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Check out the official Hustlers Trailer starring Cardi B! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: September 13, 2019
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Cardi B
Directed By: Lorene Scafaria
Synopsis: Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.
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17 jul 2019






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Comentarios 4 626
ismail metin
ismail metin Hace 15 horas
Just some hole girls
GaMeR500 Hace 18 horas
Cardi is not seen so much
林雨昇 Hace 20 horas
林雨昇 Hace 20 horas
Mai Nem
Mai Nem Hace un día
Cool movie. When 50-year-old J-Lo introduces herself with a pole dance, almost butt naked ... I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. She's getting the Oscar - that's for sure!
Adrian Holmes
Adrian Holmes Hace 2 días
🔥 0:08 🔥
Noah Obando
Noah Obando Hace 2 días
so this a movie about strippers being genius, ironic and legendary, but its a good thing it didn't come out durring november
Omar Breceda
Omar Breceda Hace 3 días
I though this was gone be funny but in deed it was a great movie
Hunger Games
Hunger Games Hace 3 días
I just saw the movie and i amazed by Jlo she looks like at her 30s here to think shes 50!! What really 50??!! How to be like Jlo???!!
Mai Nem
Mai Nem Hace un día
You can't fake what she did there - that's no plastic surgery. No Way.
redskitter Hace 3 días
Very nice movie. They drugged the wall street executives to hook their money and the music were good too.
Charles Hace 4 días
José Luis Cob Rivera
i´m listening "in tha club" usher just 4 this movie .D
Dean Joubert
Dean Joubert Hace 4 días
Being a Slay Queen and bleached stripper got Cardi Really far in life.
Muthamil Selvan Nadimuthu
Reminds me of No pain No gain Movie
Freydis Hace 5 días
Inspired by a true story of Shitdi B.
Adrienne Harrison
Adrienne Harrison Hace 6 días
Am I the only one who thought this filmed sucked
Mai Nem
Mai Nem Hace un día
apparently - yes
Heathers world
Heathers world Hace 6 días
Loved the movie but i laughed so hard when they had that fat chick jiggling on the Dance Floor😂 like it was so bad they made sure not to show to much of it..😂
Mai Nem
Mai Nem Hace un día
some men love that
Cori Andrew
Cori Andrew Hace 6 días
How sad that nobody says a word for women robbing men, drugging, and ruing there lives... if it was the other way around the SJFinW’s and Mee2 privileged Beaches would have protested to get this movie removed.
Mai Nem
Mai Nem Hace un día
But that's the whole point of the movie - a guy has a particularly hard time, gets seduced and drugged by the gang, and gets his corporate credit card wiped clean ... which means he gets fired and can't pay his mortgage. "Destiny" just wants to give him his money back, but "Ramona" grabs the phone off her violently. Cool movie!
minerv anne
minerv anne Hace 8 días
Lili Reinhart😍
The Emperor
The Emperor Hace 9 días
27 secs and I'm like nah bue
WOLVER 2007 Hace 9 días
Who is here from riverdale
Jimin’s Jams
Jimin’s Jams Hace 9 días
This movie was crazy asl
Kimjane Fernandez
Kimjane Fernandez Hace 10 días
Odong Nga Lami
Odong Nga Lami Hace 10 días
Julia Stiles my babe
Mr 3000
Mr 3000 Hace 10 días
In that's all I have done in still do
Qu Artz
Qu Artz Hace 10 días
Such a boring movie !Just watch the trailer dont waste time
mbugua gaku
mbugua gaku Hace 10 días
Just watched this movie and it's dumbster juice! How the hell was it on a 20 million dollar budget? 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
IntelliJarl Pro
IntelliJarl Pro Hace 10 días
Very nice movie.
martha painia
martha painia Hace 11 días
Well It seems like everyone is here for lili. Jlo I got you.
JΛMΛ Hace 12 días
is this what they call feminism nowadays
Shelley Niquilla Tate
Shelley Niquilla Tate Hace 12 días
Jlo.. Is quite motherly in this movie too.
limonenlight Hace 12 días
Saw the movie. Don't recommend it... Quiet boring
Eddy Ervis
Eddy Ervis Hace 12 días
El final de la película quien es Dorothy?? No entendí alguien me dice
Lawrence Buot
Lawrence Buot Hace 13 días
Zeydey quits being president of Kappa and just wants to become a stripper lol
Aly Shaw
Aly Shaw Hace 13 días
A stripper turned into a Rapper. welcome to the "Great American Dream."
Jim Bo
Jim Bo Hace 14 días
Guuuuuurl Power: Low-life criminal strippers robbing men who went to college, paid their dues and are tying to make something of their lives. How dare they live "privileged lives!" How dare they be successful! It's unfair people who have done nothing to better themselves are poor! The modern Hollywood definition of Robin Hood: "Steal from the rich and give to me."
pall Hace 14 días
is that only me, oh no so many intellectuals hate Cardi whatever.
Schano Hace 14 días
BTS Ji-hope
BTS Ji-hope Hace 14 días
Jennifer lopez X Card b X Lizzo🖤🖤🖤🖤squad
LDK Hace 14 días
If this was about man using woman. Everyone would freak out... Equal rights works just for woman i guess.
Bruce Leroy
Bruce Leroy Hace 15 días
Nala Doberman
Nala Doberman Hace 15 días
Such an inspiring story about strong independent entrepreneurial women....drugging and robbing men because they can’t figure out how to make a living otherwise. Reverse the genders and Hollywood would be calling for a boycott of everyone involved with the project. What an embarrassing low point for all of these women.
S Walters
S Walters Hace 15 días
It's amazing how these girls only got a slap on the wrist.
psychopaths _fnaf
psychopaths _fnaf Hace 15 días
superdeluxesmell Hace 15 días
keepyafaithxo Hace 15 días
LMAO This whole movie is legit Cardi B's life before fame. She even admitted to roofing guy's drinks back in the day.
greylynnjr Hace 15 días
Zzzz story told in a bad way. Needed a narrrator of some sort to create anticipation. Not enough imo
Mai Nem
Mai Nem Hace un día
????? You got Julia Styles JULIA STYLES!!!!!
Tech Logic with -Charan
Trailer laik a KGF movie
devhxpg Hace 16 días
trashy movie for low iq girls
Linda Vogelzang
Linda Vogelzang Hace 16 días
I liked the movie!
juan ricardo geraldo torres
Pouria Jalilvand
Pouria Jalilvand Hace 16 días
Not the best movie! I can say from the trailer.
Mai Nem
Mai Nem Hace un día
I watched the movie. It wasn't what I was expecting - but it was the best movie of this year. 50-year-old Jennifer Lopez's pole dancing will win her the Oscar, it's obvious! You need to pass judgement only on the movie itself, not the trailer.
Curly_Nay Nay
Curly_Nay Nay Hace 16 días
I wanna watch this but my parents might walk in like 0_0
diana d
diana d Hace 16 días
Is this on Netflix?
Tianna Asaro
Tianna Asaro Hace 17 días
I wanna watch this for free how would I do that?? Someone help me 😭
Angelina L
Angelina L Hace 16 días
i watched it on watchseries . movie
Probably Gentle
Probably Gentle Hace 16 días
Sneak into the cinema
hayley 2019
hayley 2019 Hace 17 días
It's good but I didn't like how there were walking around with no tops on I thought it was a lil werid in my opinion
Turner Classic Bastard
That's your complaint? My complaint is that non of the main actresses got nude and it's a stripper movie.
hayley 2019
hayley 2019 Hace 15 días
@sweetbaybabz ik it's just that I looked at the age rating and for the age It said I didn't expect that
sweetbaybabz Hace 15 días
What a ridiculous complaint about a movie based on strippers. Of course there’s going to be women walking around with no tops on.
Bonified Good
Bonified Good Hace 17 días
Jenny's body is fierce!! Even at 50 yrs old!!
Ricky Norton
Ricky Norton Hace 17 días
i guess jlo made sure she wasnt going to be upstaged because all the other girls in this movie are DOGS lol
Alec3501 Hace 17 días
This movie is kinda bullshit though, they don't mention smelly guys paying to pee in stripper mouths and strippers shooting up drugs to cope with their lives
Probably Gentle
Probably Gentle Hace 16 días
That's a normal tuesday for me. I don't tell everyone either
Max Otto
Max Otto Hace 17 días
I had to mute this trailer to get through it
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