I Bought The First 10 Things Amazon Suggested To Me!

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Guys, we finally did it. Today we decided to give Amazon the power to choose what we buy via suggestion, instead of us making that decision as per usual. I know you're probably asking yourself, "but Matthias that's pretty dumb and you could end up wasting a lot of money omg what a mad lad" and yeah, you're right. But nothing is going to stop this man from giving the people what they want, me spending a lot of money uncontrollably on the first 10 things that Amazon suggested to me. What can I say, i'm a man of the people.

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25 jun 2019

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Comentarios 8 588
Shnitzer Weesle
Shnitzer Weesle Hace 26 minutos
13:00 WE FOUND ROBERT!!!!!!!!!
Alexander HAMILTON
Alexander HAMILTON Hace 3 horas
The skateboard would be good for people who don't know how to skate it is good to practice on
JathTech Hace 7 horas
The rip-off karambit is garbage compared to the real one. I own the crkt version and carry it every day. it's my favorite knife.
Logan Page
Logan Page Hace 7 horas
Y'all, get any of the Meepo Boards. Its going to be a million times better than that thing, and not terribly expensive.
Owen Gilligan
Owen Gilligan Hace 11 horas
The world thinks about themselves except someone Cops want you to be criminals Fire fighters want you to be arsonists Lawyers want you criminals too But you know what Robbers want you to be wealthy
Hi im Jett Im an all round weirdo
Thanos should of used the reality stone to give him all the stones
Ture Ahlbin
Ture Ahlbin Hace 18 horas
its a murdeeeer weopond
Erica Kim
Erica Kim Hace 20 horas
EnderEye Gaming
EnderEye Gaming Hace 20 horas
A karambit (car-om-bit) was a Russian combat/fighting knife used by USSR special forces like the Spetsnaz. I am a blacksmith and a casual historian.
KOOL KIDS KLUB Hace 20 horas
I have those gold playing cards irl
mystic|Squirrel Hace 21 un hora
Should have gone for groot
Shaydee Hace 22 horas
The first thing I see in the video: Apocalyptic Matthias shuffling gold cards.
BARON VON DOOM Hace 22 horas
karambits are a martial arts knife
*xd* weapon
*xd* weapon Hace un día
5:50 I laugh loud hahaha
Morgan Isherwood
Morgan Isherwood Hace un día
Ok Mathias
Lone Caravan
Lone Caravan Hace un día
he dindnt chose full black playing cards be cous he rascist1!!!!!!! like fi yu agreee
Blake Barbwire
Blake Barbwire Hace un día
I want more videos like this
Lil Sus
Lil Sus Hace un día
I have those same exact shoes
Lil Sus
Lil Sus Hace un día
Its not thanos its tanos hahaha
Pantom Master
Pantom Master Hace un día
The knife is from a game
Wolfie JB
Wolfie JB Hace un día
Finally someone mentions borderlands
laze light
laze light Hace un día
The karambit is originated from a Philippine martiel art
Ali Marie
Ali Marie Hace un día
Why does Tanner only wear nail polish on one hand? The same reason he doesn't have a girlfriend: Commitment issues. Seriously though, only love 😄❤
brian dewey
brian dewey Hace un día
i fairly sure those are light refracting goggles ment to make lights look interesting
SpeakLIFE Hace un día
Harvey Williamson
Harvey Williamson Hace un día
Why’s tanner wearing nail polished
SpeakLIFE Hace un día
And i oop- there’s the gLaSsEs *feels embraced*
SpeakLIFE Hace un día
*thinks out loud* Hmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnn🤔🤔🤔 WeReS yOurs gLaSsEs 👓
TPZin4 Hace 2 días
EDC: Every Day Carry Unisex: Male Or Female 999.9 Gold: Highest Quality/Purity Of Gold Karambit: A Knife Hook/Slashes
Julian Echeverria
Julian Echeverria Hace 2 días
I thought Thanos's weapon was made from his helicopter blades in the comics. I'm pretty sure that's why it's like that.
Henry Dinh
Henry Dinh Hace 2 días
You didn't turn the fastest mode on the skateboard
Yogripper Hace 2 días
Nothing gang-affiliated, picks a gang color......pink is a gang color, nothing is safe.
Blake Robertson
Blake Robertson Hace 2 días
I have silver cards
William Walters
William Walters Hace 2 días
Tanner is gay
cancer man
cancer man Hace 2 días
Norway yeeeeeeeee boi
Iki Dugno
Iki Dugno Hace 2 días
17:43 Lol Ksi bruhh :DDD
Devan Thomas
Devan Thomas Hace 2 días
fy nite....
Robert Harris
Robert Harris Hace 2 días
Damn! I didnt want it to be, because I watch too much ESvid already, but it was really interesting!
Noah Dadoy
Noah Dadoy Hace 2 días
Where is Michael?
Captive Active
Captive Active Hace 2 días
Me in a scooter: drives* Cops: do you have permit?
Zanzou Hace 2 días
Liked from the borderlands reference.
sony zelenka
sony zelenka Hace 2 días
The karambit has a curve like this to rip out spines... so yeah it is for hurting people.
Mason Monarca
Mason Monarca Hace 2 días
The knife is for defensive and offensive tactics
Zack Galasso
Zack Galasso Hace 2 días
EDC stands for every day carry
Bass Tester
Bass Tester Hace 2 días
Mat, the black knife is a legal version of a karambit
Sam Harris
Sam Harris Hace 2 días
999.9 gold? What the heck? Try .999 999.9 would be 999.9% pure. Not a thing
xSimple Hace 2 días
14:30 best song ever
Sam Albert
Sam Albert Hace 3 días
Every Day Cary
David Desantos
David Desantos Hace 3 días
Meepo nls pro
iiiRoxyplay z
iiiRoxyplay z Hace 3 días
No joke I have that pink scooter
James Roxas
James Roxas Hace 3 días
for us filipino we use bandana as scarf
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