Hurricane Florence's path and threats

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Time is running out for the Carolinas ahead of Hurricane Florence. The storm threatens to bring a deadly storm surge and record amounts of rain. States of emergency are in place from Georgia to Maryland. Lonnie Quinn, CBS New York's chief weathercaster, reports.
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Comentarios 60
Zop News
Zop News Hace 8 meses
It was so terrible.
Jlo Flores
Jlo Flores Hace 8 meses
Is it going to New York ?
John Me
John Me Hace 8 meses
my gift to the world outside its ok were allright!!!!!
-Gacha Pie-
-Gacha Pie- Hace 8 meses
i'm good I live in ,maryland but all there is , is flooding but a lot of the hurricane will make the cheesepeak bay will flood but oh boy, NC AND SC
George Lihi
George Lihi Hace 8 meses
Tarjinder Singh
Tarjinder Singh Hace 8 meses
I saw a track a day ago saying it would go to the left and through the heartlands ?
DJ SlavPig
DJ SlavPig Hace 8 meses
Crossing my paws we won’t get hit by Florence 🤞🐾
DJ SlavPig
DJ SlavPig Hace 8 meses
Ps Stay safe Carolinas!!!
flamowlX Hace 8 meses
Sure hope I don't die
Orlando Amaya
Orlando Amaya Hace 8 meses
dreams of turtles
dreams of turtles Hace 8 meses
I live in western NC. Everything has been wet for months, ground is saturated so i hope we dont get too much more water. God bless and keep those on the east side, their homes and businesses.
Carlos garcia
Carlos garcia Hace 8 meses
Prayers to Maryland I’m in Maryland
Wild Willie
Wild Willie Hace 8 meses
Lol I like how the low winds from the hurricane barley touch Michigan hahaha and I live in Michigan
dancer _5952
dancer _5952 Hace 8 meses
Guys look at baby Gordon compared to that
Carolina Lopez
Carolina Lopez Hace 8 meses
What time will it hit Maryland
Armani Is great tf
Armani Is great tf Hace 8 meses
Not completely sure but it will probably be sometime today or tomorrow and that's if we even get any
Eduardo Orama Del Pilar
God bless North Carolina and all people, please stay safe 🇺🇸🇵🇷✌
John Me
John Me Hace 8 meses
Eduardo Orama Del Pilar thank you brother!
Madden Overdrive Addict
Just cancel school please
Armani Is great tf
Armani Is great tf Hace 8 meses
Right my school dont even have wifi
TimeWatch5 Hace 8 meses
That bih tremendously WET. Peep its drip
E Hopkins
E Hopkins Hace 8 meses
Pity they didn't do the same preparation for the people when hurricane katrina hit Louisanna. I AGREE ANIMALS FIRST DON'T LEAVE YOUR ANIMALS BEHIND.
Dad's in the kitchen Patrick & Madison
it looks like its headed right for us in western NC. watch our chanel for videos when it gets here
Willi T
Willi T Hace 8 meses
CBS is fake news, why am I watching this?
Paula Jones
Paula Jones Hace 8 meses
They make it look bigger than what it actually is
Prince S1
Prince S1 Hace 8 meses
At which time harricane reached coastal area?
Justinoid Hace 8 meses
Climate change isn’t real. rofl 🤣
back from the darkness
The problem is the nuclear power plants.. They could have melt downs with all the water.
David McManus
David McManus Hace 8 meses
You should do a little research. Those plants are literally built like a fortress, both inside and out. This is no "Homer Simpson" type of scenario. Those plants are manned by people who know what they are doing, and they are built by old-school engineering...which means, no electronics. All mechanical. Also, very high level security. Literally a fortress.
The Diamond Company
The Diamond Company Hace 8 meses
I live on the NC coast. Mmmm nice.
The Diamond Company
The Diamond Company Hace 8 meses
David McManus We’re on the inner coastal plain. There was no evacuation. And I live in a solid 2 story house.
David McManus
David McManus Hace 8 meses
...and you're still there? No mandatory evacuation? I live on the western side of the state, and the way the officials are panicking here, you'd think that we were the ones that were going to get hit, and not you. The level of stupidity is unbelievable.
Erick Chavelas
Erick Chavelas Hace 8 meses
So this is why my internet has been lately.....
Bewitched Angling
Bewitched Angling Hace 8 meses
Love how they color the entire storm red to make it look more devilish and intimidating.
shayfay00 Hace 8 meses
Uh the red means heavy rain, green is light rain
Enchanted cupcake
Enchanted cupcake Hace 8 meses
Lol Ikr
Rare Animal
Rare Animal Hace 8 meses
Fake News
katie s
katie s Hace 8 meses
says the path hasn’t changed bUT IT HAS
shah himi
shah himi Hace 8 meses
Me: MOM WAKE UP, THE STORM IS COMING OUT WAY! Mom: "WHAT!?" *Goes to sleep in seconds*
Enchanted cupcake
Enchanted cupcake Hace 8 meses
copy print
copy print Hace 8 meses
where's all the dead people, over advertised !!!
MagniGames Hace 8 meses
Uhh, the storm hasn't hit yet...
Maester Benjen
Maester Benjen Hace 8 meses
Is it still big and wet?
belly tripper
belly tripper Hace 8 meses
Victoria L
Victoria L Hace 8 meses
Addicted Playz
Addicted Playz Hace 8 meses
I'm in ameila VA, would I be getting the bad parts of this hurricane too?
MagniGames Hace 8 meses
+Itz.tren_ Probably about the same. Not much flooding (10% chance of flooding) and no hurricane force winds are expected. No storm surge is expected there either. Here's a map of expected rainfall in the area: www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at1+shtml/152247.shtml?rainqpf#contents
Itz.tren__ Hace 8 meses
MagniGames how about Hampton Virginia?
MagniGames Hace 8 meses
Probably not. 4 inches of rain is expected there. At the worst there might be some flooding in low areas, but no serious flooding and no hurricane force winds are expected around where you are..
Rivera Octavio
Rivera Octavio Hace 8 meses
Repent our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon.. Stop worshipping satan with the pagan gods man made holidays
Me and My cat
Me and My cat Hace 8 meses
I live in North Carolina ;-;
lunαr єclípsє
lunαr єclípsє Hace 8 meses
My Prayers for you.
Armando Emiliano
Armando Emiliano Hace 8 meses
Is this the best time to panic
Brian Hace 8 meses
Nothing like a good hurricane to stimulate the economy!
gunfighterdrummer Hace 8 meses
Sometimes I feel like the meteorologists like to spice their info up.
gunfighterdrummer Hace 8 meses
whiteowl wut...?
Brain Sample
Brain Sample Hace 8 meses
gunfighterdrummer do you ? how terrible for you .. life must be so confusing for you at the present climate of denial and fake news etc
Zachary Thomas
Zachary Thomas Hace 8 meses
Yeah it's a cat 1 now lol
God is Kind 123
God is Kind 123 Hace 8 meses
I kind of agree with you there buddy
broly Hace 8 meses
O boy a 2 . I knew they was just hyping it
MagniGames Hace 8 meses
Katrina was only a 1 in NOLO...
BigBoi Trevor
BigBoi Trevor Hace 8 meses
Dang it I wanted a Cat 5
fpineros22 Hace 8 meses
fake news scaring people to high heaven...
Brain Sample
Brain Sample Hace 8 meses
fpineros22 yes its all fake , all news is fake .. so the president says ..
John Me
John Me Hace 8 meses
Zachary Thomas don't be that person.
Zachary Thomas
Zachary Thomas Hace 8 meses
+John Me you're
Ded Ted
Ded Ted Hace 8 meses
fpineros22 noooo it’s real
XpertGam0r Hace 8 meses
That’s what delusional people said about harvey... but look at what happened.
Larry Hace 8 meses
From Hurricane level 4 to 2, y’all got so lucky. Thank god
Larry Hace 8 meses
whiteowl actually was a 1.
Brain Sample
Brain Sample Hace 8 meses
Tommy God works in mysterious ways
Philly Fan
Philly Fan Hace 8 meses
+MagniGames yeah well that's because new Orleans was like 20 ft under sea level and leeves broke which held back water from rivers
MagniGames Hace 8 meses
That's very misleading. The storm surge hasn't gone down. Almost nobody dies in the winds, they die in the surge/flooding. Look at katrina, they were hit with only cat 1 speeds and the city is STILL, 13 years later, largely uninhabitable...
Bunnykaka I
Bunnykaka I Hace 8 meses
Cat 3 and up your house is pretty much gone. 2 you have a good chance it can be repaired. Flooding is a different sorry.
KingPenn313 Hace 8 meses
This is about be bad...yall be safe
Kari theman
Kari theman Hace 8 meses
Welp rip me
Papa Fall
Papa Fall Hace 8 meses
+Becky Beaumia Ritchie he dead 😞
Becky Beaumia Ritchie
You still with us?
blitzmarshall Hace 8 meses
just a reminder for some of the local yokels..... if you stare at the sky with your three toothed mouth agape for too long you WILL drown . make sure to look down every 30 seconds or so . 🐵
DreamOnLove Hace 8 meses
Houston,TX is also going to get hit to yall
Tabria Cochran
Tabria Cochran Hace 8 meses
My family lives is Wilmington nc, including my last great grandparent... and they won’t leave. Please pray for them 🙏🏾 i wish they would stop underestimating this storm..smh
Maceo Purvis
Maceo Purvis Hace 8 meses
Its gone hit me to im in greenville nc
dreams of turtles
dreams of turtles Hace 8 meses
Tabria Cochran sending prayers to them and all people affected by this. May they be kept safe.
C,s Corrner
C,s Corrner Hace 8 meses
I hope someone makes them leave
Trevon Brooks
Trevon Brooks Hace 8 meses
I will pray for them god bless them
Brian Hace 8 meses
Tabria Cochran they will be ok... just make sure they have a life raft! Lol
Alivia Jordan
Alivia Jordan Hace 8 meses
I feel bad 😞 for them. be safe. God bless you
Alivia Jordan
Alivia Jordan Hace 8 meses
Tamara Hathaway PHILIPPIANS 4:3 wait r u going to get hit
Boots Hopkins
Boots Hopkins Hace 8 meses
Alivia Jordan ty sweetie...I just wish it would go away....the bad part is I had a dream a wk ago that my dog drowned so I'm really freaking out now....
Tamara Hathaway PHILIPPIANS 4:3
Alivia Jordan ...thank you♥️ God Bless You too.
DreamOnLove Hace 8 meses
We Will thanks
Stokes Wait
Stokes Wait Hace 8 meses
Ok here we go! Get ready guys
Tamara Hathaway PHILIPPIANS 4:3
Stokes Wait ...as ready as I'm going to be I guess ☺
H. K.
H. K. Hace 8 meses
Have your milk sandwiches ready fellow carolinians. We’re gonna get a lot of rain.
hello world
hello world Hace 8 meses
Harvey was over us 4 days 4 days of rain non stop day and night, was moving one mile per hour hope Florence move fast
ExDee Hace 8 meses
+MagniGames Maga supporters are calling people who make the storm all about Trump fake news, like CNN
MagniGames Hace 8 meses
It wont. It's expected to move at 1 - 3 mph. You could WALK faster than this storm will move. This will be a horrible storm, and the idiot trump supporters out there don't seem to be taking it seriously because "fake newz"...
DreamOnLove Hace 8 meses
Yea its beyter havery was really slow
Warren Albuna
Warren Albuna Hace 8 meses
Lmao fuckn news is fake news just give it up it's a cat 2 now.. stop being dramatic.. scaring the people
shah himi
shah himi Hace 8 meses
Categories mean nothing! It's just the wind speed people still need to leave because it's gonna be flooding and the power will go out!
Dick Morhead
Dick Morhead Hace 8 meses
Charles Kemppa The storm surge/flooding is the killer.
Warren Albuna
Warren Albuna Hace 8 meses
+Art P all that wind ur blowing out ur mouth kills more people.. ur an idiot these are the government's scare tactics to boost economy sell all that water that's sitting in Puerto rico's airway strip.. I've lived on the coast for 40 years I never once evacuated my family.. hurricanes die down as soon as they hit land after that it's just rain. Tornadoes are the real killers.. shut ur mouth when u talk to me
Jericho Snaxxx
Jericho Snaxxx Hace 8 meses
+Charles Kemppa why would rich people board their home? It's probably a summer home and they can afford to buy a new one. On top of that, they have top notch insurance. So guess what...if they let their house get blown away, they get a brand new one on the government's and insurance's dime. But stop diminishing the storm. It's not about the wind speed category, the problem is from amount of time it is going to be spending over a particular area. Look at how much damage Matthew caused and the 106 ppl it killed.... This thing is going to be way worse.
Charles Kemppa
Charles Kemppa Hace 8 meses
Couldn't agree more, its doing as i have predicted, come in as a strong 1- weak 2 and won't see much here in Charleston. They always do this make people get stuff they don't need, makes poor people poorer. Im in construction and see alot of rich neighborhoods not eaven board up, its a scam
robert hensen
robert hensen Hace 8 meses
I hurd the wind was going to pick up sharks and drop them into neighbor hoods little children are in danger of being eaten by wind blown falling sharks
ToddtheExploder Hace 8 meses
Zoe McAdams Maybe because you’re high? Could that be why it seems funny, Zoe?
Brooklynn Radford
Brooklynn Radford Hace 8 meses
TO EVERYONE WHO THINKS ITS FAKE: It’s real. Lots of my family members are in North Carolina and South Carolina. I got news from my aunt in Rockingham that there was a shark on the road. I haven’t got anything from Florence yet (I live in GA). But yeah...
Becky Beaumia Ritchie
Oh for Pete's sake. The guy was just kidding about the Sharknado movies. They are a hoot if you watch them. Quit being critical.
Zoe McAdams
Zoe McAdams Hace 8 meses
hahaha why is this so funny tho ?😂
annabelle o
annabelle o Hace 8 meses
There actually are sharks being picked up I’m being dead serious.
Rizel micro-of-macro
Still no change . Collective conciousness wants this.
Dont hold ur breath w8n on aid from Chump, no matter how blue the state may be (thats cutting in on $ from his pilfered retirement).
Idylchatter Hace 8 meses
Size matters, this storm is grabbing a large swath of ocean, what it may lack in wind speed will be matched by its reach.
Idylchatter Hace 8 meses
+Dee Wilson Thank the stars for small miracles.
Dee Wilson
Dee Wilson Hace 8 meses
Idylchatter It's only half the size it was yesterday. It was 500 miles wife. Now it's 250 miles wide and half the wind speed. Thankful it shrunk!
Eduardo Orama Del Pilar
Please stay safe Carolina God bless 🇵🇷🇺🇸
Maceo Purvis
Maceo Purvis Hace 8 meses
Ded Ted
Ded Ted Hace 8 meses
God bless you
Ded Ted
Ded Ted Hace 8 meses
Eduardo Orama Del Pilar I am a Muslim and I really hope America and Carolina is safe god bless them
Eduardo Orama Del Pilar
+God is Kind 123 amen
God is Kind 123
God is Kind 123 Hace 8 meses
In Jesus name amen
Antoinette Mitchell
Antoinette Mitchell Hace 8 meses
I pray it turns around and just go AWAY ...I ALSO PRAY FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE AFFECTED BY THIS
Brain Sample
Brain Sample Hace 8 meses
Antoinette Mitchell praying it will turn around , thats a tall order .. its God who created the Hurricane , so why would he turn it around .. he is punishing the people for whatever reason he has .. only he knows .. remember he creates everything ..
dreams of turtles
dreams of turtles Hace 8 meses
Good prayer Antonette, i pray with you on that.
Antoinette Mitchell
Antoinette Mitchell Hace 8 meses
+copy print please explain to me where I dont care sounds like your comprehensive is way OFF stay safe and blessed thanks again for your comment
Snowflake the Husky Senpai
i hope it comes lol
belly tripper
belly tripper Hace 8 meses
John San Juan
John San Juan Hace 8 meses
They’re boarding them up! Prepare!
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