas
Ah yes my favorite dish, the over overdose
Broc Cook
Broc Cook Hace 7 horas
That is allot of noodles
Ethan Quinones
Ethan Quinones Hace 7 horas
A actual legit video besides last few minutes
maxturbo45 Hace 8 horas
Take out the destructive portion of the video and you got yourself a good how to cook video, I'd follow his steps leading up to destruction of everything.
elwacho zens
elwacho zens Hace 8 horas
esa comida se comerian los ñiños de africa
God of Eggs
God of Eggs Hace 8 horas
The scary thing is that it was normal for so long
Record Friction
Record Friction Hace 9 horas
I was actually looking on how to make ramen, I didn't look at who made this video before clicking the link so I thought this was just a sloppy cooking video. Then once the ramen started piling I checked who made it and sure enough... HowToBasic
Stefano X
Stefano X Hace 9 horas
You should use more noodles the next time
Carlos Larios
Carlos Larios Hace 9 horas
How to basic calmed down
nciolas salvador
nciolas salvador Hace 9 horas
Delicious Ψ(≧ω≦)Ψ
Nataly Euan
Nataly Euan Hace 10 horas
I thought I could make ramen and this is what I get BEAUTIFUL
MrPolox Hace 10 horas
Øtto M
Øtto M Hace 11 horas
The World Is *NO0DELS*
Tornado.of.3Virgins Hace 11 horas
Is this an actual tutorial up to 7:40??? I was waiting for the madness I remember when i was watching howtobasic many years ago but now? dafuq? Well at least the noodlemandness didn t dissappoint xD he got enough time to cook them while making the broth xD
Maia Clabo
Maia Clabo Hace 11 horas
Why are you wasting so much time and money!
Morgan Doan
Morgan Doan Hace 11 horas
i didn’t notice the channel so i thought this was real and I followed it
Shiann Brown
Shiann Brown Hace 11 horas
Who else watching while eating ramen noodles?
jacob grennan
jacob grennan Hace 11 horas
At least try the bathtub right I got you htb
Jj the strawb
Jj the strawb Hace 12 horas
Where would you get so much ramen? And not be judged massively...
Salvatore Luparello
Salvatore Luparello Hace 13 horas
reptile world 142
reptile world 142 Hace 14 horas
How dare uou toched this ramen, just kidding you videos are extremely funny
PolskiGamePawel 432
PolskiGamePawel 432 Hace 14 horas
How much fucking noodles did you cook
DomSchra 156
DomSchra 156 Hace 14 horas
9:30 i would it that if i had some extra sprot sauce😍
Weeb- Desu
Weeb- Desu Hace 14 horas
This guys is a total waste of sperm
Paweł Gryka
Paweł Gryka Hace 14 horas
Rly good stuff
Lucas Theophanous
Lucas Theophanous Hace 15 horas
That could hsve fed 100 children *All wasted*
TM Dawe
TM Dawe Hace 15 horas
Good video!nice work
Mousebear Kitty
Mousebear Kitty Hace 15 horas
Ramen noodles never stop
Blade Phalen
Blade Phalen Hace 15 horas
mtb_yt Hace 15 horas
Maybe a little too much on the noodles...
Kyle Hawthorne
Kyle Hawthorne Hace 15 horas
Wait did i actually just learn something?
Whisker Detective
Whisker Detective Hace 16 horas
you earned a sub i tried it and its good
Whisker Detective
Whisker Detective Hace 16 horas
i like how theres still music n the backround
Diamond The articuno girl
I fucking love noodles
Can I get 10 subs With no vids
Ima try this
Zaire Hace 16 horas
He actually finished it before going mad.
Rasmus siira
Rasmus siira Hace 16 horas
Little more noodels
Om3ga Crick3t
Om3ga Crick3t Hace 17 horas
So much fucking ramen
Om3ga Crick3t
Om3ga Crick3t Hace 17 horas
Adzuki Dog.
Adzuki Dog. Hace 17 horas
I don't wanna ask how long it took to clean that up
Alina Gunnarsen
Alina Gunnarsen Hace 17 horas
Infinite noodles 0-0
cyborg hacker
cyborg hacker Hace 18 horas
I need some tips on how to clean my house from the person who cleans all the mess after the video is recorded.
MrRecepTv Hace 18 horas
You're a real cook out of my mind madness.
L Puls
L Puls Hace 18 horas
I wonder if this would actually taste good if you didn't ruin it
Waaffel Hace 18 horas
That is ramen heven Fuck HH we got RH
Waaffel Hace 18 horas
9:30 me after i did LSD
Nate H.
Nate H. Hace 18 horas
It was then until he got possessed by Ramens.
yeah thats right what he said
video starts at 7:53 thank me later
BlueberryMuffin YT
BlueberryMuffin YT Hace 18 horas
からしマヨ Hace 18 horas
Jodi Dark
Jodi Dark Hace 18 horas
0/10 there was too much broth left and the ramen was not enough
Valentina Escober
Valentina Escober Hace 18 horas
Eww how dare u play with food Thats bad im sorry but i hate when peoples play with food AND IL UNSUB AND IL UNLIKE ALL OF UR VIDEOS
Neoclassical Succubus
Neoclassical Succubus Hace 19 horas
Ah, some good old Human Ramen at the end. Franku would've approved.
Rishi Adhikari
Rishi Adhikari Hace 19 horas
food waster of the year
Fridzie Hace 19 horas
Why do you do this?
Lucas Barri
Lucas Barri Hace 20 horas
Bro, you're normal?
Juliet Fonseca
Juliet Fonseca Hace 20 horas
Naruto's gonna kill him
暮光 Hace 21 un hora
Wow i though that he will just fuck things up, not feeling good now
the lucky pig
the lucky pig Hace 21 un hora
No lie I might actually use this tutorial to make ramen. Apart from the fucking mountain of noodles
the lucky pig
the lucky pig Hace 21 un hora
No lie I might actually use this tutorial to make ramen. Apart from the fucking mountain of noodles
Georgia Ball
Georgia Ball Hace 21 un hora
I don't like bone can I use regular beef?
Alexis Sacramento
Alexis Sacramento Hace 21 un hora
Your so imature
Xarrn Cótz
Xarrn Cótz Hace 21 un hora
Needs more egg
Yuu Bella
Yuu Bella Hace 21 un hora
This video probably cost more than 1k US dollars
Simon Bischoff
Simon Bischoff Hace 22 horas
Kids in Africa could have eat this...
Lucas Theophanous
Lucas Theophanous Hace 22 horas
I have a problem... They wont let me buy all them noodles. Does this work with less noodles?
Mark Boy
Mark Boy Hace 22 horas
8:01 when you put too much noodles I am selling it for 1 like 8:01 8:01 8:01 8:01 8:01 8:01 Thanks for your purchases! ^-^
Fallen Jack
Fallen Jack Hace 23 horas
Рита Попова
Рита Попова Hace 23 horas
Токой просыпаешься а тут везде лапша и ходит твой друг
Ltd.Frank Drebin
Ltd.Frank Drebin Hace 23 horas
The food looked so delicious
LMGamer 36
LMGamer 36 Hace 23 horas
That spaghetti noodle mountain prt is the best
lol 129
lol 129 Hace 23 horas
Go buy ramen
Trap House Aaric Prod.
Wasting food stupid people.
Xtreamereaper HD
Xtreamereaper HD Hace un día
8 minutes you can see
Droomie Chikoto
Droomie Chikoto Hace un día
Are u lonely ?
Stevie Wu
Stevie Wu Hace un día
How I enjoy my ramen
mishell128 Hace un día
that ending is actually fucking terrifying to me i was laughing and like about to have a breakdown at the same time
yourboi sana
yourboi sana Hace un día
Noodles mountain
Meowy Sheri
Meowy Sheri Hace un día
8:06 That's the howtobasic I know!
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