I Built A FROG CITY in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore (#46)

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Farzy Hace un mes
This video took me over a week of hard work to make, so hopefully you like it :) EDIT: Next episode will probably be out on Friday, July 1st
Umar Denmamode
Umar Denmamode Hace 7 días
Abdallah and umar 6th September is OK with us and I can
Sheela Lazar19
Sheela Lazar19 Hace 8 días
Your You
Yen Laurenz Dolorito
Yen Laurenz Dolorito Hace 15 días
Yen Laurenz Dolorito
Yen Laurenz Dolorito Hace 15 días
Raising Rory
Raising Rory Hace 17 días
WingKnight Hace un mes
“I don’t have a wheat farm” later shows us a massive field of wheat
Thanh Nakata
Thanh Nakata Hace 13 horas
Bethany Burtonwood
Bethany Burtonwood Hace un día
True 🤣
volterz Hace 2 días
He prob forgot
Jad Obied
Jad Obied Hace 3 días
Lol true
Raising Rory
Raising Rory Hace 15 días
@NeonOtterPop! lolz
Furlicia Cutie
Furlicia Cutie Hace un mes
You’re so awesome farzy! Did you know I’ve been watching ur videos since the first Survival world (I’m still so shocked that you can be so creative!)
Lolapop Hace un mes
I love how there were two diamonds to mine when he was making the iron golems and he completely ignored it 😂
aryas forggoten runes
Ew...ur logo
SquishyCat Gameplays
SquishyCat Gameplays Hace 17 días
Absolutely love the city and the frogs are just awesome!!
TarHeelDevil6 Hace un mes
Every time I watch Frazie‘s video’s It makes me smile
Cave Crafted
Cave Crafted Hace un mes
the wheat is accurate as many tribes that used mud added sticks twigs and grasses to add structural support. also, for the reasons turtlez listed.
couu alis
couu alis Hace un mes
I love the build!!! I hope you will not die in this world its a great world
kalysssa geerken
kalysssa geerken Hace un mes
I think that you should put some pearlescent frog lights in the frog cave. It would give it a nice glow to it!
GIGA⚡️ G0D Hace un mes
Minecraft: I need an idea for a new village Farzy: andddd done! Minecraft: :O PERFECT!
Tokki Animates
Tokki Animates Hace 20 días
Bruh they need to add a a mangrove/frog village. This looks perfect! I love it :D
ITZMESOFIA!!! Hace un mes
Wow that looks so cool! Maybe you could do a axolotl city next time!
MinaPlayzGames Hace un mes
This idea is veryyy amazing!! I loved the mangrove theme and I love that you actually care about the frogs! Ps. Fan 4 ever
couu alis
couu alis Hace un mes
So cute frog city I love how you decorate it you are so creative on all of your builds😊.
Julia Laine
Julia Laine Hace un mes
When will ur next video come out? I’m really excited to see more 1.19 adventures
biuor su
biuor su Hace un mes
So cute frog city I love how you decorate it you are so creative on all of your builds.
tom shuo
tom shuo Hace un mes
So cute frog city I love how you decorate it you are so creative on all of your builds.
Braxton Anderson
Braxton Anderson Hace un mes
farzy, on your first hardcore episode on this series, you had emeralds to trade spruce saplings to the wandering trader
Ineptidudes Hace un mes
Frogs were definitely one of my favorite recent additions to the game. Still intimidated by hardcore though :D
🐸 Froggy Windy 🐸
Same I love em
couu alis
couu alis Hace un mes
spencer emory
spencer emory Hace un mes
Adding particulate like wheat or other grains to mud turns it into adobe, a much much harder material
Una McAnulty Silclir
Farzy you are my fav ESvidr thank you for cheering me up when I am sad and making me laugh when I’m happy you are an amazing builder I wish I could build as good as you if I ever meet you will you teach me how to build half decent
Camino Del Rio
Camino Del Rio Hace un mes
just a tip you don't have to shear the pumpkins to make an iron golem love the series 🤗🥰👍
mya x
mya x Hace 14 días
“Thank you for making a new home for frogs. I think your build for the frogs home is so cool!” -From my 5 year old brother
zac gaming
zac gaming Hace un mes
There cant be a single video where farzy isnt attacked by pillagers... seems like pillagers love him🤣
Art? Hace un mes
I’ve never watched your videos, but my brother really loves them, so I wanted to check them out so I could talk about them with him. He keeps talking about how cool your builds are :)
The Doge
The Doge Hace un mes
Thats so cool. I wanna build a 1.19 mangrove swamp with Allays and Frogs now
ollie flynn
ollie flynn Hace un mes
Bro I've been a fan ever since u had 1000 subs and I just wanna say how cool it is to see how far you've come
valerie milado
valerie milado Hace un mes
When you have all 3 froglights, you get an achievement. Get froglights by making frogs eat baby magma cubes!
FlakoMC Hace un mes
Glad to know that this guy is getting enough views he deserved 🙌
Angie Lancaster
Angie Lancaster Hace 8 días
So right!!!!
SMlilyhunter Gaming
Same here
Rachel Hace un mes
Maverick Harris
Maverick Harris Hace un mes
Ikr I sub to both of u
Tara Hettinger
Tara Hettinger Hace un mes
I agree with you
Neo Hace un mes
As someone who loves frogs, this is amazing
Commy Amara
Commy Amara Hace un mes
Another great adventure episode! If you don't know what to do in your new episode you should make a underwater house with cool stuff to survive.
:Watermelon Seed Seed
I’m pretty sure if you shear it then you can make sure the saplings the mangrove trees don’t grow and you don’t need to use string
ThunderNawa80 Hace un mes
Name the town wartwood, after the Frog City from Amphibia. You should also throw in some axolotls for good measure
𝐾𝑒𝑛𝑧𝑖𝑒 𝑃𝑙𝑎𝑦𝑠
Farzy- "I don't have wheat back home" also Farzy- "I have to use my wheat farm"
𝐾𝑒𝑛𝑧𝑖𝑒 𝑃𝑙𝑎𝑦𝑠
@matt parker what?
matt parker
matt parker Hace un mes
couu alis
couu alis Hace un mes
Frogs are surely my favorite animals they are so cute so thank you for making a frog city Farzy!
Liam The Wise
Liam The Wise Hace un mes
You make so many masterpieces! keep up the good work!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hace un mes
Frogs are surely my favorite animals they are so cute so thank you for making a frog city Farzy!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hace un mes
and I love your videos I’m gonna keep on making these videos for you
Jessica White
Jessica White Hace un mes
The frogs look even cuter than real life 😍
Nuning Minie
Nuning Minie Hace un mes
Bro, this guy is blowin' up, he was underrated, he gonna get 1 mil subs this year..
Aquatic Dog
Aquatic Dog Hace un mes
This was such a cool build also can’t wait for the ice bucket
nic23801 Hace un mes
SAME 🤣🤣🤣🤭
Sandeep Bhattaram
Sandeep Bhattaram Hace un mes
That's gonna be fun 😊
Adam Groves
Adam Groves Hace un mes
I love the frog home and the big tree pls do more for the bee’s
Galaxy Penguin_reaper
I hope you reach 1M subs farzy because you Deserve it!
Lazy cat !
Lazy cat ! Hace un mes
This is such a cute build! Your a rlly good builder! New sub!
Ceo Flippers
Ceo Flippers Hace un mes
Woah farzy I last visited this channel 9 months ago, when you were going for 200k subs, you're over 700k now??? That's insane, keep up the great quality videos, you deserved to reach this point
Amanda Parish
Amanda Parish Hace un mes
This build is absolutely amazing! I love the way you make things in Minecraft! A slight tip though for the next you need mud If you use a water bottle in dirt,coarse dirt and rooted dirt you can get mud Pretty sure you could make a farm out of it too so you don’t have to worry about having to look for a mangrove swamp!hope this helps!
underfell sans
underfell sans Hace un mes
this guy is amazing. keep it up!
Sage Nardi
Sage Nardi Hace un mes
I love when you’re in hardcore
FlameHead6 Hace 29 días
I swear Mojang should add the structures Farzy makes into Minecraft they are amazing! :)
carinwu Hace 15 días
When you made the"bunch of random shapes"I thought it looked like abstract art
The Greatest Meowstic
I always wish I was good at building. I've always preferred efficiency and effectiveness over asthetic but recently I've really wanted to learn how to build. Yesterday I was following a tutorial for a mercenary guild. I haven't finished the build yet though and eventually I wanna get back to it
Aboubacar Coulibaly
Honestly I’ll subscribe just for the good builds
Amanda Chandler
Amanda Chandler Hace un mes
My favorite part was at 7:02 bc it’s so fun to watch you!
Andy Petrariu
Andy Petrariu Hace un mes
I would love it if you could make tutorials for your builds because there just so coollll
LordVinduim.   i like bloxy cola
You need wheat to make packed mud because thats basically how its made in real life
Abby,ST fan
Abby,ST fan Hace 13 días
I am that obsessed with frogs that I am going to get one in real life and I was scrolling through ESvid and saw your frog City video and I instantly clicked the subscribe button
Dr Vishwakranth kumar Vempati
Build a roof over JJ’s pond, Maybe that might prevent JJ jumping out.
Hiro Uchiha
Hiro Uchiha Hace un mes
Use a fortune 3 tool while collecting wheat carrot etc it will give alot of drops
AjPlayz Hace un mes
Farzy always puts a smile on my face when i watch his vids
Christian Grove
Christian Grove Hace 18 días
You should light it up with some froglights as well, great video.
Marissa Fitness Education Online
You know what?!!,you are amazing!!,I love you’re builds and creation!!!!!!!
Luna Team
Luna Team Hace un mes
you just need to get a water bottle and with it you just tap on DIRT block to create mud
justin-natasha harris
justin-natasha harris Hace 20 horas
Thank thank you you taught me so much in Minecraft I was a noob and now I'm a pro because of you thank you
Riley McFarlane
Riley McFarlane Hace un mes
Farley you are my new favorite youtuber and I respect your hard work and your time you put in these vids:)
Frog! Hace 19 días
@NJ Does Stuff Just croaking as a normal frog
NJ Does Stuff
NJ Does Stuff Hace 19 días
Yeah! I was looking for more Minecraft ESvidrs and I found him and now I’m happy! Edit: that sounded weird
Frog! Hace 19 días
Mine too
Maeve Margaret
Maeve Margaret Hace un mes
Make custom igloos, or snow statues! I like your buildings, you have a lot of beautiful things you made. 2 messages for you from 2 kids.
Friend of Edvin Thom
With all those golems down there you could make an iron city for them
ifnee Hace un hora
I love this frog sanctuary 😍
Royale Begay
Royale Begay Hace 7 días
Legends says that the iron golems are increasing taking over the ancient city
Galactic Studio’s
I actually love the idea of making a animal kingdom world, I actually just built an allay fairy village!
allison lawson
allison lawson Hace un mes
It’s so cute seeing them on a lily pad
AtifPlayzGames Hace un mes
C Marshall
C Marshall Hace un mes
I love watching these you give me build ideas
William R Jump
William R Jump Hace 26 días
One time I was on a realm and I stumbled upon a base that was full of frogs and I was so confused.
jim kran
jim kran Hace un mes
You're so creative!!!The frog city is amazing!!!!!
Nao Nao HLJ
Nao Nao HLJ Hace un mes
Hey Farzy just wanna tell you I’m a very big fan of you and your builds are AWESOME
Kevin Gramajo
Kevin Gramajo Hace un mes
Instead a fence for the gate I feel like it should be that block that is on the mangroove tree
George Campbell
George Campbell Hace un mes
Another showstopping episode! This was amazing. I have an idea if you don’t yet have plans for the next episode, collect every obtainable block and put it on display in a trophy room!
XxKiwixX Hace un mes
I agree! That would be a very intertaining episode!
81mysza Hace un mes
Hi farzy, i really love your vids. How do you do hard core? And i was wondering if one day you could make a zoo?
Advanced Land Official
Just a suggestion can you make a axolotl village oh and by the way this video was great❤
Damian Gutti
Damian Gutti Hace 21 un día
I love this idea for the frogs 🐸 ❤
bradyscott59 Hace un mes
Videos like these really inspire me to do things like these kind of ESvidrs do
Nicole Flamand
Nicole Flamand Hace un mes
Frogs are my favorite animal so I really enjoyed this :D
alan cook
alan cook Hace un mes
Hey, can't the frogs just jump out of the mountain? Shouldn't you put something ontop cuz they jump really high.
Baked potato
Baked potato Hace un mes
Let’s just appreciate the time and wornk put in this vid for us
XxUvUxX Hace 16 días
This should get way more likes this is very impressive!
ducky ducky
ducky ducky Hace un mes
Farzy! Update your Biome Museum and add Ancient City and Mangrove Swamp
ItsIllyas7 Hace un mes
How about setup a strength 2 beacon at your raid farm.I see many people lose their hardcore world because of vexes.
Zana Baran
Zana Baran Hace 20 horas
You said to the sheep "only frogs aloud!" when ur not a frog yourself 😂
Lourie Rivera
Lourie Rivera Hace un mes
Maybe For the next episode He Will MAYBE Make A Wheat Farm And Upgrade His Museum With Ancient City And Mangrove Swamp!
It's Lexi
It's Lexi Hace un mes
Tip: if you add water to dirt it makes mud
ducky ducky
ducky ducky Hace un mes
Farzy: I need to steal hay Also Farzy: *has Wheat at barn* Villagers: bruh- get that hay back! We don't have bread!
Kaiti Jensen
Kaiti Jensen Hace un mes
@Farzy hahahahahahahahaha say what,.,.
John Ervine Gempesaw
@Farzy there’s a secret place under jungle temple stairs
DavidGaming Hace un mes
bruh lol
Farzy Hace un mes
Music🎧 Hace un mes
Argi Argi
Argi Argi Hace 10 días
You can make mud (click with Bootle of water at dirt).
Adnan Elwahi
Adnan Elwahi Hace un mes
you should make a custom swamp for the frogs
Adnan Elwahi
Adnan Elwahi Hace un mes
you should make a custom swamp for the frogs
Logan’s Pen of Mystery LPM
“You need wheat to make Mud?! Where’s the science in that?!” Me: Bro the wheat is to hold the mud together
AceBre12 YT
AceBre12 YT Hace un mes
You can actually get more allays when u play music they will start to dance and if u give them an amythest shard they will make more so now u can get more allays without struggling
🐸 Froggy Windy 🐸
Looks amazing love your dedication
Tastebuds N Beyond
Tastebuds N Beyond Hace un mes
Hey farzy you can make mud with water bottles on deart al so you can get propaguls by bone mealing the mangrove leaves
KTLE024 Hace un mes
Thank you for helping me make ideas!
Captain Toad
Captain Toad Hace un mes
idea: make a map house. you could fly around your world and map it all out, then you can make a hole in the ground and put your map in there. then you can cover the hole with glass and put a house on top of it. you could also put some cartographers in the house.
zzz aaa
zzz aaa Hace un mes
so excited for this week’s video. always nice to start the day off with a farzy video 🥰
vidar løvmo
vidar løvmo Hace un mes
@Farzy I always get happy watching your video s
vidar løvmo
vidar løvmo Hace un mes
Bella flame
Bella flame Hace un mes
Bella flame
Bella flame Hace un mes
@Farzy yeah that is a amazing
Nico Hace un mes
Boo._. Hace un mes
You should make the deep dark makeover and make it in to a beautiful city 🥺
Norma Antatico
Norma Antatico Hace un mes
What seed did you use farzy this seed is super cool i want a hardcore survival like that 😃😃😃
Cat Queen
Cat Queen Hace un mes
I have never seen this guy before but he makes me really happy
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