I built a Cabin in 2020 - Start to Finish

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2020 was a strange year. I built a cabin through it which helped me through it. I had no experience prior to this, I made some small mistakes, some big mistakes, and somehow got through it all in one piece.

Timberframe plans for cabin - homesteadtimberframes.com/tim...

Questions? Read this article! - www.fieldmag.com/articles/how...

Be sure to stay tuned for the full cost breakdown video!

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Music in order:
14 min "Planted" Ben Potter
16 min "Sunset" Flint
18.5 min "Hitting the Atmosphere" by RazBurg
21.5 min "White Lies" Lumane
25 min "The Void" Naski
27 min "Helios" Michael FK

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Woodness Goodness
Woodness Goodness Hace 4 meses
I also turned a horse trailer into a mobile bar - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Lw_tdVQJ8So.html
Laurențiu Gabriel
Laurențiu Gabriel Hace 20 horas
Cum ai decorat-o pe interior
Primitive Archery Man
Primitive Archery Man Hace 17 días
Look interested you guy, like your video.
Arlynne Cumberbatch
Arlynne Cumberbatch Hace 19 días
Yuvi. Reddy
Yuvi. Reddy Hace 20 días
@Leopard friend
Agus Hace un mes
@Leopard y
CAPTAIN BIKER قناة كابتن بايكر
jierui liu
jierui liu Hace 3 horas
Cameron Swack
Cameron Swack Hace 4 horas
Rip to those yeezys
Philip Pius
Philip Pius Hace 7 horas
Men at work 😍
J Mac
J Mac Hace 12 horas
I loved watching the build, I'm just wondering why you put the insulation in with the Kraft paper to the outside, instead of warm side in and why you compressed an R19 into a 2X4 wall?
757Cars Hace 14 horas
bro did that dirt drilling in YEEZY's yall
14 Hace 14 horas
Is good bro
jkm Hace 14 horas
Surprised he didn't insulate the floors
Greg Snyder
Greg Snyder Hace 15 horas
It is stunning. Excellent work…I’d constantly be worried about carpenter bees and then woodpeckers with that siding.
Les Kelly
Les Kelly Hace 16 horas
Awesome build. How you heating the place?
Internet Expert
Internet Expert Hace 17 horas
can't help but wished you put a wood stove in
Count Knersis
Count Knersis Hace 20 horas
And that is the thing about life. There are other people that can do the same. At half the price. And so the world keeps trying to wake up. I choose capitalism over any democracy and emotional tantrums. Just because of the growth of human nature.
Count Knersis
Count Knersis Hace 21 un hora
Where there is passion and drive, quality will follow. I am pleasantly impressed about the way you go about what you do. A lot more could be said, but why? No need.
Count Knersis
Count Knersis Hace 21 un hora
Skill. If the nail gun or the hammer gets one of your hands.. Your girlfriend still expects you to perform tonight. Or just to hold a cup of coffee. It's the little things.
Count Knersis
Count Knersis Hace 21 un hora
0:50 you seem into this. My curiosity is activated. That deserves a like at least.
Flicksby Hace 23 horas
I could watch you build all day. You know your stuff. 😉
Kat Zi
Kat Zi Hace un día
8:39 🔫
Tintifax Hace un día
Buddy Steele
Buddy Steele Hace un día
Dude you probably won’t read this but how inspiring. I’m a carpenter myself and want to do this so bad. I just need land first. Bravo
j 44
j 44 Hace un día
適当だなあ、、、 長持ちはしないだろうなあ。
Elifnur Gökmenoğlu
this is amazing, you're pro 🤩
Selver Doğan
Selver Doğan Hace un día
Amazing , very good video
Maya Kent
Maya Kent Hace un día
The little “who hoo” at 10:17 made me laugh so hard 😂
Dick Dawson
Dick Dawson Hace un día
Amazing. I would have had a chimney for a wood stove but each to their own. So so nice.
Bryce Donnahoo
Bryce Donnahoo Hace un día
How did you get power to it
sadeyed Hace un día
in da yeezy's?🥲😮
MICHALG454 Hace un día
Ja bym dodatkowo ubił ziemię. Poza tym czy nie lepiej było złapać poziom i zakotwiczyć deski w fundamentach przed budową ścian i dachu 🤔 Poza tym to " zbrojenie" zrobione z jednego wsadzonego prętu wygląda śmiesznie.
Jack Connolly
Jack Connolly Hace un día
With yeezies on?
David Watchesyoutube
He gets laid.
D Hace un día
That’s a fancy shed
ZFlyingVLover Hace un día
Well, nice hut. No kitchen , no bathroom /shower. I guess those things are addons?
Arno Cilliers
Arno Cilliers Hace un día
fucking rich people
Juan Lagos
Juan Lagos Hace 2 días
What are you applying to the wood in 21:53 to obtain that color?
Juan Lagos
Juan Lagos Hace 2 días
This guy works rocking yeezy safety shoes 00:39 🤣 Awesome work btw
Mixwell1983 Hace 2 días
The only thing you should have done different is to have built it on my property.
Erik de Viking
Erik de Viking Hace 2 días
Asking because I'm going to make one myself. Can anyone tell me why he didn't connect his floor to his foundational concrete pillars? Did he just not show it, or did he actually not connect the 2? Seems like a risk not connecteing the 2 with reinforcements.
龙炎 Hace 2 días
OJ W Hace 2 días
Looks great, quick tip, you can use a piece of strapping with fine finish nails to hold it in place if need a run to do shingles on - saves you setting up a line every run
Michael J.
Michael J. Hace 2 días
AMER1CAN BEA5T Hace 2 días
Nobody is going to acknowledge that this man started building his cabin while wearing Yeezy's? Between the prices for those and the prices of lumber, how long have you been a millionaire?
Alan7997 Hace 2 días
I could watch these videos all day.
Soohyun Jung
Soohyun Jung Hace 2 días
왜 이 영상이 알고리즘에 떴는지는 모르겠지만 ㅋㅋ 계속 보게되네요 ㅋㅋ
lust4bass Hace 2 días
Beautifull work & location. Floor thermic insulation chould have be easiest installed at the begining perhaps. Why not put the AC box on the rear? It is spoiling the front view.
José L.
José L. Hace 2 días
ABC XYZ Hace 2 días
Ya and the cabin cost most than 400k I’m sure with the price of wood 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ our country is so fucked and biden wants to give 400k to illegals?? If you voted for this you deserve to be deported too
Martin S.
Martin S. Hace 2 días
Damn impressive and GORGEOUS!!! Well done chaps!
cc cc
cc cc Hace 2 días
Awesome, where's the fire place
Lupe Hace 2 días
what if the windigo starts mocking you like : hey man thats a nice bagle
Chunky Junky
Chunky Junky Hace 2 días
No talking, just doing. Thanks for sharing.
Lenny R
Lenny R Hace 2 días
Love the fantastic finish on this cabin! It looks spectacular! Would be perfect for a bright and airy loft with all that ceiling height! Perhaps next time, eh? ;)
Joshua Woodward
Joshua Woodward Hace 2 días
HOW IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HIM WEARING YEEZYS! That was the biggest flex of the video. Dudes just out here digging holes in $300 shoes 😂
The DisBeat
The DisBeat Hace 2 días
Nothing like walking around while someone above you is shooting nails through some plywood 🤦‍♂️ awesome build though thanks for the content
imran baig
imran baig Hace 3 días
Beautiful way of making
Frankb932 Hace 3 días
Wow you are very fast. Just in 29 minutes did that?
Aymen Omer  قناة المال
i love that moment when i finally finish some hard work and i watch it from distance 🔥🔥✊✊❤️❤️
David Olmo Nordbeck
David Olmo Nordbeck Hace 3 días
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Hace 3 días
How much would this cost to build?
vincevega0 Hace 3 días
Floor vapour barrier on wrong side? Missing vapour barrier on walls? I don’t know if it matters if it’s not drywall or the climate you’re in. You did a good job!
Denis Skripnikov
Denis Skripnikov Hace 3 días
I only have one question, where to find a piece on land deep in woods and get a permit to build emerging you want on it, like in this case.
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Hace 3 días
Love the build what was that stuff you were putting on the wood?
phaelax Hace 4 días
For someone who claims to have no prior experience, I'd say you did a bang up job
샘킴 Hace 4 días
정말 놀라운 솜씨입니다!! 보는 것 만으로도 편해집니다. amazing welcome to cabin world!!
Ziawen Hace 4 días
That look awesome!
Ник Белый
Ник Белый Hace 4 días
Одних гвоздей ушло наверное килограмм 100
Randy Garrett
Randy Garrett Hace 4 días
Where do you shit? Cook? Wash? Looks nice tho. I just don't know what you're gonna do in it.
Michael Boyle
Michael Boyle Hace 4 días
Y'all build shit in the north different. Like funny different... In the south /USA south we build shit with concrete block filled with concrete and rebar. Then if we want to maximize insulation we 12" foam block wall stick to the concrete block. If we really want to make a florida igloo we 12" foam block wall the inside of the concrete block wall... 3' of freaking wall! Y'all do 2X4's and call it good... Northerners are funny.
MMA_junkie101 Hace 4 días
Absolutely gorgeous build guys
Autonut Hace 4 días
Why did you install the wall insulation backwards?
анатолий новиков
Здравый разум существует!
Строительство и Отделка 55rus
Сколько денег ушло на этот шедевр ?
Андрей Ильин
я человек из России и для меня мало утеплителя и батарей не хватает и туалета с ванной тоже, я конечно понимаю что у них климат теплый )) я всего лишь Волгоградец)) со степными ветрами и сухими морозами))
Giang Trần
Giang Trần Hace 5 días
Nice cabin
ДОЩЕЧКА TV Hace 5 días
Я правильно понял, потолок без утеплителя? 🤔
Максим Белогорцев
Мне одному интересно откуда электричество в лесу?)
Susan Orman
Susan Orman Hace 6 días
That is so nice!
Terry Gelinas
Terry Gelinas Hace 6 días
Loving the windows!
MILLER! Hace 6 días
파노 Hace 7 días
바닥난방이 걱정됌. 한국 온돌의 중요성
Sam Thibeault
Sam Thibeault Hace 7 días
Amazing work man! Mostly by yourself very impressive
IG RCCSSS Hace 7 días
this is amazing I want you to know! great job!!
J H Hace 7 días
Do you have a link to blue prints and parts ? I know the $ estimate changes.. I would like to find detailed build plans to get approved for a permit in my area. Convert to residence
Marcelli Silva
Marcelli Silva Hace 7 días
Quanta madeira, misericórdia. Esse povo não conhece tijolo?
lucab977 Hace 7 días
BLZ Hace 7 días
This was Amazing! This should be a required Man course!
Everything looked good, up until you started painting things. Insulation though, that gave me goosebumps.
George Saris
George Saris Hace 8 días
amazing work and great music!!!
Tchano Bushcraft & Sobrevivência
Exelente cabana 👍
Jason Lancaster
Jason Lancaster Hace 8 días
Where's the bathroom?
NickeyNay Hace 8 días
Wow 🤩 this is amazing just by the thumbnail! (I just started watching the video)
jari nieminen
jari nieminen Hace 9 días
sounds like moose hunting in Sweden. 😁😁 Well done 👍🏻👍🏻
Manuel Ruiz Ortiz
Manuel Ruiz Ortiz Hace 9 días
Lo que más me ha gustado son los desagües del cuarto de baño
اثير جواد
اثير جواد Hace 9 días
عاشو ممتاز
nomad49rus Hace 9 días
Greetings! What piles of sand cover the piles?
MrTonyPiscatelle Hace 9 días
Nice cabin but I'm confused as to why you installed the wall insulation backwards ?
Мужчина творец! Озвучка супер!!! ❤
Jehovani Landa Gòmez
Asu, todo de madera...
John W
John W Hace 9 días
I'm kinda sad it's over
Terry Williams
Terry Williams Hace 9 días
Wow this is a small house love it thanks for sharing a shower, sink and a toilet I hope is in it lol 😆 😀 yes
why can't you curse? #shorts
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