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Oats Jenkins
Oats Jenkins Hace 2 meses
VERSION 3 OUT NOW esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-H333yyMqudU.html
Suspicious Gumnut
Suspicious Gumnut Hace 9 días
if you reply to this, I'll begin to spread the message by using this alphabet in my videos, and telling my friends to do it!
Rock Brentwood
Rock Brentwood Hace 13 días
Yup. You just screwed up Symplectic Geometry, which uses p's and q's, along with one of its off-shoots, the Heisenberg Relations [q,p] = iħ, so we can't do Quantum Theory either. No Quantum Theory, no Hall Effect, no Transistors, no computer chips, bye bye internet, because you're not running it on steam. And then you lose the relations bd = 1 = pq, bq = 0 = pd (and db + qp = 1, which we found isn't really necessary, but I still use it elsewhere) in the new Chomsky-Schützenberger based formulation for context-free expressions (yes, we've bumped the classical regular expression algebra of Kleene a notch up the Chomsky hierarchy from type 3 to type 2, and we're about to totally remake the entire LR parsing framework and all the technology stack built on it - which means everything - and you're welcome). And it does wonders for matrix algebra; e.g., dAb + dBp + qCb + qDp is the linear form of a 2×2 matrix; x + (dp - qb) y is a complex number, since (dp - qb)² = -1. Quaternions are in there too (so are the Pauli matrices, Dirac matrices and, in fact, *every single* finite dimensional vector and matrix algebra - or anything that can be expressed or represented in terms of them, but I digress). So, the q's gotta stay.
seck Hace 16 días
@Ender you pinged me with a Hy so I said Hy back
Ender Hace 16 días
@Luizdemokle_diamondman how do u replace r & y?
Ender Hace 16 días
@seck what?
Leron Hace un mes
The fact that you chose to call your version "Alphabet 2" instead of "Alphabetter" is all the reason I need not to trust it.
NS Hace 22 horas
Isaac’s Epic Youtube Channel
Mariana Cocora
Mariana Cocora Hace 7 días
​@firechallenge stop making a f score over me!!!!! JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y O U A R E B A N N E D *bannes @firchallenge from the chat*
Family Fun Gaming
Family Fun Gaming Hace 8 días
Family Fun Gaming
Family Fun Gaming Hace 8 días
It’s called alphabeta (ab)
TheMoldySausage Hace 26 días
"Instead of signatures, everyone should just have logos." My man just reinvented a family crest
Wsads 420
Wsads 420 Hace 12 días
@flame - Jérémy true but signatures also suck, we should use fingerprints of all 10 fingers instead
schwackefilms Hace 15 días
@flame - Jérémy bruh it was a joke
flame - Jérémy
flame - Jérémy Hace 17 días
Bruh when you do signature you have to do it unde 1 sec or 2 max but to make a logo à lot of people will have sames logo plus it will be super easy if you are a good drawer like me to copy the logos of other people . And It will take very too long to make the logo , if you have to do 10 signature on 10 pages it will take 5 minutes to do all the logos
MarioStar13 Hace 22 días
@18 21 Wow
18 21
18 21 Hace 22 días
@MarioStar13 'signature stamps' have been used all across Asia not just Japan
IHasFeets AKA Fred Weasley
Actually, the way you pointed out the 'w' being called 'double u' is so interesting. The french actually do say 'double v' when talking about 'w' so I wonder why we said 'nah man, that's 2 u's put together'. 🤔
Ren !
Ren ! Hace 9 horas
@alisha laisa yeah, Handwritten is just 2 U’s glued together.
Kit Hace 2 días
the first person who wrote the letter "w" looked like two u's, because of their different letter (maybe)
alisha laisa
alisha laisa Hace 11 días
its because when we are actually writing it in real life, no one writes it like two v's.We write it like two u's.
Celinaaylin Hace 14 días
probably bcs v and u were the same in latin
Ren !
Ren ! Hace 17 días
We do it on spanish too, “Doble Uve” = double V
minkle madness
minkle madness Hace 27 días
I like how he casually realises the idiocy behind him removing certain letters by himself
Kal Hace 28 días
"Instead of Queue you could say- ...." absolutely pricelessly, you earned yourself a sub, cheers mate
Regigeiger Hace 19 días
Just say Kiwi
StevenBridges Hace un mes
I legit expected this to be a legitimate attempt to improve the alphabet 😂
JellyfishYT Hace 22 horas
It is Mr. Verified
Dumb Loser
Dumb Loser Hace 13 días
It is. Duh
Liryshaa Hace 26 días
Same lol
IliketoDraw Hace 27 días
pond Hace 27 días
well mostly it is
The_57thPony Hace 23 días
Can we appreciate that he even changed the font of the subtitles on this video to look like his version of the alphabet? xD
Der Fuchs
Der Fuchs Hace 27 días
This video and how he changed the subtitles while making the changes was absolutely 🐦
alena ela moya
alena ela moya Hace 24 días
That captions just killed it 🤣 he literally remove the letters in the captions too which what he removes from the vids, and he actually used his invented alphabet in the captions
Antigoni Tsouni
Antigoni Tsouni Hace 26 días
In other languages these letters have unique sounds. It's just how the English language uses them. Also works have semantics and therr is a link between the letters we use and the meaning of the word.
Asiyah Hace un mes
Can we appreciate the fact that every time he makes a new decision the subtitle format changes to fit it
Tori Ko
Tori Ko Hace 9 días
Where’s ur pfp from?
MEGA BRAUNIS Hace 14 días
He made his own subtitles🤦‍♂️𓅱 This is not auto translate𓅱
JC Denton
JC Denton Hace 18 días
You can, but Im not going to appreciate it.
Red Löphix
Red Löphix Hace 23 días
HAHAHHAHA OMG thank you! This makes this whole video so much more entertaining xD
Cg Hace 28 días
"there is so many issues with this that nobody brings up" *proceeds to not name them* this mans on that sigma grind
Julian Bertsch
Julian Bertsch Hace 25 días
I came here thinking this was an actual linguistic explanation on how to improve the alphabet but this is way better
Psychotic Coconut
Psychotic Coconut Hace 23 días
The fact that the subtitles match with what he's doing to the alphabet 🤣
Animation Labz
Animation Labz Hace 20 días
2:09 Just noticed that the subtitles use the revised version of the alphabet in the video. 2:29 Getting rid of the capital 'i' just makes it more confusing. Only in digital text is the capital 'i' really an issue. It should be a standard I that has a T-shape from both up and down.
Rubub Hace un mes
The way the captions slowly adapt to the changes that you make is genius
SL4S Gaming
SL4S Gaming Hace 7 días
Rubub Hace 13 días
@MEGA BRAUNIS I never said it was auto transtalte though?
MEGA BRAUNIS Hace 14 días
He made his own subtitles🤦‍♂️𓅱 This is not auto translate𓅱
Lori Hace 23 días
LemonBobaFrog Hace 26 días
I was using captions because my mom was sleeping BAHAHAHAHAH
national fink gaming
I love how the captions actually follow the established rules as the video goes on
MikeyDL Hace 29 días
I thought he might fix meaningful problems, and I had no idea how right I was.
Lukas Glemdet
Lukas Glemdet Hace 26 días
At first I thought you were just reinventing the Danish language. Extreme is spelled "Ekstrem" and we call "W" double V Also love that you spelled out ass at 4:40
1DS20CS145-Aum Patil
1DS20CS145-Aum Patil Hace 28 días
Had a hearty laugh on this one lol... But for people who are curious, check out the Indian Devnagri script... This script includes the pronunciation in the text itself, so we don't have to remember the spellings like we do in English (atleast 90% of the time.) This is the reason why you might have heard that Sanskrit is the most unambiguous language.. Good day
Dani Tho
Dani Tho Hace 2 meses
As someone who had to learn the history of the alphabet, this entire video is equally infuriating and humourous.
Logan Shark
Logan Shark Hace 25 días
@Readily available Chomper Agreed pogo peas suck
Readily available Chomper
@Logan Shark Dont know why you brought Gw2 up, but I CANT STAND POGO PEAS.
waya Hace un mes
Ro Hace un mes
just infuriating lol i hate people who seriously want bullshit like this to happen
Dani Tho
Dani Tho Hace un mes
@LInkash lol aint got the time
Patrick Schuster-Wiley
I really appreciate that you wrote the subtitles according to Alphabet 2 as the video went along 🤣 And the zoom in on "J" in "just" 😂😂 absolutely perfect 🤣 I CANNOT ABIDE TO THIS VERSION THOUGH 😂 ...even though I kinda agree with it 🤣🤣🤣
Patrick Schuster-Wiley
@RichConnerGMN spot on 👌
RichConnerGMN Hace 27 días
thanks that was me
A Big Grunty Thirst
A Big Grunty Thirst Hace 22 días
I love how you made the subtitles change slowly as the video went on to show the progress you have made
LitoMikeM1 YT
LitoMikeM1 YT Hace 10 días
i like how the captions just follow every rule when its made andmmy brain hurts every second exponentially more
Pineapple PearJuice
Pineapple PearJuice Hace 29 días
"Can we bring back bird from Egypt?" The moment you said that i realized that you are making a roster for a crossover fighting game of letters. My hats off to you good sir.
T FV Hace 2 meses
In French we actually say "double V" for W and that's the only logical thing about this language
flame - Jérémy
flame - Jérémy Hace 17 días
@hi hi oiseaux eaux cailloux choux xD
flame - Jérémy
flame - Jérémy Hace 17 días
@ely_wannadie ba parceque 60 plus 10 ça fait soixante dix c'est comme quatre vingt quinze c'est quatre vingt plus quinze
flame - Jérémy
flame - Jérémy Hace 17 días
@Chris LeeWoo french was latin , so you are saying latin was make confusion on purpose , and then with the years it has developed .
flame - Jérémy
flame - Jérémy Hace 17 días
@Black Jackdaw because that's the number , quatre-vingt + quinze , that easy
Dominik Hace 27 días
u could also just say W instead of uu or vv
Ava Paige
Ava Paige Hace 23 días
Just a random thought: "is anyone else (who needs glasses) pavloved into reciting what letters they see because of this font or is it just me?"
Mike Baker
Mike Baker Hace 26 días
Fun fact: English gained Q (and the Qu rule) from the French -- when we used to say Queen, it was actually Kween. Then the Normans came over and the rest is history.
Toongamer Hace 29 días
Your captions adapt to every nonsensical change you make. That's dedication.
EliyB Hace 27 días
Love that the subtitles change with the video! Ingenius idea, made me laugh!
Red Green
Red Green Hace 2 meses
A, B, O actually works really well as the starting letters cuz then the first three letters would also be the blood types and it’d be really easy to change any mention of “the ABC’s” cuz you could just finish off the curve with a sharpie. Keyboard order is good too tho
Alaska Bane
Alaska Bane Hace 29 días
lmao even more fun when alpha bros use these terms (Alpha, beta, Omega lol)
Raigardas Rimas
Raigardas Rimas Hace un mes
@Kami & Mac! yes
Zuha ♡︎
Zuha ♡︎ Hace un mes
Oh god
Heather Hatton
Heather Hatton Hace un mes
Nonono not abo not ABO
Kboylee_on_YT Hace 23 días
i love how the subtitles change to fit his new alphabet as he changes it
Mati Hooti
Mati Hooti Hace 28 días
In all honesty though, I have an actual idea for fixing the English alphabet: -Ditch the Q, remove "queue" from the dictionary and just use "line" instead -Ditch the X, use "ks" instead and "xylophone" would be spelled with a "z" -C can stay but whenever it's pronounced as "k", just use "k" instead -The issue of g/j is tough. I'd just introduce some diacritics to indicate when there's a soft g and when there's a hard g. To be honest, English could definitely benefit from some diacritics. And a non-alphabetical issue - ch: -when it's pronounced as "tch", spell it as "tch" -when it's pronounced as "sh", just use "sh" -when it's pronounced as "k", leave it as it is; it would be the most ethymologically correct choice
Whydidyoureadthis𓅱 Hace 24 días
Can we all agree that this bird from Egypt 𓅱 is the solution of everything wrong with alphabets 𓅱
Salomée Serol
Salomée Serol Hace 28 días
Love, it works only in english, there is literally no questioning about what the other language should do at all🥴😭🤣 (Plus we French people are already calling "w", "double v" sooo we basically nailed it)
TheGameBoy11 Hace 2 meses
If the alphabet was so good, why isn’t there a sequel.
_Cløudy_ Hace 25 días
@OK Jeffy Æ
2A42 Hace un mes
Because we all know the sequel would suck.
Clinton Boucheix
Clinton Boucheix Hace un mes
The book is better than the film
Oliver Dennis
Oliver Dennis Hace un mes
Nah bro we need a prequel
electric warlock
electric warlock Hace 27 días
BRO. That was hilarious. Thank you so much. You have done a good thing. Making people happy.
Darling Chip
Darling Chip Hace 26 días
this vid reminds me of Ella Minnow Pea, a novel where the author changes the spellings as the story proceeds, more and more letters of the alphabet are excluded from the characters' writing
Dr Bright
Dr Bright Hace 24 días
This is great n' all, but the English language is constructed such that, in order to get rid of certain letters (take for instance the letter 'C'), you'd need to take apart and reconstruct the entire language from the ground up.
random-Person Hace 28 días
I love how as he keeps changing things the captions start to change as well
RichConnerGMN Hace 27 días
thanks that was me
Jordy V.
Jordy V. Hace 9 días
"It's called double V now" The French: "I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you"
EAT👏THE👏RICH Hace 7 días
As a history major the first thirty seconds of this video were excruciating torture
Bee Hace 26 días
Haven’t finished this yet, but wouldn’t C need to stay for instances of CH? How else would you make the CH sound without C?
random stuf with Gabriel Johnson
That has got to be the best handwriting I've ever seen... from a doctor in cursive.
Plexiate Hace un mes
It seems you created that of a serial killers note left on scene in the 1970s.
Чара Дриимурр
@Qwerty *kreatd
idkuserij Hace un mes
sorry *kreated*
*aaci Hace un mes
@Qwerty uz the new alphabeta u normee*
Qwerty Hace un mes
kreated* use the new alphabet you normie
Cacosmic Hace 26 días
I love how the Subtitles change according to the Alphabet present in the video
KalmateTurista Hace 27 días
This is probably the most accurate depiction available, of how we've arrived at our CURRENT writing systems. βяαννο🐧!
Ringøコーヒー Hace 19 días
Just imagine having to sing the new alphabet "Q W E R T Y U, I O P A S D F, G H J.. K L Z, X V B N and M. Now I know my Q W E Next time won't you sing with me"
smolmoru Hace 28 días
I agree that it's super weird that you call W a "double u" in english in my native language it's basically pronounced like the V and the V is pronounced kinda like "fau". also what about the Ä the Ö the Ü and the ß? okay, I admit the ß is just a sharp S also why do so many americans seem to struggle with cursive? don't you learn that in elementary school while learning the letters of the alphabet?
bun’s audio clinic
him: "lets cancel c, q, and x" the Chinese: quaking right now for those who don't know, all 3 of those letters make unique sounds in Chinese that don't exist in English ;)
just a otter
just a otter Hace 5 días
C is s Q is ch (i don't remember) X is sh
Lyracra Hace 10 días
@XylonBanda there is a Chinese alphabet called bopomofo
flame - Jérémy
flame - Jérémy Hace 17 días
Also in french
XylonBanda Hace 24 días
@Bee Sixteen There is no Chinese alphabet. Also, this video is talking about the Roman alphabets. English, French, Polish etc. use the same alphabets.
XylonBanda Hace 24 días
@Conor 7879 China has no native alphabet.
Antonia Alabama
Antonia Alabama Hace 5 días
I was waiting for the entirety of the video for him to say "now let's add thorn back" (I know thorn is literally just y but having it called thorn and replacing the th sound is so much better)
OhioanVlogs Hace 18 días
I love that when he did the logo, he did his happy oat.
Erie Rosewood
Erie Rosewood Hace 27 días
glad you changed the order. I can't imagine having to say the ABOs instead of the ABCs
James Duncanson-Hunter
"so many problems that no one ever talks about" You have never spoken to a linguist in your life, have you?
Rylan Chapman
Rylan Chapman Hace un mes
The signature just being a unique logo to be placed in a designated box is literally how they do document signing in Japan. The government sends you a personalized stamp that serves as your signature. So good job lol
Alex și mai multe
Alex și mai multe Hace 25 días
@NMrocks great but devices which check your fingerprints and people with eyesight comparing fingerprints dont go as far as to check on a molecular level , as long as the fingerprint looks similar enough it works
NMrocks Hace 25 días
@Alex și mai multe fingerprints aren't procedurally generated by a computer inside your mother's body like a Minecraft world. Since the fingerprints are made by your skin cells, you can have randomness at a molecular level and the number of combinations possible with such a system would be far more than 8 billion
xian Wu
xian Wu Hace 27 días
@Connor Barkington you can buy a new stamp, and then a mask, new cloth, and other stuff, then no one can tell who you are (effectively, you brought a new name and thus a new identity)
Dominik Hace 27 días
no, u have to buy it yourself for easy things, u can just use an standart one from a konbini, but for more formal things u have to make it from an frofessiona, what costs a lot of money. but they change it slowly to the better signatures.
Alex și mai multe
Alex și mai multe Hace 29 días
@Jay Eisenhardt since everytime somebody is born they get a random fingerprint having this multiplied 8 bilion times kind of narrows down the chances of having a unique one , the same way through which randomly generating a minecraft map 8 bilion times for example makes it very likely to end up with tje same map once or twice
nhut Hace 25 días
i like the captions changing with the development of the video. this is top tier.
FadeSkywards Hace 27 días
When you said "...wait, bring Qq back..." and it came back poorly drawn, I screamed 🤣🤣🤣
NOOB ÍK Hace 26 días
Someone who made the subtitles is a genius
Anthony Maia
Anthony Maia Hace 27 días
This video is awesome. I've finally learned the true alphabet.
Alexander Cheong
Alexander Cheong Hace un mes
"No signature, everyone just has to have their own logo" this guy was 2 years ahead of everyone back in 2020 predicting the future NFT.
Darcy Zhang
Darcy Zhang Hace un mes
personal stamps are still used in China to sign art pieces or even in bank
Abyan Setia
Abyan Setia Hace un mes
​@james gizasson good to know that I'm not alone
Ta_PegandoFogo Hace un mes
NFT is shit. FreeBSD is the future.
Christopher Mars
Christopher Mars Hace un mes
Mark Zane
Mark Zane Hace 27 días
I love the subtitles. Never though I was gonna say this at all in my life
RichConnerGMN Hace 27 días
thanks that was me
Jackson Hughes
Jackson Hughes Hace 28 días
Thank you for taking the time to add subtitles
Connor Lugo-Harris
Connor Lugo-Harris Hace 23 días
the fact that the captions change as he changes it is INCREDIBLE
Phniblet Hace 3 días
I love how the captions change based on the state of the alphabet
Joseph Schubert
Joseph Schubert Hace un mes
I like how this starts out semi-professional, but instead of actually going into why the sounds changed but not the letters, and going back and bringing "thorn" in again, or doing something similar to Hangul (the Korean alphabet, also the best one), it's just THE WORST (but funniest) "solution."
IrishAkita Hace 28 días
@William Jenkins same honestly, all these eðgelords glorifying it
Tfan Hace un mes
I don’t think Hangul would ever be capable of working with English. There’s just too many consonant clusters. Case in point, “strengths” with have in reality about 7 consonantal sounds and 1 vowel.
William Jenkins
William Jenkins Hace un mes
@Tales Grimm I might have a þorn addiction. I look at þorn everyday.
Scientific Creature
@Ethan Lamoureux Bro travelled so far back in time he met the almighty Qenjez Khan
Commentur The Great
אנחנו עדיין משתמשים באלפבת האשורי הקדום, הוא הכי טוב
Emanuel Lopes
Emanuel Lopes Hace 24 días
as the video goes, the captions change based on the actual alphabet, GENIOUS
Raw Bean
Raw Bean Hace 26 días
We used to have 20 characters (with 3 markings to distinguish how they're pronounced) in our alphabet.
Purple Sorcerer
Purple Sorcerer Hace 28 días
POV: You use subtitles, and you realise they did the subtitles with the new alphabet
Randomation Studios 24x
5:20 actually you can do that, your signature can be whatever the hell you want as long as it’s consistent
Lily Avocado
Lily Avocado Hace un mes
“Let’s call it double v” French and Spanish: “I am always two steps ahead.”
Malle D
Malle D Hace 23 días
@Succ Succ shhhhh! Jeg er for doven til at se om det er blevet skrevet🙄
Succ Succ
Succ Succ Hace 29 días
@Malle D For fanden det er jo allerede sagt, MALLE!
bigboipeepee Hace 29 días
and norwegian
Cecilie Blondin
Cecilie Blondin Hace un mes
@Chxrles It's called American English., so yes it is.
Chxrles Hace un mes
@Credits unknown well american isnt a language so i said that
Daft Canuck
Daft Canuck Hace 28 días
"It's double V now" I mean the French already call it that.
Nop Doungmanee
Nop Doungmanee Hace 23 días
3:03 “Like, why are we gonna have a letter if it doesn’t do anything.” Lit - Lite/Light Sit - Site/Sight Sin - Sine/Sign Cap - Cape Ban - Bane Pin - Pine Strip - Stripe Not - Note Cod - Code Tub - Tube Cub - Cube Stag - Stage Mac - Mace
HMLVlogs Hace 28 días
Damn, someone missed a mark on a English test cause they spelt something wrong 😂
Ezra Jaden
Ezra Jaden Hace 11 días
the fact that when you click on subtitles it even goes along with your aphabet
ValkryieM Hace 2 meses
You definitely chose the wrong bird, every cool Egyptologist knows the best bird hieroglyph is G48 'Three chicks in a nest' - which just looks like a group of baby turkeys about to be turned into soup
Villager #1
Villager #1 Hace un mes
The dragon that loves skittles
@Bernie Sandals how do I type bird from. Eygpt
tabtais Hace un mes
hell yeah
Eduardo Carranza
Eduardo Carranza Hace 26 días
Gotta give him props for changing the *Captions*
AlexPlaysRoblox Hace 28 días
Actually, in french, "W" is said as "double v" so the french language was more accurate
CatCrew Hace 25 días
Same in swedish
Howie Bousie
Howie Bousie Hace 15 días
beta is actually pronounced like a V in Greek and to make a B sound you would use MP, plus the coolest Greek letters are obviously omega and sigma
Ochaco Uraraka
Ochaco Uraraka Hace 17 días
Fun fact: In Spanish, W is called both ''double u'' and ''double v''. I even heard someone calling it ''double uv'', but I'm not sure if that exists. So you can basically choose whatever you want to call it.
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