I Built Bikini Bottom In A Fish Tank

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This week, I'm building the Worlds Largest Underwater Bikini Bottom in a huge 4ft Fish Tank for my sister's 30th birthday! Giveaway winner is... 🥁 •Unofficially Taiga• /Harly Chastain 🥳

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This was one of the hardest builds I've ever done, with challenges at every corner. Each house (SpongeBob Squarepants, Squidward Tentacles and Patrick Star) were incredibly hard to print. I'm so happy with how Bikini Bottom turned out and my sister couldn't believe the special surprise at the end!

As you may know, Petco sells SpongeBob Squarepants' houses for fish tanks, but they are just too small. I wanted to make Bikini Bottom for a much larger fish tank so I took matters into my own hands. I used a 3D printer to make Bikini Bottom in this fish tank. PLA is both food and fish safe and great for making aquarium ornaments and parts.

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18 may 2022






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I love the editing and all the energy in this video!
elone mauske
usually spongebob themed tanks are signs of beginner fish keepers but this is impressive
zelda trash
zelda trash Hace 21 un hora
i feel like half of this could have been avoided if she started way earlier and instead of 3d printing patricks house, she could have just found a fairly large rock and painted it or something safe for fish instead of having to rush to print a rock
Rebecca Haywood
Rebecca Haywood Hace 12 horas
I am obsessed with your channel!! Thankyou for creating something so fantastic! I can't wait to get my new aquarium set up at home... Sadly have to wait till I've finished decorating! But getting loads of ideas for my set up 😍😍😍
the store bought ones are very unsafe for aquariums! i feel this should be mentioned in the video in case someone wants to do this with the store bought decorations!
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson Hace 14 días
Doing a sculpt and cast with marine epoxy would have probably been more cost effective and less time consuming. So next time you have an unprintable model look to your casting friends and see what they're up to. Especially if you know someone into props and special effects.
Olivia's Reborn Nursery
I love your videos! My dad used to have a 75 gallon saltwater tank, and we had to get rid of it. Now about 8 years later we are getting three axoltls! You have inspired me so much!
Chunk The Frog
It’s amazing! Usually a “bikini bottom tank” is a death tank from someone uneducated but this is truly a masterpiece! Your problem solving skill and creative ideas along with your determination is outstanding !
Hello ma'am..... great to see you again.....i also love fishes and aquariums......but the one I have now is pretty old with a ton of scratches ummm because we just moved from one house to another.....i would certainly like to win a giveaway from you 😁😊
ldubs Hace un día
Love your respect for animals and your tank ideas! (🥹 and of course in love with your axolotls 🫶🏽). Immediately subscribed!
I'm just, so, so impressed. The amount of time, effort and money that you put in was just so incredible. Keep up the good work! :)
EJH Hace 14 días
The live plants really bring it to life, i never thought a spongebob tank could actually look good lol
Wow the amount of efforts you put in your videos is insane
~Somebody Random~
I bet your sister is so happy right now !
Still Gaming
Omg that is such a cool tank! I love your videos and have an amazing day! 😃
Tera Moore
Tera Moore Hace 21 un día
This person is like the aquarium version of matthew beem..I love it lol
I am so glad you got this done in time! I am amazed on how you make all of these fish tanks. I am trying to make a fish tank. Do you have any pointers that could help me?
Love the aqua scape! I have never seen anyone pull off such an amazing bikini bottom tank! You are an amazing inspiration to us and give us some great ideas for aquascapes. Good luck to everyone for the giveaway! It would be a great present for my little sister. Thank you for putting out such amazing content aquarium info!
Every time I watch you I always get a new wave of "inspiredness". Right now I have a single goldfish (and two hermit crabs) but hopefully that number will grow in the future!
OptimumPond 67
I’m a very young fish keeper actually under the age of 12! I love your videos they make me so happy 😃
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