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Let's see if the #pullapart #pineapple technique is as easy as it looks. And if you don't have time for that pineapple #peeling business, I'll show you 2 other ways to open a pineapple because it's the BEST.
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Eater article on Pineapple Peeling: bit.ly/eaterpineapple
The Botanist in the Kitchen blog post about pineapple: bit.ly/botanistinthekitchen
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Ashleigh Jankowski
Ashleigh Jankowski Hace un mes
I've never been so excited about ovaries in my life.
LifeAsTrinity Xoxo
LifeAsTrinity Xoxo Hace 5 días
Mom Grandma
Mom Grandma Hace 19 días
James TheDoctor Duncan You devil lol
Aubryanna Trujillo
Aubryanna Trujillo Hace 20 días
I have
Recovering Soul
Recovering Soul Hace 25 días
+Rifqi fauzi That video from 2013 only has 100k views, hardly "viral" and THIS video is already over 3 million views.
Recovering Soul
Recovering Soul Hace 25 días
+Fuert Neigt I didn't see it until today, and there was no advertisement. Odd.
D Ward
D Ward Hace 59 minutos
You can get a pineapple eye peeler and save more of the meat. The spiral cut is the typical method for South Asian region
JaysArtEscape Hace 2 horas
I was not expecting that theme song at the beginning
Bryan Du
Bryan Du Hace 2 horas
Me. Dad? How do I pick a pineapple?
Melody H
Melody H Hace 10 horas
You can actually twist off the crown. Grab at the base of the leaves and twist it pops right out.
Immer Beach
Immer Beach Hace 10 horas
Girl cut the damn pineapple already and shut up
Balcita Je Ann
Balcita Je Ann Hace 11 horas
I just save your time fellas! Jump to 3:41. You're welcome.
bernaed godspeed
bernaed godspeed Hace 12 horas
I just pull the ring pull and remove the lid .. .. wow cutting edge stuff
GrantLeslie Aubrey
GrantLeslie Aubrey Hace 17 horas
Ok off to the grocery store loved this
Francis Rich
Francis Rich Hace 19 horas
Now I really want some pineapple! Great video!
Gary stern
Gary stern Hace 21 un hora
Great video. Informative and entertaining. Thank you.
Billy Williams
Billy Williams Hace 21 un hora
Thanks. Loved that joyous display toward the end of the video. I love pineapple too.
LENAROSE Hace un día
I tried to do this too.. Aaaand it didn’t turn out as effortlessly as you #fruitituttiqueen
Vincent Productions
Vincent Productions Hace un día
Questions that everyone asks: 1-Who did the world begin? 2-how will i get a life? 3-what sort of freak likes pineapple on pizza?
Yareli Castro
Yareli Castro Hace un día
3:58 Yw
Ðivâgar ice
Ðivâgar ice Hace un día
Starts cutting at 3:50
Albert Jackson
Albert Jackson Hace 2 días
I hate how you eat
Gökdeniz Ocak
Gökdeniz Ocak Hace 2 días
Super exciting very important talkings ends in 3:44
Simangaliso Kubheka
Simangaliso Kubheka Hace 2 días
3:16 still hasn't done anything
VIC Garza
VIC Garza Hace 2 días
I’m just waiting for her to show me how to cut open a pineapple, man. I’m high & have the munchies 😅🙃🙃
Destiny C
Destiny C Hace 2 días
Dose anyone else like the core of the pineapple?
Anissa A
Anissa A Hace 12 horas
Destiny C I save the core, freeze it and use in my smoothies
VideoRocketz007 Millar
Yayyyyy 😄 no more wasting my pineapple!!!! Thank u
PigInTheBubble Hace 3 días
here, we actually eat the center part..it's the sweetest part of the pineapple :)
Pomchopdoo Hace 3 días
You remind me of West Allen in the Flash.
Imvu Trill
Imvu Trill Hace 3 días
Just get to the point ffs
Rebecca Fitz
Rebecca Fitz Hace 3 días
I don’t like you
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert Hace 3 días
My grandfather was in the mafia. They use to use pineapple juice to help remove the fingerprint from corpses before disposal. He told leaving the hands in the juice for couple days and you can score the wrists and pull the flesh of like a glove.
Mya Willis
Mya Willis Hace 3 días
i woulda ate that shit already
Rachel Karteus
Rachel Karteus Hace 3 días
Thanks for the tip but wtf why does it take you a long ass description before anything happens. ANNOYING.
Cute Ko
Cute Ko Hace 4 días
Pineapple! You're trending now!🤗😂
Abby Koop
Abby Koop Hace 4 días
Cool. I've never used any of those techniques. I usually just twist out the crown, halve it long ways, then quarter it, slice out the core, slice out the fruit, then scrape the skin out to make "crushed" pineapple.
Gresa !
Gresa ! Hace 4 días
U talk to much...bye.
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy Hace 4 días
I was expecting dragonfruit to taste as good as pineapple if not more tasty/exotic, but its the blandest maybe second to breadfruit. I dont understand how/why Durian is the "KING" of fruit, because its so gross. I think the best fruit in the world had to be MANGOSTEEN. Its so delicious, but its reflected in the price. I get some once a year.
WOTR 100
WOTR 100 Hace 5 días
The core is great for arthritis relieves pain for several days (eat 1/3 of the pineapple) including core no pain for 2-3 days
gabby calleja
gabby calleja Hace 5 días
We cut our pineapple the same as your father did, here in the Phil.🤗
Pinay Eskimo
Pinay Eskimo Hace 5 días
Wow! I love pineapple...
Maria Ackerman
Maria Ackerman Hace 6 días
3:40 welcome
NAZ ARMY Hace 6 días
*drooling in ugliness*
Madison Willis
Madison Willis Hace 6 días
I went to a dole plantation today and they told us how color actually has nothing to do with ripeness....
Florian Jenders
Florian Jenders Hace 6 días
Amazing. I tried it today and it is a game changer. Usually I prepare the whole pineapple, but this method is more about taking your time and enjoying the fruit(s). Also, your delivery is so likeable and your joy is very contagious.
Robin Delancy
Robin Delancy Hace 6 días
Love her personality 😍
LilmissK Hace 6 días
Omg.......Please just get to the point.
Sunny Me
Sunny Me Hace 6 días
I save the core for my smoothies- lots of good fiber!
Paola Diaz
Paola Diaz Hace 7 días
The core is the best part 👌🏻
Ahl Rivero
Ahl Rivero Hace 7 días
lady, can you please shut up and do what you want to do? mygoodness, doesn't appreciate straight to the point videos
demolitionFM Hace 4 días
If you don’t want to learn about pineapples and two other methods to cut them, you can see the time length of this video. Find a short video next time and shut up.
Florence Liu
Florence Liu Hace 7 días
Okay I am using my mom’s phone, we’ve got a pineapple that has been sitting on our dining table for a week. The reason for that is that my dad didn’t want to be the one to open it himself even though he wanted to eat it. My mom told me about it and I said that I would do it. She simply handed me her phone with this video and said “Good luck.” Wish our family a fruitful attempt! 😝
S-T-O-B I-T Hace 7 días
I came here after my army friends on twitter started that pineapple shit😂😂and no one wants to explain!!!
Ms. vinita Acharya
Ms. vinita Acharya Hace 7 días
Buitful very useful video
swalen dsouza
swalen dsouza Hace 7 días
Just cut the goddamn pineapple
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble Hace 7 días
Emily I don't criticize so don't take this like that. I would like to see a little color in your lips? I bought a whole pineapple once many years ago. I didn't know what to do with it or how to cut it before it was too late and it went out in the garbage can! (I love pineapple out of the can) (you're my sweetie lovely too)
Ash Art
Ash Art Hace 7 días
first time on this channel, when the “fruity” intro song came in i lost it 😂
mistrooth Hace 7 días
I have a pineapple coring gadget that I love :)
biggwill21931 Hace 7 días
Rohit Pal
Rohit Pal Hace 8 días
I like pineapple..,🍍🍍🍍🍍
Roll No. 471
Roll No. 471 Hace 8 días
actually its hindi name is ananas
S-T-O-B I-T Hace 7 días
Yh its arabic too
Loriann Roache
Loriann Roache Hace 8 días
Pineapple one of my favouritest fruits
Tom greifzu
Tom greifzu Hace 8 días
Show more bloopers on your videos. They're funny.
Tom greifzu
Tom greifzu Hace 8 días
My mouth is watering watching you eat that pineapple.
Blasian Asian
Blasian Asian Hace 8 días
Now im omw to the Fruit Market.
Marti Kilroy
Marti Kilroy Hace 8 días
This was such a fun and informative video. Thanks.
River Otter
River Otter Hace 8 días
Going to try your dad's method next time.
76ben91 Hace 8 días
Baagii Su
Baagii Su Hace 9 días
Thank you Emmy. It is very useful. Now I'm possible to avoid wasting more fruits.
Shi Cruisin'
Shi Cruisin' Hace 9 días
"FruitS?" It's ONE pineapple!! ONE fruit! Why would one want to pull it apart like that??? Just cut it into slices and then halves and eat it like watermelon slices!! Done! And why waste the core???? Ermagerd, so much hullabaloo about nothing. Just peel, slice, eat, done! Or add to green juices/smoothies for natural, healthy sweetness
Angus Luke
Angus Luke Hace 9 días
7:07 At my work, we call those the "pinenipples."
julia snowdenj
julia snowdenj Hace 9 días
I'm allergic yet I eat it because it's so fuckin good.... And I too like to live dangerously.
Elizabeth Gilpin
Elizabeth Gilpin Hace 5 días
+Trudi Leung fuck yea
Trudi Leung
Trudi Leung Hace 7 días
julia snowdenj jeez do you really have to cuss?
Tatik Agila
Tatik Agila Hace 9 días
The spiral method is how we cut it in the Philippines as well. Asian knifework at its finest. Less waste and pretty as well.
Victoria Griffin
Victoria Griffin Hace 9 días
My mom is from Laos and she cuts the pineapple the same way your dad does
Pancake Hace 9 días
A pineapples scientific name "Ananas comosus" The first name "Ananas" Is actually how you say it in Icelandic Well............. You learn new things everyday
Bangtan Sonyeondan
Bangtan Sonyeondan Hace 4 días
Also in India too
Nurlinda F Sihotang
Nurlinda F Sihotang Hace 6 días
Also indonesia, and all arab-speaking countries. England and english speaking ones are weird...pine apple? Wut!?
Kyle Bass
Kyle Bass Hace 7 días
Also Russian
DelilahDraken Hace 8 días
Also in German
Lenaaa B
Lenaaa B Hace 8 días
Also Dutch
Ric Miller
Ric Miller Hace 9 días
Wow, if you'd shut up and do something I might have finished watching this
hixie rice
hixie rice Hace 9 días
I do it your dad's way. Know what? I would have liked to see the three piles of waste from each method cuz I also want as little waste possible. This is a great video!!! We learned a lot and are going right out to get a nice ripe pineapple and try to pick it apart the new way. Thanks Soo much!!!
Yasmin Hace 9 días
Pineapple is the best fruit 🍍
Master Richie
Master Richie Hace 10 días
love pineapple I just wish I wasn’t allergic!
local tourist
local tourist Hace 10 días
Huh, the comparison in ripeness alone was helpful thank you. I'll see about getting one the next time I go to the store.
Lenny A.
Lenny A. Hace 10 días
She doesnt like a pineapple to sweet????
The Garden of Eatin
The Garden of Eatin Hace 10 días
I can't eat raw pineapple. Too fibrous, it cuts my mouth up. I've had to be forcibly separated from roasted pineapple though.
violett gomez
violett gomez Hace 10 días
Pineapple. The fruit that eats your tongue back 🍍👅
Steve Lian
Steve Lian Hace 4 días
Tongue feels itchy?! Rub tongue with some salt for a minute or so then rinse tongue and the itchiness will be gone. Make sure you remove the "EYES" of the pineapple before consuming it . Best cut the pineapple like Emmy's dad.
bbybackfibs Hace 10 días
just open the damn pineapple. no need for a 9 minute vid
International House of Pancakes
,,I'm gonna eSTABlish a little bit of a border here" **stabs the poor pineapple**
Fataneh Fouroudi
Fataneh Fouroudi Hace 11 días
I am Iranian. We say ANANAS to pineapple 🍍
David Pauly
David Pauly Hace 10 días
In german its Ananas aswell 😊
The Wolf Pack ForReal
The Wolf Pack ForReal Hace 11 días
LOL 9:32 😆
Alva D.
Alva D. Hace 11 días
Great video! You are so fun to watch!!!
Tommy Northwood
Tommy Northwood Hace 11 días
Thats not how I do it.
Sarena P
Sarena P Hace 11 días
And now I know how to cut a pineapple for dinner parties!
Zaddoff Hace 11 días
you're sweet
Erie Hace 11 días
Way too much mindless talking
PumpkinEskobarr Hace 12 días
3:40 You’re welcome 😉
мoonlιgнтвerrιe Hace 12 días
I never knew there were so many ways on how to cut a pineapple
Abe Hostetter Jr.
Abe Hostetter Jr. Hace 12 días
Emmy if you ever use pineapples again and you don't want the crowns send them to me please thanks love you
Chelsea babyy
Chelsea babyy Hace 12 días
Your dads technique is awesome!! Never seen it done this way before, but next time I get a pineapple I am DEFINITELY cutting it this way. Also getting one to try and peel apart 😝 . Learning the anatomy of this was AWESOME!! Never knew/looked at a pineapple that way. I always use a corer to take the core out and then slice it. But definitely implementing your dads technique next time. Thanks Em, now I'm craving pineapple 😁 but I have been sick for 2 days 😪
Paloma Lee
Paloma Lee Hace 12 días
A lil too much talking
Kathleen Cockrell
Kathleen Cockrell Hace 12 días
Thank you so much!!! I believe I prefer your dad's way!!! His way is so pretty.
Sengfook Ong
Sengfook Ong Hace 12 días
Waste time
Presto Ernesto
Presto Ernesto Hace 13 días
Put the leftovers in a pot and cover with soil. Put outside Wait 3 days and plant into!!!
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine Hace 13 días
Paity's World
Paity's World Hace 13 días
The way your dad does it is how it's done in Jamaica.
Nutella Is Life
Nutella Is Life Hace 13 días
When I was pregnant I craved pineapple 🤣😂 everything pineapple. I still love them! So does my daughter who’s now 2. Lol
Heidi O
Heidi O Hace 13 días
We also have the Mercer bread knife. It's the bee's knees.
Amir Dekeyas
Amir Dekeyas Hace 13 días
asmr 😍😍💖🥵
Arthur Hutchinson
Arthur Hutchinson Hace 13 días
Hell. I like the core as much if not more.
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