I built a LEGO WAR... 

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Caveman a menace fr
Thumbnail inspired by Mrbeast, tried to make it lego lol
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14 mar 2023






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TD BRICKS Hace 6 meses
Can we all take a moment to appreciate how much dedication that hot dog man put into defending his people? Bro literally was out of catapults but still backed his boys and carried the team to the W. The funny storytelling, stop motions, editing and effects all made this feel like a movie. Def your best vid yet.
Captian00f Hace 6 meses
Sageyboy Hace 6 meses
To bricks!
JackSucksSomePiss Hace 6 meses
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 6 meses
Truly a unit!
Nathan D
Nathan D Hace 6 meses
No surprise seeing you here! Love your videos
Lego Cooking
Lego Cooking Hace 3 meses
It is amazing to see that this video make lot of views! Congratulations!
Stopmo13 Hace 3 meses
No way I love ur channel u made me inspired into stopmotikns
Your Mom
Your Mom Hace 9 días
1 comment?
Timsolotl Hace un día
How has this not blown up?
Sick Brix
Sick Brix Hace 6 meses
It’s almost like this video is a visual representation of what went on in all our minds when we made lego battles as kids. Seriously well done video, really impressive.
Sacred Hace 6 meses
nice to see ya bro! appreciate that a ton :)
Sveten Hace 6 meses
@Sacred how do you not have 1mil subs yet? You’re amazing!
Kareenacreations Hace 6 meses
​@Sacred 😮😢😮
Brickit Productions
Brickit Productions Hace 6 meses
Geofrey Hormigas
Geofrey Hormigas Hace 6 meses
@Sacred How about you simulated COD which it came by that kid that cannot play COD on Xbox🤣🤣
The B3
The B3 Hace 6 meses
Yeah I can see how this took 500 hours 😂 Seriously one of the most creative, entertaining, and plain old fun -LEGO- videos out there. I love the wacky premise, and you just took the idea to its highest potential possible, with solid characters, action, SO many little touches, and an engaging storyline with constant twists and turns... wow. I'm definitely taking some notes :)
Sacred Hace 6 meses
appreciate that man! had to try and make a storyline and i’ll glad it payed off!
Hypno Hace 6 meses
Why is this so underrated
jaxs world
jaxs world Hace 6 meses
BD BRICKS11 Hace 6 meses
Good video. Keep it up!! 🔥
Andy Rianto
Andy Rianto Hace 6 meses
Big fan B3
Defaultuser22 Hace 3 meses
I just watched your video and it was absolutely amazing! The animation was top-notch and the attention to detail was incredible. I loved how the video told a cohesive story from beginning to end, while also showcasing some amazing Lego creations. It was great to see how the Lego bricks were used to create a whole world, complete with characters and a storyline. The humor in the video was also fantastic. It had me laughing out loud several times! The jokes were clever and the delivery was spot-on. The video managed to be both family-friendly and entertaining for viewers of all ages. I appreciated how the humor was used to enhance the storyline and characters, rather than distract from them. I also loved how the video showcased the endless possibilities of Lego bricks. The video featured a variety of different Lego creations, from buildings to vehicles to characters. It was amazing to see how the different pieces could be used in so many creative ways. The video also inspired me to try building my own creations with Lego bricks, and I can't wait to see what I come up with! The attention to detail in the video was truly impressive. From the way the characters moved to the expressions on their faces, everything was perfectly executed. The video was a testament to the creativity and skill of the animators and Lego builders involved. It was clear that a lot of thought and effort went into making the video, and it definitely paid off. Overall, I was blown away by the Lego video. It was funny, creative, and beautifully executed. It showcased the endless possibilities of Lego bricks and inspired me to try building my own creations. I would highly recommend this video to anyone, whether they're a Lego fan or not. It's a testament to the power of creativity and imagination, and it's sure to put a smile on anyone's face.
Sacred Hace 3 meses
Thank you so much for this comment man, I read the whole thing and it's crazy you took that much time out of your day to write that! People like you really motivate me to do more
Defaultuser22 Hace 3 meses
@Sacred no problem dude! It’s crazy that you responded! I love your videos so much keep up the good work man honestly you are my favourite ESvidr and you inspired me to make Lego videos on another channel. Good luck again dude you are awesome! I honestly hope that you become even more successful even though your like 16 you do way better then some other 20+ Lego ESvidrs I know and that is insane dude your a amazing dude like honestly don’t thank me I thank you for making your videos and being a awesome ESvidr! Good luck dude with your career,
Jawad Arwah Rayed
Jawad Arwah Rayed Hace 3 meses
Bro wrote 5 paragraphs just for a comment 💀
Bob The Bacon🥓TV
Bob The Bacon🥓TV Hace 3 meses
Why is yo sentence so long until we had u pinned like. I don’t know
A & A Studios
A & A Studios Hace 6 meses
This is the one thing we all imagined as kids, but were never actually able to do!
Studio Studs
Studio Studs Hace 6 meses
A&A you watch sacred bricks also nice 👍
Negga egga
Negga egga Hace 6 meses
Fr I remember trying to do one but didn’t have enough figures and sets
maddawg productions
maddawg productions Hace 6 meses
maddawg productions
maddawg productions Hace 6 meses
Sadly😢 not safly
TornCord Hace 6 meses
ONG! I literally tried 11 times to make war but I had voice cracks, not very many figures and legos, and had to deal with my siblings wrecking my Lego wars… ;(
MicahNike Hace 6 meses
Incorporating stop motion into this video was the most genious thing I've witnessed this month! Now I can see how you put 500+ hours into this video! Incredible job Sacred!
Mousey Hace 5 meses
Theresa Westmoreland
😂😂😂😂 lol
Who33 Hace 6 meses
This is a cinematic masterpiece, the story, the characters. Is just perfect. Spoilers: The best part was when the Sergeant Sausage helped the Caveman. I was literally crying at that moment, truly an unexpected and also a touching moment.
Sam Cunningham
Sam Cunningham Hace 6 meses
Yes , a beautiful work of art
EMC Adventures
EMC Adventures Hace 4 meses
"Whyy??" "CAUSE yOuR PeEoplE nEeD YoU!"
Charlie-089 Hace 3 meses
that caveman was 4% scottish
2020 Make it Stop
2020 Make it Stop Hace 2 meses
Read about OP on Insider and decided to come fulfill my childhood nostalgia. I think what's so great about watching these vids, for me, is I absolutely sucked at building anything creatively. So to see impressive productions like this, it's really a great thrill. And a reminder again that my building skills would be condemned everytime.
Brad's Brick Post
Brad's Brick Post Hace 6 meses
Best original screenplay 2023. What a roller coaster of emotion, the character growth, the action, the romance. Superb!
SkullShotGaming Hace 4 meses
The effort put into this is just phenomenal! Also Sacred where did you get the army figures, weapons, and armor? They look insanely cool
Isaiah Payne
Isaiah Payne Hace 3 meses
Brickarms, the quality is immaculate but can be expensive
sloth18 Hace 6 meses
This is exactly what went through my head while playing with Legos, it’s so cool to actually see what it would look like cinematically!
Koala Hace 6 meses
Sacred, I don’t think you know how much we appreciate your work just to entertain us, thank you ❤
El Polo
El Polo Hace un mes
i love how he captured the exact chaotic feeling of you and your friends playing with legos while making up random bs that would completely obliterate the continuity of the whole storyline
Delawrence Dean
Delawrence Dean Hace 2 meses
Dude the time and effort he put into this is amazing. Bro is a walking W
BT Bricks 🇺🇦
BT Bricks 🇺🇦 Hace 6 meses
Sacred Puts so much time into these videos, he deserves more
Lincoln Meranda
Lincoln Meranda Hace 4 meses
this is the best Lego video ever I love it! Also if you're planning to do another Lego war you should put a little more logic into it like the fact the the king of the castle could chop the ladders with his golden axe or the tanks need fuel I feel like it would make Lego war like this have a more clean look.
LEGO Land Hace 6 meses
Cool!! you are getting better and better at every video!! I make lego stop motion . You can see it .
Andy Rianto
Andy Rianto Hace 6 meses
I like your stop motions
LEGO Land Hace 6 meses
@Andy Rianto Thanks you so much
Sanav Kids
Sanav Kids Hace 4 meses
​@LEGO Land I also see your videos
Mason Trinh
Mason Trinh Hace 6 meses
My guy managed to create a whole war, #15 on trending totally deserved.
some1 who sucks at brawl stars
500 HOURS?!! WOW MAN you have some dedication!! I really enjoyed the story like with all the plot twists it was really fun and how you brought Darth Vader in it too XD I would love a part 2 but understandable if you don't make one as this took a long time. Well done dude!!
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez Hace 6 meses
We need more content like this. A story like no other!
James,s animations + gaming
this man needs to be hired by the lego movie makers
Dhiane Cuenta
Dhiane Cuenta Hace 4 horas
Salute to this man He made our childhood imaginations into a reality🫡
shani yan
shani yan Hace 6 meses
This man should win an award for best newscaster and Lego war simulator.
HWLego Hace 6 meses
He never disappoints
RandomBrotherHoodMF Hace 6 meses
well hello
HWLego Hace 6 meses
Medic Hace 8 días
For anybody who didnt understand the ending: The fallen soldier shot sergeant sausage in the head and then became the leader of the army (through hierarchy) after that killing the castle’s residents and burning it down (just as general brickamn intended)
UIU Agent
UIU Agent Hace 6 meses
I didn't expect Sgt. Sausage to betray the army, unloyal lad indeed. And that one man at the end, earned my respect
Diezel Leprozo
Diezel Leprozo Hace 4 meses
we might as well call ‘im “Scottish Sausage” ‘cuz of his accent
Moosedog Hace 4 meses
This was better than any movie I have ever seen ❤
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Hace 6 meses
This is amazing, all the work that went into this, keep up the great work SacredBricks
Emmett Todd
Emmett Todd Hace 6 meses
He never disappoints with his content
Sacred Hace 5 meses
Jonathan Ferraren
Jonathan Ferraren Hace 5 meses
he worked 300 hours just for a video. Give him an oscar and 1B subs and views
Archie Clarkson
Archie Clarkson Hace 6 meses
THIS IS GREAT!! the humor, the editing, the content, and the lego is amazing! This video is amazing, well done!
Adhiyan P
Adhiyan P Hace 2 meses
I just watched it and i have got say the video, stop motion was awesome. I liked the fact you said a whole story as well. Amazing video.
Bricktastic Lego Ideas
Sacred bricks, your videos make my day and are so awesome and I see you put a lot of time and effort into your videos. I’m super proud of you for having an awesome channel and being successful at ESvid.
Sacred Hace 6 meses
Thank you so much! This made me so happy :)
Bricktastic Lego Ideas
@Sacred I’m so glad I made you happy.
Bricktastic And Beyond
Exactly, sacred bricks is an amazing and super successful ESvidr and so are his friends. I’m excited to see him hit 1 million and face reveal.
NRG bricks
NRG bricks Hace 6 meses
I agree with you, sacred bricks is an awesome ESvidr and I’m super proud of him for being a successful ESvidr.
Lego Mushroom studios
Sacred bricks deserves everything including a free lego titanic
Mustache Motion Studio
Back in my day people used to sand down or cut the back off the back of the fire fighter helmet and paint it blue to make a Adrian helmet for WW1 stop motions. Crazy that people can actually mold them now.
Johnny Speedboat
Johnny Speedboat Hace 6 meses
This video emits chaotic good energy in the best way possible. Seriously though, great builds/animation!
Plushy’s in memes
Plushy’s in memes Hace 4 meses
You do you know for that original tank design you could’ve used a two by one flat piece with one stud so that the shooting part wasn’t stuck to one side
Picture by Picture
Picture by Picture Hace 4 meses
He didn’t build it, he brought it all from battle brick
my pfp is profily
my pfp is profily Hace 6 meses
The part where Sargent Sausage kept shouting about nuts was really the best part of this whole video
jodpete78 Hace 4 meses
When the leader of the soldiers pushed the king off I thought the king would be holding on and the cave man would bring the leader of the soldiers down with him with a great sacrifice that would go on for generations to generations.
Sacred Hace 6 meses
PART 2: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-eKZt7AYO53Q.html I put so much work into this video but it's my favorite piece of content ever! Please watch till the end, you'll thank me later ;) Sub to the new second channel for extra content: esvid.net/show-UCT0gFGoxjII6I6PR3Jr8uog
Chris Rosgen
Chris Rosgen Hace 6 meses
this is so sick
AwesomeGamerWASD Hace 6 meses
This was amazing
NINDROID77 Hace 6 meses
You should be on Lego Masters
Etch A Tails!
Etch A Tails! Hace 6 meses
8th sub
Sconny Hace 6 meses
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller Hace 6 meses
Great work! Keep up the hard work! Can't wait to see the next one! Also just subbed to your channel as well! Can't wait to see the next video you make! :D
Hit me on tele-gram Gamerslittleplayground011
Congratulations great fan 🎉🎉 You have won a prize.message the Above 👆👆 name to Acknowledge your prize.....
Penguinator5 Hace 6 meses
The amount of effort is insane love your videos man
Sacred Hace 5 meses
Thank you so much!
Penguinator5 Hace 5 meses
@Sacred thanks for recognizing my comment you’re the best man your videos always make me smile keep at it the hot dog carried them to a fat dub
DinoDude Hace 4 meses
I wish she could do more stuff like that and stop motion
Matthew’s Stuff
Matthew’s Stuff Hace 6 meses
there were superior tactics available but for balancing issues it didnt happen. For reference yall can look up the capture of eben emael
forniatti Hace 3 meses
I watched it and loved your video. I could not help but ask, where do you buy your lego firearms?
Imperial Philippines countryhuman🇵🇭
Well the medieval army have good battle tactics but the modern military have tanks from a far and air support even with the mages they are the first target since the soldiers only target the strong ones plus the have air support like F 22 F 16 A 10 AC 130 and artillery while the battle may work on carriage they cannot reach the armored vehicles which are equipe with machine guns and rockets they can shoot like a distant of 500 meters or less
sloth18 Hace 6 meses
Two words: Absolute masterpiece.
Sacred Hace 5 meses
Thank you!!!
Dr. Mister
Dr. Mister Hace 4 meses
​@Sacred Can you actually make a part two with the gray masked soldier recruitin future soldiers? (If you have future pieces)
Bricktastic Lego Ideas
Sacred bricks, your videos make my day and are so awesome and I see you put a lot of time and effort into your videos. I’m super proud of you for having an awesome channel and being successful at ESvid unlike me.
Sacred Hace 6 meses
You’ll be big on day. Just work at it!!
NRG bricks
NRG bricks Hace 6 meses
I agree with you, sacred bricks is an awesome ESvidr and I’m super proud of him for being a successful ESvidr.
Aaron's House of Legos
Sacred Bricks makes really good content, and this video was so good!
Bricktastic Lego Ideas
@Aaron's House of Legos it was awsome
Raise Riggy
Raise Riggy Hace 3 meses
After seeing the last banger I can finally know what brickman goes through
Brick Engineering Studio
Can we all appreciate how that cave man was destroy the entire Amy by himself!? Those 6inchers were pretty crazy too, how does my man make that many?!
Sacred Hace 6 meses
He’s the goat 🐐
Brick Engineering Studio
@Sacred 🐐 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐👍👍👍
melon Hace 4 meses
This movie must get an Oscar. 10/10 amazing movie.
Ender Hace 6 meses
Grogu went from being a powerful Jedi to ammo for a catapult
Zertfuh Hace 6 meses
I'm impresssed by this performance. As a kid, i always wanted to do it but i couldn't animate all legos at the same time :(
Curio M
Curio M Hace 6 meses
As a kid that still loves Lego for all my heart, this is perfect. I wanted to play the Lego like this.
Ian Kosi Surwal
Ian Kosi Surwal Hace 3 meses
As a 20 year old aspiring Engineer, I still love Lego😎
chaotic_MeSs1 Hace 6 meses
Man because of you I am wanting to get back into Lego and do these type of things great video man and also where did you get those custom Lego parts they look cool
blobbyyfishyy Hace 4 meses
This is by far my favorite video of yours great work I would love to see more of these types of videos on ESvid, simulating our childhood
Sacred Hace 4 meses
thank you so much
Puddles productions 🐸
12:00 in the medieval times the invaders would sometimes launch animals into the castle to hopefully spread disease and starve them out. This process is highly inefficient because it would’ve taken along time for any disease to spread.
Sync Hace 5 meses
This guy is the best story teller ever.
Vesna Bernjak-Ord
Vesna Bernjak-Ord Hace 6 meses
Wow, you learnt how to make stop motion animation? Impressive! Must of taken a long time! Also does the end signal a part 2? Because you can’t leave us on a cliff hanger.
GT jelly Torres
GT jelly Torres Hace un mes
To appreciate how hard you work
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Hace 6 meses
Nice job man. I have been with your channel since 200k. Keep up the great work. Your growing so fast. 👍
Weakest Alpine Unit
Weakest Alpine Unit Hace 4 meses
" soldiers aren’t hero’s but victims"- brickman
Very cool dude!!! love the custom lego pieces where did you get them from??? This video looks like it took a long……..long time
Jazkal-V420 Hace 6 meses
Our collective wish for an epic Lego War. Thank you, Sacred for making our greatest wish come true.
BFDI MAPPER Hace 6 meses
1300 vs Kaiserreich
Doublegamesandstuff Hace 2 meses
This whole thing could’ve ended in two seconds if they just blew up the castle
Baconlad11 Hace 5 meses
This is the literal definition of "never let them know your next move"
EMC Adventures
EMC Adventures Hace 4 meses
Lol the automatic machine gun is from World War 1. Veeeeery modern. Great video, I love watching your content.
Cheyenne Meap
Cheyenne Meap Hace 6 meses
I really enjoyed this video. The stopmotion is so smooth and well done🤩
ZacharyPlays! Hace 6 meses
Now this, This is called good content 😊❤🎉
Mako Hace 3 meses
This was literally the inspiration for a story I finished last month. I'm working on another one. Wish me luck!✨
GT jelly Torres
GT jelly Torres Hace un mes
We have to appreciate how hard he works cause he works hard Soak these nuts
Crocadilian Hace 6 meses
I really liked this video. I know it took a while to make, but I hope we get more videos like this. Or a sequel?
Sacred Hace 6 meses
there may be a few more parts to the series…
◇-M1L0-◇ Hace 4 meses
I can’t wait for the sequel!
BigBludMafaka Hace 6 meses
This video is epic! We need more military themed Lego stories from sacred bricks! Pls do more in the future!
Vim macleod
Vim macleod Hace 19 días
11:02 a very inspiring war story where you shouldn't take life for granted 😢🥲
Pax Kapuya
Pax Kapuya Hace 6 meses
Thank you for bringing this to life for us 😊😊
Zch Hace 4 meses
Some of the soldiers I remember buying just gives me back memories when me and my brother had a Lego war
Geivu Hace 2 meses
He achieved our childhood dream.
Sacred Hace 2 meses
no we did.
Lowkey Arki
Lowkey Arki Hace 6 meses
I feel nostalgia that shouldn't be possible cause I didn't have these types of lego but it feels familiar. How peculiar, well I know what I'll be buying in the following months
Vy Dinh
Vy Dinh Hace 2 meses
When I was little I did something like this but I never expected it to as good as in this vid keep up the hard work👍👍👍
Cocina de Hank
Cocina de Hank Hace 6 meses
Finally a long lego war! I love it :)
Liltle Pig
Liltle Pig Hace 3 días
“ Even the kids! Why are they so happy? “ Got me rolling on the floor
Brick-Flick Studios
Brick-Flick Studios Hace 6 meses
Jaydub Films
Jaydub Films Hace 6 meses
Sacred, I love your videos they are always insanely amazing! 😎
henry Van Almen
henry Van Almen Hace 5 meses
I compelely understand and forgive u for this taking so long. building these and stop motion are increadibly hard! even if it was only used in a couple parts of the vid
awsomecone Hace un mes
Bro built a Higgins boat for the battle mad respect
Troy Leblanc
Troy Leblanc Hace 6 meses
Thanks sacred for this video I laughed so hard during this you made my day a whole Lot better thanks again 😊
Manisha Yadav
Manisha Yadav Hace 28 días
You always make us laugh and entertained bro
Sacred Hace 26 días
love ya
Ibrahim Rehman
Ibrahim Rehman Hace 6 meses
Actually AMAZING! Great job!
Jurassic studios
Jurassic studios Hace 6 meses
This is the best war ever to be war'd.
Dantae Hace 4 meses
I absolutely loved sergeant sausage, he was too funny😂
Giga Chad, but with no lover, job and fatherless
Caveman and Sergeant Sausage the real MVP in this arc! You earned a like and a subscriber
turtle shenanigans
turtle shenanigans Hace 4 meses
6:32 he made the first ever Lego ballista that uses a rubber band
LEGO Fanatics
LEGO Fanatics Hace 6 meses
I love your vids so much! Keep it up 👍
Hit me on tele-gram Gamerslittleplayground011
Congratulations great fan 🎉🎉 You have won a prize.message the Above 👆👆 name to Acknowledge your prize.....
Kendrick Tran
Kendrick Tran Hace 6 meses
For the mega Cannon, you should’ve made de Vinci’s tank
Danny_bal1 Hace 6 meses
I bet this was just an excuse for Sacred to be a child again 😂😂
Yaneth Meza
Yaneth Meza Hace 4 meses
Bro took Mrbeast to a whole new level💀💀
The Saber Trooper
The Saber Trooper Hace 6 meses
This video is both sus, and watching Sacred play with his lego, and I love it.
Zhang J
Zhang J Hace 4 meses
“Don’t grab the nuts, STOP GRABBING THE NUTS” got me really dying 😂😂😂😂