How to Replace Control Arms and Bushings to Fix a Bouncy Suspension

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Learn how to replace control arms and bushings to fix a car with a bouncy suspension. I show you how to figure out what is causing the bounce (shocks or bushings) and then I show you how to replace the upper and lower trailing arms and install new poly bushings. Then we take the DriftStang to the track and test her out!
How to Replace Struts: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-cI3EDqzOghc.html
How to Replace Shocks: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-dqDiMSxnIGo.html
How to Install Coilovers: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-8Qou-MDcYKA.html
Tools and Products I used:
Upper and Lower Trailing Arms: amzn.to/3idfL3V
Torque Wrench: amzn.to/2NCpjr1
Extendable Ratchet: amzn.to/38hXNbZ
Rubber Mallet: amzn.to/3gbOQUa
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Gasking07 Hace 5 horas
When you gonna do the trailer video ?
Brad Swift
Brad Swift Hace 5 horas
Hey Chris, can you do a video comparing diesel vs petrol for thier ease of maintenance and overall reliability, I'm looking to buy a used car and don't know if I should choose one based on its diet 🤔
Hakuna Patatas
Hakuna Patatas Hace 6 horas
When will you make a video about replacing headliner
Mr ant and Jackson show
Are we going to see a fully drift video with the driftstang soon???
Mr ant and Jackson show
@ChrisFix oh boy i will stay tuuuned for that video
ChrisFix Hace 6 horas
You will!
Mohd. Hamid
Mohd. Hamid Hace 6 horas
Sir I am your big fan plz make the video of Car engine rebuild part by part .Yours the way of explain the Car system is awsme
ChrisFix Hace 6 horas
Thanks for the idea!
jesse arrazola
jesse arrazola Hace 7 horas
Ojalá todo el mundo explicara cómo tu! You are a legend for us!
[NAME PENDING] Hace 8 horas
This is one of the best and entertaining car repair video
Fredrik Borsand
Fredrik Borsand Hace 8 horas
Can You have a face reval
Leroy Korssen
Leroy Korssen Hace 8 horas
Its at 10 million subs
Leroy Korssen
Leroy Korssen Hace 8 horas
When is there coming a new video
Farelalpasha HD
Farelalpasha HD Hace 8 horas
What is the best car for drifting?
Nino H.
Nino H. Hace 9 horas
Try to fix a motorcycle.
FunnyGamer900 0
FunnyGamer900 0 Hace 9 horas
It is time for us to face the bigger picture WHO TAUGHT CHRISFIX
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Hace 9 horas
need a video on adjusting doors on Dodge Ram
Quent Jepson
Quent Jepson Hace 9 horas
I’d like to see a video on idler and Pitman arm.
Optimus Hace 12 horas
Imo Chris should make a netflix documentary about his project cars
Logan Brennan
Logan Brennan Hace 12 horas
Me: I wonder if chrisfix has ever done a face reveal Chrisfix: I will never take this helmet off
AMD Piggy
AMD Piggy Hace 12 horas
i want someone to hit chrisfix mustang in the quarter panel he can make a video on how to fix a quarter panel
Joris Tarulis
Joris Tarulis Hace 13 horas
Ok then say no or yes can we be friends
Big Gibby Gaming
Big Gibby Gaming Hace 13 horas
Hey could u make a video on what happens when u use farmers discounted fuel vs reguler
Joris Tarulis
Joris Tarulis Hace 13 horas
Reveng is coming
K-1k-1 Hace 14 horas
When your touqing the wheel instead of pulling the rench up you should go to the other side and push Down. you back Will thank you later in life
Bob Penis
Bob Penis Hace 14 horas
If he was my dad he wouldn’t get bad at me about the flashlights 🔦
BerserkCarrot96 Hace 14 horas
Who else is watching but doesn't drive a car
subscribe for no reason
I can’t wait for the turbo video !!
The Gamer
The Gamer Hace 15 horas
I think he is stigs American cousin
Jason Majer
Jason Majer Hace 15 horas
When’s the Honda Del Sol build
Faustin Joseph
Faustin Joseph Hace 15 horas
hey Chris when you got the hummer "our dream car" you said that you wanted to do some fixes to it so can you try do it this week or next week?
Darma Sastha
Darma Sastha Hace 16 horas
Waiting for the next video please
Nekocudec08 Nejc cuder
Can you please do an face reveal when this video will have 80k likes
Jorge Galeana
Jorge Galeana Hace 17 horas
5:14 thats what she said 😏 (Michael Scott voice)
RAPAHOLIC Hace 17 horas
Hey Chris. I have a idea for new video. Why don't you make roll cage for the driftstang?
cerzo Hace 18 horas
i dont even work in cars at all ur videos r just so entertaining
Casey Schultz
Casey Schultz Hace 18 horas
Also...where do you find your torque specs?
Casey Schultz
Casey Schultz Hace 18 horas
Hey Chris. I'm sure many have asked this...but where did you learn to work on cars? Im sure you've had your share of trial and error but it doesn't show. Great job my friend.
Building stuff 1432
Building stuff 1432 Hace 18 horas
I don’t have much to say but keep doing what your doing
plumer56 Hace 19 horas
Imagine having Chris Fix as your neighbor
Fazer clan
Fazer clan Hace 19 horas
Do another drift car video
levelupchess Hace 19 horas
I love old mustangs
Matthew Cowan
Matthew Cowan Hace 19 horas
Hey Chris when you gonna do a diy turbo install
DiggingFour Hace 19 horas
Hey Chris, I own a 2006 Chevy Silverado with 136,000 miles on the truck (mostly highway miles) but my frame is starting to rust out. Is it worth having someone replace the frame or is it time for a new truck? I thought you may be able to tell me.
Divyesh patel
Divyesh patel Hace 19 horas
From which country you are from
Raptorz Playz
Raptorz Playz Hace 20 horas
Can you buy an old school bus next and turn it into a tiny home/camper
Jermane Allen
Jermane Allen Hace 20 horas
Hey Chris, I have a 1999 Mercedes Benz that is burning oil and blowing smoke out the exhaust pipe. Please help me (whispa08@gmail.com)
Water Flow35
Water Flow35 Hace 20 horas
Hey Chris when my family and I was asleep then my dream was you and the driftstang in the park and not many people looking at you because you are wearing your carbon fiber helmet me I saw you cuz I saw your merch and I have a picture of you and driftstang drifting then I sign you it the picture I mean its the best dream and the end you left and driftstang
F.B. I.
F.B. I. Hace 20 horas
Engine explodes, HEY GUYS CHRIS FIX HERE!!
steven b
steven b Hace 20 horas
the house we are house sitting has two 2020 mustangs and we are allowed to drive them and they are power full
John Camden
John Camden Hace 21 un hora
Where has the drift stang been
Mike K
Mike K Hace 21 un hora
He is done it again!
[redacted] Hace 21 un hora
Viper Venom
Viper Venom Hace 21 un hora
Hey Chrisfix got a question for you I'm painting my dad's 24ft gooseneck I wanted to know when I spray the primer do I mix anything in it?
Jarrett Barnett
Jarrett Barnett Hace 21 un hora
No need to load the suspension when torquing poly bushings or monoballs. They rotate in the housing as opposed to rubber which is fixed in place and doesn’t rotate.
GIANNIS KARA Hace 22 horas
Hey Chris quick question, I feel like bouncing on the road with my truck MAN 12 190 . It has air suspension on the back and leaf springs on the front. I know air suspension is bouncier than other suspensions , but I’ve driven the truck for 5 years and never felt like this . Any ideas ?
Yovan Arteaga Trejo
Yovan Arteaga Trejo Hace 22 horas
Face reveal
Peyton Peterson
Peyton Peterson Hace 22 horas
When is the face reveal
Damian Bos
Damian Bos Hace 22 horas
may i ask when i gone be the vid up for the supercharged stang?
slick gamer321
slick gamer321 Hace 23 horas
He literally said "learning to drift" haha very funny
Dean Mackay
Dean Mackay Hace 23 horas
Awesome video @chrisfix . Would you consider doing one on how to treat rust under a vehicle and also how to recoat wheel arches? Keep up the great work 👌🏼
thekornrole Hace un día
I swear if I'll ever marry a girl i'll put some medium strength thread locker on that ring
Coiln Playz
Coiln Playz Hace un día
Chris:The things shot Me: you mean shot by a gun Ford Mustang: we need to hire you Chris
TheMamomami Hace un día
Good job! Hey from Poland!
Ginganinja Hace un día
I don’t want to become a mustang statistic
Hoober Doober
Hoober Doober Hace un día
I wonder if CF has a video on finding out the source of steering noise coming from INSIDE the car. It would be appreciated.
Fordfantheyoutuberonphone 67
Suspension: Boing boing boing. Chris fix: content
Joris Tarulis
Joris Tarulis Hace un día
Everyone chrisfix is not friendly he’s toxic and rud
Johnboy 3471
Johnboy 3471 Hace un día
Can u post more
Liam Sean
Liam Sean Hace un día
Hey chris what's the ETA for the ebay turbo that sol needs to rip! Love the videos man keep it up
Tractor0510 Hace un día
hey chris fix i think you shuold get a turbo for your car
Zach Alverez
Zach Alverez Hace un día
Man take that damn helmet off shit
Jorge Zamora
Jorge Zamora Hace un día
No wonder why Mustangs are a threat to society
Netidge _
Netidge _ Hace un día
Congratulations on surpassing motor trend in subscribers! You’re the best
toni 799
toni 799 Hace un día
Chris when you will show how to install a turbo on a car? Keep the good work ,thanks for all
Mestar Nekic
Mestar Nekic Hace un día
After 1 year of learning and getting all the tools, today, I successfully changed my brakes and oils. Thank you Chris for giving me all the little tips, cause now I can sell my knowledge to another people and help them maintenance their cars. Keep up the good work this is just beginning.
Moroni Fue
Moroni Fue Hace un día
Never fails to amaze me that’s awesome man
DonBergas Hace un día
Chris is probably the only guy that gets happy when their car breaks lmao
Narcan_or_Narcant Hace un día
Congratulations on becoming the second largest automotive channel on ESvid!! You 100% deserve it!
Matrixs -Plab
Matrixs -Plab Hace un día
no one:*doesnt watch* me:did he say supercharger chist:yes i did
1:15 am I the only one who’s eyes bulged out of their head and they saw that
Cyril Paguidopon
Cyril Paguidopon Hace un día
Next thing we know Chris is gonna make a car out of scratch
m p
m p Hace un día
You are awesome
KornisKツ Hace un día
I just look at the thumbnail and I can already hear Chris's voice: "Out with the old and In with the neeeew" Love that lmao
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