I Did My Makeup Horribly To See How My Friends Would React *Prank*

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to prank my friends to see how honest they are. I did my makeup as BADLY as I possibly could and gave them a call, including Charli & Dixie D'Amelio, Larray, NikkieTutorials, to see if they would tell me the honest truth about my makeup!! Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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20 oct 2020






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Spookay It's Me
Spookay It's Me Hace 10 minutos
Hang on, It's suspicious that at the start he says he just gonna wipe off the makeup and brb ... But in the next shot - his hair is different and he's wearing different earrings, the for sure giveaway is the absence of his neck pimple. I'm not including his clothes because it's not hard to change a hoodie 🤣 lol, why try to create false continuity? We don't care if it's on the same day or a different day 😅😂✌️
christopher lestrade
christopher lestrade Hace 31 un minuto
when James tries to make it look "horrible" it 100 times better than mine
CaRbOnArA_ LaChImOlAlA_ToNy-MoNtAnA???
Im feelin shuper shuper cuteee!!!♡♡♡
jacqueline joseph
jacqueline joseph Hace 51 un minuto
🤯🤯😄👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 blow my mind
Malfoy addicted
Malfoy addicted Hace 51 un minuto
Once my art teacher told me green and red didn’t go together And i was like wah?? Now....
Gracy Keisham
Gracy Keisham Hace un hora
James: bad makeup Me : it looks like the best makeup I can do
bi emme
bi emme Hace un hora
did anyone notice clouds by one direction playing at 10:13 :)?
Janvi Peace
Janvi Peace Hace un hora
I'm sorry the moment he but his orange foundation he instantly looked like a oompa loompa.
AaRa Raina
AaRa Raina Hace un hora
James no offense but THAT LOOK IS F*CKED UP
Noora Abdullah Alkabbi
James hates when he make his hands dirty but he put foundation on his hands 😂😂
Nightcore cute
Nightcore cute Hace un hora
HI James Charles you soo the best of makeup and you soo good of makeup I love it! so amazing your amazing😄👏💖
Andreea Olteanu
Andreea Olteanu Hace 2 horas
His bad makeup is my best makeup right now
Ayshath Azrar
Ayshath Azrar Hace 2 horas
Omg yeah like james shut up its not the worst lets say😅
Andreea Olteanu
Andreea Olteanu Hace 2 horas
OMG I love you James Waqas I wish I could meet youuuu
ديليسيا احبكم
حتى اصدقائو بحكو هاي يافتاة💀
ديليسيا احبكم
ييييييعععععععع انت الحين كيوت 🤬🤯💩💩
Nina Koren
Nina Koren Hace 2 horas
I think it looks fine
Lucy Reilly
Lucy Reilly Hace 2 horas
Okay but like I unironically like the green under a copper tone
Alicia Girdler
Alicia Girdler Hace 3 horas
To trump u look better then usual
the damelios are so kind SKSJSKSK
Roblox Tik Toker
Roblox Tik Toker Hace 3 horas
WHAT THE... th th that look good
Alina Ivascu
Alina Ivascu Hace 3 horas
okk is not that badd i meannnn.......... the freckels lokk badd butt the rest looks amazingg bootiful
Alex Kamryn Clifton
Alex Kamryn Clifton Hace 3 horas
PurplePinkishGalaxy Hace 4 horas
orange for donald trump are you donald trum’s sister?
Flamingoverena3 Hace 4 horas
lol 😝
Chloe Kent
Chloe Kent Hace 4 horas
itz_Scarlet Gacha
itz_Scarlet Gacha Hace 4 horas
Its litterally not that bad The word "HORRIBLE" to james charles is the word "BEAUTIFUL TO MEH"
Aaliyah pankhurst
Aaliyah pankhurst Hace 4 horas
Hanlie Van Sittert
Hanlie Van Sittert Hace 4 horas
you look bautiful
Kelli Hawkins
Kelli Hawkins Hace 4 horas
James: now that this HIDEOUS look is finished Me: sis... that’s way better than I could do any day
iClxudyYT Hace 4 horas
If I saw him like that I be like "Hey Jame- Oh my god no bitch-"
Anna Stanifer
Anna Stanifer Hace 5 horas
James’s bad makeup is Sebastian bales good majeup
Tanya Grimward
Tanya Grimward Hace 5 horas
Omg same with me
kaitlyn Pegram
kaitlyn Pegram Hace 5 horas
Every time you would laugh he would turn to the side and out of the camera
Ayman dabous
Ayman dabous Hace 5 horas
How do you like meksb 😞♥️♥️🤣
Ayman dabous
Ayman dabous Hace 5 horas
Ono Ono Ono no no no 🤣🤣
Jessica Rosenfeld
Jessica Rosenfeld Hace 6 horas
You look cute no matter what
Fatima Almansoori
Fatima Almansoori Hace 6 horas
Kaycee Castellanos
Kaycee Castellanos Hace 6 horas
it look gud shut up
•Not Alex•
•Not Alex• Hace 6 horas
Ginnie Kim
Ginnie Kim Hace 7 horas
its not bad but like.. I love you but like its not bad but like I love you... OMFG LARRAY COULDN'T BE FUNNIER
Ginnie Kim
Ginnie Kim Hace 7 horas
I was just trying a new TeChNiQuE. Well... its a technique you should never try again me : LMFAOOOOOO
Rosie Kay
Rosie Kay Hace 7 horas
At first i thought it wasn't that bad but then it got sooo bad Edit: i mean the makeup
Something Dummy
Something Dummy Hace 7 horas
Is any one watching this an 2 am
Christina Carter
Christina Carter Hace 7 horas
What did you copy for the make-up in the intro
TheEnigmacafe Hace 8 horas
Girl its fine
Sania Mania
Sania Mania Hace 8 horas
charlie is mean
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller Hace 8 horas
If he wanted to actually look bad will makeup he should of contacted me lol
Gabriel Cabrera
Gabriel Cabrera Hace 8 horas
I love the orange foundation on your face James
The Reeds
The Reeds Hace 8 horas
is it just me or should he make a video where he does his intro
Zoey aguilar
Zoey aguilar Hace 8 horas
It didn’t look that bad
Pepper Hace 8 horas
how does he still look flawless
My Life Has Jamaiyah
I accidentally pressed this video and got sister shocked 🤣😭
My Life Has Jamaiyah
Cause the noise what so loud it was on full volume
Philipines [CH]
Philipines [CH] Hace 8 horas
Whew this was perfect lol
PezzaSteph Hace 9 horas
I don’t think it will be bad because your really gooood
Eve Marks
Eve Marks Hace 9 horas
Charli: so yeah I like it and I like the Green! The others: BISS WTF
- PaJaMaS
- PaJaMaS Hace 9 horas
Hii if James Charles sir is looking to my message I have a daughter about make Why is ur skin so soft clear white like how cause like u put make up people say that when u put make every time then ur seen gets dark rough and stuff Then like how By teh way big fan of u 💓 The make i do is much worse and that I say fancy look U did Bye
Lorena Zamora
Lorena Zamora Hace 9 horas
The eyebrows are not too bad Ps I love u
Mallory smith
Mallory smith Hace 9 horas
i actually kinda like the green, it’s funky fresh
Audrianna And jazz
Audrianna And jazz Hace 9 horas
I need charil number
baby crocodile baby
baby crocodile baby Hace 9 horas
why this dude calling his makeup good when it is bad in the firstplace
Kayla Norman
Kayla Norman Hace 9 horas
James: omg it’s orange Me: that my makeup skin tone then my concealer fixes it- LOVE YOU JAMES
Rosel Ayen D. Bonde
Rosel Ayen D. Bonde Hace 9 horas
That ones acctually good
How To Sophie Style
How To Sophie Style Hace 9 horas
Charlis such a sweetheart🥺
Jungkook’s Banana milk
Can we appreciate how sweet Larry was when he said something was off, he was so sorry awww😣 he’s precious
Bernadetta Bazatoa
Bernadetta Bazatoa Hace 9 horas
It's acshly nice not bas
Mon Din
Mon Din Hace 9 horas
The orange foundation thingy looks like his tanned. And james, srsly?! U said your makeup is "horrible" but i say its 100000000000 times prettier than how i do my make up
IT'S ME SHANE Hace 9 horas
Not gonna lie the make up looks beautiful tho
Esther Perez
Esther Perez Hace 9 horas
I love the make up that you wear today for the intro
Shrouq Bo
Shrouq Bo Hace 9 horas
You look soo cool l love it :)
AnnMarie Bausserman
AnnMarie Bausserman Hace 10 horas
First try oompa loopa orange 🍊.
Keyra González
Keyra González Hace 10 horas
Los que no ablan inglés 👁👄👁
Lladira Aguilar
Lladira Aguilar Hace 10 horas
ummmm i think u do not need to change its bad anyways sorry I'm kidinggggggg
Sharon Vigil
Sharon Vigil Hace 10 horas
What the funky are you doing.
Tenisha Wright
Tenisha Wright Hace 10 horas
Girl donald trump
Tenisha Wright
Tenisha Wright Hace 10 horas
But not a girl look like one thought
Heidy Pineda
Heidy Pineda Hace 10 horas
The first one was kind good
omg why does he look so good
•The OwO sisters•
•The OwO sisters• Hace 10 horas
Everyone:his makeup is more better than i could ever do Me:All his friends answer everytime he calls my friends could never do that
Lauren Reynolds
Lauren Reynolds Hace 10 horas
i know it is supposed to bad, but that first foundation made me cry.
Allison Arias
Allison Arias Hace 11 horas
i still liked it
Barb Hudkins
Barb Hudkins Hace 11 horas
I still think it kinda still looks good
Da'Zier Ervin
Da'Zier Ervin Hace 11 horas
yo is any one talking about his intro tho like its bomb asf
Belle Belle
Belle Belle Hace 11 horas
I would say I like the new look
Cece Medina
Cece Medina Hace 11 horas
He must be like super nice in person. Everyone called him "gorgeous" and picked up! Everyone seemed to genuinely like talking to him! So cool!
Its Glimmer Time Roblox !!!
why is it pretty James, why?
Soleil James-Pendergast
even know you are trying to look HORRIBLE
Soleil James-Pendergast
miss girl you look HORRIBLE
Jordan Ridley
Jordan Ridley Hace 11 horas
the boys only said something mean the girl;s was too nice
Mickey Loves BTS
Mickey Loves BTS Hace 11 horas
James: I’m going to be doing my makeup badly to see how my friends react Me: HA HA HA it’s funny you think that’s possible sister.❤️
Bailey Backstrom
Bailey Backstrom Hace 11 horas
That wing 🥴🥴🥴 tho
Dex Hace 11 horas
ur orange skin looked like trump lol
Nadiyah Williams
Nadiyah Williams Hace 11 horas
James you might can say to your friend you got a sunburn
The Savage B*tch :/
The Savage B*tch :/ Hace 11 horas
That looks good
Zeriant Anthropy
Zeriant Anthropy Hace 11 horas
Let me just say.... YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION. Much love.
Kyleigh Moravcik
Kyleigh Moravcik Hace 11 horas
Well he says bad makeup but... I am much much worse like he trying to look bad and still looks better then me
Addisyn Engle
Addisyn Engle Hace 11 horas
why didn’t you Coll Addison???
Richo_357 Hace 12 horas
Donald trump check
midnight river
midnight river Hace 12 horas
your "horrible" make up ligit looks so good not bad at all
Savannah Watts
Savannah Watts Hace 12 horas
James you did way better than any of us ever could 🤧🤦‍♀️😂....... Let’s face it...
Beaver121880 Hace 12 horas
I like it
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