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Check out the official Hustlers Trailer starring Cardi B! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: September 13, 2019
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Cardi B
Directed By: Lorene Scafaria
Synopsis: Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.
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17 jul 2019

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Comentarios 2 976
Florencia Rodriguez
Florencia Rodriguez Hace un hora
Literally came here bc of Lizzo
Queen Rose
Queen Rose Hace un hora
How keen cardi b will be in this
Naisbitt TESSIE
Naisbitt TESSIE Hace 2 horas
Saldra en mexico?
Lostin TheRace
Lostin TheRace Hace 2 horas
Cause this is what America needs rn .... why hollywood. Why ....
Shady Boy
Shady Boy Hace 2 horas
Don’t touch My butter
Cardi gonna Ruin it
jm apple
jm apple Hace 12 horas
Lol society glorifies women taking advantage of men..... Why not be consistent when men take advantage of women
jm apple
jm apple Hace 12 horas
Female Bill Cosby movie
Jack Gervasi
Jack Gervasi Hace 13 horas
This is extremely negative for society.
Brian Solonge
Brian Solonge Hace 16 horas
Glorifying whoredom...this is where society at in the year 2019.
Yubi K.
Yubi K. Hace 16 horas
What’s the point of this.
Stupid Little Psycho's
Of course cardi b is in here
DAP ure
DAP ure Hace 19 horas
Jlo still fine boy
Lanzer The Bot
Lanzer The Bot Hace 19 horas
Of course cardi b had to be in this 😂
Stealth Plays
Stealth Plays Hace 20 horas
So magic mike. Except this time for males
Sugoi Boi
Sugoi Boi Hace 20 horas
why not make it about Bill Cosby lame asf
b4beast Hace 21 un hora
Is this cardi b documentary?? 😂😂😂
Donald Drumpf
Donald Drumpf Hace un día
Another movie trying to empower women... I bet this is a flop at the box office.
My Life
My Life Hace un día
who gave her her phone again 😂
Onika Hace un día
Joey.da.potato Hace un día
This movie is basically a recap of cardi B's life
Experiment Hace un día
Hot Garbage
Geison Fernandez
Geison Fernandez Hace un día
Nicky Minaj le acaba de dar DisLike a esto hahahahahaahha
*peachy skies*
*peachy skies* Hace un día
This is actually related with Cardi's past she used to strip and drug men for money because her mom threw her out when she was young adult
Jayla Hace 21 un hora
*peachy skies* but then that doesn’t give her the right to drug people. Im just mad that shes even on this movie knowing she did those stuff in real life doesnt sit well w my soul lol.
*peachy skies*
*peachy skies* Hace un día
@Jayla well then oop- young adult
Jayla Hace un día
*peachy skies* she actually said her mom kicked her out when she was 18 on a video.
Jason Workman
Jason Workman Hace un día
ohlson Landon
ohlson Landon Hace un día
But when a guy does this it’s known as surviving r Kelly
Venom Defenses
Venom Defenses Hace 22 horas
ohlson Landon does what... piss on women? 😂😂
Zorroh Hace un día
I find it ironic that Cardi B is in a movie about drugging and robbing men, a crime that she actually committed in real life and is somehow yet to be charged for...
Ethan M
Ethan M Hace un día
@Movieclips Trailers I love your channel keep up the great work. Yay, a movie about how Cardi B knocked out rich people with drugs and stole from them. You know a massive crime in real life that no one seems to be bothered by because she's a woman doing what she has to do to survive. Yeah, she survived made it famous and gets to talk about her crimes in jest. Wow, such a nice concept. @Cardi B, you suck. I lived in the outskirts of Detroit, yeah I know I'm a man so I guess I have to be tuff and badass right? I ain't never have to resort to slinging drugs or robbing people. I stole once in my life when I was eight years old, and that was some Pokemon cards, even then I went back and paid for them. Don't give me that bullshit you did what you had to survive. You do the crime you do the time that how it's supposed to be. Not that the ends justify the means. That's not how AMERICA works (in theory). TL;DR Cardi B is a criminal and shouldn't be praised for a crime that she committed and admitted to. May not be able to charge her with anything but we shouldn't praise her.
Xson _
Xson _ Hace un día
Everybody already knows that this movie will suck
Robertson Tirado
Robertson Tirado Hace un día
Hopefully this movie encourages people to workout.
Charles Chungus
Charles Chungus Hace 2 días
I'm just here to see more Lili Reinhart somewhat naked, call me a pervert all you want, I've been waiting too long for this opportunity
Shonok Rohan
Shonok Rohan Hace 2 días
you have to be super gross and have horrible taste to like people such as cardi b or nickyminaj
Jayla Hace un día
Shonok Rohan aint nothing wrong w nicki.
Dejah Turner
Dejah Turner Hace 2 días
CONSTANCE. 😍😍 I'm going to see
Reggie Richmond
Reggie Richmond Hace 2 días
Men we should boycott this movie.
Damian Rodriguez
Damian Rodriguez Hace 2 días
I dont see anything exciting about this movie
UncleJesus Hace 2 días
What a disgusting brainwashed world we live in......
dalderp Hace 2 días
When is cardi b going to jail?
IM YOUR DAD Hace 2 días
I can’t wait for the bill Cosby sequel it’s gonna be a lot better.... oh wait
Wasn't there already a movie about women stealing from men called the hustle made this year? I think that movie was a remake from a movie from the 90s or 80s can't remember but it was about guys stealing money from women but they decided to remake the movie but replace the men with women cause well not
YourGurl Mya
YourGurl Mya Hace 2 días
Finally cardiii i KNEW it she was gonna be in a movie soon enough
Duce Duce Magoo
Duce Duce Magoo Hace 2 días
Could you imagine the outrage if a movie like this came out with the genders reversed?
IBmaster4 Hace 3 horas
Magic Mike 3: XXL? LOLOLOLOL
Christian Edge
Christian Edge Hace 6 horas
They literally show in the trailer that they’re just doing what men in power do to them. They’re just going about it a different way.
Venom Defenses
Venom Defenses Hace 22 horas
Duce Duce Magoo because it wouldn’t be realistic... and FYI male strip clubs are filled with mostly gays 💀
kuggacourage gx
kuggacourage gx Hace 2 días
Who else think this whole thing is and gonna be trash
kuggacourage gx
kuggacourage gx Hace 15 horas
@Fred Gusta like most of her songs. No offense
Fred Gusta
Fred Gusta Hace 17 horas
Cardi b is in it..its guaranteed trash
kuggacourage gx
kuggacourage gx Hace 2 días
Who else think this whole thing is and gonna be trash
Nick B
Nick B Hace 2 días
Maybe this will make more women strippers and make them useful for once.
Wybie Hace 2 días
lol Cardi belong in this movie
Ray Khan
Ray Khan Hace 2 días
Show palace queens nyc
christopher corvino
christopher corvino Hace 2 días
People should be smart enough to know by now to take the so called true story aspect of such movies with a massive grain of salt. Or you gonna tell me that all the events that happened in the conjuring films were true😑
QueenJuicy Hace 2 días
Cardi had to be in this.
Sj Sj
Sj Sj Hace 2 días
So is this what Betty was doing during spring break? Did she drug Jughead and then kill him by accident or...
lil upsidedown tombstone
Is this female empowerment? Females?
jm apple
jm apple Hace 12 horas
Sister Snapped
Sister Snapped Hace 19 horas
@Damian Rodriguez yeah no
Damian Rodriguez
Damian Rodriguez Hace 2 días
This is what femenist is all about
100,000 subscriber plaque with one video 4nz
It’s funny cuz cardi b really did this 😂
Carson Luppres
Carson Luppres Hace 18 horas
A Sall
A Sall Hace 3 días
Inspired by a true story....Cardi B's true story.. And her ignorant fans that are like "leT hEr dO heR"
Carson Luppres
Carson Luppres Hace 18 horas
That happened months ago y'all can't let things go.
adam brown
adam brown Hace 18 horas
Venom Defenses or maybe it is because the movie isn't about that.
adam brown
adam brown Hace 18 horas
Crowners your struggle isn't a justification for hurting other people and criminality
Kappa Hace 3 días
Should've named it "The Cardi B Movie"
BMTRG Central
BMTRG Central Hace 3 días
A non-fiction movie about Cardi B, except the cops were never featured.
Ciggernunt Niberian
Ciggernunt Niberian Hace 3 días
Only reason why people gonna watch the movie is because of the cast
Reggie Richmond
Reggie Richmond Hace 2 días
I’m not gone watch it
Ivan Diablo
Ivan Diablo Hace 3 días
why is cardi b not in jail after admitting she robbed and drugged men ?
ely. L :3
ely. L :3 Hace 3 días
Lili reinhart 🤩❤.
RedNasty7 Hace 3 días
*Watches movie* Me: *wakes up broke* 😱😱 *Hears cardi b laughing in the distance*
SuperMeme 123
SuperMeme 123 Hace un día
Lukas Richards
Lukas Richards Hace 4 días
The fact people are interested in garbage like this is pretty upsetting
Nellybo knockdown
Nellybo knockdown Hace un día
This plot don’t make no type of sense their trying to help the lower income areas wit druggin and robbing millionaires.........um thats a federal and capital offense 🤷🏾‍♂️ shi crimes don’t have a expire date
SuperMeme 123
SuperMeme 123 Hace un día
Im a 100% more interested in christopher nolans upcoming film TENET then this garbage.
im cool
im cool Hace 4 días
This looks like a big old flop
Ciggernunt Niberian
Ciggernunt Niberian Hace 4 días
Trash and gives woman a bad image
A whisper of Patricia
A million percent accurate
Deerfast Hace 4 días
Ain't never lied things like this make me hate people and money an the world....but hey whatever floats others boats 👌🚮
David Gaming 2859
David Gaming 2859 Hace 4 días
Ah a movie where cardi is showing how she got to where she is today
Steven Tran
Steven Tran Hace 4 días
0:13 Is When She Had The Tiny Ball On Her Tongue
Steven Tran
Steven Tran Hace 4 días
I Think It Was Cardi B
Keith Lewis
Keith Lewis Hace 4 días
lol I read an article by "showbizcheatsheet", as well as "the cut", and apprently these 'women' are a bunch of Robin hoods. What everyone forgot is Robin hood gave back to the poor and not themselves. I am also lost as to how stealing and drugging people who make alot of money an okay thing to do. I am getting serious bill Cosby vibes from this.
oscar orta
oscar orta Hace 4 días
This movie should be a lesson to ALL STRAIGHT MEN who waste their MONEY on strip clubs and allow to be seduced by women
Ulysses Morales
Ulysses Morales Hace 4 días
Bill Cosby type beat
Alice JustALICE
Alice JustALICE Hace 4 días
*sees Iggy* I’m watching this whether I’m underage HEHEH
Joan Medici
Joan Medici Hace 4 días
All i see in the comments is broke haters hating on cardi b a sucessful black women. Yall take several seats shes not a bad women drugging good men for money she did what she had to do to survive. Many of yall are suberban sheltered middle class brats that dont know what the hood looks like but want to support and act like you relate or can judge people that actually came from the hood. Stop hating she dont know you and i doubt she ever will or care to know.
Jackie Robetussan
Jackie Robetussan Hace 43 minutos
Obviously a very uneducated individual.
@Joan Medici Well, because you replied... That's a big *OOF* you just made there bud.
Joan Medici
Joan Medici Hace 4 días
@YOUR GARDEN IS OVERGROWN AND YOUR CUCUMBER IS SOFT no one told you to read my comment. Why do you think i care about your opinion your not that important.
I stopped reading at black woman, you should be lucky I even read that far.
I HAVE A NAME Hace 4 días
After that scene in river dale at the end of season 3 I’m not surprised she moved to a new city and got a new name😂
firewhistle5220 cool
Of course carbi b in it she's a pro at it
kimberley williams
kimberley williams Hace 4 días
so basically they used Cardi B as clickbate.......just like Nicki in barber shop and the other woman......not surprised.
Vic ft Ara
Vic ft Ara Hace 4 días
I thought cardi was da main character.. 😙
Jess Hickey
Jess Hickey Hace 4 días
Speed Demon
Speed Demon Hace 4 días
A Cardi B documentary I see.
Mia Page
Mia Page Hace 4 días
this looks SO GOODD OMFFF
CCW Noob
CCW Noob Hace 5 días
i hate mickey minage
Em D Ma
Em D Ma Hace 5 días
I wonder if the drugging guys to get extra money scene is in this movie.
Craig Webb
Craig Webb Hace 5 días
sue JesusistheLord
sue JesusistheLord Hace 5 días
andrew cass
andrew cass Hace 5 días
American has no future...........
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