How XBOX players felt when the system launched with NO EXCLUSIVES!

The Keef Crew
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Spider-man: Miles Morales and Demon Souls were two big laucnh titles for PS5, but Xbox series X/S do not have any for their console as of yet.
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24 nov 2020






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The Keef Crew
The Keef Crew Hace un mes
Next Gen gaming about to go crazzzzzyyyyy!
Aventknight17 Hace 2 días
@Ninjababy blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Ninjababy Hace 2 días
@Aventknight17 Your white knight for sony of all companies who couldn't care less if you lived or died tomorrow
Aventknight17 Hace 2 días
@Ninjababy get a life little princess lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ninjababy Hace 2 días
@Error 404 As a pc player I have been sent to read out a message. "please don't go to war with us because we have already been behind the scene's stealing games like halo, gears, and horizon zero dawn. our next target will be god of war"
Ninjababy Hace 2 días
@Cocoa Yul If they had pc's they wouldn't be arguing over consoles. most of them are trolls, kids and man children. P.S I'm okay if your a normal person who plays playstation but if you are the kind of person who says exclusives make a console and then got pissed off when Xbox bought bethesda then your a fan boy
Badphysio TDX
Badphysio TDX Hace un hora
the new xbox is still in stock 😂
Exotic Plenty
Exotic Plenty Hace 2 horas
Sony is way better
W I l b e r :D
W I l b e r :D Hace 3 horas
Sony is good as Microsoft :c
Multi Popcorn
Multi Popcorn Hace 6 horas
You playstation players be sayin this shit but tell me. Hows cyberpunk doin for ya?
Z9000 Hace 11 horas
This is.....dumb xbox has a 4 letter word better that any peice of trash ps5 has and thats called 'halo' and BTW did you know that the ps in ps5 stands for pretty shitty. Also search up the best console it will say xbox on most sources
Gaming With Nicko
Gaming With Nicko Hace 15 horas
Pc master race. Imaging being a console peasant
Huskers YT
Huskers YT Hace 17 horas
what game is that in 1:30
Ride the Gamer
Ride the Gamer Hace 17 horas
ERDIE BUNDA Hace un día
x box players must be happy because theres some people who cant buy it
jo li
jo li Hace un día
SPIDER MAN SUCKS ! i was a ps1,p2;ps3 and ps4 old ps fan !until i see xbox series x and spider man never played lol so take my account with 150 platinuns and turn ito x box !more power! and ps5 is a big brick and less power !wait wait exclusives yeah not for now but they will have for sure and think about game pass and all that .
Ailing Galaxy702
Ailing Galaxy702 Hace un día
I hate when people say "what games" like let me vibe 😭😂
Frosted FreeZe
Frosted FreeZe Hace un día
You know someday I really want xbox to do better in every way
Wocky Slush
Wocky Slush Hace un día
i have a series X, Ps5, and switch. i play my ps5 the LEAST out of all 3 that i own. my ps5 is basically a 500$ youtube machine
joe Hace 2 días
It launched with halo😐
Ketchup_Clown_lol Hace 2 días
When he asked what games u should had said forza
Samuel McMillin
Samuel McMillin Hace 2 días
there are now Xbox exclusive they are all on pc as well
Grimsyxd Hace 2 días
Xbox has no games... ...coming to PS5
Game of the Year 2020
Full cover of Goofy singing the song
sup bro
sup bro Hace 3 días
as a sony fan boy and ps5 owner i can say hopefully next year is a better one for xbox
Shock Pulse
Shock Pulse Hace 3 días
So glad I switched to PC 😀 Most "exclusives" I can get on pc sooner or later and I can mod better than playstation and xbox combined. I just wish playstation and xbox would stop trying to be the most polished of 2 turds. Vast majority of playstation exclusives is just the same rehashed crap and Xbox cant budget proper for more exclusives.
Shock Pulse
Shock Pulse Hace 2 días
@gabriel cabrera also fyi PC and laptop isn't the same thing 😂😂😂
Shock Pulse
Shock Pulse Hace 2 días
@gabriel cabrera lol wut? I have a laptop as well but no it can do destiny 2 at 60 on medium settings. Plus my laptop is only $400 plus it also can use graphics card upgrades. But I mainly got it for travel. My pc started at $600 but I can keep building on it over time. XD You really show what little you know about PC's. 😂👍
gabriel cabrera
gabriel cabrera Hace 2 días
Dam that’s crazy well have fun on your 600 dollar gaming laptop that caps out at 30 FPS on low settings
Xz Slicey
Xz Slicey Hace 3 días
Spider-Man was wack
Reloudad Hace 3 días
Pc gamers: Real jo jo jo
Mr D
Mr D Hace 4 días
the medium be here soon
sandwiches bomb cant lie
being a broke ass nia
keylimetom Hace 4 días
i bought the ps5 even though i play xbox
Frostbbite Hace 4 días
Just saying Xbox has no exclusives because they are all on PC
Jeff Gato
Jeff Gato Hace 4 días
When he said Sony is a pu*** at the start I was like jeeeeeez now ik why Xbox is bad Fun fact I’m a ps5 player Edit: the title makes no sense Xbox have halo
Andrew Kane
Andrew Kane Hace 4 días
I own miles morales
cringy_io Hace 4 días
Well i mean the $70 version of miles morales come with spiderman remastered
Adam Hamed
Adam Hamed Hace 4 días
halo infinite though
Jayden Royer
Jayden Royer Hace 4 días
Durmus Kuru
Durmus Kuru Hace 5 días
Yeenhla Hace 5 días
Xbox Series X is clear of PS5 anyways.
Asphyx Noir
Asphyx Noir Hace 5 días
Roger Ayala
Roger Ayala Hace 5 días
I dont know man but a remastered game and a terrible Godfall!... Idk man doesnt sound that amazing!... Oh yeah theres another remaster exclusive 🤣🤣🤣 damn!
ejjk ejjejej
ejjk ejjejej Hace 6 días
God bless everyone,,.
YTcrisgaming 402
YTcrisgaming 402 Hace 6 días
why do exclusives matter?
barcster2003 Hace 3 días
@YTcrisgaming 402 For example Persona likely isn't coming to Xbox anytime soon. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-SKpSpvFCZRw.html
YTcrisgaming 402
YTcrisgaming 402 Hace 3 días
@barcster2003 oh thank you!
barcster2003 Hace 3 días
Because you can't play it elsewhere. Games you can get on both platforms aren't really going to sway people because the performance on them will be similar.
lner Hace 6 días
1:02 I have that game
jews beans
jews beans Hace 6 días
This is funny and all but i honestly hope Microsoft buys sony. Sony has great games but everything is terrible for the consumer
Beth H
Beth H Hace 6 días
Xbox is better than Sony, Sony is shit
Juday Hace 6 días
What’s the song in the background
Clanplayz Hace 6 días
ya this is why I don’t play Xbox cuz ya no exclusives cuz why would it have any 😂 Also should Xbox be dead already has shit games and ya no exclusives and don’t give that “uh ya it does” .-. swear this is why I don’t bother with my friends saying this and that about their games on Xbox if they ask me to join them on there heh we gonna have problems cuz I’m SICK AND TIRED of everyone saying “oh Xbox is better” swear to god if I hear someone say Xbox ima fold em
Max Megahey
Max Megahey Hace 7 días
So, I played “Spider-Man two for the first time on the original Xbox back in 2019 and mind you I’m sixteen and I’ve played web of shadows, 3 , freind or foe, now so all the other Spider-Man games were disappointing and I’m a Xbox fan so I waited over 11 years bruh 12 now and I still haven’t played the new Spider-Man that I waited years now😭😭😭
themanateecat Hace 7 días
xbox fucked up in the games department and they got shit on by sony 2020 and i know that, but what so many people don’t understand is i don’t care about exclusives cause as much as it sucks that xbox don’t get some fire games, that’s fine it’s all about preference, and i personally prefer xbox cause it’s where my friends are and it’s what i’m used to playing
barcster2003 Hace 3 días
Honestly Xbox has let the problem go on for a long time.
X-IEI-X Hace 7 días
Imagine paying console and games that is only on ps5 and 4 This post was made by the people who hack and get the game for free on pc gang
X-IEI-X Hace 7 días
@Potato_ nyin_ or just hack it and port it yourself pc to xbox one but it will be pay in ass to port it
Potato_ nyin_
Potato_ nyin_ Hace 7 días
Nah spiderman ps4/miles morales exclusive only on Playstation Pc players gotta pay twice the price for a pc than a ps5
OriginalBoxAdam Hace 7 días
Letuserhack Hace 8 días
Still in search for a reason get an Xbox
barcster2003 Hace 3 días
That's the biggest problem. Why would you get an Xbox over just buying a PC or any other system?
Jezzer Reyes
Jezzer Reyes Hace 8 días
You got the S though
X-Angel Love Snow-X
X-Angel Love Snow-X Hace 8 días
ppl enjoying gaming and u making war stop acting like child and let console ppl alone we gamers not console war
X-IEI-X Hace 7 días
This is joke don't take it seriously He even say it
Gus Alcon
Gus Alcon Hace 8 días
This is Gold lmao funniest guy ever
Ghostella and Ghost Vortex
well from what I know of i better get myself some GameCube games and PS2 games since they are playable on the Series X and S
Damn we need to give y'all our exclusive games like spider man series horizon series God of warAND MORE
SaimonSSL Hace 8 días
Stop being an ass PS5 you won all right. Stop rubbing salt on the wound.
Cristian Gameer pro :V
Banjo-Kazooie (nuts n' bolts) be like:
Arnaldo Wilson-Ramos
Was that dark souls?
taylor bloom
taylor bloom Hace 8 días
Still got the new Xbox tho 😅
Blank Hace 8 días
i couldnt give less of a shit about exclusives i just want fast loading and good graphics plus my friends play xbox too
barcster2003 Hace 3 días
Hunter cumming
Hunter cumming Hace 8 días
Feel the pain Xbox lovers
Not Finding Super
Not Finding Super Hace 8 días
343 were halo at my guy
Not Finding Super
Not Finding Super Hace 8 días
forza and halo need to come out tho I’m bord has hell
Yt xx2_soulzxx
Yt xx2_soulzxx Hace 8 días
People in my class said Xbox better like what
Respexct_MaRq Hace 9 días
Halo infinite coming out damn near 2022... (12/30/21 to be exact) like come on bruh, it's even past Christmas on the second to last day of the year bro 💀.
Justin Siguenza
Justin Siguenza Hace 9 días
When he said “being a broke ass n*gga didn’t help my case I gotta remember that” I died
Vero F
Vero F Hace 9 días
ps5 is better
Raycik Hace 9 días
“Hey look, a piece of shit with not games”
Mcloven 54
Mcloven 54 Hace 9 días
As a xbox player we don't care about spider man lmao
Ariya Hace 3 días
@Respexct_MaRq ok. Well I didn't t care about halo either. So instead of arguing, we should enjoy our games
barcster2003 Hace 3 días
There's other exclusives.
Respexct_MaRq Hace 9 días
@Ariya nah, spider man games or any super hero games of that matter are not really my style. I like the story though, but i already watch cxk, and jse play through it so I'm good.
Ariya Hace 9 días
Try telling that to yourself to feel better. Lol
DRAGON BOY 369 Hace 9 días
I gonna buy Sony and Microsoft and make a new console with exclusive and can play all exclusive of Xbox and PS uahahahah
peace& Love
peace& Love Hace 9 días
The irony is that the series x could’ve had a great launch if halo wasn’t delayed. I don’t MS for this situation, rather the “gamers” on reddit who complained about graphics in an Alpha build. Smh
ProBailey 44
ProBailey 44 Hace 10 días
There is one thing PlayStation have forgot to put in their PlayStation 5...... RAY TRACING
barcster2003 Hace 3 días
It has ray tracing.
Respexct_MaRq Hace 9 días
Their is ray tracing on the ps5....
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Hace 10 días
why didn't u mention gears of war
Lil_Pepvi Hace 10 días
0:41 best part no 🧢
Keymetrius Razor
Keymetrius Razor Hace 10 días
I can confirm this is true!
Lesleyanne Jamieson
Lesleyanne Jamieson Hace 10 días
Hay a piece of shit with no games🤣🤣🤣
Shane Gilbert STUDENT
Shane Gilbert STUDENT Hace 11 días
forza just fucking drive a car -my logic but the cars in the game i cant afford irl
FakeEnglish Hace 11 días
i support ya even if i playstation fan.
Muffinツ Hace 11 días
When Halo comes out I’m bout to end this mans whole career
Muffinツ Hace 9 días
Btw I feel like I’m saying this stuff for no apparent reason
Muffinツ Hace 9 días
Because I hav no ps5
Muffinツ Hace 9 días
Im not cool
Qwerty Uiop
Qwerty Uiop Hace 9 días
@Muffinツ OK so
Muffinツ Hace 9 días
I have a ps4
random man
random man Hace 11 días
well at least we don't have to but an entire console to play an exclusive game for the next gen we can play it one xbox one and xbox series x
Devon Khodi Cabreza
Devon Khodi Cabreza Hace 11 días
Atleast you guys got forza 😔
ihatetoga Hace 11 días
Dine Guitarist
Dine Guitarist Hace 12 días
That was funny
Kitsune Hace 12 días
"Forza your a grown ass man just go and drive a car" But PlayStation had grab turismo which is...the same damn thing
Jacob Phillips
Jacob Phillips Hace 12 días
When you can't take sides in the console wars because you have an Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Switch
Freakuncle317 Hace 12 días
I knew I should of stayed with PS years ago before I switched to xbox. Ps got THE LAST OF US and Spider man and we Get Gears of war and Halo. Like NOOO😭🤧
Jeffery Flood
Jeffery Flood Hace 12 días
Dog this man's sketches are DUMB FUNNY
ALI TV Hace 12 días
I actually believe Forza is now becoming targeted to children. I hate it. I remember the hood old days of horizon 1 where there was swearing in the game. Now u get banned of the Forza discord for saying bannned or damn.
Josiah Perales
Josiah Perales Hace 12 días
This was very funny I thought a pc player was gonna come in and either make fun both of them or team up on Xbox but it was still hilarious good vid bro
Josiah Perales
Josiah Perales Hace 2 días
@barcster2003 yes of course I never meant to imply there’s not a reason just saying that a pc is obviously better but yes I you have the money then buy consoles for the exclusives
barcster2003 Hace 3 días
PlayStation 5 has games that you can't get on PC so there's still a reason to buy a Playstation.
Damien Breaux
Damien Breaux Hace 12 días
Man your videos are so good it's funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jeremy Gabriel E. escabas
bro download roblox and surch up bloxyverese
Joecooz Hace 12 días
I could not stop laughing 😂
Javier E. Cabrera Parrilla
Well you can buy both consoles and that’s it 😐 I mean no biggie never cared about exclusive games probably never will I just grew up having an Xbox and all my friends are there 🤷🏻‍♂️
Respexct_MaRq Hace 9 días
This video was just for laughs, not meant to be taken seriously😹
ninga game
ninga game Hace 13 días
Xbox very nice 1$ 3 months game pass Xbox live EA play 100 games forza horizon 4 and very nice game Don't get ps5 spiderman 50$ game pass 3 months 100 game and ea play game
Ariya Hace 9 días
The first month is 1 dollar
Kikar Corona
Kikar Corona Hace 13 días
2:00 gave me that good stomach hurting no breathing having ass laugh
kathleen menchhofer
kathleen menchhofer Hace 13 días
What do mean no games xsx is fully backwards comatable
CoolCat 33
CoolCat 33 Hace 13 días
Why I switched from xbox to playstation this generation
Quranic Audio
Quranic Audio Hace 13 días
my man just wanted to brag that he got a ps5 lmao
dried_goat4 Hace 13 días
I like you that's why I'm a new member
05s 05ss
05s 05ss Hace 13 días
I got ps5 and Xbox series x lol
The cyclops 108
The cyclops 108 Hace 14 días
This just proves playstation are toxic as fuck
CringePill Hace 14 días
Hey if they have no games their likely to not fill up their storage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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