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Hey Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video & hopefully learned a few things! Leave your tips & tricks down below! XOX
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16 may 2019






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Emily Fastoff
Emily Fastoff Hace un día
In the future, could you do an updated skincare routine. Your skin is literally gorgeous 💕
Cupcake Productions
Cupcake Productions Hace un día
Is it just me who dreads but loves watching jaclyn videos because their soooo good but when they're all over wat am I supposed to watch😩😩😩
Banafsha Tariq
Banafsha Tariq Hace 6 días
You are beautiful inside out....
Zina Alvarado
Zina Alvarado Hace 7 días
Juana O
Juana O Hace 7 días
Why does her face with no makeup look airbrush
Amy Uplinger
Amy Uplinger Hace 7 días
Can you try this make up on an older women...because at 40- something my face doesn'ts look the same as it did yesterday. It happens right after 30, you wake up, look in the mirror and it's like who is that. I'll try it I'll get back to you.
Melisa May
Melisa May Hace 8 días
You look like Cher here! 💕
Sofia Longenecker
Sofia Longenecker Hace 8 días
anyone know a trick for oily eye lids?? let me know and help a girl out lol
Sofia Longenecker
Sofia Longenecker Hace 5 días
Brooke Brown I do that and they still get oily hahaha do you think eye primer would work better and then setting that?
Brooke Brown
Brooke Brown Hace 5 días
Sofia Longenecker put a small amount of your setting powder on your eyelids
Rhycka Vlog's
Rhycka Vlog's Hace 9 días
I like your make up cosmetics..
Desiree Selim
Desiree Selim Hace 9 días
Honestly she looks better without make up.
New Name
New Name Hace 9 días
My other comment was quickly deleted wow no negativity against her tactics in you guys buys her stuff. She is being "real" right now but after her product drops she's gone till her next product! Lol 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Annabelle Ceguera
Annabelle Ceguera Hace 10 días
Welcome back! What’ve you got to sell to us today? 🙄
Mary S
Mary S Hace 12 días
Her makeup is terrible...she looks like a clown. I’m confused as to why people follow her / take advice from her 🤔
Quinton Nelson
Quinton Nelson Hace 14 días
Uggh now i need to go buy makeup!!
Colonel Kilmer
Colonel Kilmer Hace 14 días
Wow gross
EJ Tha God_Of_90s!!!!!
Hey everyone. My mom and her colleagues just started a beauty bar. They do hair, makeup and lashes are coming soon. Follow PCP Beauty Bar on Instagram and call today to book your appointment😁
James Young
James Young Hace 23 días
Your product is the worst I have ever experienced.......ever!.... you should be ashamed of yourself!... just another money hunger con game...... So sad.
Grace Corrigan
Grace Corrigan Hace 27 días
Can you help me find the right look for my winter formal dance? I dm you my dress
Brandon Locke
Brandon Locke Hace 29 días
Girl. You look beautiful. YOU DON'T NEED MAKEUP!
Kelsey Gunn
Kelsey Gunn Hace un mes
I’m distracted by how fast her mouth moves when she talks lmfao
Zsófiت Hace 25 días
Now I can't look at anything else
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith Hace un mes
Just talks WAY too fast!!! Not throwing shade at all,just my own pet peeve.... 🥴
Rebecca Sobolewski
Rebecca Sobolewski Hace un mes
Holy shit dude🤣we make the same fucking sounds
Jenna The bunny
Jenna The bunny Hace un mes
Could she just do my prom makeup
Wolfy_ Cloud
Wolfy_ Cloud Hace un mes
Sorry to hate on u Jaclyn but gurl.... Ur lipsticks are straight up dam nasty! It has mold and hairs on em! Disgustang!
the preggo gay
the preggo gay Hace un mes
I'm a green potato
Alissa Klein
Alissa Klein Hace un mes
This face primer is $10 and THE BEST IVE EVER TRIED! it's so smooth and velvety and I have all my friends obsessed with it! I'm telling you its freaking bomb and so is the setting spray 😍 www.avon.com/product/magix-prime-face-perfector-69341?rep=alissakaiser
Hazel Tabu
Hazel Tabu Hace un mes
Done describe u
Kamile :v
Kamile :v Hace un mes
You are prettier in natural ^^
Naomi Lumsden
Naomi Lumsden Hace un mes
'so now i'm gonna bronze this bitch up' LMAOOOOOOO
Noah Beltran
Noah Beltran Hace un mes
Jaclyn hill and James Charles are SISTERS!!!! The intro is the same, the talking is the same, their taste in makeup is the same, the look exactly alike!!! Someone get a DNA test 🧬!!!
Noah Beltran
Noah Beltran Hace un mes
Setting spray
Michaelle Hace un mes
Merry Christmas Jaclyn! This is the Jaclyn I love. The Jaclyn that teaches. You have taught me so much, thank you.
Brittney Bach
Brittney Bach Hace 2 meses
I loved all of the tips! Definitely need to take notes. My thing is that I feel like especially on my forehead is where I see the most texture or cakiness and also my wrinkles are super defined. I don’t know what else to do so that it’s not bumpy and extra wrinkly. Also, loved the video, love you. It was very fun and weird and I love the tutorial aspect because I love learning new tricks! Stay amazing and happy :) you’re doing great sweety!
Owlsaremybesties Hace 2 meses
Eye makeup is still makeup, should’ve shown tips on how to make that last all day too.
Ernest the third
Ernest the third Hace 2 meses
Only Jaclyn: *starts filming* Jaclyn: 1:25
lydia Kern149
lydia Kern149 Hace 2 meses
Hi jaclyn I just bought your palette and I have been a subscriber since the beginning and I really want you to reply so if you get time please do
Erin Schritz
Erin Schritz Hace 2 meses
This video was super informational! I really needed these tips and tricks, so my makeup lasts all night long when I am hanging out with friends. · I liked the way you went totally in depth with all the products you use and why you use them. It helped that you told us what your skin type was like, so we know why you use the products you do compared to ours. · The explaining you did throughout the video really helped with understanding what makes the makeup stay on longer and why you do every step. · Some of the products you used in the video are products that I have been interested in trying for a while now. The Kat Von D Shade and light pallet has been one that I have been eyeing for a long time, since you use it in almost every video of yours. I have also been wanting to try the Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder in order to set my entire face. I have dry skin like you, so if you recommend that it does not make your skin look dry, then I would definitely love to try it. I really enjoy watching your ESvid Videos!
Dr-Pepper Hace 2 meses
People still watching after she fuck up customers with her defective make up brand. Lol
Adriana Fernandes
Adriana Fernandes Hace 2 meses
No se si alguien able español pero solo quiero decir que esta mujer tiene los ojos sumidos con esos pomulos taaan grandes y su nariz es muy pequeña para ese rostro parece michael jakson... en fin no entendi nada de lo que dijo en el video JAJA
Rocio Flores
Rocio Flores Hace 2 meses
or how to make expired lipstick stay all day!!
Timeless Beauty
Timeless Beauty Hace 2 meses
I will gladly accept one item of your product no complaints here !
Dazza 85
Dazza 85 Hace 2 meses
She is so beautiful without makeup x
Irina Papazyan
Irina Papazyan Hace 2 meses
I’m re watching this as I’m doing my makeup loll so therapeutic for me!!
Jessie Burwell
Jessie Burwell Hace 2 meses
Tomia Harmon
Tomia Harmon Hace 2 meses
Ima need a skin care routine missy ! 😍😘
IshaMoy Williams
IshaMoy Williams Hace 2 meses
😩the background audience is so distracting
Nathalie Juwet
Nathalie Juwet Hace 2 meses
Wow, so sad to see al these irrelevant comments... Let's talk about make-up, okay? I have an event to go to tomorrow and I'm definetely trying out all of your tricks, girl! I have some of the exact products so I'm excited to see how these techniques work on me! xxx
Clayton Cruncleton
Clayton Cruncleton Hace 2 meses
What lashes are those?? LOVE OMG
Fitkamgummy Channel
Fitkamgummy Channel Hace 2 meses
Set this to 0.50 speed, you're welcome
Rory Hace 2 meses
Okay, so. I went back to this video because of her face dude. Her face looks normal and she’s beautiful in this. Girl get them fillers dissolved lmao
حنين مارس
حنين مارس Hace 2 meses
Love you spook much Jake امووووت عليك ♥️♥️
Yaqeen Ra'ad
Yaqeen Ra'ad Hace 2 meses
بدون مكياج احله بهواي من المكياج
Kim Colo
Kim Colo Hace 2 meses
People may have wanted to know how to keep eyeshadow on all day...
Gabriella pedroso
Gabriella pedroso Hace 3 meses
she looks so intimidating until you watch one of her videos and realize she’s such a crackhead
Brandee Anderson
Brandee Anderson Hace 3 meses
i like you jaclyn hill
Marissa Love: Life Unfiltered
Tackiness? Yes you definitely are tacky
Maxstory Hace 3 meses
This was super helpful! Love all the tips about setting spray and powder. Thanks so much for sharing ❤️
Jade K
Jade K Hace 3 meses
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Like no one at all: Jaclyn: lemme put on a shirt Me: why didn't you have one in the first place😂😂😂😂😂
Araceli Calderon
Araceli Calderon Hace 3 meses
Please stop you speeks so fast.
Chris G
Chris G Hace 3 meses
In your March favorites video 6:25 you said the Fenty powder wasnt drying under the eye. I just ordered it this week based on your review. Now in this video 17:53 u say it dries your under eye area 🤦‍♀️🙍‍♀️
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