I Built The World's Largest Lego Tower

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I didnt think they would actually build that high lol
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6 jun 2020






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MrBeast Hace 11 horas
I didnt think they would actually build that high lol
Chuter Hooter
Chuter Hooter Hace 11 horas
So much LEGO’s. You should sell some.
Zapper1017 Hace 11 horas
Florence Kankam
Florence Kankam Hace 11 horas
Sir Jimmy Savile
Sir Jimmy Savile Hace 11 horas
MOWGLI Hace 11 horas
Jonathan The vlogger
Jonathan The vlogger Hace 10 horas
Did anyone else here blue bird at 8:19
Thumper Child
Thumper Child Hace 10 horas
Just what has happened to me beast when we were in Corinne
Tom Catmur
Tom Catmur Hace 10 horas
Plural of Lego is Lego
JBderEchte YT
JBderEchte YT Hace 10 horas
Hell yeah , that’s the stuff I wanna see
RBVlogs Hace 10 horas
mr beast your the best!!!!!!!!
bears nelsom
bears nelsom Hace 10 horas
I love your videos keep doing them never stop
Tobias Johansen
Tobias Johansen Hace 10 horas
Im worry to say, there is a tallet in Denmark (Europe), love your videos
1 Sub Before 2021?
1 Sub Before 2021? Hace 10 horas
*Who thinks Mrbeast should rent a private island and play real-life minecraft*
NewTypexvii Hace 10 horas
Garbage content
Jenson Snow
Jenson Snow Hace 10 horas
Mr beast you have changed me so much and make me give away money u love you
Intoyyy Hace 10 horas
Make this the most liked comment in youtube.
Étienne Goulet Séguin
Yayita Torre
Yayita Torre Hace 10 horas
Cameron Miller
Cameron Miller Hace 10 horas
Why is the view count frozen
Miracle Robot
Miracle Robot Hace 10 horas
So this is how they saved the man that fell in the LEGO river
Jamaa Abdul
Jamaa Abdul Hace 10 horas
@MrBeast Can I join next time😅
Colin Buker
Colin Buker Hace 10 horas
Watched re as it came out.commented now
GCA Hace 10 horas
Chandler managed to leave a challenge that wasnt even "last to leave"
Cody Arensman
Cody Arensman Hace 10 horas
Chris Gang I V
Zombiedawn815 Hace 10 horas
I would do this even if i wasn’t getting paid
Kiarum i
Kiarum i Hace 10 horas
"this is so hard when your tired" chris you know what else is hard? your hat
1 Subscriber Before 2021
everyone: quarantined mrbeast; let’s make the tallest lego tower
Gacha_Tuff Hace 10 horas
Mr beast says he build it
Mats Dahlgren
Mats Dahlgren Hace 10 horas
We have more in à TRUCK
Tyler Bombaro
Tyler Bombaro Hace 10 horas
Karl is the new chandler because he’s lost every challenge so far
Sebas.07 Hace 10 horas
The Great Wall of basingsa
oB Silent
oB Silent Hace 10 horas
mrbeast: building the highest lego tower delaware (with the current highest lego tower):... ooooooooof
Dino2aa2 Hace 10 horas
Who even is that one guy
Shane Insane
Shane Insane Hace 10 horas
You need to do a vid every other day
Kayleigh Dunton
Kayleigh Dunton Hace 10 horas
Where did u get all of the money
Corrupted Jxmes
Corrupted Jxmes Hace 10 horas
Whoever is watching this, god has a plan, trust the process
Ali kaan gevrek
Ali kaan gevrek Hace 10 horas
Chandler : *becomes leader* Also Chandler: *sleeps*
Yayita Torre
Yayita Torre Hace 10 horas
Callum Mccarthy
Callum Mccarthy Hace 10 horas
Chris cheated and he still lost
NerdWithGlasses Hace 10 horas
Here before its 2 hours
Tim Endew
Tim Endew Hace 10 horas
wait thats lego? lego used to be so small... what happend
Leo Agustin
Leo Agustin Hace 10 horas
Love your vids but instead of saying I did it say we did it cuz your friends are the ones actually doing it
Em&M Hace 10 horas
Cassie Triber
Cassie Triber Hace 10 horas
Me finding out they I wasn't subscribed for too years o.o
Croatian Mountain Biker
Entertaining af
Samuel Young
Samuel Young Hace 10 horas
This look legit super fun.
Nonof Yobusiness
Nonof Yobusiness Hace 10 horas
“I built the largest LEGO tower in the world” ummmmmm
Lauritz Martin
Lauritz Martin Hace 10 horas
As a dane.i salut you
Jesper Vink
Jesper Vink Hace 10 horas
MrBeast: I Built The World's Largest Lego Tower Me: good for you
TAP ON MY Pic! Hace 10 horas
Mr beast for president ✊🏽 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 period🥳
hi_friendJK Hace 10 horas
len rin
len rin Hace 10 horas
Chandler: our tower looks good (2 seconds later) wind:let us introduce our selfs
Giraffyty Hace 10 horas
Even if it's a team challenge, Chandler will leave
1 Sub Before 2021 Please?
Moral of the Story Concrete OR Cheating *Can't help to build a longer tower..*
Seanimates YT
Seanimates YT Hace 10 horas
Chris's side Lets make an actual tower Chandlers side: *WALL*
Akshay Devon
Akshay Devon Hace 10 horas
Pop Pengu
Pop Pengu Hace 10 horas
Chandler won a challenge?
PuddyCat OMG
PuddyCat OMG Hace 10 horas
My new favorite thing is watching mister beast videos at 2x speed
Marian Mucha
Marian Mucha Hace 10 horas
Hard to watch people without any experience with building or maths try to build something
Silent MIKE
Silent MIKE Hace 10 horas
Downhill videos
Zach Neff
Zach Neff Hace 10 horas
Ahhhhhh! Dang you chandler. You always let me down😢🥺
El Niño
El Niño Hace 10 horas
I think the other team cheated when they put cement on the tower but chandler won!!
Mike Kildau
Mike Kildau Hace 10 horas
Best cahnel ewwwer
Alexander Roberts
Alexander Roberts Hace 10 horas
Hey MrBeast, can I please have a try at one of your challenges? I am pooor boy lol
Vactanos Hace 10 horas
It hurts to see Karl and Chandler separated
Naazik Hace 10 horas
Well the one inch difference came from the one who held it on the upper end of the tower! 😁
Mohammad Rashid
Mohammad Rashid Hace 10 horas
pls respect social distancing mr.beast
floricena Hace 10 horas
Technically he didnt build the largest lega tower He build the largest duplo tower
Pyogi Hace 10 horas
Imagine disliking mrbeast videos there dumb these videos are great
The Number One Nerd
The Number One Nerd Hace 10 horas
twenty nine thousand nine hundred and twenty eighth
Xylex Hace 10 horas
to win this all you would need to do is leave it until last second and then whip out a longer lego structure and stick it on
tygrys Rudolf
tygrys Rudolf Hace 10 horas
Omg im poland and in Poland time is 23:18
SCYLERLID Hace 10 horas
Can I have one brick? Or a half of one?
Surprise Madafakas
Surprise Madafakas Hace 10 horas
5:38 that crocs is on fire 🔥
Michael Whiting
Michael Whiting Hace 10 horas
Marcus needs to be in more videos
Please DON'T CHECK My YouTube Channel
Today I brokerd up with my girlfriend ...😔😔
JP Padilla
JP Padilla Hace 10 horas
why didn't count the vertical blocks and multiply that by the height of the block
Someone Hace 10 horas
Damn it I was rooting for the other team...
Syncz Hace 10 horas
Mary Carpo
Mary Carpo Hace 10 horas
Bruh I feel short when he said 5’6, they all tall... I’m 5’2
Jeronimo Vargas Fierro
me: tries to be early bots: *nope*
OperaKiwi8099 Hace 10 horas
Tiggy Wigger
Tiggy Wigger Hace 10 horas
8:19 bluebird naruto opening
lakhdar mohammed
lakhdar mohammed Hace 10 horas
the best ever
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