Hunter x Hunter 1x1 REACTION!!

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21 ene 2019






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Comentarios 909
Shakalks Gamer
Shakalks Gamer Hace 3 días
Finally huh?
Cruv - Games And Edits
Nice guys i know all of this ive watched hxh all of it all the 250 eps and rewatched it twice
Black Torch
Black Torch Hace 9 días
"Obviously it's not dark." *Togashi laughing like a maniac in the background* One Advise: Just like in JoJo's...don't try to predict stuff. you will fail :P
Black Torch
Black Torch Hace 9 días
"He has this stick wand thing" - Thats a fishing Rod :P
Black Torch
Black Torch Hace 9 días
"It's Magic" ...no...there is no magic in this whatsoever :)
Fubuki Akira
Fubuki Akira Hace 10 días
love you already The white hair boy is my favorite
Latinofire202 Hace 19 días
So, I just finished watching all of HunterxHunter in like 2 weeks or so.....now I get to watch reactions. It was pretty good. Hate how the end really seems rushed though.
Řôběřť ť
Řôběřť ť Hace un mes
Oh god oh fuck everyoone is watching hxh now
Jaime Ruiz
Jaime Ruiz Hace un mes
“This is a shounen so he’s always going to be okay” Ohh right in the kokoro
christian cosimano
christian cosimano Hace un mes
Love the hair in this one y'all. Poof's for the win lol. I used to rock a man puff. I cut my off for someone else to use
Necrobadger Hace un mes
I mean, it's true. I've broken someone's jaw and been best friends within the same 4 days...
Michelle Matsuoka
Michelle Matsuoka Hace un mes
13:47 AHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok, i loved your predictions and reaction to this first episode so i guess i will subscribe and follow through. this is one of my childhood shows along with naruto and let me tell you it is AMAZING, you will love Killua and Kurapika!
Bob Joe
Bob Joe Hace un mes
MEGA KING Hace un mes
"umm this is like shounen... so he is always gonna be OK" haha that made me happy
SK Malugor
SK Malugor Hace un mes
"Gon is such a sweet kid" MonkaS
antfr1993 Hace un mes
Did you know there was a 90s version of this anime? Btw.... this is a good anime lol
Alessandro Mariani
Alessandro Mariani Hace 2 meses
Your hair style are the same of an hunter .. girl chef hunter :P And ... yuyu is a different anime, is rly hard to say that they have the same writer.
Arki 00
Arki 00 Hace 2 meses
RageFire Hace 2 meses
Daniel Guadarrama
Daniel Guadarrama Hace 2 meses
Nice break down of your first reaction Then wow you guys are funny
valdris86 Hace 2 meses
"obviously it's not dark"......
xuridun Hace 2 meses
Ken_ Multi-stans
Ken_ Multi-stans Hace 2 meses
I love you guy reactions and i hope you react to yyh the dubbed version soon.
Fluffy Jackie
Fluffy Jackie Hace 2 meses
Btw: The best anime ever is Boku no Hero Academia.
Fluffy Jackie
Fluffy Jackie Hace 2 meses
Please watch D. Gray Man too
matt_the_potato Hace 2 meses
Holy shit guys wait till the later arcs ;)
Alicja Szymańska
Alicja Szymańska Hace 2 meses
Gon is also voiced by a woman.
Anzeo Jackson
Anzeo Jackson Hace 2 meses
hamadeh anime
hamadeh anime Hace 2 meses
Not going to be dark hisoka laugh's
Vageesh Gaur
Vageesh Gaur Hace 2 meses
cant read those subs..too small...thats why dubs are better for a reaction video
Ricky Hace 2 meses
WTF Yesssss
Nanakami san
Nanakami san Hace 2 meses
This girl knows about The Lord of the Rings and Naruto, and look like is a fan of both , will you marry me please?
Ignacio Díaz Langenbach
YES!! I was waiting for this.
Derill Troy Tacang
Derill Troy Tacang Hace 2 meses
Yoyohakusho bla bla... Have the same author as HxH. THIS IS ANIME, MANGA, STORY EVER. if Anime version just have good director and good budget.
Isaac Deans
Isaac Deans Hace 2 meses
12:03 hmph
Jair Legend
Jair Legend Hace 2 meses
Finally H x H thanks ... plss
AngeLoveR Anime
AngeLoveR Anime Hace 2 meses
I subscribed just because you guys are watching and reacting to this anime... please watch it to the end and don't disappoint me. :)
Quaylan Hace 2 meses
Them: I think its gonna' be happy ... It's a shonen so he will always be okay. *Laughs evilly*
Kaz Hace 2 meses
I would suggest that you react to this in at least 2-3 eps per video as this will be a loooong ride and it's quite a slow burn at the beginning ^_^ but it'll be an amazing ride, especially in the future arcs! ^_^ and nope, this is NOT a dark anime. Nope. Not in a long shot. Nope. This is for kids. ;) hehe PS: You will definitely love Killua, especially in the last arcs T_T
dbuckets Hace 2 meses
Optigisa Hace 2 meses
One of the most light hearted, family friendly Anime of all time Enjoy 😄
-Ice Tea-
-Ice Tea- Hace 2 meses
Damn i can't wait for Killua to show up
Kaibeast 5544
Kaibeast 5544 Hace 2 meses
"Obviously it's it gonna be dark" 😏
Zaturn Nep
Zaturn Nep Hace 2 meses
Wow, why wait for TFS, when there are other people doing HXH reactions, especially cute reactors. Going to stick around and listen :)
lynx Hace 2 meses
I can already feel that you're both going to adore killua, LOL. I loved this first reaction, do be sure to follow through with the series! The first arc is great in its own right, but it only gets better from there.
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia Hace 2 meses
Damn hunter x hunter 😍
Mohamad Qudah
Mohamad Qudah Hace 2 meses
Hope you dont mind me asking but when is the next reaction for hunter coming? I am sorry caus ei just LOVE your reactions and hunter is my favorite of all time
Syd Smith
Syd Smith Hace 2 meses
Need more episodes nowwww!!!
Average Walkthrougher
Please do more Hunter x Hunter
Hunter Association
Hunter Association Hace 2 meses
Togashi the best mangaka make yuyu hakusho in 1992 and hunter x hunter in 1998 and level E in 1996
Darryl Ferguson
Darryl Ferguson Hace 2 meses
Can't wait for them to see Hisoka. Also if you guys haven't done it already, please react to Grand blue and Dororo
Scorchwad Hace 2 meses
Yall ain’t ready for this
Screcy Hace 2 meses
Will u post 2 a week?
Steady Chilling
Steady Chilling Hace 2 meses
No wonder in Promised, Ray didn’t hype you two up smdh
Stephan Ginther
Stephan Ginther Hace 2 meses
A couple years ago, a study was done on breakups. The study said that women typically have a larger reaction to them, but then actually get over it relatively fast. Where as men don't react as much outwardly but actually take a LOT longer to get over it.
Son Goku
Son Goku Hace 2 meses
yuyu hakusho and HxH were both created by Togashi, which is why its reminding you so much of it.
T-Bone Hace 2 meses
Guys this is THE BEST Shonen in my opinion. The only thing that can even compare is full metal alchemist. But stick around and you will NOT regret it. I am so glad that my fav reactors are watching my favorite show
giorno buon
giorno buon Hace 2 meses
Omg, now the long journey begins.....
g56rbWwTPpDpm4F6 Hace 2 meses
id let imon murder me
UserBry Hace 2 meses
U 2 are cute and entertaining. Keep em coming :D
Whackashit Hace 2 meses
Rubens Formiga
Rubens Formiga Hace 2 meses
Eu esperei tanto para ver vocês vendo Hunter x Hunter
Adrian Dickson
Adrian Dickson Hace 2 meses
You guys should watch Steven Universe!
Ralph Hace 2 meses
Yepp oftentimes guys become friends after fighting. That's why it's sometimes better to duke it out, get everything out and move on. The issue is when people go overboard with the violence, but an agreed upon fight by equals can be needed to stop bickering sometimes, that's how it worked sometimes at my school anyway at least with the boys, though on one occasion two girls went ham and started fighting on the schoolyard, incidentally both were morbidly obese and tore off each other clothes so it was quite the happening... Anyway...
Jimmy Jevan
Jimmy Jevan Hace 2 meses
great reaction hope you two upload often this series will take forever other wise
Shaydey Hace 2 meses
"happy-go-lucky" "obviously not dark" "you're not gonna cry" hahahahahaha, you're in for a treat
Jimmy Jevan
Jimmy Jevan Hace 2 meses
"alright ninja" lmao
tretet sawerf
tretet sawerf Hace 2 meses
Cuándo vean GINTAMA y se OSGARMEEN las seguiré
Jesus Ruiz
Jesus Ruiz Hace 2 meses
Seven Deadly sins is better
Jesus Ruiz
Jesus Ruiz Hace 2 meses
Giorno GioStar ?
Giorno GioStar
Giorno GioStar Hace 2 meses
Valerie Romero
Valerie Romero Hace 2 meses
You guys should react to one piece too
Mohamad Qudah
Mohamad Qudah Hace 2 meses
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for reacting to hunterxhunter please do keep it up . so looking forward for your reactions to it.
Anthony Overton
Anthony Overton Hace 2 meses
Like any great anime, it will have that OH SHIT moment. It's a slow burn but it's one of my top three all time
MXD95 Hace 2 meses
Walid Adnane
Walid Adnane Hace 2 meses
You're in for a treat girls !! enjoy it !!
Michael Sturzenegger
Finally!!!! :D Thx!!!!
G A Hace 2 meses
Hunter x Hunter 😍💗
Havndrup Hace 2 meses
So excited to see this pop up. You're gonna love it.
Venkatesh C
Venkatesh C Hace 2 meses
Could u start naruto too!!
Rocky smoky
Rocky smoky Hace 2 meses
I can't believe this
Ian Landagan
Ian Landagan Hace 2 meses
yu yu hakushoo!!!!!!!!!
Ian Landagan
Ian Landagan Hace 2 meses
awww shiiitt! im late to the party!
Abhay Ram
Abhay Ram Hace 2 meses
"Obviously its not going to be dark" *rubs hands* this is going to be a good one bois
Nayli Syazwina
Nayli Syazwina Hace 2 meses
I have a suggestion for if you get a strike. If you get a strike, you could check out Natural Law's channel for how he shows the vid. He puts the timer across the middle of the anime but we can still see most of it. He puts the volume like this one too. He is so far at the final ark and they let him put it on his channel.
Sabyasachi Sanyal
Sabyasachi Sanyal Hace 2 meses
They gonna lose their shit when they see Hisoka.lol
Vinsmoke Sannan
Vinsmoke Sannan Hace 2 meses
Yes Hunter x Hunter is one happy go adventure Said No one ever
phar0ahad3 Hace 2 meses
Can yall react to one piece ?
Average Walkthrougher
tinidor08 Hace 2 meses
12:23 LMFAO. welcome to HxH guys!
Kaito Spin
Kaito Spin Hace 2 meses
You are now officially... Hunters! Welcome on board.
darius michael
darius michael Hace 2 meses
Yu yu Hakusho and HunterxHunter are written by the same person, so it's only natural to compare the two. And yes the group dynamic are the same in both
Stuff With Scott thighs
Tibor Vrh
Tibor Vrh Hace 2 meses
YESSSSS insta sub!
Merilirem Hace 2 meses
Beware SPOILERS! So many people have no idea what a spoiler is. Read NOTHING.
Liesmith Hace 2 meses
"He's adorable! He's like Radagast!"" You wonderful nerd!
beefstewiscool Hace 2 meses
The first few episodes dont prepare you for the type of anime Hunter X Hunter is.
Cabal Hace 2 meses
Lmao yusuke dying is not a spoiler its in like the first minute of the show
Cabal Hace 2 meses
YYH and HxH is life.. you girls gonna love the show
MangaMarley Hace 2 meses
WORD OF WARNING. You may have to start uploading this to another site and dropping links. They tend to overdo the strikes when it comes to HxH
Mason Attano
Mason Attano Hace 2 meses
HOLY SHIIIIIT. Favourite anime of all time. I honestly think HxH is one of the greatest works of fiction ever made, that's how much I love it. This is gonna be fun.
Jack Harrington
Jack Harrington Hace 2 meses
I cried more than once during this show
theRTSman Hace 2 meses
HXH is actually incredible
E Hendrick
E Hendrick Hace 2 meses
I’m mad that y’all said it’s not Yu Yu Hakusho 😭😂
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