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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Do Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela have anything extraordinary in common? Jamie Mason Cohen shows in this entertaining, thought-provoking and interactive talk that great leaders share some intriguing personality traits... in their handwriting! And what's more fascinating is that each of us also possesses some of these traits in the way we write too. What if, with some small changes in your writing strokes you could take your inner leader to its fullest potential? "You all have the power to lead, if only you pause for a moment to look inside your writing", Cohen says. It's a message with inspiring possibilities for us all.

What others say: "[Jamie's] abilities are heroic and like a super hero, [he] uses them wisely. [He] has the ability to identify peoples' leadership qualities, 'promote' those qualities and send them away to be confident that they are the 'best' reflection of their handwriting." TEDxUBIWiltz Organizer, Dirk Daenen.
Jamie Mason Cohen is a former film director turned high school teacher who once worked for Saturday Night Live. He is the recipient of the 2013 TED/Huffington Post international teaching award, The Sole Challenge, and a lifelong student of handwriting analysis. Cohen is an innovation expert in education who creates and applies 21st century creative learning strategies to inspire students and teachers around the world in the classroom and the conference room. Handwriting analysis gave Cohen, a shy, twelve year-old boy who was afraid of speaking in front of others the realization that he could express himself with words and that he had dreams to do it one day. From that day on, Cohen developed a passion for learning how a person's writing could reveal what makes them truly extraordinary.
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26 jun 2014






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Kei Z
Kei Z Hace 13 días
Do u procrastinate? Sometimes? Ans. All the time
freeshipping96 Hace 16 días
free of the good opinion of other people. was that wayne dyer that said that?
Sarari Man
Sarari Man Hace 17 días
too much patternicity
Bilkish Chowdhury
Bilkish Chowdhury Hace 20 días
Him: The leaders of the world all procrastinate. Me: Oh, really? I'll start procrastinating... tomorrow.
Ms_Gen_Xodus Hace 24 días
Sounds like phrenology to me. It makes for an interesting party game, but not at all scientific.
Paul Rice
Paul Rice Hace 26 días
How do I separate a psycho’s writing ✍️ from a true leaders writing ✍️
lasvegasloner Hace un mes
My handwriting changes because of early onset arthritis and damage from work, pain in my shoulder from the same problems, I'm ambidextrous but lefty often with fine tuned action like writing, so i drag my hand over the words. My writing would probably drive an "expert" crazy or make them lock me up out of fear. The next day they might think I'm feeble and kind. What I've seen with some of the writing of others that supposedly means they're "leaders", also comes from them being brats and believing they are big shots before accomplishing anything, and ignoring other's ideas until stealing them as their own. They too have that flair in handwriting sometimes. Doesn't mean I want to follow them.
God's BGM
God's BGM Hace un mes
*Majority of peoples Misunderstand him... Because majority peoples are not a Good leaders...*
Jols Hace un mes
Now im programmed with a new theory
Jols Hace un mes
My handwriting is bad and inconsistent
Jack Dee
Jack Dee Hace un mes
U see those loops? Means you're a lil loopie doopie
Todd Thompson
Todd Thompson Hace un mes
He is speaking to everyone like we all know what these handwriting traits are supposed to mean already. Like oh look at that a lower loop is t that crazy guys. He spreads mayo left to right AND works at a bank...are you kidding me! And then all of the sudden bamn the lower loop makes sense...yeah ok guy...
Inkk Vibe
Inkk Vibe Hace un mes
Being myself never helped me at job interviews, some of us are more successful being the opposite of ourselves.
Melba Estrada
Melba Estrada Hace 23 días
@Inkk Vibe then that just tell me that you set your goals high cause even though you don't know something you have the courage to challenge it. And that's great! One day you will find somebody who is not gonna be impressed by candidates certificates but by aptitudes! Keep on looking and you will find it!😌
Inkk Vibe
Inkk Vibe Hace 23 días
@Melba Estrada The problem is almost every job no matter how closely it fits my profile demands a skill or 2 which I'm not proficient in, so if I'm 100% honest they move on to the next candidate, but if I confidently state that I posses all the skills in the job description then I end up working at this job and keeping it, quickly acquiring the skills necessary as I go along.
Melba Estrada
Melba Estrada Hace 23 días
Or maybe what you need to check is what is it that people don't like from you being yourself!
arush498 Hace un mes
What if somebody has extra ordinary talent but did not have any qualification or Illiterate.
S K Hace un mes
Fake Saint AKA mahatma Global brainwashing ..
Maria Kayla Sandoval
now I wanna make my t bars higher in writing.
akanksha agrawal
akanksha agrawal Hace un mes
That story doesn't belong to Gandhi ji. It was of Thakur, i.e Swami Ramkrishn paramhans the Guru of Swami Vivekananda and founder of Ramkrishn Mission.
Siobhan Meaney
Siobhan Meaney Hace un mes
doesn't he remind you of John Edward? right down to his Canadian accent
Ying Hui Tan
Ying Hui Tan Hace un mes
The title says spot a leader in their handwriting but all this guy is doing is take the handwriting of leaders and saying how great these handwriting are. I'll like him to pick a stranger from the crowd base on handwriting and track that guy few years later to see if he really become a world leader. That would be real credible.
Long Trường Vũ
Long Trường Vũ Hace un mes
So you’re telling me that as long as I am a successful person, my terribly catastrophic handwriting will become gold?
Syed Raouf
Syed Raouf Hace un mes
What you attributed to Gandhi is incorrect!
Major Mayhem
Major Mayhem Hace un mes
How about Left handed writer?
kavitha jayasankar
kavitha jayasankar Hace un mes
Mahatma Gandhi had a terrible handwriting .
Khalid Barkatullah
Khalid Barkatullah Hace un mes
Thoughtful program but please get your facts right. 1450 years ago our prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) gave this advice about sugar and it is a well documented fact in Islamic history
Swapnil Fadnis
Swapnil Fadnis Hace un mes
That story about Gandhi is actually story of ramkrishna paramhans the guru of swami Vivekananda.
A Ghost in Disguise
man..... i feel alive!! yup i am a person who keeps everything for the last minute. xD
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry Hace un mes
I wonder what he would say about impeached trumps signature?
sa Hace un mes
Geez, I have both the large first Letter and the stroke under the name!!!!
i dont buy this
Observe Notify
Observe Notify Hace un mes
There is nothing to do much with anyone's signatures,but yes, one thing , Never come back with the bottom line after making a signature,but always go from back to forward, never come back, from forward to back... Because it shows your lack of confidence.or you are not sure of going forward,but coming back.
Vesna Sunrider
Vesna Sunrider Hace un mes
Sooo... Thanos? :D
Aswani Raju
Aswani Raju Hace un mes
Anum Khan
Anum Khan Hace un mes
a little far-fetched in my opinion.....
jake Chyreck
jake Chyreck Hace un mes
Sounds kinda like horoscopes to be honest. But if there is actual science to this then its VERY intriguing.
т д в ө ө
т д в ө ө Hace un mes
Pseudoscience at its finest.
MCC FACADE Hace un mes
In today's world we have to be solutions provider n creative
MCC FACADE Hace un mes
Stay true to WHO you are. Authentic. Independent of others opinion.
MCC FACADE Hace un mes
To balance between short term AND long term goals and daily planners
Avimeryl Jr
Avimeryl Jr Hace 2 meses
I don't believe in handwriting
Kathy Cresswell
Kathy Cresswell Hace 2 meses
What's your take on Donald Trump's signature?
jacob mussatti
jacob mussatti Hace 2 meses
Well I just wasted 20 minutes of my life lol
M J Hace 2 meses
Unfortunately, far too many leaders and people in power have NO integrity.
Garantia COBIA
Garantia COBIA Hace 2 meses
This is specially true when his writing is on the line in the bottom-right corner of a check for a high amount of money.
Barbara G
Barbara G Hace 2 meses
I have soo many questions for this man 🤔
gargi kaushik
gargi kaushik Hace 2 meses
It was RamKrishna Paramhans not Mahatma Gandhi ..
Vrijmati Persaud
Vrijmati Persaud Hace 2 meses
Nannette Couch
Nannette Couch Hace 2 meses
Leadership qualities BUT not all leaders are commendable! Instead of "leadership" I would say these people have high ambitions---and not all ambitions are admirable!
Justin Ravi
Justin Ravi Hace 2 meses
This guy's invested his precious time on finding other signature 🤔🤔🤔🤔😅😂🤣
Mansoor Siddiqui
Mansoor Siddiqui Hace 2 meses
he is trying to be a good salesman but too much attention to signature is not going to fetch anything, it is the character that makes signature and not other way round
filipina natividad
filipina natividad Hace 2 meses
Very educational and informative. It is very useful and i enjoy practicing it👀❤️
TranscenDaMental Hace 2 meses
"A month ago I was still eating sugar!" -Gandhi 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Poonam Thakur
Poonam Thakur Hace un mes
Mayank M.
Mayank M. Hace un mes
Its gandhi
W Shray
W Shray Hace 2 meses
I am watching this in March of 2020. I have been interested in handwriting analysis since about 1969. When Donald Trump was elected President and I saw his signature, I was afraid. Take a look at it, it is very scary. Obama and Clinton had optimism, openness, warmth, and creativity in their signatures. Donald Trump's signature shows aggression, anger, self-absorption.
cosima kazak
cosima kazak Hace 2 meses
My handwrite change every day. Dont know why 🤔
Rukan Hace 2 meses
I don't have anything since I don't write in that handwriting. He has only shown handwriting that is common but I don't write like that I write like a computer.
Elijah Hace 2 meses
My handwriting has all of the above characteristics. Does that mean I'm unstable? :P
Gothiqueluv Hace 2 meses
When this guy did a handwriting analysis, it reminded me of a palm reading. Very generic and positive.
Astral'o Pithecus
Astral'o Pithecus Hace 2 meses
I cross "T"s fairly high, and I write the first letter of my name incredibly huge compared to the rest, yet I'm a parasitic procrastinator with a lot of self doubt and social anxiety. Hurray for science!
Nahid Syyed
Nahid Syyed Hace un mes
You will be famous someday soon!
sa Hace un mes
@Astral'o Pithecus Most people don't know their true nature because they are too busy blaming other people. I know people who went all their lives blaming other people for their failures. They even blamed their own children for being born and ruining their respective careers. Meanwhile it was them who threw away so many opportunities for happiness and joy - especially with their own children.
Astral'o Pithecus
Astral'o Pithecus Hace un mes
@sa We all are up to a point, most people are just ashamed of their true nature and tend to lie or withhold about themselves and their personality...(which makes them hypocrites) And I hate hypocrisy!
sa Hace un mes
@Astral'o Pthecus You are also very self-aware, it seems.
a quirky, aggressive gurr
jamie: "Do you procrastinate?" me: *allow me to introduce myself*
Othelia Marie
Othelia Marie Hace 2 meses
Jack Mac
Jack Mac Hace 2 meses
He's a hottie
M Purdie
M Purdie Hace 2 meses
That felt like watching a medium tell horoscopes.
Dr. Be
Dr. Be Hace 2 meses
the trite easy glibness of this guy.. '' this means this .. this means that.. '' .. wtf !? ---------- classic pysychopathic
Casons Rent-A-Car
Casons Rent-A-Car Hace 2 meses
casons rent a car entrepreneur
Cynthia Gutierrez
Cynthia Gutierrez Hace 2 meses
Hand writing analysis is Fascinating! I had a friend whose mother was a graphologist and she analyzed my writing and it blew me away- I was 12 years old . I was hooked afterwards. Great talk !!
ashsqx324 Hace 2 meses
The content of TED talks has gone to dirt. No longer is TED a credible rational platform. What a shame. Might as well read the horoscopes at the back of People magazine.
figgettit Hace 2 meses
what nonsense
DiagonalSeven Hace 2 meses
Are we sure we need all these leaders? Everybody wants to become a leader... but in facts this is a world of followers... I never even liked the concept of being led by anyone...
Carter Herman
Carter Herman Hace 2 meses
Okay boomer, definitely the handwriting
Savannah Banana
Savannah Banana Hace 2 meses
might as well Name this “how to spot someone that is bossy by their handwriting”
Bernadett Blummer
Bernadett Blummer Hace 2 meses
Graphology in the digital age is sadly forgotten
Melissa jones
Melissa jones Hace 2 meses
I think you need a lot more attributes to succeed than the propensity to pull an all nighter. Those who do that without the x factor will crash and burn.
:Share the Love with Jhen
Wow! That is how I write my nickname “jhen” pretty cool🤩
Bron _
Bron _ Hace 2 meses
"Everything you do, from the way you walk, to your handwriting, to the words you choose, is revealing your hand. Everything is a self portrait" -Alan Watts
Ladyl Delena
Ladyl Delena Hace 24 días
@Bron _ thanks
Bron _
Bron _ Hace un mes
@Ladyl Delena the quote or Alan Watts? Watts was a preacher who studied Zen Buddhism and then left the ministry and promoted the lessons he learned in a way that was easier to understand from a western point of view. The quote itself, as often happens with Zen teachings, is as simple and literal as you choose to make it. Everything you do, and the way in which you do it, reveals something of your character and of your intentions. I commented the quote because it would follow that handwriting reveals just as much as your choice of words
Ladyl Delena
Ladyl Delena Hace un mes
Can u explain more of this
Heather Paine
Heather Paine Hace 2 meses
Yikes! Good quote to think about though.
Sumanth Kumar
Sumanth Kumar Hace 2 meses
I got all of em, I'll update if I become a CEO or someone famous one day
Jm H
Jm H Hace 2 meses
Well... In statistics there's an expression that says "correlation does not imply causation"...
Dean Rowland
Dean Rowland Hace 2 meses
Ave S
Ave S Hace 2 meses
Totally enjoyed this speaker! Thank you 😊. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
norxgirl1 Hace 2 meses
Lefties....lots in Jewish world and African Americans, many of our presidents....seem more creative to me......
Rachel Kerr
Rachel Kerr Hace 2 meses
maybe i write me t’s how i was taught
Jenna Baily
Jenna Baily Hace 2 meses
Idk about this, I write my Ts the way I do because my mom thought me how to write them and I write my Bs the way I do because I liked how my teacher wrote her Bs.
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