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BTS tests who knows one another best in the BTS Game Show. They tour together, sing together, and eat together, but how much do they actually know about each other? Does Jungkook know RM's biggest artistic influence? What makes Suga cry? Who knows J-Hope's greatest fear? When did V realize he was famous? What is Jungkook's favorite song to perform?

BTS record breaking hit songs "Butter" and "Permission to Dance" are out now, listen here: www.bts-butter.com/

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How Well Does BTS Know Each Other? | BTS Game Show | Vanity Fair


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Real Hustler
Real Hustler Hace 27 minutos
I laughed 🤣when Suga told Rm thst when they go out people say they're all short😹😹😹
Knarik Sargsyan
Knarik Sargsyan Hace un hora
The moment when I said wasabi😅
Akatsuki Obito
Akatsuki Obito Hace 2 horas
want nas and rm collab
chimmy Hace 3 horas
If hobi can have fear about his future than i should rather give up everthing🙂
Life Is BTS 💜
Life Is BTS 💜 Hace 3 horas
armys love 💜💜💜😍
zhiz Hace 6 horas
Did rap monster have a blaccent?
xX AngelXx
xX AngelXx Hace 9 horas
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kelly woodward
kelly woodward Hace 12 horas
% 100 percent #1 BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Salanghae
The gamer girl And The black biker
Mara gesoro shout out thank you
Novie Gabby LB
Novie Gabby LB Hace un día
V: *repeating 'no' many times* V: *in telepathy* SUGA hyung, please help me SUGA: *also in telepathy* Got you bro
Somi Lee
Somi Lee Hace un día
RM: I love my height Jimin: ;-;...
madeline kapteyn
madeline kapteyn Hace un día
Jhopes biggest fear i would have guessed snakes 😂
Karen Eloisa Angeles
Jin is the funniest!! Hahaha
Lin Hace un día
los amo muchoooo
_International _Play girl
I love the way how Jin scored 2 marks by changing Jungkook's answer for his answer😂💔
Bailee Smith
Bailee Smith Hace un día
namjoon being six foot is so hot for no reason
Maravilla Hace un día
4:25 he didn’t write anything down yet and they’re already guessing 😂😂
sunsea Hace un día
10:51 jin : "i know the answer. army's love ?" jungkook : "...." jin : " it's not that??!!" AND JUNGKOOK QUICKLY CHANGE THE ANSWER INTO ARMY' S LOVEE HAHAHAH LMAO
Katerine Quinde
Katerine Quinde Hace un día
This is adorable
leezy Hace un día
When Jin said his fave shower song is a trot song and he now released his own trot song to Army on Jin Day. We've come full circle
Morgan Gold
Morgan Gold Hace un día
J-Hope has the funniest, brightest energy
caillou But with hair
Jhope: what’s my biggest fear? Me: sankeu???
Manuben Gadhvi
Manuben Gadhvi Hace 2 días
Jhope : what’s my biggest fear Snake :ofc it’s me 😌 Future: are you sure about that snakeu
Mashael Almutairi
Mashael Almutairi Hace 2 días
V is so quiet in this video
Menaga Hace 2 días
Yo I think hobi is gonna say "snakeu" when they asked what is his biggest fear😂
Daenaeris Tartigrade
Every other idol: *promotes their song* Jin: Don't be so generic. Also Jin: You see... because the song's name is Jin. Also also Jin: Because Namjoon guessed what I was going to say before I wrote it down, my head is spinning and I need to come up with a different answer. I CAN'T WITH HIM. LOL
Daenaeris Tartigrade
btw there's nothing wrong with promoting your songs. I just thought Jin's response was funny but then he chose a song that's literally called Jin. When I tell you his chaotic Sagi energy was on full display in this video. 😂
Daenaeris Tartigrade
3:30 Jhope answer and Jimin reaction is PRICELESS lol
PS Hace 2 días
Soleil's BestieVerse
Wasabi ewww AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! THE WASABI IS NOT HELPING aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
Soleil's BestieVerse
El Confiado
El Confiado Hace 2 días
God is good repent
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green Hace un día
Bangladeshi ARMY
Bangladeshi ARMY Hace 2 días
2:55 I thought it would be snakes, but 👁
Bangladeshi ARMY
Bangladeshi ARMY Hace 2 días
2:45 Minimoni being the conspirators as always 💀
Mia Pileggi
Mia Pileggi Hace 2 días
Prarthana Barnwal
Prarthana Barnwal Hace 2 días
Jin's answer to jk's second ques I love it army's love omo
Kelly Montiel
Kelly Montiel Hace 2 días
Yoongi: "Why must there always be a winner?"
Marianne Angelie Batac
for monsta x
Marianne Angelie Batac
Marianne Angelie Batac
i saw monsta x
Blue Turtle
Blue Turtle Hace 2 días
still an amazing interview and still one of the weirdest thumbnails ever seen.
Treasure Nqobile Smith
When i clicked this video I knew jimin would be last LMAO My mochi sucks at games 😂😂
Bad Wolf
Bad Wolf Hace 2 días
they are so effortless funny
nayeonsbunny Hace 3 días
‘I’m scared of my future’ me too j hope, me too 😂 I felt that
Palesa Rosa
Palesa Rosa Hace 3 días
yoongi looking cute with his amazing gummy smile as always❤❤👌💜
Michèle Hace 3 días
I love it that Jin chose the same song I would dance to too haha
Atul Jhanwar
Atul Jhanwar Hace 3 días
Your handwriting is a bit bad😂😂
AH m
AH m Hace 2 días
Who asked for ur dumbass statement? Also they're Korean the letters are different to English if u haven't realised
Kaamya Prabha
Kaamya Prabha Hace 3 días
Have u seen jk is soo silent when jimin talk
DK K Hace 3 días
I am straight man with children, but I can see why women drool all over these young studs. Very handsome and charismatic young men. They just finished their concert in LA yesterday and they pretty much turned LA inside out. I don’t recall any musician/celebrity being able to do that in my 40+ yrs of living in LA. They truly are global mega-stars. Good job, guys.
Ajla Karalic
Ajla Karalic Hace 2 días
Aakash Kumar
Aakash Kumar Hace 3 días
They look like girls 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣😂😂 even they beat miss universe girl that how they look
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green Hace 3 días
You clearly don't know what girls look like.
Marcela Gutiérrez Moreno
los amo mucho xd
Kellee Soup
Kellee Soup Hace 3 días
LOL at 6:30 when JHope says "straighten up your posture" and all the members start sitting up
LéoAlmeidaVEVO Hace 3 días
a risadinha do JK aqui 10:47 AAAAAAAAA
cstpa1 Hace 3 días
lol jhope is too funny
The Hungry Ketoy
The Hungry Ketoy Hace 3 días
Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min yoongi JUNG HOSEOK Park Jimin Kim Taeyhung Jeon Jungkook BTS💜💜💜
Lauren Elle
Lauren Elle Hace 3 días
I haven’t been following them for a long time. Are those real tattoos and piercing that Jungkook has?
Lauren Elle
Lauren Elle Hace 2 días
@kooctrl holy crap, Kookie has grown so muuuuuch 🥺🥺😭
kooctrl Hace 2 días
yes they are :)
Demi Hernandez
Demi Hernandez Hace 3 días
van-it-ee? no *vun-knee-dee*
Unicorn__Queen Hace 3 días
Hybrid_ Hace 3 días
“We live in a world where they remember winners only. If you didn’t win, take some time to reflect” - Kim Seokjin Thank you jin, ive been having such a hard time with school and my mom keeps telling me i have to get first but u made me feel so happy and so comfortable u got me all teary-eyed i absolutely love you
Soleil's BestieVerse
Cool one RM not so good job mr Jimin but you try
Pawsinated Hace 3 días
Jordan Rowehl
Jordan Rowehl Hace 3 días
Tell me how I never realized that their English improved so much😩💜
Niagara PHO PHO💜
Niagara PHO PHO💜 Hace 4 días
Shreyashi Balo
Shreyashi Balo Hace 4 días
Jungkook ie 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔
Sujar Panday
Sujar Panday Hace 4 días
I try to read all comments but got nothing about RM but I love him
melani astudillo
melani astudillo Hace 4 días
their english improved so much i love it
Hayam Ahmed
Hayam Ahmed Hace 4 días
7:31 suga what you mean i not understand 🙃
Azuki Hace 4 días
No, in fact J-Hopes biggest fear is: SnEaKu!
Emily Ential 💜
Emily Ential 💜 Hace 4 días
Semir Hadzimehmedovic
JK outfit (Y)
Bright Thoughts
Bright Thoughts Hace 4 días
I just love j-hope
Maria Maria
Maria Maria Hace 4 días
My God Jin, I am laughing so hard 😂😂😂
 Bulletproof Army 💜
Wow.........it's too cute. ...
✨mad for hyung line✨
viii dii
viii dii Hace 5 días
"It wasn't starting concert?" Yoongi: "no but it's similar" **eating wasabi** How is that simliar lmaoo-
primrose Phixies
primrose Phixies Hace 5 días
This guy's are so chaotic n cute
lychee Hace 5 días
everyone is speaking in english? ahhhh
Shyla Bhat
Shyla Bhat Hace 5 días
Jhope is fear of snakeuuu
mahnaz barkhordari
mahnaz barkhordari Hace 5 días
Why isn't anyone talking about how precious Hobi is speaking in English?(:
Uilisone Amani
Uilisone Amani Hace 5 días
asian go back to jpan
Nicole Koh
Nicole Koh Hace 2 días
Go back to school and learn geography
AH m
AH m Hace 2 días
Nah u should go back to school how tf do u get mixed up w Japan and Korean U are spending way to much time on the Internet if u are that mixed up
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green Hace 5 días
Racist much? Also, BTS aren't Japanese.
Kathleen Morejon
Kathleen Morejon Hace 5 días
I agree with jhope the futurev
Dupe Daramola
Dupe Daramola Hace 5 días
Just my 6ft king
Hahaha HahahaHahahaHahaha
W_S_S Hace 5 días
Jhope:what is your biggest fear?? Jungkook:bugs?? Me:well,it is snakeu i think🤣🤣
Sanskook 11
Sanskook 11 Hace 5 días
Cute cute cute cute I love jungkook,s turn a lot😂😂💜💜💜
Jada Hace 5 días
The way Hobi says 'okayy' before every answer 😂
김아름 Hace 5 días
Taehyung has been voted over and over again by the media as the most handsome man in the world. His natural beauty always amazes me but his artistry, unique way of thinking and his loves for diverse types of music amazes me
dung dang
dung dang Hace 5 días
Omg. Recently I haven’t watch anything related to BTS, but whenever I start watching their videos I can’t stop watching them. They’re all funny, adorable and kinda attractive.
Derek Zoolander
Derek Zoolander Hace 5 días
Vaneete vair 😂
Lyra Manda
Lyra Manda Hace 5 días
Omg why you are affraid of your future? You are BTS 😭😂
Collector Hace 5 días
Collector Hace 5 días
Ripari Loiloi
Ripari Loiloi Hace 5 días
I love how jungkook laugh right after when jin answered "Army's love"❤️❤️❤️
craft with Tania Sarkar
Bys pleasecome to INDIA
Deepika Takola
Deepika Takola Hace 5 días
3:10 Suga : Roller coaster rides J-Hope : **getting flashbacks** Noo Lol 💀💀
FUNNY GAMING Hace 5 días
The BTS game show is very funny
II ♡《Ria Dukharan / Y/N》♡ II
0:53 I mean?!
Mahpara Naqvi
Mahpara Naqvi Hace 6 días
yoongi and Taehyung are made for each other pair 💜🌸 Yoongi exact answer on Taehyung question just shock me "Discount"
Nikita Suman
Nikita Suman Hace 6 días
The kindest 7😍
Jeeniya Mander
Jeeniya Mander Hace 6 días
In the turn of Jin Everyone say Jin Jin Jin Jin Jeeniya Jeeniya sounds like my name but it's meaning is something else I like when everyone say my name 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😂😂
VeryNoFun _
VeryNoFun _ Hace 6 días
Their English is THE CUTEST 😭😭😭😭
BTS & Papa Mochi Are Reunited!